grab a cup and fill it up

It’s hard to believe that we are going into week three…..

and i really have a hard time typing that because it has been amazing.

At first i thought three weeks were going to be really hard….but every morning i wake up

and think to myself how absolutely amazing the day before was…and here we are …with another day

in front of us to go.

When bryan left last sunday…i thought to myself….oh dear goodness…

two whole weeks without him.

But you know what…it hasn’t been that bad….other than i have no one to spoon with at night.

I miss him…the kids miss him…but i’ve come to realize that this tankini wearing mom can handle it.

Now…don’t start congratulating me yet.

Take for instance..the whole surfing thing. Mason LOVES it….so much so…that he wants me

to rent him a board and take him to the beach every day.

I pat myself on the back…and know that i have done some really great things with these

kids while we have been here…..

but renting a board and taking mason out BY MYSELF is not one of them.

Nor do i plan on it.

Can you imagine if I had been stung by those jellyfish?

um…yup….i have a feeling we would be back in Chicago right about now.

So here we are…with 2 lessons down…and a private one tomorrow

{with the big Mason..of course}

but i do a lot of talking…and need to start acting on these little things that make my children’s day.

I really do not WANT to stand in the ocean and help mason….

but as his mom…and being the only one here to help….

i might have to.

I really have been stepping out of my comfort zone lately.

It’s a little scary sometimes….but what i want to take away with me from this trip

are the memories. Growing up…what i remember are the family camping trips.

My kids will remember three weeks in Hawaii.

Three of the best weeks we have ever had.

Mason learned to surf…….Fin learned to snorkel…..and Lola learned to Hula dance.

They will go home loving pulled pork and grilled pineapple…..going to the beach

My kids will also remember that mom LET GO of her alter ego….

control freak


mom who starts to twitch when things aren’t going as planned.

They will remember that mom might get her *nose pierced*…

and took so many photos of her children…that they now despise the camera.

Mom also didn’t blow dry her hair straight all the time….

and let it dry naturally.

It might have been crazily kinky and frizzy….but mom let it go.


They will also remember that mom took them to Walmart….

and she bought herself some shorts….that she loved and wore A LOT.

They will remember that the 21 year old babysitter named Whitney

{who did end up getting that hawaiian tattoo and wants to move here now}

 asked if the shorts

were from Anthro….and mom told her the truth…that they were from Walmart.

They might just remember that mom went from a vegetarian to PORKETARIAN…

and that their mom loves food….really loves food.

They might even remember that their mom ate a whole bag of macadamia nut

hershey kisses while playing a game with them…

and that dad had to help zip up her dress.

{they might not remember the part about mom needing help getting out of the dress though}

memories come and go…..

so grab a cup….and fill it up.


*still on the fence…every time i think about the possible pain..i want to vomit…so this is edited

to say…MIGHT…and not DID.


{winners of Eliwill giveaway are: Morning T & Kelly Berkey. Email me girls.}



  1. Perfection…your babies are so lucky to have you…and If you pierce yours, ill pierce mine…the mr thinks nose studs are foxy!!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure…been fun to follow along.


  2. You are too cute. I have loved following you around your trip.
    Enjoy your last few days.

  3. Okay, I love your walmart shorts. but I really LOVE that dress. Saw it on sale at Anthro.
    Hooray for fabulous 3 week vacations in Hawaii you lucky lucky girl.
    Get the stud!!

  4. Your kids are growing up so beautifully!!!

  5. Love this post!!!! I also have a dream of a nose piercing. And three weeks in Hawaii, but I don’t see that one happening 😉 Keep enjoying your time 🙂

  6. i’m going to be so disappointed if you come home in your walmart shorts but sans the pierced nose.
    come ‘on girl!

    glad ya’ll are having a fantastic time

  7. What an incredible cup full of memories….and how it will most definitely ‘runneth over’ and last a lifetime! You look so radiantly happy!

  8. I love these photos! You and your kids are just too cute. And Hawaii is so BEAUTIFUL! You guys are so lucky.

  9. Would love to see the piercing! It’s something so many of us want to do but don’t…we live vicariously through you in so many other ways, so why not this too?:)

  10. Fun! Love those shorts! Oooh! And grilled pineapple! Enjoy the rest of your trip, Kasey!

  11. Oh I think you would look so cute with a tiny nose piercing! Your photos are amazing as usual. So happy your trip is going so well. Enjoy!

  12. I am so happy that you are so happy. Enjoy your last week my friend~

  13. Aaaahhh making memories… that’s what it’s about 🙂 Soak it all up.

    Beautiful pictures as always and like those walmart shorts. 🙂

  14. so glad you are enjoying time down the beach and kicking back…w

    oh Walmart! c’mon you musta got more than one pair of shorts for your friend Down Under who can’t get Anthro…


  15. err, yeah, sorry forgot…all I can say on the nose thing is stay on that fence

  16. Happy memories are what make life special and what we look back on with joy in future years. I got those same stlye shorts in blue from Walmart when we were visiting the States last July.

  17. what beautiful pictures…and an amazing trip for you all…enjoy your last week:) Your shorts are cuuuute! And may I add how photogenic you always are!!!!

  18. Walmarts never look so good !!!! You have made some great memories for your children……. enjoy the rest of your trip

  19. Three weeks in Hawaii really sounds like heaven! And the memories…wow, the memories…they’ll last a lifetime:)

  20. bring the “dream world” back home…

  21. It looks like you have had a great time with your kids. I am that mom too that wants things a certain way but how can you not be relaxed in Hawaii.

    I know that you won’t want to come home. {except to see lover}

  22. You can do it! I did it at 18 & it’s just a pinch, like an ear piercing. Not too bad!

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