The end

Today is our last day of summer vacation.  Now…you don’t have to worry that i will

be crying…..because even though school starts tomorrow…it doesn’t mean summer is over.

It will still be in the 80’s and 90’s for at least another month.

Summer vacation is over.

School starts tomorrow.

I will be crying…

but they will be tears of JOY.

I must admit….this summer was pretty amazing.

I don’t think i had one meltdown……


total lie…..

i just didn’t blog about my meltdowns.

I even had a little mid life pierce my nose thing going on…but all in all….

this summer was amazing.

I really think packing up and leaving for Hawaii for three weeks helped.

I even checked off all FIVE things off my to do list for the summer.

We spent this last Sunday up at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.

It’s only an hour drive……and i can’t believe we don’t do it more often.

Heck…we might be back up there next weekend as well.

I’ll be the one in the tankini laying on the beach with my head stuck into

my latest issue of People Magazine.


Oh….yes…i am still in book club….but book club is just the name of the club…

to make us feel important. It’s really just a social club.

Wine and gossip.

Anyhoo…where was i?

Oh….Lake Geneva.

We met up with our friends….the Italians.

Frank…Frankie….Frank Sr…..Frank Jr……Guido….Lorenzo…..Lucia….Colette….

Frank….Big Frank….little Frank….Frankster….and last but not least….Frank.

I’m just kidding….there are only two Frank’s in the family…Frank and Frankie.

Frankie is Fin’s best buddie.

Colette is mine.

Lola likes to play with Lucia….she babies her….

and the men…Frank and Bryan….well….they disappeared for a while on the

mobsters boat.

I’m not saying all Italians are in the mob….but when the boat pulled up…with

all these Italian men with their shirts off and wearing gold chains…

i was nervous.

I thought for sure they were taking him out in the lake to

“take care of some business”….but they brought him back…safe and sound.

They took good care of Bryan.

They even let him drink some of their beer.

Meanwhile…us girls decided to hang back and watch the kids.

Good housewives.

So here we are….on our last day of summer vacation.

School starts tomorrow….and i am throwing a little party for my friends…

my annual moms & mimosa’s get together.

If you see me crying tomorrow….remember…they will be tears of joy.




  1. I want to be your friend! When does the application process start?
    Looks like such a fun weekend, even with the mob;-)

  2. What a fantastic idea! I am so going to do that next year when school starts. But wait, a mimosa party could work for anything right? How about a mimosa get together because there’s a mountain of laundry to do, a mimosa party because the dog puked up, again, a mimosa party because my in-laws are coming this weekend and I don’t want to think about it!

    Well you have fun at your Mimosa Party and yes we cry, but tears of joy, of course!


  3. Happy school year! 🙂 Have fun!

  4. Tears of joy, you bet!! I love Lake Geneva, it’s about an hour and 1/2 from here. In fact, we are going next month. Where do you like to stay? They have so many great B & B’s.

    Enjoy your last day of fun!


  5. I’m sure your fair haired, fair skinned kids blended right in with those dark haired Italian kids. Your mimosa party sounds fun. Cin Cin!

  6. You are amazing kasey! LOVE it! 🙂

  7. i’m so jealous… i’d love to go to a lake like that! i haven’t even gotten to go to the beach at all this summer, boo-hoo.

    but my hubby isn’t really a “open water” kinda guy… but the pics are lovely and it looks like everyone had a blast!

  8. I want one of those SUCKER rings! ;o)

  9. If you need a nice middle aged nanny next summer then i am your girl..just saying..keep me in mind.
    have fun tomorrow!!

  10. I like your idea of the mimosa party….I might make mine a martini one is noon somewhere in the world, right? haha…xxoo 🙂

  11. I will be crying my tears of joy next week right along with you Kasey! Glad you had such a nice summer. I think I am going to make a “school year list” for myself (summer lists seem to be for the kids) and I am going to add Moms and Mimosa party to it. Do you mind if I copy you? it is the highest form of flattery.

  12. you are a riot kasey buick
    you & your tears of joy
    mom of the year is clenched again!!!
    love that last pic 🙂

  13. LOL you crack me up with all the Franks….

  14. You bring me back to my childhood. My grandparents lived in Lake Geneva and we’d drive up so often in the summer – so much fun!

    I still want to pierce my nose…;-)

  15. Christie McGetrick says:

    Now Mom’s and Mimosa’s sounds fun – believe it or not someday you will be like me – no kids to go off to school because they are all graduate – except for one who has one more course in Grad school.

  16. I love the last picture of the kids. I also love the jumping pictures, I take tons of those of the kids doing it at our lake house. It’s so nice to see the kids having such a good time because you gave them those experiences. You are lucky, camp has been over for 3 days now and I have 2 weeks until school starts here. 😉

  17. I *love* that pic of all the kids on the dock. So cute and funny! I have mixed feelings about the end of summer vacation. My kids go back on the 7th. I am looking forward to the kids going to school. I need some ME TIME. But I am really not looking forward to early mornings, crabby kids in the afternoon and homework. My kids need to get back to some structure though, they are starting to wear on my nerves. Enjoy YOUR first day of school tomorrow. 😉

  18. Hey, you never called me back girlie!
    No biggie, know you’re busy…..enjoy tomorrow! We’ll catch up later in the week!

  19. An awesome way to end summer vacation! Hope the kiddos have a wonderful day at school… while you’re “crying” in your mimosa;)

  20. Yeah, school started here yesterday. I’m happy as well. The lack of a schedule (although I always think I’m going to love it) was actually wearing on me. I did get a little teary when I dropped the kids off at school…not sure what that was about. Not sadness, but not tears of joy either. Maybe tears that I am aging. LOL! Anyhoo, still have the two littles at home, so I’m not footloose and carefree, but two is a little less work than four…a little.

  21. Glad you had a great summer and here is to a great fall!

  22. fun 🙂 love the ring pops.

  23. I so forgot you did the moms and mimosas…I am sure it will be a blast!
    love the lake pictures

  24. Sigh…

    Looks like a lovely day at the Lake! I can nearly taste the fudge. Why do I always equate Lake Geneva and fudge?

  25. when I was growing up, we used to vacation at Lake Geneva…really brought back memories- happened upon your blog…not sure how…but glad i did!
    thanks for the memories!

  26. ~*~Cute pics!! 🙂 Im getting excited about back to school and fall around the corner~ Ready for pumpkins and hot lattes..cozy sweaters..ok thats enough about that! lol..LOVE your blog!~*~*

  27. i too will be sharing those tears of joy in just 2 short days…

  28. Was my uncle Frank there too?

    Cute post.

  29. you always make me laugh. a beautiful day to be up there on the beach.

  30. Another summer over!! You survived and your kids had a blast. I wish I could be there with you while you shed your tears of joy. Love the pics.

  31. My children start back to school next Thursday. I’ll be crying from the joy, too.

    I may have to steal your mimosa party idea…

  32. darling!!! Love the last pose! Mine went back today and yep i cried… new schools and i’m not sure i’m sold on them yet…. it was a memosa drinking day and tomorrow is when my friends are coming over in the AM for round 2…. it’s the second day that seems harder.

  33. I love my book club. We’ve renamed it though, since no one ever reads the book. It’s a wine club with a reading problem.

  34. yay for the mimosa party! i wish i could be there!!
    oh so THAT is Lake Geneva! it looks awesome!!!

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