Sea legs.. a Mirt and a champion

Last week we went out on a catamaran trip up the Na Pali coast with the two kids..

leaving the fearless one at home. I won’t name any names at this point…

but i think you know who he is.

It was a good six hour trip…in which we cruised the part of Kauai that is inaccessible

by car. The only way to this part of the island is by boat, or one can kayak..or

hike it.

Since we left our hiking shoes at home…..and i was a little nervous about being lost at sea…

we decided to go the SAFEST route…and go with a real live captain of a boat who

would safely take us to some pretty amazing snorkeling coves…

while serving us some lunch and opening up the bar at sea.

uh huh…

you read that right….

an open bar in the middle of the ocean.

I didn’t sign up just because i knew there would be cocktails at 2pm…

i signed up to see the amazing fish and sea turtles floating around.


even though wine out on the open sea with bryan sounded pretty darn good also.

oh hell…..we all know i don’t like to swim….but my new term for this trip was…

kasey’s coming out tour.

coming out of my shell that is.

I’ve been swimming ….snorkeling…shopping at walmart.


yes…you just heard the car brakes screech to a screaming halt.

what the…..

yes….you read that right.


okay…i don’t really have a choice.

milk at walmart is $4 a gallon…….milk at the local market is $6 a gallon

mac nut hershey kisses are $3 a bag at walmart…….they are $7 at the local market.

shoot me now…just do it and put me out of my misery.

Really…i’m just saving a buck or two so that i can splurge on some more pulled pork at my

favorite place in town.

Anyhoo….sorry about the tangent…sometimes when i eat more then 2 bags of kisses..i get a little loopy.

The kids had a blast…there were a few other families on board as well….

and lots of spinner dolphins along the ride.


 Then we were dropped off in a cove with our kayaks to paddle home.


alright….that’s not really us….

but we had a great time watching other people kayak the coast.

I just sat at the open bar watching them.

We saw oodles of sea turtles…..

…..of course we also saw some of this…



I’m pretty lucky to have kids that do not get sick at sea.

One of my friends had warned me to get some Dramamine into our bodies before we headed out…

but of course we forgot….but all ended okay.

I had a few glasses of wine to celebrate.

I even had one for you.

Then last Saturday we stood in line at the famous Hanalei  farmers market.

I really wish i wore my teva’s …i would have fit right in.

no…really….it was amazing.

The people here are really down to earth….literally.

no pun intended.

Fin is holding an avocado.

I love avocados.

Lola is holding local honeycomb…..

it’s my new must have. We had it when we went out for  a little date night….at a fabulous

tapas restaurant called Bar Acuda. If you ever head to Hanalei …

I had ordered the honeycomb with fresh goat cheese.

I decided at that point that we needed to leave chicago….and move here

and raise goats while bee keeping…..of course on a little plantation near the sea.


Bryan said….why don’t you just pierce your nose and make it official.

i said okay.

a deal is a deal.

all was well till i saw a man in a skirt.

or was it a skort….

or possibly a Mirt.

I dared bryan to go up to him and ask him where he could get one for himself.

bryan didn’t think it was very funny….


needless to say…..there will be no Mirt.skirt.skort wearing around here.

the only one allowed to wear something like that is me.

I swear i saw one very similar at Anthro last month….and i love the way the muscles ripple….



i mean…i love the pleats in The Mirt.

After perusing around the farmers market…we headed to the only place where

this girl feels at home.

The beach.


meet the 2010 boogie board champion.

Lola grace buick.

She came in first place at the competition that was held.

Of course….it was an easy win for her…she’s a natural out there in the surf.

{she was also the only one in the competition…but who’s counting…right.}

Bryan and i celebrated her win with a cold one.

I don’t know about you….but i love a cold beer at the beach.

I also love a man that has a bottlecap opener handy under one of his flip flops.

I think those flip flops would go great with a pleated Mirt.



  1. Mirt or skort… it…haven’t seen it….but I trust your judgement…it’s not for me….xv

  2. ok forget the coconut syrup
    now i know what i want you to bring me back from hawaii!!
    oh & you thought i meant the dude sportin the skort
    always in the gutter that kasey buick
    photos of turtles & dophins is what i’m talking about
    i expect nothing less

  3. oh my goodness how much fun…so glad you are breakin’ your shell….:) lol
    I hope you do pierce your nose…I read that and got excited about it for you. I have always wanted a little cute piercing on my nose in the indention but have held back…
    Anyhoo…loving these pictures of your family….and the dolphins and sea turtles

  4. I love your sense of humour Kasey 🙂 Glad you are enjoying Hawaii so much. It looks like paradise – anywhere near water that’s not a murky river looks like paradise to me.

  5. Too funny…hunky guy in a long skirt and flipflops. That look on your Honey’s face was priceless. Totally cracked me up!

  6. oh i loved this read…..

    i think that
    a. you are a good mother to break out of your shell and to follow that HUGE move to becoming one with water activities…. with a celebratory vino so the kids know its still really you…
    b. you should only wear a mirt if you have a physique like you new friend…
    c. i still think lola looks cuter in her little brown mini
    d. i thinkyou could almost pull of an nose piercing if it was a cute little diamond
    e. and yes ALL aussie gals LOVE a man with a beer opener in their flip flops- read THONGS if you are a fellow aussie….ie- sarah from a beach cottage!

    loved the holiday pikkies- kiddos are gorgeous!
    melissa x

  7. it all sounds magnificent! wish I were there!!! I could so use some beach time right about now…

  8. looks like an amazing trip, you have such a way with words and turn little moments into hilarious events! Love the the mirt looks great with rippling muscles! thanks for the laugh today!

  9. Mary Jane says:

    The Mirt is a Utilikilt…..they have a shop in seattle that cracks me up:) They are kilts for everyday! Looks like you are having an amazing vacation! You will have stories and laughter for years!

  10. Christie McGetrick says:

    Sounds like you all are having a great time – a mirt hey – at least the guy had a good body. Drink a cold one for all of us.

  11. these pictures are stunning.

  12. Thankfully the mirt man had a nice body, kept your mind off the mirt. Is Fin’s hair getting even blonder? All that sun and surf must be doing it.

  13. I have really enjoyed going on vacation with you through your writing! Quite the adventure! Great pictures!! : )

  14. If the guy in the Mirt looks as good in the front as he did from the back, Well, I wouldn’t care what he was wearing…just saying…The Girl puking over the side of the boat, Priceless, would have been my kids too…..Looks like you all are having such a great time. Hawaii is Heaven on Earth. XO jamie

  15. Best picture of the trip so far, hands down, is Fin with the avocado. LOVE IT!

  16. Ohhh…soooo FUN!!! Makes me want to go back to Hawaii….NOW! My boss wouldn’t notice if I was gone for 2 weeks, would he?!?!
    Fin looks UH-dorable in the pic with the avocado the size of his head! Yummm! I LOVE me some avocado….I also love me some ripples…I mean pleats in a Mirt! 😉

    Thanks for sharin’ all the fun with us!!!

  17. Kasey!
    You never cease to ENTERTAIN/AMAZE me…and I’m not easily ENTERTAINED or AMAZED! ;o)
    The trip OUT TO SEA looked amazing!
    Why didn’t LOLA have on her WALMART outfit!!!!!! Ah…hahahaha!
    I almost laughed myself SILLY when you mentioned the sea kayakers!
    Sooooooooo FUNNY!
    I was like WHOA!
    They were dropped at a COVE…to sea kayak BACK!!!!!!
    There for a minute I was like WHOA!
    Kasey is quite the OUTdoorsy GIRL!
    Oh your personality! Bryan’s so lucky! ;o) You do make sure he knows that…RIGHT! ;o)
    Miss Lola is FOR sure in her element there on the island!
    Wishing you loads of FUN and adventure to come!
    Keep those ISLAND post coming!
    You know I’m loving every one!

  18. oh my gosh he is really wearing a skirt- i dont even know what to think about this hahaha!

  19. Cute post Kasey. I would pay money to see Bryan wear that skirt! 🙂

  20. LOL, Kasey! Sounds like you had a very eventful day. 😉 To answer your “skirt” question…he’s actually wearing a kilt. Yes, true story. 🙂


  21. The guy in the mirt looks like Orlando Bloom;-)

  22. What a great post! Looks like everyone is having a fabulous time. Fabulous pictures. Not too long ago I saw a man wearing one of those mirt.skirt.skort things. I am surprised he did not catch me staring but it was the first time I had seen a man wearing something like that – not an actual kilt. I was not sure what to think about it. For that matter, I still don’t!

    ~ Tracy

  23. Um, wow, does that man know how to wear a skirt?! (There’s a phrase I never thought I’d use.) But, it’s true. He was workin’ that skirt!

  24. Ah, Kasey I was laughing out loud about when you said that you dared Bryan to ask the guy where he got that mirt. I would have said the same thing to my husband and would have received the same glare and a that’s not funny face. Priceless. It is so fun to read your posts, makes me smile through out my day. Glad your having a wonderul time.

  25. You are hysterical! I am laughing out loud over here! I am loving all of your Hawaii photos. I am just catching up, hence all the comments from me on every post down there in the “recent comments” section. 🙂 And yeah, I would be one of the people getting seasick. Oh well.

  26. Wow, I’ve never seen a mirt/man skirt before…
    It’s funny how narrowly we view men’s fashion according to our own geographical locations. I remember seeing men in linen capri pants in Spain and at first laughing at them (to myself, of course).

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