the view at the beach today

I know what you are thinking…that you have already seen this photo before.

yeah yeah…..i know.

I had  a few extra to show you though….and really….i was ONLY thinking of you.

I mean…

i was just documenting  Mason’s day .


Really…..those were all for you.

I promise.

Pinky promise.

I’m just going to mention it now..since we are on the subject of surfing…..

but i really think i should learn as well.

I mean…really……it can’t be that hard now…..and i’m only young once.

I just need to find a good {and really reliable} instructor.

Oh….and since you all were asking what my suit looked like….i thought i would show you.

I only have this photo of me from behind…’s from when i was playing a little beach volleyball.


you didn’t know i played beach volleyball?

and yes…my hair has gotten a little lighter while i’ve been here.

and just in case you needed a re-cap…




  1. Mmhmm…right, just you and Keri Russell, playin’ volleyball. So, when is your first surf lesson?

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I did not actually SEE the ocean this time (it was pitch black)…but I did wave.

  2. you are too funny. so glad you are all having a wonderful time!!

  3. LOVE IT! It was fun playing volleyball with you, glad you got a pic of me! LOL BTW, your a$$ looks great!

  4. Beach life is treating you great!!!!

  5. Christie McGetrick says:

    You definitely need surfing lessons.

  6. Even when you’re all the way in Hawaii…you crack me up:)

  7. You are just hilarious!!! Every time I feel a little blue, I head over to your blog and you crack me up!! I think your completely right about taking surf lessons, I hear that it’s good for your health and this nice gentlemen could probably teach you a lot!! He looks very skilled.
    Glad your having fun!

  8. Your friend playing V-ball with you looks just like me in my bikini! I almost thought it was me for a sec:) hahaha…you are hilarious! If I was running, bouncing around playing v-ball like those girls, it would NOT be a pretty sight!!!

    xoxo, Meredith

  9. I wonder what big Mason would say if he saw your blog. hahaha!!! You are too funny. Thanks for the recap, it was hot.

  10. You are freaking hilarious! 😉 I see you are enjoying yourself there in HI. By all means, feel free to continue sharing your scenery us. 😉


  11. Cute Kasey. See who needs a scale while vacationing in Hawaii. You are too funny! It was fun talking with you today. Have a great week!

  12. What a fun post! Have a sweet day!

  13. That’s so funny! Thanks for the smiles! Emma.

  14. nice.
    …and thank you.

  15. LOVE the RE-Cap. Happy to hear you are having such a fun time…

  16. Are all the instructors so cute? Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I am already planing our next one. I can’t seem to stay still for too long.

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