I think it’s really safe to say that i put my heart into Lola’s wonderland party.

You see…this girl has a July birthday….and for the last three or four years her parties consisted of

being at the pool.

This year she said she wanted a backyard party with just a few friends.

I told her….sure….let’s grill some hot dogs and  get you a cake from Walmart.


that did not go over so well….so i told her to sit on it and think about it.

So…while she was in Florida…Fin and I bought the Alice in Wonderland movie…

and then my mind started going…..the wheels were turning.

I called Lola and said…..forget the roasted wienies…let’s have fun.

she agreed.

I pretty much used what i had from my house.

The wallpaper is left over from when i had a shop….so i used it as the backdrop.

The Wonderland letters i got from {here}…

and the mix matched table and chairs are all from my house.

Last summer when i was in New Mexico visiting my mom…we hit a yard sale and i found

the chandelier for $10. My mom shipped it to me…but it broke in transit….so i spray painted it

and used it to hang over the table…all topsy turby.

The Mad Hatter would have been proud.

I bought the paper butterflies and flowers from Whimsy when i was down there last weekend…

then had my neighbor sew them all together to make a banner and to hang on the chandie.


I had a candy station for the goodie bags….

and used these sweet goodie bags with Wonderland characters on them.

I had so much fun styling her party. My brain had been turning for the last month as i was

trying to piece it all together. I wanted to incorporate a vintage whimsy feel into just an

ordinary tea party. The best part was…i did it on a budget…because i had so many of the

pieces to put it all together. My girlfriend made the cupcakes……even though we did end

up buying a small cake anyways.

{that was all me…because i wanted to have a cake in the vintage birdcage}

I used all my own tea cups and tea pots…even though i did purchase one

of the tea pots from goodwill.

{great place to find things…}

After the tea party was over….the girls came inside and we watched the movie.

Lola had a ball….her eyes were just bulging the entire time.

I was so happy to be able to make her party so special to her and to be able to put some of

my old creative talent to use.





  1. Such pretty details. Looks like a wonderful party!

  2. Oh please come organise a party for me!! LOL
    Such a gorgeous party for your sweet Lola.
    She looks so pretty in her Birthday dress

  3. Oh, wow!! Whimsically perfect! What a mom! What a party!

  4. Allison says:

    You are so creative and should offer your services, as I am sure there are many of us that would use you.

  5. I love it!! You did a wonderful job… and LOVE your Anthro dress too 🙂

  6. Wow… You are so creative… HHL

  7. wow! a beautiful party! she looks so pleased in her pics…great job!

  8. A most magical Mad Hatter themed birthday party for Lola, Kasey! You’re amazing, girl! p.s. the cake in the vintage birdcage is pure genius!

  9. Fabulous party! Kasey you did an amazing job. I can see Lola loved every minute of it, just look at how she is glowing! I think it’s all the more special that you put in so much effort in the thinking and planning. Plus, it looked amazing!

  10. Lola looks so pretty in her lavender party dress. I adore the photograph with her holding the cupcake.
    Happy Birthday Lola! Great fun reading this post.

  11. Lola is in her glory- how sweet! You really pulled it off Kasey and created a magazine worthy spread. Bravo!

  12. It turned out gorgeous my friend. Lola is one lucky girl! 🙂

  13. Patricia says:

    So clever and beautiful! How do you feel about me “borrowing” some of these ideas? My Alice turns 4 in Sept and I’d love to do something similar for her party………..

  14. What a wonderful party… sure to make any girl feel extra special. Thanks for sharing!

  15. There was love in every detail
    and this will be a party that
    your sweet girl will never
    forget. Just precious, Kasey!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Looks like there were lots of smiles! Very pretty party, so glad she had a good time.

  17. The wallpaper idea is brillant. I might have to do that one. I am trying to cover up our garden and was going to use some old door shutters, but the wallpaper idea is way better and very anthro!!! Super party and Lola is a lucky girl….love her dress! I think you might have another business calling your name 😉

  18. Everything looks wonderous and magical!!! She’ll remember it forever!! 🙂


  19. This is absolutely amazing!!!! What a beautiful party!

  20. You and Lola and her friends look so cute. It’s very sweet that you are making such great memories for your kids. It’s a really beautiful way to show how much you love them.My guess is she will never forget it. Makes me realize how quickly the time goes and that even though my kids tea party days may be over I still need to bless them when I can with wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  21. You rocked it once again my friend. Lola will never forget that day and all it’s details….

  22. Lola looks so proud! You did an amazing job with everything- it looks great!!! I love well styled parties. And thrift stores are my favorite for party supplies!

  23. I love it! I have been actually planning my daughters first birthday in a wonderland theme! I agree Goodwill is the best place to find the tea cups and pots. That is where I have been collecting! Great job! It looked amazingly fun.

  24. What a lovely party. I have three daughters all grown up now, but what I miss the most were all the tea parties we had and how much fun it was to dress my girls up for special occasions. I’ve never known anyone that had more creative ways of using wallpaper than you! I adore the cake in the vintage bird cage…what a brilliant idea. What a wonderful memories you’ve made for your darling girl!

  25. Oh, it is dreamy! LOOOVE the candy station! Stealing that idea, thank you very much!

  26. as the mother of two grown up girls with babies of their own, I can tell you that Lola will never forget this special day. What a lovely party!! Did you freehand the beautiful calligraphy on the tags, or is it a font that can be downloaded? I have looked and looked at the pictures, and each time notice another wonderful detail! You are one talented girl!!

  27. SO precious, Kasey! Great job, & lovely photos!

  28. Wow!! Best. Birthday. Party. Ever. Oh, Kasey, you put the rest of us to shame:) Lola looks so pretty…and so very happy…in your photos! I think it’s safe to say the birthday girl had a very Happy Birthday:)

  29. It’s mother of the year for you! I’m not sure I’d have the guts to do that because what are you gonna do next year?:)
    Lola will always remember that party……

  30. Kasey,
    Such a smashing idea… i would never expect anything less from you and your creative mind. I can tell that Lola actually loved her dress and was happy to wear, and not fuss that she was not in her jeans and chuck taylors (hehehehe) i hope you and your family had a great 4th.


  31. Love it! You did great. I honestly would have come to that party just to hang out and eat cupcakes. haha. “Mom, who’s that weird lady I don’t know?”

  32. i love it! i’m so proud of you! what a great mommy, loving talented and moneywise! 😉

  33. What a beautiful party you threw! Love love love the theme & the whimsical touches. That is a party you’ll remember forever. And, I love how you set the tenor with Lola’s dress! I’m a big fan of purchasing special dresses for special occasions & that is a beautiful one!

  34. You did a Beautiful Job Kasey B! That Adorable Lola is one lucky Girl. I just Love those Bangs….Swoon…Jamie

  35. What a fun & fabulous party!! xo

  36. great job, girl! so lovely and whimsical! love that movie! and I am like you, after I saw it..I got wicked inspired! I wanted to come home and paint! haha

  37. So much loveliness in this party. I love love love the chandelier! And the cake in the birdcage – brilliant!!! The candy buffet and the “eat me” tags – so cute. I’m sure she loved every minute of it!!!


  38. So sweet Kasey and sooooo much fun….I am now anticipating styling grandbabies birthday parties…believe me the time flies! Missed you at the wedding…we had a blast…hope to see you again sometime! ~hugs~

  39. What a wonderful party it turned out to be.
    It’s so nice to be able to make the kids so happy and have it totally stylish and still not cost a lot.
    Have a wonderful week,
    thanks for the inspiration.
    Cari B.

  40. lucky girl – what a wonderful party! it was fun to chat yesterday.

  41. Love, love, LOVE Lola’s headband! What a great party!

  42. Oh and your dress too, I saw it on another blog and thought how pretty it looked but the cream is such a hard color to wear in such quantity, you make it look amazing though.

  43. Looks absolutely amazing! What a memorable party you created for her!! If you have a moment stop by my blog for a wonderful give away! http://www.tresorsmarche.blogspot.com Erin

  44. it looks like it was a complete success my friend! bravo to you! what gorgeous weather you had – I can only imagine what that would be like… maybe professional party planner is in your future… just sayin’…

  45. You did an amazing job on the Wonderland decor. 🙂 I’m sure Lola and her friends had a fab time! 🙂



  47. What a beauty-may fav you have ever done!

  48. monikaki says:

    Such a great party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks unforgettable…brava! Baci, Monica

  49. How insanely fantastic and special! A memory your daughter will have forever. Any chance you want to style my party? Congrats on a creating a fabulous party and a fabulous memory with your daughter 🙂

  50. perfection. such a gorgeous headband on Lola and your dress…so pretty.
    the candy…all the details…she’s a lucky girl.

  51. What a fun party,sooooo creative.Lola looks so beautiful in the purple dress!!!!! I am sure she will remember this party forever!!!!!!

  52. It all looks so wonderful….and Lola looks awfully happy in her beautiful dress.

  53. What a lovely party! Simply love it.

    I laughed quite hard at the roasted weenies and Walmart cake, because after several years of hosting themed parties for my oldest’s July birthday (which happens to be tomorrow) this year he decided that we should have a party in the backyard…play nightgames…and roast hotdogs. (And the kicker…I was just too tired to make cupcakes this year, so I bought them at…you guessed it…Walmart. No really, it doesn’t sound like me, but I did.) LOL!

  54. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! This is just a perfect tea party to complement the Alice in Wonderland theme!

  55. Just gorgeous! What a fabulous mom you are. She sure looks like she had a blast.

  56. I keep going over the detail of your party and it really is amazing.
    I loved the birdcage with the cake, now that is something magazine worthy. The dress: to die for.
    Lola’s expression is of pure joy.
    Thank you for always inspiring me the way you do.

  57. I have been waiting to see all the great party idea that you came up with. You really have a talent for putting beautiful things together for whatever the occasion is. I loved the bookclub party too. I enjoyed the party for the neighborhood kid. You are just brilliant. Beautiful.

    You really did make it special for Lola and she will remember it forever.

  58. tiffany says:

    the sweetest thing…her smile (: well done mom, well done.

  59. What a fantastic party Kasey ~ everything looks wonderful and Lola is as sweet as ever.

  60. Lola is just so darn cute! Loving her dress…the whole party looks dreamy!


  61. That is a magical party Lola and her friends are sure to never forget! Stunning! Love all the elements!

  62. Jennifer says:

    I am sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes. Not tears of sadness or joy, but of what I’ve termed “Motherness”. (The somewhere in between tears). I just wanted to say that the photo of you and Lola at her party touched me. In a world filled with so much ugliness and materialism, it was wonderful to see the true happiness and simple joy of a mother’s love.
    Thank you.
    Mother of two boys (3 & 1)
    Atlanta, GA

  63. You are the best mama ever! And Lola is so darn cute ~

    Will you plan my birthday party? I’m thinking a Marie Antoinette theme sans the guillotine!

  64. how FUN! My daughters are both teens now in there day it was always chucky cheese or the local gymnastics factory, you know what we all did. now i would so opt for a creative party! my next big one will be my senior in high schools graduation. i must start thinking now!
    this party was absolutely beautiful, loved all your details. the dress, headband, candy, signs etc. etc. ~glad i found your blog:)

  65. Awesome! Seriously the sweetest, coolest, classiest bday party I’ve seen. I love the cake in a cage and all the “eat me” and such tags. And Lola looked so stinkin’ cute. Nice job there, Momma.

  66. wonderful. super. fabulous. i love it!!!!

  67. Wow all the detail, Lola will always remember this party. Florence

  68. you’ll be getting a call to style for Anthro next 🙂

    b e a u t i f u l

  69. Hi Kasey, how are you? 🙂 You really outdid yourself on this party, every last detail is so perfect and was done in a way that only you could have pulled off. I wish I were one of the guests! I just love your posts on styling/decor because I always leave so inspired. Hope you’re well my friend. -K

  70. What a lovely Wonderland party you put together for Lola- each detail so sweet. I love the cake in the birdcage. I think you are great Mom.

  71. Oh my! You did an amazing job Kasey!
    I loveeeeee this Wonderland party!

  72. BusyMom says:

    I ADORE this… what a wonderful party!!

  73. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Kasey…from every last detail it was perfect…and my oh my Lola looks beautiful in every way possible…from her to her dress to her hair clip!!! Loved all of it and the picture of you all too:)

  74. Stunning! A party she will never forget!!

  75. Kasey, that is amazing!! Great job.

  76. Christie McGetrick says:

    Wonderful party – so creative – Your daughter looks so happy.

  77. Gorgeous!!! What fun!!

  78. Love it Kasey! I can’t wait until Layla is old enough to do things like that with, well, and have her remember it;)

  79. Wow, what a lucky little girl. I think you have found your calling. Photography and event decoration and planning. Thanks for all your help in answering the questions in your earlier post.

  80. WOW!!! you are inspiring.
    and make me want to have kids so i can throw them amazing parties like this!
    how simply sweet, i bet the girls just loved it! 🙂 it is beautiful, thanks for sharing!! xo.

  81. Oh, my goodness, Kasey! You have completely outdone yourself! That party just looks magical! Amazing, truly amazing. You can see it in Lola’s face how much that all meant to her! What a special party! Every little detail is perfect. I would love to mention my favorite things but I just loved every bit of it so I can’t choose!

  82. What a fabulous setting! I want a big girl party just like that! xxoo 🙂

  83. You are the coolest.mom.ever! I can’t wait for my little girls to watch the movie – cartoon and newer version!

  84. designer says:

    Absolutely magical, Kasey. I’m floored by this!


  85. amazing mommy….lucky little girl! what fun you must have all had. I am sure she will never forget this very special day!!!!! Love it all

  86. Incredible. Really incredible. Great job.

  87. Everything turned out PERFECT!!! Nice job!!!

  88. I am planning an unbachelorette party for a friend and was totally planning an Alice in Wonderland theme. Thanks for the additional inspiration and ideas!

  89. Kasey,
    That is one of the most wonderful parties I have seen! And I do DO parties! I love the planning and the doing and then the after when you can sit back and think about it and remember everything.
    Your Lola is one lucky girl, and you can see it in her face – the wonder of her wonderland party!
    Lovely, thanks for sharing it with us.
    I have a party for my soon to be 21 year old coming up (and she would love this, too, but I won’t steal it from you)! But I am having a hard time coming up with a theme for hers that could top this one! So I’ve got my thinking cap on and would loooove any suggestions!!
    Hope you’re having a great week.

  90. simply. FABULOUS.

    I’m late, for a very important date.

    I’ve missed you – and am not even mad that I haven’t received any macaroons….

    seriously. not. one. bit.


  91. Love, love, LOVE IT!!!! Soooo fun and whimsical! You did a nice job…love the dresses you and Lola were wearing. I like the pictures you took on the 2nd of the dress…the 1st pic looks like Alice when she drank and got bigger 🙂 What a fun party…and a great movie!

  92. I just discovered your blog…and I am blown away by this birthday party theme/styling/set-up! WOW! This is so beautiful! You all must have had such an enchanting time! Now, off to read through your archives. 🙂

  93. amazing details kasey. lola had to be in heaven. how fun for a sweet little girl. great job.

  94. What a lovely party. Incredible. I love what you did. And your daughter’s dress – too cute.

  95. Chrissy Watson says:

    Truly lovely!!!!

  96. This is fun for a birthday party but gosh, I want to do this for my friends and I (thirty somethings!). This is so magical!

  97. Girl, you are just so talented!

  98. this is sensational! you have great style. xx

  99. That is RIDICULOUSLY awesome!!!

  100. What an amazing mum you are! =D This birthday party is fantastic! And I must say, I’m pretty jealous of Lola- it’s been my dream for a long time to have a Wonderland themed birthday party. I love your decor ideas, the candy station, the cake in the birdcage- it’s all fabulous. Great job!

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