a kiss goodbye

I can’t believe today is here. My baby is officially a kindergartner.

I smooshed his lips against mine and sent him out the door into the world….

except i was holding his hand the entire time.

I held on really tight as he tried to pull his hand from mine to get on the bus…

and as soon as he let go…i waved and smiled…

telling him how much i loved him.

As soon as he got on the bus…i hopped in my car and followed him to school.

I mean….really…….

the bus driver was new….

and i wanted to make sure he got to school in one piece.

He did.



At last minute this morning…Lola couldn’t find the other new shirt we had picked out for

the first day of school. I’m not THAT mom….who has everything lying out and ready to go…

so here we are…in her black skirt…and her new hello kitty shirt from H&M.

She lived. I lived.

Right now i think i’m going to lay on the sofa for a few minutes…or an hour.

I might watch a soap opera….i might have another mimosa….or i might just sit and breath.

I will not be doing any laundry.

I will not wash any dishes.

I will not be answering the door…so please don’t “stop” by for a hello.

You should have stopped by this morning….the mimosa’s were cold and bubbly.

I’ll be back tomorrow with photos from my Moms and Mimosa get together….but i might have to

rename the party to “The real housewives of St. Charles”.

Just a thought.

Don’t worry…i had a slice of cake for you ….and one for me.

I might even have one more….while i catch up on Days of our lives.


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  1. he is the cutest darn thing…he & his buddies!! how cute are they?
    yay for fin
    yay for the real housewives of st charles
    you are too much 🙂

    i want to see some pics girlie…bring it!

  2. get out..i was first!

    ps….i want that cake banner thingy

  3. I promise I won’t knock on your door if you promise I will be invited to your next Mimosa party.

  4. p.s. Fin looks adorable.
    p.p.s So do Lola and Mason.
    p.p.p.s SO DOES THAT CAKE!

  5. How exciting! Those are some adorable kids!

  6. Moms & Mimosas….I LOVE THAT! Hope you enjoyed your first day of school….

  7. OMG they grow up so Fast. Too Sweet, Miss Lola looks Adorable.

  8. Okay your read my mind, I wanted more pics 😉
    Your kiddos look adorable. Love the one with Fin and his friends, how cute are they!
    Go for more mimosas…you finally have some peace & quiet for awhile.

  9. ~*~* Oh how I just lOVE your blog postings!!! 😉 Your realness and words just make me smile..Oh and I am one of those moms like you..yes my son is going into 8th grade..and I still wont let him walk to his middleschool..which is visible from my back deck!(yes im paranoid about strangers)LOL..maybe its too many nancy grace episodes..but he is still my baby to me! I loved the fact you followed the school bus..I would have done the same thing! Hope your day is lovely and peaceful with all the kiddos at school~ Blessings, RAchel

  10. oh. my. goodness. that 1st picture is Presh with a capital P

  11. I sent my baby boy
    off to middle school
    orientation, today ~
    His eyes were bright,
    his steps springy as
    he ran up the steps
    to catch up with his
    friends. I blinked my
    eyes and he went from
    a wee guy starting
    kindie to a 5’5″ one
    starting 6th. Hold
    on tight to all of these
    lovely memories, Kasey!
    Your pics are just
    lovely ~ the cake, too!
    xx Suzanne

  12. Looks like you have a lot of time on your hands now! ;0) Good thing? Maybe yes maybe no. That cake looks divine though….and I love the little flag banner on top. So adorable.

    Have a beautiful and *quiet* day,


  13. Awwwwwwwww. Seriously precious. Your kids are so adorable. The cake looks delish too.

  14. Holy Kindergarten. I cry a lot lately–over silly things–I totally teared up thinking of the independence and saying goodbye to that baby. Crap–I think I’m going to be that crazy MIL I dread becoming. Ok, that’s far off but still—I must stop loving my kid now so I can let him go at the bus and then let him get married 😉 yah? no? thoughts?

  15. I envy you and not just for the mimosas…although those do sound pretty great. I wish I had just 5 minutes of back to school noise with my children again. They’re grown and I do miss all the chaos that went with that first day and week. It’s a bittersweet time…savor it while it lasts!

  16. Fin is one cute little dude!
    When I drink mimosas with my girlfriends, for some reason we always scream out, “Down the Hatch.” Who knows??

  17. Cute, cute pics….love them…Real Housewives of St. Charles…love it! Although that means you need to keep the episodes of that coming….lol….
    loving that cake banner absolutely love it

  18. Aaaaw! The kids look so sweet:) I had to chuckle when you said you followed the school bus…we did that when our oldest started kindergarten{when my baby started school, she rode in Mom’s “taxi”}! Can’t wait to hear all about Fin’s first day:)

  19. Christie McGetrick says:

    I remember taking those photos of my kids as they went off to school. Especially when my youngest headed for kindergarten. It was a bittersweet day.

    I am loving the discount at The Beautiful Life – will head over there right now.

  20. My boys started school 2 weeks ago…and I’m just starting to get back into my “home alone” mode…..and I so know what you mean about the first day of kindergarten…I too followed the bus…my boys have to get off one bus to get on another to take them to their school… I was so nervous that my kindergartner would get on the wrong bus…luckily he made it to school and back home….he says he’s got it down pat.

  21. Gorgeous cake plate, with a treat to boot! Enjoy the moment. . . I know the feeling of luxurious time will fade away too quickly.

  22. Kasey~where did you get that great cake platter pedestal? I see them in blogland frequently and I’m thinkin’ I’ve gotta have one! 🙂

  23. i just may have to have a tug of war with Paige over the cake banner thingy….. have i told you you have cute kids!!!

  24. The pics are so cute of the kids. Enjoy your time while they are at school.

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