a boy a girl and the goat

I know what you’re thinking…..

what kind of post title is that all about……did kasey get a goat….

and if she did….well….hmmmm…..i don’t know if she is qualified to raise a goat.

Now don’t you worry one bit….because i did not get a goat….

but i did eat goat balls the other night.

And they were very good.

But before we get to that part….let me tell you about our date on Saturday.

We headed into chicago Saturday afternoon to The Renegade Craft Fair…..

which was held in the Wicker Park neighborhood.

If you happen to live in the Wicker Park hood….i want to be your friend….

as it was my type of place…..gorgeous historic homes….row homes….cupcake shops on corners.

I like cupcakes. I also like marching bands.


This happened to be the 8th annual Renegade fair…but the first time i’ve been.

I was out of town last year for the show….but damn…where have i been the previous years.

I am happy to say….i spent some of Bryans hard earned money on fabulous things.

Like these…..

and a pair of these….



and then i had to get something for bryan……

i mean…..

he spent a whole 4 hours with me at this place….

he deserved a pin.

can you guess which pin i got him?

I love me some HTML.

Then…..i came across some rings…..

and rings are a lot less expensive then boots….

so i bough a few rings.

I also ran into my good friend Vana….who set up to sell her silhouette creations….

and i bought one of her first published books.

She even signed it for me……

i like red boots…..

just in case you wanted to know.I also shopped at Eliwill….

i like her….not just because she’s a sponsor….but because she answers my calls late at night.

Alright….she doesn’t always answer my calls….

most of the time her answering machine answers my calls….

but i’m too nice to tell her that people really don’t have answering machine’s anymore.


I realized at this point….when i had been meandering for a few hours solo….

that i should probably check in on bryan…whom i had left at a bar…because there were 3 football

games going on….

so i did a quick check….


and he was just fine…..so i headed out for one for loop….

with my glass of Lulu B’s wine in hand.


yes…there was indeed wine being served at the craft fair.

Lots and lots of wine being served.

I only had one glass….

that i can remember.

I then ran into this shop of funky hats and headbands.

I really wanted to buy Lola one…but i had a feeling that if i picked it out for her…

then she wouldn’t wear it.

so i walked away.

I’ve learned to not just buy what I love for her…..

but if i showed her some photos…then let her pick it out….

then she thinks she loves it.

It’s a win win situation.

Something like reverse psychology.

I’ll let you know how it works out in the long run.

Anyhoo….these hats had everything from deer to birds nest on them….

right along with headbands.

Oh…how i love me some headbands.

I decided to hold off and not buy anything at this point…..

{more to come on this shop on my next post…}

After we spent almost five hours wandering aroung Renegade…..


i mean…..

after my sweet husband finished watching the games…and i finished perusing tent after tent….

we met up and decided to head to dinner.

I was so hungry i could eat a  goat.



If you happen to watch Bravo’s Top Chef…then you might remember Stephanie Izard…who won a few

years ago…and just opened up her new restaurant…..

Girl and the Goat.

Bryan and i are …..sit at the bar people….we always have been…always will be.

Bryan likes to chat with the bartenders….and i like to drink my wine….

so it really works out perfect.

We ate bread with goat cheese….

escargot and goat balls…..

seared scallops and braised veal.

It’s almost tapas style…but bigger portions.

It was an amazing day….my fabulous husband spending the day at a craft fair with me…

sort of….

and taking me to eat goat.

What a keeper.



  1. Looks so fun!
    I would have spent too much money.

    ps. you looked super cute 🙂 love your outfit.

  2. I’ve wanted to go to this for years! I’m going to have to plan to do it next year… and drag Brian along… err, drop him in a bar, just like you did!

  3. SO CUTE! Love that your hubby went with you! TOO cute!

  4. I am a sit at the bar kind of gal too!! What a fun day! I am LOVING all the pictures and pretty, amazing things!! WOW! And your outfit . . . . fabulous!!

  5. Hi K-C.
    I’m a new follower via Forever Cottage. Love your styles! And the boots….to die for! (Plz share where I can find myself a size 9)
    I’m also sipping a glass tonight too.
    I hope to see you at the Bonanza this week. I’ll be there behind the lens. 🙂

  6. And you both make a fabulous pair! Love your boots and that cheery yellow jacket!

  7. You are so lucky to get to go to a Renegade, I hope to someday!! 🙂 I spy a photo with some argyle socks and polk dot rain boots, very cool!!! I am so glad you are sharing photos, love it! Thanks Kasey!! If you are ever in my neck of the woods, the brave people around here eat cowboy caviar…ahem…bull’s balls…no thanks. 🙂

  8. I would love to visit the Wicker Park area. That is one of my favorite movies with the delicious Josh Hartnett and gorgeous Diane Kruger…and intrigueing Rose Burne.

  9. Um…so, what happens if you really ARE what you eat? : p That fair sounds like tons of fun!

    : )

    Julie M.

  10. how fun!!!! Photos are fabulous and of you all too…it sounds amaaaazing:)
    and what a great date day!

  11. *i love, Love, LOVE wicker park and bucktown…spent my entire time in the those ‘hoods last time I was in Chicago…you both look gorgeous btw.
    *my Charlotte is the same as Lola…we have different tastes, her and I, but sometimes I can convince her to get what I like.
    *ohhh and we are at the bar type people too…did that on our last anniversary… eating apps and drinking wine at the bar and its so much CHEAPER in the end!

  12. I am located in Charleston, SC and we have a neighborhood just like Wicker Park. We have row homes and a very historical city! You look BEAUTIFUL in the pictures. I love the boots! I am more on the short side being 5’5 and 115 pounds…. I am not even going to go any farther!!! I can’t picture my self in boots! You are so lucky you can wear boots!!

    Have a great Monday!

  13. Loved your post today. We just discovered sitting at the bar and now that’s all we want to do when we go out anymore too!

  14. Love your boots and the socks with them. I may have to try that. Looks like a very fun day and that craft fair was way cooler than craft fairs we have here!!

  15. I have heard fabulous things about that restarant..and cant wait to try it.
    YOu look adorable..and yes….where did you get those boots!!!!

  16. A i love a good love story!!

  17. Seriously, you are so lucky! This is yet ANOTHER reason why we would live in the same town!!!
    What I wouldn’t do for a sale like that. Now I am really REALLY regretting not going to junk bonanza to see you…

  18. Wow sounds like a perfect weekend, I love it when hubs can find a bar with a game on and I get to stroll about taking my time :+)

  19. How fun!! It must be cooler there. You’re all in boots and sweaters! I can’t wait…

  20. Love, love, love your outfit!

  21. ~*~*Ha ha!! LOVE your posts! And you have the cutest outfits btw!!have a wonderful monday~*~* Rachel 🙂

  22. You weekend sounds wonderful – we are also sit at the bar people. We got an email this weekend from a really nice parisian young man that was our bartender in London last month at one of the many pubs we visited. Your outfit is beautiful (love the boots, the scarf, ok everything about it) and your weekend in Chicago sounds fabulous – that is one of our fave cities to visit! Have a great week! 🙂

  23. we should’ve gone! my hubs & i woke up around 8 in itasca at our hotel and it was dreary rainy and miserable out so we didn’t even give it a shot! i guessed it cleared up?! looks like it was all it promised though. 🙂

  24. Christie McGetrick says:

    Wonderful post – I loved the restaurant name. When next I am in Chicago – I am heading straight there and to that neighborhood.

  25. Sounds like a great date! Except for the goat balls…yeah, sorry, I’m making a face without even trying them first…just sounds icky:)

  26. awwww…..what a sweetie!!
    ya’ll are lookin mighty cute & fallish too
    i love that

  27. You are too cute…love the outfit! What a perfect date day:)

  28. This is kinda funny but… I think goats are adorable but I also looovvvee goat curry, I think the earrings on the leaves was a terrif idea! The boots are totally cool. You look like you had the best of times. So kudos to you and happy day, Jennifer jennsthreegraces @blogspot

  29. sounds like a fun day! i love top chef one of my favorite shows!! hope you are well! susan

  30. All I can say is that I am now on the hunt for boots and socks like yours. xo

  31. You look adorable as always. I can’t believe you ate goat! As far as Bryan goes…..He is a keeper. HE is a great example of a man who loves his wife.:)

  32. Such beautiful stuff! I wish I could find a craft fair in my area filled with such creative creations… 🙂

  33. i love those bird-ee cuffs. you look super cute! i wish i would have gone but i was too busy doing a boatload of nothing. wah-wah. xx

  34. i can do nothing but comment on the socks

    now I have to add socks to the skirts that make me look fat b/c of you

    do you know how weird that looks in Australia

  35. Goat. Balls…. I’m still stuck on that part of your post. I haven’t gone any further because the thought of the texture of goat balls. I imagine it to be like chewing on a slightly less rubbery bouncy ball. MOTHER-father. 😉

  36. I enjoyed reading about your outing and I, too, love your boots and socks. Very stylish

  37. Am sooo in love with your boots and where do you get those socks??? I can see from the comments above you may need to do a post for us all salivating over them out here in blogland!!

  38. Hi Kasey,

    The renegade looks fabulous, I am defiantly going next year to spend some of my hubby’s hard earned money:) I love the bird cuff!! It was great seeing you again, maybe I will run into you at Kane in Oct. And I would love to get together soon for lunch.


  39. You always look so fabulous! I love all of your purchases. What fun! And my 10 year old daughter is sort of the opposite of Lola. If I take her shopping, she doesn’t like anything but if I just buy something cute and bring it home, she loves it. (Well, normally.)

  40. Caitlyn from Nice has a blog:

  41. hi kasey! thank you so much for sweet comment and blog mention! totally flattered that such a fun looking family enjoyed my booth!! 😀 thank you!

  42. I love Top Chef. We ate at Spike’s restaurant in Washington and it was a great hamburger. I don’t think that I would eat the goat balls. No way. LOL!

  43. I love your blog. You have as they say in the business “found your voice” You provide us with very interesting and beautiful pics. Thx for the excellent work. You look fabulous in that outfit with the boots.

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