Sea glass by the sea shore

This beach above doesn’t really look that great….

and it sure did not photograph very pretty….but there in the sand are millions

and millions of pieces of SEA GLASS.

Real….straight from the beach….hand picked sea glass.

We headed to this beach the day after bryan flew home and i wanted something new

and fun for the kids to do. My mom had told me about this place….when she brought us a handful

the last time she came for a visit.

As you know….i am a LOVER of white….but then throw in some pale blue…and sea green…

and i will trade my first born child for it.

Luckily….i didn’t have to trade anyone…because i gave each of the children their own

baggies to collect their own.

I’m the only one that came home with a steady stream of the same color.

Mason and Fin tended to go for the brown and dark green….ick.

I even told them i would pay them each one dollar to give me all of their whites.


Apparently… to the beach…there used to be a glass manufacturing company…

the dilapitated old metal building still resides there.

The story is…back in the 70’s-80’s….the company used to throw all the broken bottles out back…

into the ocean. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

{don’t hold my word to it…this is all second hand}

Anyhoo…..this place is not mentioned in most guide books…and there are no signs to

direct you to the beach.

We found it though.

And even though we had flip flops on….we should have worn beach shoes…because there

were still LOTS of pieces that were still sharp.

Most of the pieces were so small that they were not worth grabbing.

But that didn’t sway me.

I was determined.

When the kids tired…..i put them back in the car…popped on some music for them…

and turned on the a/c so that i could scavedge some more.

don’t worry….they did not drive away.

{no need to call CPS…..they already have an eye on me anyway}

The reason i NEEDED so much sea glass other then the fact that i love it…..

is i wanted it for my bathroom….

errr…..i mean restroom.

Just before Christmas…i had painted the room grey. I also just bought a new {clearenced}

shower curtain at…..Anthro of all places.

I had the same curtain but in cream….and when i saw the white one on sale…

i snagged it.

I did NOT snag it from anyone’s hand….so please don’t believe the rumors that are circulating.

If you’ve been here awhile….then you know that this is my master bath.

All 25 square feet of it.

And please don’t flush the toilet when i’m in the shower….

bad MOJO will happen to said individual.

This {sea glass} inspired soap dispenser is from TARGET!!

They have them in {milk glass} and {clear} as well.

I almost bought all of them…but then decided at last minute to save a few for you.

Part of the Home Collection.

I decided i should maybe…just maybe ….get the kids some school supplies instead.

You know…..that word ….SCHOOL.

Some of us sing praise to that word…and i’ll be singing mine 2 weeks from tomorrow.

{sorry…no…i did not clean for you….i like theΒ faucet to not shine}

Anyhoo……part of that post that i wrote the other night… know the one…

where i will probably get disqualified for sending in a post after i had 22 glasses of wine..

i wrote about bottling up life….

capturing life’s little moments…little pieces of life..

then…bringing them home.

Let life lead you home.


p.s. i have nothing else to add in my after thoughts today.

p.p.s. other than i forgot to tell you that the Hawaiin toothfairy is much cooler then the one here.

p.p.p.s. it’s because he surfs all day long. yes..i said he.


  1. I adore sea glass – can you send me all your pale green pieces please? They are my favourites. Oh and in the same parcel could you post me one of those soap dispensers – GORGEOUS! Your bathroom is lovely – I would love to have one that big(!) – ours is about 16 square feet and the bath is actually too big for the room – the builders gouged out a bit of the wall to fit it in! Love the shower curtain – so pretty. When I save enough money to visit the States again I plan on e-mailing you for the name of that beach so I can go and get my share – I found a similar beach in Majorca, Spain (where my brother lives) and the sea glass was everywhere – I can’t wait to go back.

  2. i am still blown away that you found such a cool destination
    i’m so jealous πŸ™‚

    i bought those same soap dispensers, very cool, but hate to be the bearer of bad news, seems they start to rust or something from the dispenser thingy.yeah , makes my lavender soap sorta brownish
    but…maybe that won’t happen to you!

    can’t wait to chat & get caught up
    love you friend

  3. Your bathroom is BEAUTIFUL! Just like you.

    I love it.

  4. Love…love…love….the bathroom (restroom) πŸ™‚

  5. You rock. Really you do.

  6. I just love sea glass. I remember getting so excited when I found it as a kid at Lake Michigan. Your master bath is so pretty. Love the shower curtain!

  7. I love sea glass! Some of my favorite childhood memories are of collecting shells, sea glass and Cape May diamonds (essentially a kind of quartz) on the beach…ironically the best loot was always on a beach called Poverty Beach.

  8. I adore your sea glass holder and the rest room sign and really everything about your bathroom. You have indeed inspired me today, as usual! ~Lili

  9. so, wait – you did send in the next submission..??? come on girl – I know you can do it!
    you painted that bathroom *last* christmas? has it really only been 9 months since I was there??? it seems like a lifetime~
    miss you!

  10. Lol… I thought it was only me that set the kids to work, thinly disguised as a fun activity for them! Your bathroom looks beautiful… 25 square feet… I can but dream! Lx

  11. your sea glass story reminds me of one of my fave movies…”Spanglish”. there is a great scene in there about seaglass…actually, the whole movie is terriffic. a must see……….love your bloggy!

  12. Beautiful friend, love your “Rest room” sign, hmmmm, where did you ever find something so fabulous???

  13. Love that sea glass and that shower curtain wow. You are lucky to live close to a beach that has sea glass. We on the Pacific NW coast really have to search. Florence

  14. How cool that you found that beach! I love what you did w/the bathroom! I have the same teeny tiny gold mirror, and have it hung in mine. I have another one for sale in the shop.
    When I was in high school I had a friend that lived on an island here in Washington and we went to the beach near her place and I found a ton of sea glass. I still have it today! There was a lot of cobalt blue, green, white….. the beaches around here tend to just have brown.
    Thanks for always making me smile! πŸ˜‰

  15. Beautiful bathroom!!! I want to go to that beach!

  16. That sea glass is so beautiful and I love your shower curtain – where did you get it? I have been looking for shower curtains with a little more character and have had a hard time finding anything I like.

  17. I absolutely love sea glass and look for it every time we are at the beach (here in Washington State).
    Lucky you!

  18. We too collected sea glass when we were in Kauai! We got a heads up from our buddy who lives on the island πŸ™‚ It was such a fun day…..i have all of ours bottled up with beach sand underneath. So special….and no brown or dark green ones in there either πŸ˜‰
    Absolutely adore your restroom sign!!! XOX

  19. What a wonderful shower curtain!! I think sea glass is so pretty when I see it on all these blogs. On my recent trip to visit family in California, we made a fast trip to the beach and I found my first 2 pieces!! along with my first heart shaped rock! Those little things make me happy!!

  20. Ashley A. says:

    Love your bathroom. LOve the writing.Love you!!

  21. so very pretty Kasey.

  22. these photos are so lovely! i can’t believe you found all that sea glass!

  23. SO jealous of all the sea glass and love the bird bowl you put it in! All of your entries are making me excited for my very first trip to Hawaii next month

  24. Snagged the same Anthro shower curtain….not using it in the bathroom it!
    Special place in my heart and home for sea glass…

  25. Just love your bathroom Kasey! Very pretty!

  26. You have one of THE. MOST. GORGEOUS bathrooms I have ever seen. It’s like everything I LOVE all in one spot!!! I am SO jealous, but thank you so much for the eye candy and inspiration!!!

  27. I love me some sea glass. Heck, I will even take all the brown that your boys collected.
    I am loving your grey bathroom with the mirrors all over the wall.

  28. I love sea glass! Now, I have another reason to plan a trip to Hawaii…as if I need a reason;)

  29. Love, love the bathroom. I’m in serious need for your creative mind for Cassidy’s room….really.

  30. You have a lovely website. I’m feeling some major sea glass envy. We have to HUNT for sea glass on our local beach. My daughter is really good at finding it though. I know that {one day} when she leaves home she’s expecting her collection to go with her. I’m trying to figure out how to handle that.

  31. I have never been to a beach that has had sea glass. I always look for it though. Your bathroom looks beautiful. So serene and calming.

  32. How did you get it Home??? You know of course this was 2003 we took a family trip to Maine and Capecod. The kids and I collected Sea Glass from each beach, Im talking 2 weeks of Sea Glass, Gorgeous REAL Sea Glass. I packed it safely in my Luggage and I will be Dammed if the Darn Airline didn’t take it and leave me a very Lovely Note in my luggage….Grrrrrr, it has been a sore subject in my house since, the kids still talk about it…Yours is Gorgeous…Love it in the Bathroom, I had big plans for mine too…XO Jamie

  33. Friend–Your photographs are getting more and more stunning!
    I continue to be blog absent, but it sounds like I have some catching up to do so off to read I go!

  34. I love glass collecting on the beach here in Australia. I have been collecting for quite a few years…must get back into it next Summer. Love your photos, your children are gorgeous and I to take far too many photos of them at the beach as well but why not!

  35. sea glass, shower curtain, soap dispenser, wall color, shake it like a good martini and it’s beautiful everytime!

  36. I have the milk glass soap dispenser from Target.
    But that is about it.
    I still want to be you.

  37. of the loveRly home of yours!
    I get so inspired by your home!

  38. We brought exactly 6 shells home from the beach…you made out better than we did!

    Ps…Morgan never got a pen pal letter from Lola…did she change her mind about it?


  39. another wonderful post – how I love my daily fix

  40. I love sea glass. It’s one of the things that makes me REALLY miss living by the coast.

  41. I adore sea glass and wish I could get to this beach. I have a neat piece wrapped in my shop at I really love the jewelry pieces…great way to keep something special from a trip and make it into a statement necklace! I think I need to also put some extras in a soapdish!

  42. Now that’s one restroom I wouldn’t mind using! Love the seaglass too!:)

  43. I’d love to find a beach where the sea glass is abundant. Of course, since I’m in Kansas, that is very unlikely.

    Your bathroom is so lovely, and I love the glass soap dispenser. I may have to pick one up on my next trip to the city.

  44. absolutely love the sea glass and how perfect it all is in your bathroom…I would have been all over the white and blue….and I think your pictures are wonderful even though you said it wasn’t the prettiest location. Your bathroom is just amazing too!!!

  45. My daughter and I collect sea glass too. I just did a post on our collections and how we display them. I hope it’s okay to put the direct link here since you collect it too!! I hope you’ll pop over and see our glass!

  46. I think I hit delete on my last comment, if this is a duplicate, I’m sorry!

    My daughter and I collect sea glass too. I just did a post last week showing how we display our glass treasures.. Since you collect too, I thought maybe you would want to check it out. Hope it’s okay to post the direct link here.


  48. You never mentioned where this location was at with all the sea glass?
    Do you have suggestions for other good beaches with sea glass?
    Thanks in advance.


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