Good morning monday…it’s nice to see you.

Let me tell you….the Bit** came out this weekend…..and i use that word in the nicest way possible.

I was in a …get the house cleaned now…or i’m moving out and never coming back type of mood

this weekend. I tackled every closet known to man….i did 83948930483 loads of laundry…

folded the clothes and put them away. I cleaned and changed out all of the slip covered sofa’s.

Do you ever have one of those weekends? If not…then i might need to check myself in to some

sort of treatment facility…because i don’t think bryan is coming home tonight.

The GREAT news is…..the house is clean and organized…and i don’t have to do it for another year.


I even ventured out for some back to school clothes.

Without children.

Even though i did take mason to get new shoes….and we came home with some skater sneakers.

black skater sneakers.

Did you know that you don’t tie the laces on skater sneakers?

Well… you do.

How is one to run in his skater sneakers that are not tied?

I don’t get it….but i guess there is a lot i don’t get..and just have to go with.

My boy is getting big.

Then there is the girl. I had lots of fun shopping for her.

without her.

{photo 1}Ignore the razzled dazzled hair going on in this next photo….

i had to pay her in the amount of two scoops of ice cream so that i could get a photo.

Just being realistic here folks…..we can’t all have good hair days.

Actually…lola said her hair is supposed to look this way…it’s called messy..and it’s cool to have

messy hair. She said it goes with the outfit. I guess i agree with that.

{photo 2}

These two t-shirts above and below are from Old Navy…..size adult xsmall….and then just belted….

and i only spent $8 for the shirts….they were less expensive then the little girls belted dresses.

Im thinking now i need to run back and get some for moi.

{photo 3}

{photo 4}

Lola asked me to ask you to pick a fav for her first day of school…

which is one week from Wednesday.

{photo 1-4}

Not that i am counting or anything…really…i’m not.

Anyways…we have a crazy last week of summer here. I can’t believe i only have 2 things

left on my list of things we wanted to do this summer.

1.Spend 3 weeks in Hawaii. Done

2.Spend a day at the Rock Quarry. Done

3. Spend a day in the city. Not done.

4. Spend a morning at Ikea. Done

5. Spend the day at Lake Geneva, Wi. Not done.

I realize some of you have a list of 100 things to do….not us. Not I.

I can manage about 5 things.

Anyhoo..i am having some BIG TIME email problems. If you tried to email me and it’s getting

rejected…i am so sorry. I am not ignoring you…but my old email is defunct now.

If you need to get ahold of me…use this addy:

p.s. winner of the last few sponsor giveaways:

Eliwill: Morning T & Kelly Berkey

Beth Quinn Designs: Christie Mcgetrick

The Rusted Chain: Lolo & Shannon Hermann

{email me girls at to claim your goods}

Toodles….and off i go to step on the scale. …then to the gym…then to drink water

and eat rice cakes all day.


p.s. fabric posie headbands found at Old Navy for $1.99!!

p.p.s the ruffled lamp shade is from Anthro and on sale $29.95!




  1. I like outfit two.

  2. Lurve outfit 4… Rock that look! Can’t wait to get my girls in outfits like this! Lx

  3. Sounds like you had a very typical weekend – I tend to do the same thing – have a huge burst of breaking-point energy to get things clean and organized so you’re not alone! love the outfits and what a brilliant idea to get adult t-shirts to belt up! 🙂

  4. Love #4 the most, she’s such a cutie pie! Have to ask, where did those fun fabric flower headbands come from?

  5. I love #3!

  6. I love outfit number two the best and those headbands at the top are GORGEOUS. Where oh where did you find those??

  7. Cute clothes…I think #4 is my favorite:) Happy Monday to you!

  8. I still have yet to get the school shopping done…and my kids start one week from today (got you beat by a couple of days.) And despite the fact that I didn’t get much else done…I did clean out all the kids closets and bagged up a ton of stuff for goodwill. It felt great!! Oh and I folded about 98048239048398 loads of laundry as well. 😉

    As for my vote for Lola…I’d go with outfit 1. But they’re all super cute! Love the shoes!!


  9. Oh I like outfit 1!!!! But 3 is cute too!!

  10. number 2

  11. cuteness total cuteness
    & i love the lampshade
    you know i noticed that

  12. I think organizing has been a lot of our brains! I just moved to Chicagoland where the hubs has been for 3 years already (house won’t sell in MI…darn economy!). Any way, I went from 2800 sq ft to 635 sq ft and am learning how to IKEA the place. Their catty has been a big inspiration to me!

    Your daughter is adorable! Tell her, that the messy look looks good on her! I choose outfit number 2 but I really, really love that skirt!

    Have a great day…I’ll be drinking tons of water and eating very healthy and very little today too!

  13. The girl, the clothes adorable, can’t stop looking at the lamp though. LOVE. {HEART!!! I have to laugh when I read your commentary, makes me feel not so crazy to see someone else who thinks like I do. And I mean that is the most flattering way possible of course. I am not crazy. You are not crazy. Right?}

  14. Tell Lola that I just consulted with my 16 and 18 year old daughters who are very much into fashion and they both think she should wear the 4th one on her first day of school!!! Happy first day.

  15. Love the outfits!

    I can’t go shopping for my little gal anymore…. She has such an opinion and I can’t even predict what she’ll like or not anymore. There are so many rules and they are always changing.

  16. Lola is such a cool chickie! Outfit #3 is my favorite–love the shirt, especially the COLOR! And with the stripy leggings….well, perfect. Wish I had a me-size of that outfit!

  17. Love them all but #4 is my fav..

    And *I* switched from eating rice cakes to eating seaweed treats from Trader Joes! Love them!!

  18. LOVING #3

  19. Love them all but #4 is my fave (and I’m not usually a purple kinda girl)! Rock it girlfriend!!!

  20. #4 is my Fave…sooo cute! 🙂

  21. Absolutely the outfit from the second photo!
    It`s light an bright – like you “wear” the last days of summer!

  22. Lola looks sooo sweet. I find the second outift to be quite striking.

    I went on a cleaning rampage yesterday. It was not pretty. It involved the fridge and getting rid of some stuff in storage. I don’t know if I would have been as productive without angry feelings to fuel me. ha ha ha

  23. I think her hair looks FANTASTIC in the second photo 😉 lol seriously perfect!

  24. Oooohhh….they are all so cute on her but I choose #1 🙂

  25. Listen, Kasey, that Lola is super cute and chic no matter what she wears, but for first day of school, I love outfit #1. Outfit #2 is more sporty fabulous, and perfect for her second day of school.

  26. I like outfit #3. I acutally love the messy hair look. She looks adorable and WAY to grown up. Good luck getting the last two things done on your list. I’ve been meaning to call you. Things have been so busy lately. I need a routine again to get my life in order. 1 1/2 weeks until school!!!!

  27. stephanie says:

    Love them all…but, #1 for the first day:)

  28. I like #1 & #4 because I adore that skirt! Good going on your to do list ~ you will have to squeeze in at least a day in the city before the kiddies head back to school. Happy Monday Kasey!

  29. How CUTE is she??? I adore them all but #2 is my fav~so fun~ Blessings, Carol

  30. All too cute, but I’m liking #2!!!

  31. Tell Lola Phone #2 is my favourite. I also love her hair. She looks terrific in all four outfits. Have a wonderful year at school Lola

  32. She is so cute!

    I like #2 the most. I wish I could pull off white!

  33. I like #3 best! SHe’s too cute, & I love the tousled hair! Go Lola, go!

  34. It’s a tough choice between 3 and 4. I’m going with 3 though. Either way, all the girls will think she’s the coolest!

  35. I adore that ruffled lamp shade. And I love Lola’s look in photo 2. Cute clothes. I wish I had made a To Do list for summer. Then maybe I wouldn’t be running around like a headless chicken trying to cram everything into the same week.

  36. Charlotte says:

    I love outfits 1 and 4 best! Im a big fan of purple 😀
    Hope Lola has a great school year!

  37. i vote for #3, but truthfully, when you’re as cute as lola, you can wear whatever you want and look fabulous. ♥
    hoping her first day is awesome!

  38. She can wear whatever and look great…it is so hard for me to decide because of that…seriously! She looks so happy in #4 but I also love #2 on her:)

  39. I vote 3- and if you can get her to wear the those shoes to school instead of tennis shoes or flip flops, well, more ice cream rewards! I just did the same thing this weekend here- including putting up white subway tile- (vital before back to school, I guess) but now am eerily calm before I go back to work tomorrow. Wow. 6AM will come early, I know.

  40. Number 2 is my favorite!!! But they are all really cute!!!!

  41. I absolutely love all four outfits, but if I had to choose one, I’d pick #1. It is too cute! And so is Lola 🙂

  42. number 2….but maybe I’m just picking that bc I want it in my size?!!? Love em all. 🙂

  43. am I allowed to say sh*t in blogland???

    well if not **** I want that lampshade like bad


  44. p.s. Lola is so darn beautiful and I love the first one

  45. Lola; Oh they are all to cute. I say the second one. 🙂

  46. Tell Lola a third grade teacher from Indiana likes them all, but #1 has my vote!

  47. she is TOO CUTE. Number 2! Love the striped leggings. Must have the posy headband and the lampshade!!!

  48. oh my gosh. such cute outfits. she is so cute, messy hair and all.

  49. Wow, those outfits are the cutest! If only I had a pair of striped leggings like those as a child………
    ha, and I am in love with the headbands by the way 😉

  50. Can’t go wrong with any of those sweet outfits! She looks so cute. If I HAD to choose, it would be #2 – the white really brings out her tan!

  51. I love outfit 1 & 4. I guess I would say #1. She looks cute in all of them.

    I love the shade. It was the first thing that I noticed:)

  52. My vote would be for number 2, messy hair and all… 🙂 I love those shirts. Wish my little one would wear hair bands, hmmm, maybe I need to stop and get a couple for myself…they are cute.

  53. I like outfit #3 but she’s probably already made her choice for the 1st day. Lola is just too cute for words. And what a great idea to buy the adult size tops and belt them. I might have to steal that for my girl.

  54. Let’s see – I love two but my opinion is Whatever Lola Loves! Having been a child that’s Mom chose her school close and I didn’t like them then – don’t like looking at the photos of them now, lol – Lola – go for it girl! Jennifer

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