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Hello….i hope you all had a lovely weekend. We spent the day in Wisconsin today….at the beach.

check check….double check.

I’m getting my list all checked off and can’t wait to fill you in.

But…..while i get my act together…i thought i would introduce you to one of my

favorite online shops.

The Beautiful Life.

I think the name says it all.Ruth…owner of this shop full of goodies….really knows what she’s talking about when she

states that her shop is full of swoon worthy items for your home.

I come away from perusing…drooling all over.

I told her she should change the term to DROOL WORTHY….but she didn’t think it was a good idea…

so i asked to speak to her manager.

She didn’t hang up on me though.


I have a feeling you might come away drooling all over your keyboard though.

Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

I actually have this  Jute feedsack rug in my sunroom:

I love a good home decor magazine….but this one is a flip over backwards one.

It was named the best interior magaine in Norway.

Vakre Hjem and Interior.

The Beautiful Life also carries one of my favorite Swedish decor magazines ..

Jeanne d’Arc.


and you all know how much i love to bake…..these  baking tags are the sweetest thing i have seen.

I’ll take two packages with a dozen cupcakes please.

The Beautiful Life  put together one amazing giveaway for you.

The package includes:

The Emma Bridgewater….”Happiness is..” mug. The coordinating kitchen towel….

the jute bag “take an old bag shopping”….and to tie it all together…

the Vakre Hjem Interior magazine.

Did you get all that….holy smokes!

You can drool all over now….you have my permission!

The Beautiful life wants to make YOUR life more beautiful.

All you have to do is head over to the shop {here}….peruse around…then head back

here and leave me a comment.

Tweet and/or Facebook this for a double entry.

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  1. I came from over there to over here and you are sending me back? (gasp) I’ll be worn out.
    And you have me curious where in Wisconsin. I’ve been here all week (all month even) and maybe we passed without waving! I was the one wearing drool and pet hair.

  2. Fragrances. And the intriguing wooden hands.

    I would have been back sooner but we had a brief power outtage!

  3. Inspiration! I love the jute feedsack rugs… I’m trying to think of where I would use them in my house… hmmm… so many places they could look fabulous.

  4. What a great giveaway as always!

  5. What beautiful stuff from beautiful life!


  6. double sided glass pendant with the Eiffel Tower, please!


  7. Ok Kasey.!!!
    ..I did not plan on going shopping, but I could not resist a few things at The Beautiful Life – namely MAGazines, as I am quite addicted to them. I almost invested in the No. 843 – because I also LOVE typography, but I didn’t know where to put those particular numbers – I will have to step away from my computer and look around. Thank you for sending me to Ruth’s store and to her blog – also a delight.
    Your musings about life, children, friends, home and the like are charming and entertaining! Thank you for sharing….(and your music choices are perfect!)
    Happy Days!

  8. p.s. and I must admit that a cup of Chai tea, my new magazines, chocolate and an “old Bag” would be n i c e! 🙂

  9. What a gorgeous sight! I’ve been there before, I”m so glad you reminded me of her. OK now I”m going back over to dream for a bit 🙂

  10. OH MY WORD!!!! Drool Worthy is an understatement~ Love it all!

  11. Beautiful and fun stuff…LOVE IT!!!

  12. I love the bubble candle holders! Lovely shop.

  13. My favorite is the colorful kitchen handtowels! So fun!!!

  14. Brie Havrilla says:

    Thanks for introducing us to this lovely shop, I love the golden metal crown and the small bronze Eiffel Tower!

  15. I love the vintage shoe horn and the scented candles sure are inticing:) Thanks so much for the chance!

  16. yes please! me please! uh huh girl

  17. WOW!! Great stuff! I love EVERYTHING!!!

  18. Wow, everything is SO gorgeous! Hope I’m lucky enough to win 🙂

  19. I am in LOVE..

  20. What a beautiful spot Kasey!! I am heading back over there to spend some more time ~ in the meantime ~ please count me in for the giveaway!

  21. Thanks for sharing, Kasey. Love it!

  22. Yep, love that blog! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  23. Love the auction paddles at the Beautiful Life! Your livingroom inspired mine. Thank you for sharing your paint color with me.

  24. Loved the candles and fragrance section! Oh and the linens and pillows!


  25. Hi Kasey! Great shop!

  26. I am happy with the cup of tea thank you!!

  27. I need all of this, and I tweeted about it too! Not want, need!

  28. I want one of everything!

  29. Carol Casey says:

    I so enjoy my visits to The Beautiful Life blog. There is a sweet serenity the second you arrive. And who could ever resist Jeanne D’arc Living



  30. Oh my gosh. They have the cutest aprons, towels, teapots and totes. I’m in love with it all. Please enter me in your lovely giveaway.

  31. This is the coolest store. I must tell my mother about it immediately!!! Please please enter me in your giveaway 🙂

  32. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site! Must. Win….

  33. I LOVE the Beautiful Life–they have wonderful things!! Some of my very favorite possessions have been purchased at that site. But, even better than that, Ruth is just such an incredibly nice person. I always enjoy her blog–and her entire view of life!!!

  34. Erin Underwood says:

    love love love!!!! <3

  35. honestly – fab.u.lous.
    that magazine could inspire me for weeks!
    i shall twitter momentarily…

  36. Lovely site, wonderful giveaway. Hope I win. Thanks for the chance!

  37. Oooooooh….pretty things! Do I get to enter?

    : )

    Julie M.

  38. I tweeted. http://twitter.com/lilredshopgirl

    : )

    Julie M.

  39. such fabulous stuff in that shop!!

  40. Yes one of my favorite online shops.Count me in.~Cheers Kim

  41. I love the shop and plan on visiting more often Thanks so much for introducing me such a lovely new place to snag some goods for my new place 🙂

  42. This shop and the giveaway– amazing. Love your blog!! Count me in. Thank you:)

  43. ‘WOW’ and ‘LOVE’ pretty much sum it up for me! I am totally ga-ga over the vintage dishtowels and aprons! Thanks for sharing such an amazing and inspiring website with us. You rock, girlfriend!

  44. Oh how I love this apron: http://www.thebeautifullife.com/anmahoviboye.html. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Blessings, SusanD

  45. Love her shoppe!! I could easily buy one of everything!!!
    I think you need that volcano candle though..wonder if it smells like Hawaii?? hmmm.
    I am a tea drinking… magazine ho… and yes I like chocolate too..I need that tea towel!!

  46. Ok, I admit…I used to be anti-Paris. Mainly because I’ve heard Parisians are snooty and hate Americans. I mean, come on, you don’t even KNOW me, how can you hate me! Well…thanks to you I’ve changed my mind. I lived vicariously through you on your trip and now you’ve led me to this awesome sight. I seem to want one of everything – soon my house will be a total Parisian bistro, or something like that…Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  47. Oh my goodness…so many adorable things! The linens, the pottery, love it, love it, love it! But my favorite are the jute coasters.

  48. I just fb’d a link to the shop and your blog. I hope my “friends” enjoy both as much as I do!

  49. I love this shop and follow her blog- such lovely items and inspiration. This site introduced me to Jeanne d’Arc. Love all of it especially the Emma Bridgewater Pottery!

  50. Great giveaway. I just love Bridgewater. Jules x

  51. What an awesome shop! I love the office note cards (I’m addicted to paper!) And the Bridgewater pottery is so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing!

  52. Just left a FB comment too!

  53. oh, no. This could be serious trouble. like, hide thes hopping bag (in this case, shipping boxes) from Hubbyand just let things “appear”. What a greaat place! Such whimsical tings.. I am in love!

  54. Oh what a gorgeous giveaway! Thank you..

  55. Oh if I will ever win anything in mylife??!!! Thanks dear for the opportunity, love, Monica – the italian – not wearing any gold chain….

  56. Janice N. says:

    I already ordered two of the Bridgewater mugs from A Beautiful Life for gifts, but would love to win this beautiful giveaway for myself! I especially love the shopping bag, too… Thanks for the opportunity to “play along.”

  57. I love her site! The linens are just gorgeous, especially that jute rug and those sweet aprons! But I had to take a peek at the dishes and fell in love with the Paris plates.

  58. hey hey … sorry to drop in but honestly I am not a lurker who is waking up for a give away.. I came here from Sarah’e BC to see your Paris chalkboard thingie … but ofcourse I wold delighted to win a Vakre magasin 😉
    chers desiree

  59. hey hey … sorry to drop in but honestly I am not a lurker who is waking up for a give away.. I came here from Sarah BC to see your Paris chalkboard thingy … but of course I wold delighted to win a Vakre magazine 😉
    cheers Desiree

  60. Hi Kasey! I haven’t commented for a while but I’ve still been super enjoying your posts! School starts soon, though….

    I love the London vintage postcards – adorable! Funnily enough, this was not the first place I went but, it so happens that, my sister carries a lot of the same wonderful stuff in her tea room/gift shop. Great minds…..

    Love, Katy Noelle

  61. Oh wow! Ruth has the most gorgeous things, doesnt she?! I have had a “want” list that is a mile long from her shop for awhile now! Ive gotten a few goodies, but, duh….who wouldnt want more?! The Vakre Mag itself is to die for! I think Im itchin for one of those hand-sculpted rose necklaces too…. *swoon* Thanks to the both of you sweeties for the giveaway!!

  62. Hi Kasey,
    The Beautiful LIfe is right! I love her site and blog. I’m going to go buy some tangerine LOVE right now 🙂
    I would love to win the giveaway! Thank you for sponsoring it! Julie

  63. I tweeted and facebooked it!
    Thanks again !

  64. Hi Kasey!
    WOWEEE, what a great giveaway. Love the shop… and I’ve already purchased the Jute feedsack rug, and am using it in our guest room as a tablecloth for our side table. It looks GREAT and I’d love to win another for OUR room!! My Christmas list is growing.. so many goodies, so little time! Crossing my fingers. Thanks for sponsoring!

  65. I’ll take one of everything please!!! The London vintage postcards I adore especially, reminding me of when we visited and lived there! This is such a fun giveaway!

  66. I tweeted it!

  67. stanna rysdam says:

    OOOHHHHH do I ever love her stuff. I would get more of the rugs. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to win this giveaway. Thanks, Stanna

  68. What a sweet giveaway! So glad you are back and that you had a great summer.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Always, Teresa T.

  69. Kasey, I added you and your blog to my facebook account. Sweet giveaway! Thank you, Teresa T.

  70. Oh-la-la beautiful is right!!

  71. wow…love it all. I adore the rug. And I would take that old bag shopping as a matter of fact.

  72. Eileen Roy says:

    Everything is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to enter the contest. I would love to win. Maybe I’ll be a lucky Irish girl this time. Again, thank you.

  73. What a fun giveaway!! Happy end of summer to you.

  74. Would so love to win, but am going to find that magazine, regardless!

  75. I have been lusting after anything by Emma Bridgewater since I lived in London. Divine!

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