salt in my veins

Do you know it rains every night here…..actually…it doesn’t just rain…it pours…

all night.

Sometimes it lasts all night……and other times it’s just for a few hours.

I leave the windows open all night long…..because just listening to the night is peaceful.

{okay….that and my glass of wine…but since we are not talking about the wine…}

Then i wake up…to warm sunshine streaming in …….

while the kids are still blissfully sleeping.

The rain is long gone…but the day is just beginning.

I wake up with the taste of salt on my tongue…left there from the day before.


It’s  running through my veins.

I can feel it.

Like toes in the sand….

salt is course…it’s rough….and it comes from the sea.

I’m not the most philosophical girl in town….lord knows…

but i am a lover of life….i can catch a day and take it with me….

my medium isn’t to sit here and type out the meaning of life for you….

i will let someone else take care of that…..

my medium is what lies in front of me…..

 the salt that runs through these veins.



it does not need to be dressed up….it is the one that is sought after.

Salt is pure…it’s natural

You can’t change salt…because it owns itself.


She is my salt.

Salt can sting the eye….it can make you blink and cry out for help.

Salt will also make you glow from within….

rub it down and see how it changes.

Some days it’s course…some days it’s fine



and some days….all the salt needs… to be put between two fingers…

and thrown over a shoulder.

There is only one type of salt in my life….and it’s sea salt.

Her toes are in the sand….and her attitude changes with the tide.

She is my salt…and she runs thought my veins.

Salt might make my blood pressure rise…….but i’ll take it straight up and A LOT of it please.


*pink skinny jeans by Walmart.

*white sand beach brought to you by the island of Kauai.

*plum shoes and bandana by Walmart.

*Walmart does not know me nor have they compensated me for mentioning them.




  2. Adorable!

  3. Kasey!
    What can I say.
    Lola..what a dreamy little HAWAIIan gal!
    Just DREAMY!

  4. What beautiful photos and memories you will have long after your trip. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. cute pictures. i love them!

  6. After that post I am wishing I was there…

  7. Now those are the sweetest photos EVER.
    Love your words.

  8. what a sweetheart. I think I need a vacation now, so thank you once again.
    Beautiful words Kasey.

  9. Ashley A. says:


  10. are you trying to get walmart to be one of your sponsors…? it seems you have a bit of a crush on them. just sayin’…

  11. love the jeans!

  12. She is BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 Love these shots, and those plum shoes are fab. 🙂

  13. she’s such a beautiful girl…love how she looks right at home:)

  14. Sweet post. 🙂 My Emma is my salt….so I know exactly of what you speak.


  15. That was beautiful! And, as the mother of an adolescent girl, I can totally relate. Your writing and metaphor of salt, is going to help me look at my realtionship with her in a totally new, positive light.

  16. Love those pic…. especially the ones with her back to the camera. Priceless 🙂

  17. ahhhhh love this post!!! So sweet she is a cutie 🙂

  18. What a beautiful post. Lovely, just lovely.

  19. just precious!

  20. Catching up here..can’t believe you guys are finally heading back here next week. Glad you guys had a really memorable time. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Good story about Lola and your salt analogy . So perfect.

    Walmart’s just as good as any other, I agree. Can’t beat prices there for sure.

    See you back on the block real soon Buick Family!

  21. Your Lola is so precious. Great post. 🙂

  22. Ooh, I’m loving all of your beachy photos. Wish I could transport myself onto some sand somewhere right now! Beautiful. 🙂

  23. What a creative and sweet post. I love to see you become a Walmart girl…..okay, I won’t take it that far! 🙂 Although Lola looks adorable.

  24. Great post Kasey! Love the Walmart disclaimer at the bottom. You seriously crack me up…

  25. We have those shoes! My girls love them. Now I need that beach….

  26. I believe in fredom to choose so I have never asked my friends to stay clear of walmart but I myself had a very bad experience there. No, I did not look fat in skinny jeans. It was much worse… My son was hurt in the store and they did not have a working phone in the department to call for help. They sent me alone with my small child and his sister to my car to drive my crying/bleeding baby to the hospitol. YEP.. They promised to contact me in a few hours to see how he was. That they would take care of us. They choose to not pay our deductible for his hospitol visit. And it was not much more than what I spent on stuff every month in there store. BIG MISKATE.. Anyway my son healed and I decided that I would only shop at Target…

  27. Having two of my own “salt shakers” at home, I truly appreciate this post! And it’s lovely to see Lola as stylish as her mama:)

  28. She is beautiful! Great pics. Love the beach.
    Thanks for sharing the little story.

    Smiles and Blessings,

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