the art of friendship

Well hello there! My name is Kim and I write
a little blog called  Mimi Charmante
 .When Kasey was
planning her trip to the tropics, she asked me if I would be
interested in writing a guest post while she is off enjoying the sand
and surf of Hawaii. I, OF COURSE, jumped at the chance. I mean, we
did just spend a week traveling through France together – I do now
refer to her as Chicago-bestie when talking about her to my husband,
and I truly miss her, terribly sometimes, when I think of our time
spent together in Paris and the south of France.

So while Kasey is enjoying her time lounging
on white sand beaches, drinking fruity drinks with little umbrellas
and slices of pineapple, and working on her tan, I thought I would
share a bit about how Kasey became my world-traveling bestie.
You see, Kasey was, for me, the perfect travel
partner. She was Louise to my Thelma – if Louise was calm, cool, and
collected (not to mention witty, adventurous, fearless, and
hysterical) and Thelma was a type-A, cautious, uppity, control-freak
(who was also hysterical). She encouraged me to do all sorts of
things that I would have NEVER done on my own, such as breaking into
someone’s perfectly private French courtyard to sit on their doorstep
taking photos as if it were our own, even though they could arrive
home at any god-forsaken moment and yell at us in beautiful yet
profane French… or there was the evening that we sat by the Seine
in a little French cafe with Simone, smoking French ciggies, drinking
French wine, and realizing that honestly, we *should* be living in a
French apartment of our own, in Paris, living the life of French
girls. Because, really, we blended so well…

When we were planning our trip, Kasey
suggested we rent Vespas to tour the French countryside. Really,
Vespas. On the French back roads? With French {crazy} drivers?
Really? But, you see, she rolls like that. She really does~

Kasey was also the perfect photography
partner. She too wanted to stop every. five. feet. and shoot EVERY
single window, door, and roofline. She climbed over 300 steps up the
absolutely tiniest, narrowest, miniscule stairwell to get the best
view of Paris – and then had to climb back down all 300+ stairs…
She was also willing to jump in a taxi 20 minutes before the cemetery
that we wanted to take photos of was closing. We raced over and spent
time shooting beautiful old gravestones as the sun began to set, and
then walked ALL the way back to our hotel, just to experience
everything we possibly could while we were there. And we appreciated
every moment we had – even if there simply weren’t enough moments. I
think we could have filled a month together, traveling around that
beautiful country. Granted, next time we go, I will be packing a bit
lighter. Who knew that the trains from the airport to the center of
Paris would be so difficult to navigate with the excess baggage? I
mean, we were in Paris – I NEEDED those outfits! Somehow I had
forgotten how many stairs there were in the metro… lots and lots of

Our time in the south was amazing
– zipping around those round-abouts in our tiny French car, shopping
the brocante in the *cutest* little French town on a beautiful river,
enjoying foods we would have never tried here, and staying at a
fabulous French farmhouse. It was heaven, it really was~

I wish we lived closer.
The amazing thing about blogging is that you meet some incredible
people – some of whom become your dearest friends. The bad thing is
that sometimes, the ones you love the most live so far away….

I hope you are having a
fabulous time Chicago-bestie. Enjoy that beach – maybe our next trip
together needs some sand and fabulous turquoise water…?


all photos found here
*winner of Antrho giveaway will be up on next post!



  1. love this! presh. happy to be introduced to you & your blog! what a great friendship you’ve formed.

    I went to your website and I am definitely going to have to purchase one of the little french notebooks…just trying to decide which one now!

    Be seeing you soon over at Etsy. 🙂

  2. Oh how I wish I had been there too! It sounds like so much fun. Maybe one day Ill be lucky enough to have a similar experience. I have only just joined the open blogland and already the beautiful comments make my heart sing and I want to meet them too.Thank you for sharing. Fiona

  3. Beautiful post. I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends like this; and unlucky enough that so many of them live so far away. But friendship is a beautiful thing that knows no bounds. Thanks for sharing your fun!

  4. I was thinking, seeing as your are losing your husband today, I could come over and take his place. I mean, we’ve already slept together…

  5. it’s no wonder they say people that have a circle of friends live happier lives ….i doubt that the adventures in blog-land were what they were thinking of, but it’s certainally become a part of many happy people.
    what a lovely time you both had!
    thanks for sharing~

  6. The best way to see Paris is with a girlfriend. I had my first trip to Paris in 2008 with my best friend from high school. It was a magical time that I will remember forever. You are indeed lucky to have had a kindred spirit to enjoy your French adventure! Your photos are fabulous!

  7. It all sounds so dreamy, fun and wonderful! Can’t wait to travel there soon. Emma. XX

  8. What a wonderful guest post Kim ~ Love how you described Kasey and although I have never met her in person ~ you describe her exactly how I thought she was in my mind. Hope you both have a wonderful week!

  9. just perfect guest post

    so glad you found each other

  10. What a fabulous travel tale and photos. I want to grab my bestie and jump on a plane for a trip to Paris! 🙂

  11. love this post- i followed you both through your travels together…& think you are blessed to have one another…
    i know i couldn’t get by without my special girlfriends…and like you two- when they are all over the world it can be sooo hard at times…
    planning for the next adventure always makes me smile….
    melissa xx

  12. Love reading your posts about hawaii! My husband and I are heading to Hawaii (for the first time) in September- I could not be more excited! Enjoy your trip

  13. What a wonderful post…!! I am heading to Paris in a few weeks myself and I am so excited! 🙂 xxoo

  14. You two sound like the perfect pair as travel mates! And it sounds like you made some wonderful memories roaming around France:)

  15. Hi Kim – So fun to find you here and so enjoyed your post. Blogging has truly opened up our world to finding friends with mutual interests and a love of life. One should never underestimate the friendships that are formed and your story just confirms that! You two were so lucky to hit it off and your journey to France is something dreams are made of. Good for you Kasey, I’d be hopping on a Vespa with you!!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week Kim and Kasey have a Pina Colada for me! xx

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