pocket full of memories

On Friday….i loaded up our cruisers…some swimsuits…and of course Lola…then we

headed north for our very first trip to Minnesota.

It was a girls weekend…my lola and me….we needed some time together.

My good friend Jill and her family live on a lake in the most darling neighborhood i have

ever been to….seriously….i felt like i was in a movie the entire time.

I called Bryan to tell him we might not come home because i think we need to move here…

but then he reminded me that maybe i should visit Minnesota in January.

I then told him….maybe we just need a summer cottage on a lake then.

he hung up on me.

{i’ve learned not to take it personally anymore when he hangs up on me}

Anyhoo….Jill had been asking us to come up for some time now…and when one of my weekends

opened up….i jumped at the chance.

Jill and her family have lived in this lakeside community for just over 2 years now…

she has the most darling cottage EVER.

Lola and I felt very loved the whole time we were there.

Friends like this are hard to find…but once found…don’t let them go.


We left just a little after lunchtime on Friday…and headed north….arriving in the sweetest lakeside

community of cottagewood in the evening.


There is something to be said about being on or near the lake during the summer…..

i for one…have never known that life…..but it is sort of nostalgic.

It is nostalgic.

It was nostalgic.

We spent two whole days at their dock….while the girls jumped…and swam.

Jill has two girls…her youngest the same age as Lola.

Lola and Abbi were so similar…it was crazy…they are now the best of friends.


This is a community where everyone rides their bikes….

lola brought her vintage pixie cruiser…banana seat and all…

Jill & i rode our pink cruisers….but i think i need a basket on mine.

note to self: must get basket for bike

{it helps to have something to carry our wine in when we have drinks on the dock…

or if you want to go the conventional route…it’s perfect for lunches}

there is a little general store  that sells ice cream….

which is a must have after a day of lounging around the lake.

I actually think bryan would spend alot of time here….

i’m just saying….

Saturday we spent most of the morning at the lake…and riding our bikes around town…

then went home and Jill took us to a different town where we found a bakery so the girls

could have some cupcakes…then we hit a few antique shops.

After we got home we cleaned up to head out to dinner.

the girls wore their matching dresses…..

then Jill asked me if we should wear  our matching dresses.

I said no.

Jill begged.

I still said no.

we did end up having matching wine glasses though.

They had to give us plastic ones….i think they thought Jill might drop hers.
we were on the dock…chatting away with our wine in hand….ooohing and aaahing over a boat

when this group of girls got off of a different boat.

I was really glad i had my camera.

note to self: do not drink copius amounts of alcohol while boating

needless to say….it was an amazing weekend .

Lola and i now have a pocket full of memories that will last forever.

{if i could just find myself a little lake cottage to hang them in…}



  1. what a fun and magical trip to minnesota. i am making myself a note to visit there. such a picturesque town. love it. i’ve always wanted a lake house, but if that can be visiting will suffice for now. all your photos are amazing. thanks so much for sharing them with us. the girls look so cute just like their mommas.

    have a fantastic day!

  2. It sounds absolutely fabulous! What a perfect summer weekend with friends~ I do miss being lakeside all summer long- but I don’t miss the humidity or the mosquitos!
    Have a great week mon amie,

  3. This is beautiful!! I can’t wait until my girls ( 2 and 7mo) are old enough for a girls weekend away! Nothing better than spending the summer near the water! Great pics…always love reading you posts!

  4. My grandparents had a little cabin on a lake when I was growing up. Oh..how i remember the days of lounging on their dock and swimming all day long.
    Thank you for bringing back those memories.
    Wonderful photos kasey!

  5. I want a weekend on a lake!!!!
    Your friends little community looks like it is right out of a book.
    What sweet memories for Lola.

  6. Oh, what fun, Kasey! You know…I think I was supposed to meet Jill at the FC show, but we never bumped into each other. Her town looks lovely!!!! My dad was from Edina, so….I have many fond memories of Minnesota’s yummy lake neighborhoods. What a dreamy girly getaway!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Your picture frames look pretty too!

  7. Patricia says:

    Looks beautiful. I have a basket on my bike that I bought 10 years ago on Martha’s Vineyard and I love it.
    ps- all your friends are all really beautiful and dress well. I need new friends. LOL.

  8. Oh girl, I love me some Minnesota! Lake living is the place to be in the summer. But seriously, when you go up for Junk Bonanza…you have to go a little out of your way to Hudson, WI and visit La Rue Marche. You could be a model for them, every time I go there I think of you. Its very Anthro-like. You would be in love, I know it.


  9. Chris McGetrick says:

    Your weekend sounded wonderful – I have never visited Minnesota but it is supposed to be very beautiful.

  10. PIcture perfect. Does it get much better than this> what a wonderful weekend –


  11. A weekend spent by the water…complete with a cozy cottage & quaint little town…sounds like pure bliss! No wonder you didn’t want to leave:) And yes, a cute little basket for your bicycle is a must;)

  12. Sounds like the most idyllic place! How I would love to live somewhere like that. So glad you and Lola had such a lovely time!

  13. What a wonderful place to get away to. That General store is so cute with the little bench sitting out front. Looks like a scene in a movie. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  14. How fun!! It looks like a good time was had by all and I am so glad that Lola made what should be, a lifelong friend! We have a cottage 2 hours from Chicago and you are welcome anytime!


  15. Sounds perfect and now I wanna go (; Do we get to see pic’s of the inside of her lake house, it looks so pretty!!

  16. That looks great! I LOVE those pink bikes and your yellow dress 🙂

  17. Kasey I swear!
    There is not one damn thing ORDINARY about YOUR life!
    The next time you go to Walmart…take a pic and let me see! ;o)
    You and Lola are too darn cute!

  18. It is beautiful BUT it is the summertime. I would NOT be able to stand the winters. The Ohio winter just about did this Florida girl in:)

    I blogged some random thoughts today and I talked about you:)

  19. Can I move there too? It looks like an incredible place I can see why you enjoyed it so much.
    Have a wonderful week!

  20. I too would love to live there. I’m a good little bike rider! 🙂 Really…she has such a beautiful home and I’m glad you and Lola had a wonderful visit. Your yellow dress is darling Kasey.

  21. ok, did you need to post the picture of me taken from the BACK! note to self, must.run.more…..seriously, what fun memories were made, for us and our girlies…Abby is missing Lola today terribly!

  22. What a wonderful weekend getaway! Those photos are spectacular and you having me pining away for a Pink bicycle with a large basket for my wine! I adore your Anthro dress too. What a perfect post about a perfect weekend.

  23. Wow what a cute town, and that lake is beautiful, your friends are very lucky. It was so funny that you said you must get a basket for your bike. My wife and I were in our local K Mart, yes K Mart, and we were looking at everything when all of a sudden we saw wicker baskets for bicycles, yes REAL wicker bike baskets with REAL leather straps to attach them to your bike!! Who knew that they even still made real wicker baskets for your bike and that you could buy them at a K Mart???? And you are right we all need a basket to keep our wine in I mean we err I cannot go any where without mine LOL, Blessings to you and yours Curtis and Sherrie

  24. Oh my goodness, you were right across Lake Minnetonka!
    From my house!
    I love Cottagewood and sounds like
    you had some fun shopping in Excelsior.
    Love how all the girls got on so well!
    Please tell Bryan that January here
    isn’t much worse than Chicago.
    Yes, I DO know….moved here from
    Hinsdale, IL!
    xx Suzanne

  25. LOL, I know the lakes are to tempting. My husband had never been to Minnesota in the summer before. So he always complained about the cold. Somehow I convinced him to join me in my trip ‘home’. We spent a day on the lake and the next thing I know, he’s asking if perhaps we should consider getting a lot on one of the lakes. Really? Inside I was jumping up and down. Good luck with your guy.

  26. Wow, what beautiful photos! May I ask what filter you used in the shots? Or how you got that retro tint? It’s great!!!

  27. what a fabulous place to live.. lucky you had a chance to visit! I’ve never been to Minnesota, nor have I thought about that being a place on my “places to visit” list… but you might have sold me!

  28. aaaaah bliss…. I really enjoyed the photos whilst listening to the wind and rain outside with one ear and for that huge tree over the road to fall on our house with the other (the one next to it fell down last year!) what I’m trying to say is roll on summer here in Australia!! Adore the girls matching dresses, so sweet.

  29. oh so dreamy

  30. Oh my goodness Kasey…what a beautiful place Jill lives…it sounds like a very fun weekend for all and so glad you had some great time spent together doing fabulous things

  31. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!? This post and the lovely pictures just made my morning all happy and fizzy… so happy for you and Lola. Good friends like that… Mmmmm…

  32. Sounds like the most picturesque, wonderful, memory making weekend!

  33. looks like a wonderful spot! i would love to have a cottage somewhere someday too! hope you are well, love your pics! susan

  34. Looks like you had such a wonderful time. We have just got back from vacation and were lucky enough to visit Table Rock Lake in Lampe , MO. It was great and we all really enjoyed it.

  35. oh my heavens what a lovely place… xoxo thanks for sharing it…

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  37. Ok….I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the group of girls and I had to look twice after reading what you said to discover the girl tossing her cookies mixed with whatever else was in there. ha ha! 😀

    Love the place! There is definitely a nostalgic feeling even at the beach when I visit my family. Now you wouldn’t catch me swimming in a lake down here in Florida….I wouldn’t want my legs eaten off by those alligators. Yikes!! And you should have worn the matching dresses…..ha ha! 🙂

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  40. such lovely photos! i’m from mn too, and that is the cutest area. looks like you had a wonderful time.
    if you are interested in the most darling bike basket ever you should check this one out http://fjorn.com/1366-6000.html?productid=1366-6000&channelid=FROOG
    It is Scandinavian – they sell them at shops here in mn. would look amazing on your cute bike!

  41. It is so much fun to hear someone from the outside talk about Minnesota. I’ve lived here all my life and love it, but it sounds even better when hearing tales like yours. Makes me feel like I belong to the “cool” group living here! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  42. did i forget to comment?
    geez, how rude is that?

    LOVE those matching girlies.
    is that jill’s home? because talk about a fabulous porch! my word!
    ya’ll are too cute all in glamorous lake fashion
    & i’m so glad that was not you hurling off the dock. good girl kasey buick. good girl.

  43. Looks like a fabulous girly weekend! I so need one of those! So glad you had a wonderful time!!! Love all the pictures!!

  44. Jealous of your fab weekend. Jill and I have the EXACT same bike. I think you should invite me to your next girls weekend. : )

  45. what an amazing little town. made even more amazing with those vintage cruiser bikes. perfect!!

  46. I”ve never been to MN but this post makes me want to head out there this summer. Looks beautiful.

  47. fairytale…thank you…i do believe in fairies!

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