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Our plane landed at 5am friday morning…which really was midnight in kauai.

The kids did really well…..considering the flight was nine hours….and they slept for 3 of them.

Bryan picked us up…..drove us home…..and i walked straight up the stairs and even though i felt

like death had it’s hold on me…..and all i really wanted to do was crawl in bed….i stepped on the scale.

8 pounds.

In three weeks.

It couldn’t have been my new found love of hawaiian pulled pork…..or mixed cocktails poolside


nor could it have been Bubba’s burgers…twice…..with an order of onion rings…..

and i don’t even like fried food.

I thought for sure….hauling boogie boards across sandy beaches would have tightened my outer

thighs….but i guess not…..because instead of firming up….i noticed 3 more dimples.

I even named them yesterday.

Anyhoo…..after i climbed on the scale….i climbed in bed…..and fell asleep.

Bryan kissed me goodbye….made the kids some breakfast…then headed out the door at 730.

He headed to work and then would be gone all weekend to Lollapalloza…with his friends who

were in town for the weekend.

You don’t have to feel bad for me….because as much as i want to see him….the minute he walks

in the door….i’m outta here.

I hear the new fall boots from Anthro are here.

Okay….maybe i’ll hang out for a little longer then a minute….i mean….you never know…

he might have brought me a little souvenir from seeing Lady Gaga on Friday night.

I could use one of her tshirts to go with my new boots.

just saying.

Yesterday i took the kids to see Ramona & Beezus. So cute and sweet….just all around a damn good kids movie.

Did anyone else notice the hanging twinkle lights at the wedding at the end…or is it just me

that is always scouting out details like that.

I’m weird like that.

The lights were sheer brilliance…..they took plastic take out containers….and used those as covers

to the twinkle bulbs.

I am borrowing  that idea for my next party.

I might even head to Ikea this afternoon just to purchase some twinkle lights.

It’s time for a party….don’t you think.

You are all invited……i’ll even paint the porta~ potty pink for you.

I hope you really LOVE mosquito’s because there are a million out now due to the sheer amount

of rain we have received in the last few weeks. When i say we…i mean present tense…like here in

Illinois….not past tense….like in Hawaii.

check. check…double check. Sometimes i ramble…sorry.

I had a deadline this weekend. I feel important saying that.

I entered a contest a while back….to win a trip BACK to Paris…

and i was chosen in the top 100. They might have only had 100 people enter…who knows…

but i was emailed and told that now i needed to write a 350 word post to make it to the top 10.

I had a few glasses of wine last night…then sat down to write.

After a few more glasses of wine….my post seemed really GREAT….so i sent it in.

Then this morning…i re-read it.

I don’t think i’ll be making the next round. No worries though…because even if i did….

the next round involves a video segment.

Video’s and i don’t get along….so no need to worry.

My nose is healing fine….i’ve only snagged it a few times.

I dropped Lola off at her friends house yesterday for a sleepover….the family is

a very conservative catholic family.

Five girls all under the age of 8. You do the math.

Anyhoo….when i walked up to the door….the mom looked at me extra long.

She didn’t say anything……because she didn’t need to.

Lola piped up……”Look mrs. so & so…..my mom pierced her nose”

Yes….i am a mini van driving mom to three kids…who pierced her nose.

don’t judge a book by it’s cover….i am getting really good at wiping my nose with a Q-tip.

I’m still going to go and buy my boxed hair color today….

except i’ll be buying it at TARGET….and not at WALMART.

Target….i’ve missed you so very much.

over and out.

p.s. Anyone out there want to join me in my quest to lose 8 lbs?

p.p.s  I just realized that there is only 2.5 weeks left till school starts…and i’ve hardly complained

about the kids AT ALL this entire summer.

p.p.s.s. Hardly complaining deserves a party all in itself.

p.p.p.s I hope you are not getting tired of beach photos…because i have 800 left to show you.




  1. Cant wait to see more beach photos. AND IM IN ON THE 8 lbs…. When do we start? thinking of going to dinner with my hubby tonight. My kids are driving me wacky… REALLY WACKY!!!! So hey tomorrow I can start, or tonight after 9:00 🙂
    Sounds like you had a really fun trip…

  2. Very funny read. You mean this wasn’t a qualifier for the trip to Paris contest! LOL. I hear you on the Anthro boots…time to start thinking about the cool fall days here in Illinois. BTW~had our honeymoon in Kauai and always wanted to go back. Love the pics!


  3. I wouldn’t be so quick to think you won’t win that trip back to Paris. You make me laugh out loud every time!

  4. Count me in on the 8 lbs, except I need to lose 10 lbs…..you are an adorable nose-pierced, minivan driving momma! And I am most certain YOU ROCKED that post – I totally think I write my best after a few glasses of the vino.

    Talk to you soon my friend

  5. these pictures are so cute!!!

  6. I will try and lose 8 lbs with you!
    We can do this!
    *love* the beach umbrella pic~

  7. Nope…not tired of your shots…they are the vacay I will not be taking…I do miss Hawaii!

    m ^..^

  8. Welcome back! I look forward to all of your beach photos:)

    I love the story of the mom and the nose but you know what? I am a 42 yr. old mom that wants a tattoo on my foot. LOL!

    I have gained 4 lbs. since I moved to the north last November and I am with you on trying to lose weight!

  9. So glad you’re back…pierced nose and all;) And I’ll never get tired of beach photos! P.S. If it helps, I gained 5 lbs on my last vacation:)

  10. I love all the Hawaii pictures. Keep’em comin. I am here reading your blog most every day, so whether you gain 8 or lose 8 I will be on the journey, besides I start my 8 pound weight loss each and every Monday of the week!

  11. um…so…saturday i got my nose pierced….copycat? maybe.

    even after i youtube’d it, i worked up the guts thanks to your cute little diamond stud photo.

  12. Great post. I love getting your updates because I always LAUGH. And that is a good thing. Love these beach photos. And I absolutely adored your Wonderland party. You are an awesome blogging mama! 🙂

  13. Drove a little over an hour today just to visit ole Target…
    Oh how I’ve missed it too!

  14. Can you say Gap kids !! Seriously !!

  15. I just got back from Waikiki and yes, I’m still there too! Yesterday, while it was pouring rain here in Minnesota…I dreamt of my morning swim. The last morning there I woke my sister up and we both screamed “I’m ready to kick the sh@t out of this morning!”. Yes, this is two 40 something women who screamed and woke up the entire hotel. I jealous of your 8lb gain…me, I couldn’t afford food AND jewelry, two dresses, and bottles of $11.00 nail polish that turns from blue to lavender when you go out in the sun, so I went without food most days. But don’t feel sorry for me, all the homeless people on the street were really impressed with my toes turning different colors.

  16. I need to lose 8 lbs too in the next 10 days. I am with you all the way. No Mojitos for the next 10 days.
    I love the beach pictures!

  17. Hawaii agrees with you and those gorgeous children!! 🙂

    Forget the 8 pounds… live, love, laugh…. eat, pray, love, eat… eat 😉

    Welcome home!!


  18. Don’t worry Kasey, I’m catholic but conservative…NOT! The nose ring is you and we should all be that care free. Great beach pics, keep them coming and let the summer never end!

  19. I’ll join you in losing 8 lbs…I still have that many left from my goal of 20. Lovin’ the photos of Fin…what a cutie!

  20. Barbara Nelson says:

    Anyone who did not gain weight over the summer did not have a summer worth talking about besides what would we do in the fall if not shed our pounds like the trees shed their leaves.
    Great pictures.

  21. Stunning photos xx

  22. LOL… I have a small tattoo on foot (from 17 years ago) and I still have to wear a band-aid when I visit the hubby’s grandma… I’m terrified that the kids will rat me out one day!! Rock that piercing! Lx

  23. I am down to lose some weight, I’ve got more than 8 pounds though! I never get tired of your photos they are so beautiful!

  24. I pierced my nose 2 years ago just after my second child was born. I love it. It reminds me that I am more then just a stay at home mini-van driving mother of soon to be three. There’s still some cool in there. I just know it.

  25. Christie McGetrick says:

    I will definitely join you in losing 8 pounds – that’s the amount I need to lose by October when I am heading for a conference. But I do love wine – so I will have to cut something else out.

  26. You made me laugh out loud on a Monday! Happy nose! Have a wonderful day! ~Lulu

  27. LOVE your photos (and writing) and your children are BEAUTIFUL!!

  28. I’m with you on the 8lbs……I lost about 10 in the spring and somehow managed to just throw 4 back on! I usually lose in the summer but it’s been so hot there’s not been as much walking over here…

    LOVE the new nose ring! It rocks 🙂

  29. Welcome back oh pierced one! 😉 It was so fun to follow your trip. Since I will not be finding myself anywhere tropical in the next while it was great to live vicariously through you!!

    p.s. just gained 7 lbs on my vacation. oh the agony…

  30. I think your nose ring rocks (coming from a 50 year old Catholic lady). Your posts and style inspire me to create an authentic life for myself. And I could stand to take off 8 pounds as well.

  31. Jo in New Prague, MN says:

    I think pierced noses are great if the ball is small. good for you. get rid of mosquitos by using Cutter’s Bug Free Back-yard. You attach it to your hose and spray bushes, trees etc. works for several weeks if you don’t get a lot of rain. welcome back. I had a great time in Hawaii tho.

  32. Kasey…I will never EVER tire of your beautiful beach pictures…I love ever single one of them…
    I’m so excited you had a great trip and love, love, love your nose piercing…I’m so proud of you for doing it…I’ve been itching a while and about time I do it soon kinda thing…I’m sorry I’m behind on a couple posts from being gone….but seriously a small elephant…don’t think so…but it made me laugh you saying that:)

  33. I’m new to your blog. I think I have been here once before, but I really enjoy it.

    I’ll join in on the losing of the 8 lbs! And I have thought about piercing my nose (even though I’m conservative-I think it’s pretty), but I really do like my mother and she would have a heart attack. LOL

    I also live in a small town (smack in the middle of wine country), but I DO have a weakness for boots, so I’m going to check and see if there is an “anthro” somewhere close by.

    God bless, looking forward to checking in here again!

  34. I absolutely love the beach photos. Keep ’em coming! And I bet you will lose the 8 lbs. no problem once you get back into your routine. 🙂

  35. Kasey you are my hero nose piercing and all. You are so funny! I will join you on your 8 lbs. losing quest. Let us know what your strategy is.
    Something must be in the air this summer because I haven’t complained that much about my 3 children either. What’s up with that?

  36. Love the beach photos…and the nose piercing. My daughter’s is double pierced…she has a tiny teenie nose with a stud and hoop on the right side. It’s really cute. My son is tatted up…a sleeve tat, a chest tat, neck tats. I homeschooled, so we’ve gotten the looks of judgement…Ive learned that I can never live up to anyones standards and that its okay cause it’s about love anyway. LoVe lOvE LoVe…and there is freedom in that love.

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