I had all these grand plans this morning.

Then i got sick…..i didn’t even make it out for girls night last night…..

but right now i’m knocked up on sudafed….so i at least can breath.

I won’t even go into how hard it is to blow my nose….actually…i am getting the hang of it.

Fin had his smitten kitten over for little cup of tea this morning.

Is it wrong for a FIVE year old to crush on a ONE year old.

Don’t worry though….i won’t if you won’t.

If you’ve been a loyal reader for the last year and a half…then you might recognize Wren.

Her mother and i are really good friends.

Wren’s mom is….or i mean was…..the kindergarten teacher at our school.

She was SUPPOSED to be Fin’s teacher this year…till she up and was moved to the first grade class.

oh well.

Fin will live……hopefully.


we already have these two kittens lives all planned out.

They have to wait till they both hit the age of 21 to even think about getting married.

I know Fin might be in a rock band….and Wren might be the drama queen…..

and they might….might be able to date when they hit sixteen.


…that was till Fin reached across the table to steal a smooch.


All bets are off now.

I will NOT tolerate that sort of behavior.

I don’t care if she was batting her eyelashes at him from across the table.

Look  at him….he is like a shark….going in for the kill.


It’s not his fault….it’s not i tell you!

Okay…deep breath…one…two…three.

I need another sudafed…i’ll be right back.

Alrighty now….i’m back to our regularly scheduled program.

My plans for this weekend are to unpack the suitcases. I guess for some reason…i think that

if i don’t unpack them…then i really am not back at home.

But i am. …..home that is.

Today marks one week home

Coming home from a vacation like that has it’s downfalls….like getting the credit card bill in the mail.


So much laundry…that i sometimes have to ask myself…do i really have three kids and not eight of them?

and speaking of laundry….yes…i have on a jean skirt.

shoot me if you must.

I realize i will not be invited to any runway shows if i get caught wearing one…

but today i did.

It’s from last year….and i felt the need to wear it once more before i donate it.


i will.

i promise.

Okay…maybe i’ll wear it one more time.

Oh…you are asking about the shoes?

yes…i happened to walk into that shoe store called Payless today.

I don’t know why…actually….it was right next to the movie i walked in..

and i found these two pairs of flats.

and i fell SMITTEN for them.

I also will be getting a huge high five from bryan tonight

for only spending a total of $11.50 for both pairs.

Of course…they are not brand name and they are flats…..

but they go well with my short shorts.

Did i forget to tell you that i lost ALL EIGHT POUNDS?

 Totally kidding by the way.

I did lose ONE…if that counts.

I have to thank my raging head cold for that one.

 p.s. the super cute clip in Wren’s hair is from this cute Etsy shop: Wren handmade


  1. Hope you start feeling better soon and CUTE shoes!!!

  2. I think that is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!! Feel better!

  3. I love your shoes. The lovebirds pictures are adorable. I have a great picture of my son when he was 4 giving flowers to his friend after her ballet recital. I plan to embarrass him with that pic one day.


    (shame on you!)


  5. Cute, cute, and cute!

    I hope you feel better soon!

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. annette richmond says:

    I really like your shoes they are so cute. And I still have some denim skirts that i still love so maybe i won’t get invited to anything. The kids are beautiful but i am gonna be terrible and tell you i just loved the suitcases behind them. Am i bad? Feel better really soon!

  7. Cute little chicky! I’ve got those bow flats in a chartreuse color. 🙂 So cute, but not quite so comfy.

  8. Oh Kasey, I want to be you:) I love to listen to you tell a story. It is just beautiful and lyrical. I love the yellow shoes and I think that I might just be heading to Payless tomorrow!

    I haven’t lost a pound but I am on board for trying to get off 4! ugh!

    Finn is adorable, leaning over to kiss her.

  9. total sweetness those two!

    hope you feel better! ox

  10. I was at Payless yesterday and they had top shoes in blue instead of yellow and I actually thought to myself…I bet Kasey over from Lola B’s blog would wear these. ha!

  11. Oh no! I hope you are on the mend. It sucks getting sick at all but in the summer is the pits!! Oh thanks for the tip on the shoes, something else for me to be searching for!! Feel better! BTW, those pictures are precious!

  12. So cute… I have a almost 4 year old just loves tea parties… Perhaps they can double (JK)… Feel better. Lx

  13. Do tell…are denim skirts SIN!?

  14. O-M-GAH!!!! Those kiddos are PRECIOUS!!!! I was squeeling as I looked at their tea pics! 🙂

  15. Fin and Wren are a sweet couple! She is a cutie…and speaking of cuties…those shoes are pretty sweet. And I don’t even mind them with a denim skirt (I may have one of those in my closet as well….just sayin’)

    Hope you are feelin’ better soon… at least we know your head cold hasn’t dulled your sense of humor. much. ha ha!

  16. Hello Kasey!
    Fin and Wren are soooo cute! They lokk like a super sweet couple.Adorable!
    Love your flats!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,

  17. They are so adorable…and your blog is gorgeous too! Lovely to find you!!

  18. Those two are so sweet! Their little tea party te-ta-tete…
    You poor thing all sick and yuck, I hope that Sudafed continues to keep you cheery, and those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I want some…. ( I let my last jean skirt go last year… you can do it! hehe )
    Flick x

  19. Sally Holmes says:

    Oops – I just recently bought a short – ish denim skirt. Didn’t know it was such a No-No. Why do we all worry so much about these unwritten fashion laws I wonder!!? BTW – Beterschap!! ( get well soon in Dutch!!) x

  20. Oh those two are too cute! I can’t believe how much Baby Wren has grown…time sure does fly:) Hope you can breathe through your nose soon; be well…

  21. Hmmm. Is it a coincidence that Fin and Wren’s names rhyme??? What a cute little pair these two sweeties make!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon, and don’t fret over the mound of laundry…It will get done…eventually!

  22. Okay Kasey, I am heading out the door right now.
    Oh, those photos are magical. Cute sweet kidlets.

  23. They look like they are getting engaged! Sweet photos friend.

  24. Allisaon Mitchell says:

    I have that song by Ingred Michaelson playing in my head: Everybody wants to be in love.
    Now..about those shoes.
    I need some new flats.need not want.

  25. i hope you’re feeling better really soon dear Kasey.
    i could just eat those two sweethearts up.
    cute shoes. they might be just what the dr. ordered.

  26. Oh how sweet they are. Hope they stay friends forever.
    Love your cute yellow shoes – sweet.
    Get better soon

  27. Oh Kasey…

    1. Fin + Wren are quite possibly the cutest things I’ve seen this weekend.
    2. Those flats? Are running a close second.


  28. Oh my gosh, I am running to Payless NOW!!! Well, maybe not right now since the kids are expecting dinner but soon. LOVE those yellow and white flats!

    I can not believe how big little Wren has gotten. Wow, time flies! She is such a doll. My firstborn has been betrothed since Kindergarten, let’s hope it sticks;)

  29. Oh my!!! They are the cutest!!!! It’s a perfect match! Your flats are stinken cute too…. cure any head cold 🙂

  30. Thank you very much for sharing this. I have subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up the good work.

  31. Christie McGetrick says:

    Jean skirts are still in – look at Urban Outfitters.

  32. that might be the cutest crush i’ve ever seen. and that pic of their affection! i mean come on, talk about the perfect snapshot for their save-the-date card. it’s friggen destiny!

    anyway, i spied those payless shoes a while back. very cute. i bought the bow ones in beige and did a mary poppins kick (in my head) on the way out as i was very pleased with my purchase. then the first day i wore them shopping they gave me horrible blisters. now, i’m not saying this will be your story, but rather wanted to warn you to bring an extra pair of shoes just in case you end up wearing them to something fanciful where you’d look peculiar barefoot and/or limping.


  33. those are some super sweet and cute photos!!!! love them and your darling shoes:) Hope you are feeling better!

  34. Oh my I too am smitten for the lovely yellow shoes. In fact as soon as I saw them I jumped off my laptop and ran out and bought a pair. I am wearing them today and I feel like I am walking on sunshine!

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