Couples therapy

I can check off my list…a day in the city now.


We hopped on the train yesterday….and headed into Chicago for some fun.

The train ride is a good hour from where we live due to the good 15 or so stops we make ….

but i packed up some good ole Mad Libs so the kids could work on their adjectives…verbs…

nouns….and adverbs.

It’s my version of homeschooling…don’t knock it…..and they are actually fun to read after the kids

use words like….

POOP…….and FART.

The teenagers sitting across from us thought it was hilarious…..

me….not so much.

I don’t tolerate the potty talk so much.

Once we arrived in Chicago…Bryan met us. His office happens to be up above the train station…

makes it real nice for him in the winter…not having to step foot outside at all.

Bryan met us and then we walked out and grabbed a taxi boat to Michigan ave.

The weather was fabulous….it was right around 80 degrees…with no humidity.

First stop……H&M.

My kids groaned…..why do we have to go shopping…..

but once we got inside and they were able to pick out some finds…

lola got a really fun Hello Kitty tshirt and belt…and a little dress….

and bryan always scores on some clothes.

Bryan likes clothes.

I like clothes.

I think it helps relationships if you both like clothes…its sort of like therapy.

Couples therapy.

When we both are clothes shopping together….smiling away….our issues seem to disappear.

I love couples therapy.

H&M is a good therapist…..let me know if you need their info.

This is my new find…..and you know how much i love ruffles….and polka dots.

Hello dress….my name is kasey…nice to meet you.

I had to thank my therapist for telling me to go a little flirty…helps relieve some of the tension.

And this time…the therapy session only cost $40.

After our session was over….we headed to the park.

Bryan’s company was having it’s yearly family picnic…which is always a blast.

Lots of food……cotton candy….snow cones….water balloon toss…hula hoop contests.

Mason and lola are really good at the hula hoop.

Mason more so then lola….mason can rock a hula hoop like no one else…..

except he’s a white kid.

Hula hooping and jump roping are not our forte.

This girl won hands down……she could hula hoop while jumping on one foot.

Mason never had a chance.

Mason can jump on one foot….and he can hula hoop….but throw both together…and he’s not so good.

We had a fun day…then around 6ish…we left to find a cab back to the train station.

Have you ever been in an accident while in a cab?

We have now.

Our cab got sideswiped while we were sitting at a light….and thankfully…it was just

a little bump…but none of us were wearing seat belts.

That’s the down fall with taking cabs.

We sat there while the two drivers switched off insurance information…and

yelling profane words at each other.

It was not pretty…..and then i thought to myself…..

i guess the potty words are not so bad afterall.

I like POOP and FART a lot better then the alternative words that were flying around.

The end.

p.s. as i sit here and write….lola is watching TLC’s baby story. She just informed me that

she will not be having any babies. ever. period.


  1. bummer for you :), according to my mom & m-i-l being a gma. is the very tops!:)
    & I seriously think riding in a cab is SCARY. Last time we were in the city I made a point to ask the cab driver his credentials & I told him if it was his first day on the job, now would be a good time to lie :).
    Have a great day!!! & enjoy the last few days of summer vacation!

  2. this is my 1st time commenting here… i’m in love with your blog! i’ve spent the last few days reading previous posts… and i just wanted to tell you that i’m lovin’ every one! you seem like a blast and your fam seems adorable, too. keep up the lovely work! i hope you’re still planning to get a frenchie pup… too precious!

    i’m so tickled to have found this blog… & i’m glad y’all didn’t get hurt in the cab, yikes!!!

  3. Looks like the kids had fun…the hula hooping pictures are so cute. I love that little dress…ruffles and polka dots ya just can’t go wrong! I have never been in a wreck in a cab, but when we were in NY, just riding in one was a scary experience for a girl from the country. Have a great weekend, Missy

  4. I love the potty mouth story. I bet your were wanting to cover your kids ears while that was flying around. Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. I LOVE H&M but we don’t have one in Houston so that’s always a priority for me when traveling. I actually bought that exact same dress in Paris in solid black . We’re on the same page my friend. 😉

  6. Sounds like a great adventure for the kids! H & M always sends me into a tailspin…seems like all of their clothes are for tall, skinny people!…no so great for this 5’2″ momma trying to lose baby weight!!

  7. Wow, sounds like quite a day..pretty fun until the accident part 😉
    Looks like I will have my daughter watch babystory as soon as she starts High School, or maybe Juinior high these days

  8. Allison Mitchell says:

    My heart just skipped a beat with that dress. I want to see it on you.

  9. Sounds like a perfect day (aside from the accident). Love your shirt. Love H&M…have yet to find one since we moved west. There must be one in this state somewhere.

    And I love comment about Lola and “A Baby Story” LOL!!

  10. Potty words are not that bad anymore huh?! Too funny. Looks like a blast, and fun to see the kids hula hooping.
    Lovin that dress!

  11. Just googled it. There is not an H&M here. Seriously? What’s up with THAT? 🙁

  12. Baby Story..I have to laugh about that because I used to watch it constantly when I was prego with my first.
    Hello polka dot dress, do you want to come live in my closet as well? Yeah for couples therapy!!

  13. LOL! TLC’s A Baby Story will do that for ya!
    What a fun day!

  14. ha! love this. i’m all for that kind of couple’s therapy if my hubs plays fair. He expects me to be enthralled with every choice he makes for a good hour or so and then after 5 min in the shoe aisles we are dunzo. Couples therapy fail. man…maybe H&M is the trick….
    p.s. in my home daycare, i let the kids watch part of a movie while i make lunch bc of course EYES MUST BE ON THEM AT ALL TIMES….or that intimidating man from cps will come after me! anyway, the 2-yr-old i watch, kadence, has been introduced to a baby story and now she will not watch any. thing. else….. me: “WANNA WATCH TOY STORY?!? RATATOUILLE?!” her: no, wia! BABBBYY STORRRYYY.”

  15. Oh your posts totally make my day!

  16. I want that dress NOW !!!! What a beautiful trip with your kids. Another score for Kacey, best mom !

  17. ~*~* I LOVE your blog! So much inspriation and I love how “real” you are in your posts!!! Have a wonderful day~*~*~ Rachel

  18. ~*~* Had to say I LOVE that polk a dot dress!!! great price too.. 😉 ~*~*~

  19. We don’t have an H&M here….hhhhhhhhhhh.

  20. What a bummer. You finally get downtown and you have an accident. With the swearing. Doesn’t make Chicago look too good but I love it anyway. My hubby is on Lasalle so I have a bit of a walk from the Rock Island, but I love it. Loved working down there for years! And the shopping. Have you ever tried Nordstoms Rack? Great deals. Love your top/dress btw. Let’s go together sometime. We’ll strap our bikes to my car and not take ANY cabs!


  21. J-e-a-l-o-u-s over your trip to H and M. The blouse– so pretty. Please show us a picture of you in the blouse so I can live my life through you (and pretend the blouse is mine). haha, only half kidding!

  22. heehehe i almost bought the same dress… but felt guilty cause i already made a few purchases that controlled myself… laughed hard over your blue box comment 🙂
    that with wine for me sounds delicious!!!

  23. You are creating such beautiful memories for your children.
    They will remember you as a fun loving mother. That is the fondest memory of my own mother.
    Love your blog

  24. Sounds like a really fun day…great way to end the summer {except for the accident part}!
    P.S. Love the dress:)

  25. TLC is good, effective birth control… I fully intend on making my children watch it just for that reason. Is that bad???

  26. Hi Kasey,

    I was reading this post with a smile! Thanks for sharing!
    And yes, I think POOP is better than some of his related words adults use….

    I just arrived two weeks ago here in Blog land and loving it! So if you want to visit me on the other side (I’m living in Switzerland), the tea is waiting!
    Have a good weekend,


  27. Love that last shot the best!

    grape snow cone + sweet baby face = perfection


  28. I love that top – I’m dying to go to an H&M.

  29. You two are so stinkin’ cute…couples therapy…and H & M…I’m afraid that dress may have my name on it…hopefully…I’m in love with polka dots too.

    Sounds like a great train ride…

    poop and fart…that brings back memories from my sister and I…that used to be an all-purpose saying between us…

    so glad you and the gang are okay from the crash

  30. Well, THAT will make an interesting answer to what did you do this summer….Well, Fin migth say, we went to Hawaii for 3 weeks and we also got in an accident in a CAB in Chicago…and then the cab driver guy said…thank you for sharing Fin…said the teacher. Maybe he could draw a picture of it…and you could save it for his 16th birthday 🙂

  31. Hahaha, you crack me up. I love your therapist…I wish we saw the same one! 😉

    PS- what town do you live in? I always thought you were IN Chicago, or just outside of. Or maybe you are…but 15 stops told me that you weren’t.

  32. looks like a fun day! hope all is well!! susan

  33. Oh, I wish we had an H&M. Such great deals! Many of our date nights end up being shopping trips. Something about spending money together makes us happy 🙂

  34. Haha! My 10 year old daughter asked me yesterday if she HAD to have babies. And I told her that it was her choice. And she said she doesn’t think she wants to because it probably hurts really bad. haha. I told her it hurts just a little. 😉 Sounds like a great day in Chitown. My MOST. FAVORITE.CITY.EVER. Love the dress you got.

  35. What a lovely day! I like your writing style, it’s full of humour and lightheartedness and yet is still so heartfelt when you speak about your kids 🙂

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