behind the scenes

I was getting out of the shower friday morning when i snagged my itty bitty nose stud on

the towel i was using to dry my face off.

I didn’t realize it till i was putting make-up on……when low and behold….it was missing.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So…i called up the kids and told them the first one to find it would get a quarter.

Mason walked back downstairs.

Lola shrugged her shoulders.

Fin dropped on all fours and found it within a minute.

The problem was….the back of my stud had this hook like thing….which was supposed

to help with coming out in the first place….but doesn’t really help when trying to get it back in.

I couldn’t do it.

So i put my feelers out to all my girlfriends….and low and behold….

my oh so fabulous pierced all over her body babysitter came to the rescue.

She gave me the name of her “piercer”….so i made an appointment to get in that afternoon.

Now i have a new stud….but i vowed if it comes out again….i’m done.

A girl can only take so much nose pain.

Anyway….these photos have nothing to do with my episode. I was going thru all the

Kauai photos last night….and found some doosies.

The one above is of my parents condo….and that was my surfboard on the front porch.

Oh…you didn’t realize i surfed?

You’re right…i don’t. But it’s pretty cool to have a surfboard on the porch.

This pool belongs to the Westin…and it’s next door to my parents place.

I don’t know who the GROWN WOMEN are that are wearing floatie tubes…but i’m assuming they don’t

know how to swim. We liked to hang out at the Westin pool….and order poolside cocktails.

My kids enjoyed using the children’s pool and slide…..

and they also took full advantage of the free surf lessons that were offered at the pool.

I suppose that this resort and pool were for guests only….so i do not recommend doing what we did.

That would be breaking the rules.

We didn’t know the rules.

I apologize to the Westin for not knowing the rules….it won’t happen again.

Sand castle building contest…where my kids won first place….

they just didn’t win first place for this particular castle.


We liked to eat at Bubba’s burgers…and i can only assume that is where

i gained all 15 pounds i came home with.

I don’t know who the guy above is……i have a feeling he’s not local…

and i still don’t know what MIRT boy is doing….

This one is a goody. This is what happens when Bryan gets a hold of my camera…..

 Bryan and Mason did a guided hike one day…..

i told them…they needed to go do some man vs. nature thing together.

They did.

                                                                They even ended up zip lining through tree’s…….

I don’t know who this little girl is…but she was cute…and Fin’s age…

 I don’t know if i mentioned that my mom came the last week we were there.

I think she thought we would destroy her new condo.

But we didn’t.

The word DESTROY is a bit harsh….i like to use the word…LOVED.

We loved on the place…..and i mean loved on it.

My mom and i enjoyed a nice dinner one night….

she likes wine also.

The end.

p.s. If you are ever in Kauai and in the need of a 3 bedroom condo to rent…don’t call me.

p.p.s. just kidding….my parents would love to offer you the friend and  family rate.

p.p.p.s. you just can’t book it next summer….because we are headed back…..

that is….if my mom ever calls  me back.

Over and Out


  1. Looks so fantastic, wish I was there RIGHT now.
    We’re headed there for our 5 year anniversary 🙂

  2. what a beautiful little blondie
    i thought you said 8….not 15!

  3. Hey there! I totally loved my nose stud as well. Then it came out in the middle of the night, even with the corkscrew thingy. Hubby and I tried and tried to get it back in and it just wasn’t happening. Still thinking about going back to my “piercer guy” and have him do it again, but it hurt sooo bad the first time!!!!

  4. I’m a new reader of your blog, but I have to say, kaseybuick, you are one funny girl. Well done.

  5. sigh would love a holiday there…

    yikes the nose thing sounds so gros…told ya not to do it 😉

  6. I so want to go to hawaii this christmas!!!

  7. Love all the photos. I think that your next summer visit has Brenna on the schedule. I’m just saying…..

  8. Happy Labor Day! I got my little nosey pierced for my 50th birthday…four years ago! They put in a curly ended stud and I swear, that thing didn’t come out for three years – the zircon finally disappeared. I could not unscrew that curly cue out for the life of me and I went to Traditional tattoo for help. I replaced the stud and couldn’t get the new curly one in either – They thought I was truly the oldest dumbest gal ever!… I ended up getting a bigger stud with just a bend in it…ta-da no crisis anymore. I can take it out and put it back in………… a pearl of wisdom for you 🙂
    I really love your musings and Ruth’s, too.
    Dianne Conner

  9. We stayed at that Westin during our trip to Hawaii this May! Wasn’t that pool the best?!? I’m so jealous you get to go back often…assuming your mom returns your calls 😉 We’ve been twice and LOVE it. Ahh…seeing your photos makes me want (need) to go back!

  10. I was going to ask you if your mom would rent it out. We are heading over there next summer:)

  11. Loved all the beach photos! I am thankful for the cooler temps that have begun and the promise of all things fun and wonderful for Fall… but I will dream of that warm sand soon enough. We got the chance to take a fun trip to condo at Ko olina a couple months ago (selfishly without the kiddos). HI is so chill and it really rubs off on you in a great way. I hope we can share it with our children next time. Ps. Sorry about the nose… OUCH!

  12. I just found your blog – thankful for your article on the junk bonanza blog.
    I have to say your are a wonderful writer!! (and photographer), oh… and I admire your shopping skills and style.

    Ok – now that I have you buttered up – could you direct me to information on renting your parents condo. Love the beach and in North Dakota EVERYONE needs a sunny holiday.


  13. I have been following your blog for a while now and I have to say I do it mainly for the photo- they are
    so great! Do you do something to them to make them look the vintage look. I have played around with
    different effects but yours look better.

  14. Mountain mom rachel says:

    Your blog is interesting. I feel really boring right now.

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