life is for living

It only took me two years to get up the nerve to actually go thru with it.

Just two….that’s all.

I really believe life is for living…so why not go thru with it.

What you see above is my nose….with it’s new little friend..the diamond stud.

When i called the tatoo parlor to make the appointment…the girls told me that i won’t be

able to swim for a few weeks…and NOT to get it wet.

No problem i told her….we only had a  few more days left on Kauai before we were headed home…

so i should TOTALLY be able to follow the rules.


I showed up for my appointment….kids in tow.

I almost thought of letting them come inside with me….but i could just see it now….

they watch….then in two years….Lola comes home from school with her belly button pierced….

because she showed her friend how to do it.


I could foresee the entire scenario folding out in front of me.

So….instead i left them in the car with the windows rolled up…and made them

promise not to drive the car away.

They promised.

The actual piercing was very quick.

I vomited only twice before it was over…and cried like a baby.

The piercer…..Rebecca…..told me to grow up.

Alright…i didn’t really vomit…but i felt like it….

and i didn’t really cry even though i WANTED to.

It was not as bad as i thought.

quick…..and just a little pinch.

I think now….after a few days…is worse.

I feel like i have a booger inside my nose that i can


So….it’s done….and i am happy.

Now i just get to surprise bryan with it when i show up at home tomorrow.

I love a good surprise!

Anyhoo….after the piercing…we headed to the beach


this time my kids wanted to rope swing into a river that was close by.

It was all going fine and dandy till

I was DARED to rope swing myself.

I take Dares very seriously.

Then they double dog dared me.

So i thought to myself….why the heck not.

I grabbed onto the rope….took a running jump start….and swung over the river.

The only problem was…..

i realized half way out that i must have gained some weight this trip.

I was a little heavier then i thought….


actually a LOT heavier then i thought….

because instead of swinging straight out and back like i had thought i would….

i slid right down the rope into the water.




Luckily…..Mason thought to grab the camera and get it on film.

Thanks to him….i can look back and see when i weighed more than a small elephant.

and then when i was heaving myself out of the water…

did i realize that i was NOT SUPPOSED TO GET MY NOSE WET.

Rope burns and a wet nose…which might get infected…possibly get a staph infection…

and have to be amputated…right along with my hands because there is no skin left.

I may be a noseless…handless girl….

but i’ll have memories to last a lifetime.




  1. guts. you got guts.
    {love} the diamond~

  2. looks great! good for you!

  3. my daughter has one and loves it. i think they are very cool.

  4. Hah hah….this is too funny – sorry for my laughter at your expense! But, this seems like something I would do – my graceful years all used up – nothing left! Great pictures to look back on for you – and, you had FUN FUN FUN doing it!
    Hope your hubby likes your new bling!

  5. You are a brave girl! That feeling of the booger, that would bug me to no end, so I could never do it. I had to laugh a little at the first picture though. You don’t look too sure of it!

  6. You are hilarious!
    What a great outlook you have on trip I am stowing away for sure!

  7. ohh… I’m jealous. I’ve wanted one for years, but I always chicken out and tell myself I’m too old. But I love yours… maybe I ned to talk myself into it again! 🙂

  8. Uh oh. I’ve been thinking of getting one. Seeing yours I was almost out the door. Then I read Maria’s post. I’m going to You Tube it…ugh!

    Your post absolutely cracked me up. I love that Mason grabbed the camera. What a wonderful summer you guys are having!

  9. The nose stud looks sexy…
    And you crack me up!


  10. You are my hero. <3

  11. Love the piercing, you are gutsy! Crazy & fun too! thanks for sharing! hot mama!

  12. I see your dress does double duty as a swimsuit ,good buy !! Hysterical , really !!! I am 49 now but 2 years ago I got the guts up to go to the tatoo parlor to get my nose pierced. ( my two sons swore they would dis – own me ) Anywayyyy- They asked how I would like to pay and I said well I guess all I have is my credit card. Well their credit card machine was having issues but they said I could go across the street to the ATM. That was my sign not to go ahead with it. Sooo I am very jealous you did it!!

  13. Before my kids started school we went to visit the in-laws for a month in April every year on Kauai, we had their rental on the beach chisai hale *little house* and one year I went through a very terrible depression when we got home, I wanted to go back and live there where things were so marvelous, we could live in our bathing suits, eat fish & fruit, and live simple….life was so fun and easy there….I often wonder if we had done that what our lives would be like now……

  14. tsk tsk tsk. I was thinking oh no what in the world is she doing!!!! Very cute piercing by the way. You are just a rock star now:)

  15. I can’t believe you did it! Good for you! I had to laugh though when I was looking at the pictures and thought, “oh no, she didn’t just get it wet did she?” . 🙂

  16. Your NOT bigger just longer, hence your feet drug in the water causing you to have to let go, though you didn’t want to let go…hence…the rope burns. That’s all….no worries…

    this is just how you roll…I am envious….

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  17. Yay you, you look adorable, and the story is wonderful. I’m so glad you can laugh at yourself, and having the pictures is icing on the cake. You’re great.

  18. Love it!! I had wanted one for years and after my second was born I headed out to the piercing shop and had it done. Its been 3 years and I am still in love with it. It did take a good 9 months for it to completely heal, but i never once had an infection or a problem…saying a prayer that you don’t either!!

  19. Your posts are always so hilarious! Tell Mason great job on the shot of your sliding down the rope-priceless!

  20. I got my nose pierced about five years ago and have never had a problem. Looks great!

  21. HAH! That’s great. I got my nosed pierced 6 years ago before moving to Japan. I only lasted a year with it b/c the darn gem stones kept falling out and then I would have to unwind the thing from my nose (which hurt!) and put a new one in. Plus, the mail took so long to get new jewelry to me that I would walk around with the thing in my nose but without the gem. It looked really lame. So I gave up. Oh, I also had the issue of the thing poking out of my nose and I would have to push it back in. However, no one ever told me it was standing up/out of my nose. I would only find out when I went to the bathroom and saw it. Thus, I was paranoid and would then constantly be fussing with it. Alas though, yours will be problem free! I’m sure of it 😉

  22. ahhh! hilarious pics of falling in! thanks for sharing the nose piercing experience, i have always wondered about how bad it hurt. you will have to keep us updated on the afterpains. fun post!

  23. I am still laughing!! I have been wanting to get my nose pierced too but I can not get enough nerve up!! I hate having boogers in my nose so I don’t know if I could ever get use to that!!

    Maybe someday.

  24. Oh my…you are a daring gal!

  25. Love your new piercing! 😉 I’ve always wanted to get my nose pierced…maybe someday I’m be brave enough.


  26. Wow! I really didn’t have you down as a ‘nose piercing’ sort of gal! Just goes to show never judge a book! I think it looks great, but then I did something similar when in Oz (I got my inner ear pierced.. not sure what part it’s called)… they also told me not to get it wet but ended up surfing every day.. my ear is still there and in tact, so hopefully you’ll be fine! Lx

  27. My first thought was, you photo shopped it. But then I thought you are pretty gutsy!! It looks so dainty and cute!
    Love it!!

  28. Whoopsie! haha And I love that your son grabbed the camera. Great!

    I hope your nose doesn’t get infected. I like piercings on other people but they just aren’t for me. All I have is one hole in each ear.

  29. I was SURE you Photoshopped it! Brave girl!!!

  30. Love this post! You made me laugh so hard….thanks for that. Love the nose ring too!!!

  31. I really thought that you had thrown up until I read the next line:) Good for you for getting the nose done. I am 42 and I have wanted a small tattoo on my foot since I turned 30. I might just go and get it done now that I see that you took the leap.

    Too funny about the rope swing. I am NOT athletic or strong enough to keep myself up so I would have done the same thing!

  32. Okay, so 1. it’s really cute. But 2. I think it’s just a magnetic one …. :o)

    IF it isn’t, you should be able to keep drying it out with hydrogen peroxide. When I pierced my bellybutton forever ago, that’s what was recommended to keep it clean … I put it on several times a day for WAY longer than I needed to. Like for more than a month with the several times a day application. I definitely didn’t want an infection!

    So … just keep it clean and you should be fine!

  33. hilarious

    sloosh it out with saline…works for me…not that I have boogers stuck up my nose

  34. hahaha awesome. The weird “something is in my nose” feeling eventually goes away, but it is kind of annoying when you forget about it and you get it caught on a towel or something stupid like that and it rips out of your nose…… not fun…. very painful. It looks cute though!

  35. {I’m going to Hawaii in 2 weeks and will not be getting my nose pierced}

    Thank you so much for making me laugh so hard.

    Next time, you should crack the window just a bit 😉

  36. OMG, you crack me up! I almost spit Gatorade out my nose reading the last part about getting staph infection and losing your nose….except I’m such a hypochondriac that I would really worry about that, LOL! ; )

  37. Still laughing and splitting a gut!!

  38. you are my hero

  39. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …You go girl!! Hilarious….oh my!!!

  40. Taking the island home with you…I like it!

  41. I my gosh, I nearly peed my pants reading this post. You are right …You only live once!
    Hope those burns heal quickly. My daughter was trown off of a golf cart as it flipped over. She crushed her ankle, but what hurt the most was the road rash. The inside of her right arm and breast had all the skin burned off. It was very hard for me to watch her cry while I unbandaged it for the cleanings. She is now recovering but still will need another surgery on her ankle to remove the screws. Please keep those burns clean…but what a memory for those kids to recall to your husband. HAHA

  42. love the diamond stud!

  43. Ouch! I rode alongside the Yakima River today…and saw many an uprooted tree floating along the way…

    Now, I know what must have happened!

    : )

    Julie M.

  44. Thanks for the laugh this morning. The nose looks cute. Karlie says I should do that. I’ll stick to tattoos. We have a rope swing at the cabin. But the kids tied a wood handle to it. It helps us keep our hands.

  45. Only you !!! You make everything look fun and fantastic even with pain…. i’m too wimpy to have anything on my nose.
    You live life to the fullest they way it’s should be {bravo}

  46. Michelle says:

    oh my you make me laugh. love love love how you are so real!!! so envious of you being in hawaii….enjoy your last days…..

  47. Patricia says:

    I had my nose pierced when I was 33, while living in England. I took it out 6 years later, after I had been back in the US for a few years. I got fed up of all the narky comments from people. Yes, I allowed other people’s opinions to stop me from having what I liked. The judgment I’ve received in the last few years has been excruciating. I think you look fabulous with your nose pierced and I hope you get nothing but positive comments! 🙂

  48. Patricia says:

    PS- make sure you twist your nose ring a lot or it can get “stuck”. It took about 2 years for mine to properly heal so that I could take it in and out without it hurting and so that I could leave it out for awhile without it being difficult to get back in. Also, I found that a nose stud bent at the end was better than one with a “ball” at the end….the skin doesn’t close around it.

  49. I LOVE THE NEW PIERCING!!!! I’m jealous!!!

  50. These photos of you are AMAZING Kasey! Yes, life is for living! I am sooo glad you got the nose pierced. Now, when is that IKEA date of ours?

  51. My gosh you are brave! And hilarious! Hopefully Bryan’s reaction is a good one – you’d hate to have him rain on your parade. As for the rope burns, I got some bad ones as a kid when I climbed the rope in gym class and was too scared to come down. I eventually did but my skin did not and let me tell ya, after that, I’ve never grabbed a rope again! : )

  52. I love the adventure in you! You are a beautiful soul.

  53. I LOVE the nose piercing. I’ve been wanting to do it, but my husband might vomit if I did.

    I’m so jealous that you had the nerve and gumption to do it.

    I’m emailing this post to myself so that maybe I’ll get the nerve up to just do it already!

    Sorry about the rope burn, ouch.

  54. high five to mason for documenting the roap swing
    major sadness on the roap burn
    weight gain? doesn’ t look like it you hawaiian hottie

    can’t wait to get caught up

  55. These pictures are are priceless! I love the action shots of before and after… so funny! That described “boogie” in the nose feeling is enough for to vote “pass” on the bling… but you make it look chic! This and your hilarious teenager concert memory you blogged of has “rebel mommy” written all over it. Fabulous!!

  56. Well, darlin’…you are one gutsy girl…that’s for certain! But weighing more than a small elephant is definitely a *bit* of an exaggeration you skinny mini!

  57. Love your new sparkle – it really suits you!
    2 years is nothing; I’ve been talking about getting a star tattoo for about 7 years!

    Good for you :O)
    B x

  58. I rush to open my laptop each morning – to read your latest blog. Does this make me sound like some sad, lonely person?!! Can’t help it – you make me laugh out loud, every day is just a little bit brighter. I feel reassured that there are other people out there who think like I do – and just want to have the best life possible – with lots of laughs and adventures along the way. Keep living the fun life – and pleeeeease keep sharing it with us xoxo

  59. Bravo! Your nose is perfect for it too. Mine is too skinny and long. I”d look like a freak. I’m jealous:-)

  60. you never cease to make me smile. 🙂
    i’m so glad i popped in today. great post, kasey. kuddos to mason for the great camera work. 😉
    love your new bling. i can’t wait to hear how bryan likes it. xoxo

  61. Love the new diamond! Girl, you’ve got guts! I so want one! Looks like you all had a great trip. 🙂

  62. Lorraine says:

    You make me laugh! Love your blog and your sense of humour!! Greetings from Lorraine- an English girl living in Sydney Australia

  63. Nose ring is SOOOO cute! Bonus # 1537 to being a stay at home mom…I want one sooo bad but b/c of stupid work dress codes…I can’t get one…maybe when I’m a stay at home mom one day I’ll get to do that! 🙂

    Soooo…if you DO lose your nose and hands….you WILL learn how to blog with your feet, right?!?! I don’t think I could go without the daily bloggings of Lola B!

    P.S…glad the police in Hawaii didn’t see your kids in the car with windows rolled up….LOL!

  64. oh my gosh… little rebel you……..this post cracked me up

    I always wanted to pierce my eyebrow……… never know!

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