Nature girl

I was sitting on the sofa recovering from my 3,429 mosquito bites from my trip up to the lake…

when i decided to do something fun with the kids.

I roll like that sometimes….i pull out my bag of tricks…

drag my tush off the sofa…turn off  ‘The Young & the Restless’….and do something with the kids.

It’s not everyday that i do that…..but i did the other day.

What you might not know about me is that i am a nature girl deep down….

sometimes i dream of just buying some Teva’s and not shaving my arm pits…

maybe even wearing a sports bra as a top.

yeah……you caught me…..this nature loving girl just happened to carry her camera that day.

To document the day.

You will thank me later.

saw a deer in the woods : check



saw the sign but ignored it: check

{now…before some of you start telling me what a horrible parent i am by ignoring the sign and

putting my children in danger….just know that everybody else ignores the sign also. Hey…

i got off the sofa didn’t i…..and turned my soaps off to pay attention to my kids.}


caught some little minnows: check


played in the muck: check


also brought the iphone: check

We were at the pond for a good few hours….so it’s important to note that bringing

the iphone was imperative….because you NEVER know if something should happen…

as with bringing your camera to catch the small details of your life…

like this… 


If looking at a half naked man on OUR picnic table at OUR park is wrong…then do.not.look.

Can you imagine my children’s faces as we walked by?

yup….i know….i had to explain that whole scenario.

It was at this point that i really don’t think i’m a nature girl deep down…

at least not today.

Sorry sports bra wearing teva girls….i’m gonna shave my pits now.




  1. Laugh out loud funny. Which was embarassing as the builder and gardener outside saw me laughing at my Mac screen… Lou x

  2. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh! I too am not a nature girl.

  3. This post was hilarious!! I look forward to reading your blog because it is always full of surprises and wit. Hey I watch Young and the Restless too! My husband calls it Young and the Useless. He thinks he’s so funny. The guy sprawled out on the table is hilarious. Looks like he was taking quite a rest! Keep up the funny posts. You’re a scream!

  4. Which park is that so i can make sure NOT to take my kids there. Totally dying here.
    I don’t know you seem to get the best photos of people, I think
    I need to start bringing my camera along with me everywhere.
    I am going to go and shave my pits now.

  5. You are hilarious…and so much fun! Thanks for the trek into nature:)

  6. Hello and nice to meet you. I am also a NON NATURE GIRL.
    hilarious..just hilarious.

  7. Laughing here. Too funny. Glad you had a good time with your kids. Just ignore the sunbather.

  8. Melanie says:

    I had to comment on this one, as i am a long time reader and hardly ever comment. I love it here. You capture life with the moments that are so REAL.
    You make me laugh, and I really do appreciate the candidness on how you write.
    I do not have a blog, but read a handful of them with yours being the first one i check every day.
    Thank YOU for being YOU.
    Melanie in Arizona.

  9. You are funny! Love your blog. Charming, witty and truly entertaining.

  10. you are such a daily dose of happiness – please never stop posting!!

  11. Those danger signs can sure sneak up on you!! Ha ha ;D

  12. What in the world? That man was sure enjoying the um sun. Ha!
    Cute pics and story. *Smiles*

  13. You never know what you’re going to see in nature!

  14. tevas? you?

  15. OK, the newest highlight of my day is when i check your blog & see a new post! I know when i do, I am in for a good laugh! I know we don’t *know* each other but thanks to the wonderful world of blogging I feel like we do! The 1/2 naked sunbathing cycle guys is classic! Love that you were googling how to get rid of cellulite while you were out being nature girl with your kids! When you get the answer let me know, I have two HUGE thighs worth i need to get rid of! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  16. Haha, I loved the change in gears from “kids in danger” to “ridding cellulite”. That made me laugh.

    I thought the first photo of half nude dude was good. And then I scrolled to the next one- hilarious!

    I am definitely what you’d consider an outdoor person. I work in an outdoor shop and when I’m not there I pretty much live in the garden. BUT I have to say that I do shave my armpits (along with my arms!) because I just hate hair! This is always a personal issue for me when I go camping somewhere that there is no bathroom. I can last one day without, but even by the evening I can’t tolerate it! And I am actually wearing Teva flip flops right now! (I’m on a break from pulling weeds).

  17. Hilarious!!! Love the pic~ We have been going to the creek a lot too. We ride our bikes to leroy oaks…..great spot for frogs. My daughter loves catching them (ewwww!!!), but I oblige her too. Have a great week. Jackie

  18. OMG(osh)!! I got my dose of laughter this morning! I look forward to reading your blog first thing b/c I just know I’m in for a laugh or two!! Thanks soooo much!

    I loved the view to the Dam.


  19. Eeack!….my eyes…my eyes…!! Thanks for not making that crotch shot a close-up, doll. That one’s gonna be stuck with me for too long. I’ll try to focus on my sweet minnow catching memories.

    : p

    Julie M.

    ps Unaboobs & Teva’s are ooooogly….and ohhhh….dare I mention the afternoon I spent overseas…on a hot bus full of sleeveless Bulgarians?!

  20. OMG good thing there was no spillage out the side of those shorts for 2 reasons. A. Your retinas would have surely burned, and B. his balls would have surely burned as well

    haha Lucky you for not having to check out his downtown bonanza as you walked by!

  21. fawnfable says:

    OMG! hahahahahahahahahaha x ∞

  22. Kasey Kasey!
    You NEVER cease to make me GIGGLE out loud!
    Doogan…my fur-ball…always wonders what I’m giggling at!
    I just look down at him and say…YOU know….Lola’s Mom! ;o)
    ONLY you would be goggling CELL-U-FREAKIN-LITE…in the park!!!!!!!!
    And DO YOU know how BIG I smiled to know that you watch the Y&R!!!!!
    I was like YES!!!!!!
    Don’t tell anyone!
    But Greg and I watch it at night on the soap network!
    I’ve been watching that show since the first episode back in the 70’s!
    I walked down the aisle to the Y&R music…at my WEDDING!
    What a FUN mommy your kiddos have!
    Keep on writin’ Kasey!
    I just LOVE poppin in to your WORLD!

  23. L~M~A~O!!!!!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  24. Don’t exaggerate, you only got 3, 022 mosquito bites at the lake!

    We can always count on you to capture these kind of moments, can’t we?

  25. I can imagine your beautiful children’s big wide eyes taking in the sites. At least it wasn’t a fully naked man. That takes even more “splainin.”

  26. Marlene says:

    Ok..I just had a laugh tear slither down my cheek. Im just gonna leave it there.

    Have you taken the kids to Venice beach? Yeah, well me and the kids totally got eyeball pain when (lets call him Unfit Harry) walked by in a thong unitard. His business was ALL hangin out. My 16 year old daughter just about lost her lunch (and I was so sad for her- as she is likely tramatized till her first boyfriend). My boys thought it was the funniest thing ever. I just wanted to run him down and give him a number to a therapist.

    Keep writing and taking awesome pics…you never cease to make my day.


  27. Beth Cregan says:

    I supose I am a nature girl at heart but I think that speciman sprawled on your picnic table just convinced me to get out more. X

  28. Oh Kasey, you are to funny:) I was laughing about the phone, then the thigh thing, then the man! Oh my!

  29. I am laughing so hard it’s ridiculous…from your searches to that guy…
    you are a great mom…I would have ignored the sign too….
    your kiddos look so cute too:)

  30. Only you would find a half naked man on a nature walk!!! LOL and have your camera to show us!!! Thanks for the giggle and now I need to call someone else to tell me what happened on Young and the Restless! 🙂

  31. I’m pretty sure your minnows are tadpoles (that will turn into frogs).
    Thank you for making me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants.


  33. Too funny. and you actually took a picture of the guy!

  34. Did that guy just pass out from the heat or did he actually think it was a good idea to get a tan on the table? I mean people put their picnic lunches there. Don’t these people stop to think before they do stuff like that? On the other hand, it was absolutely hilarious seeing him lying there.

  35. YOU MAKE MY DAY EVERY TIME YOU BLOG. love u! sorry didn`t see caps button was on. sounds like your summer is one adventure after another!! 🙂

  36. would you believe i saw some jewelyleopardy teva’s at the beach , totally cute. but the girls talked me out of their $40 selves.
    minnows & playing in the muck?
    you rock mama

  37. WTG on getting out of the house! The kids look like they had a great time!!! That is why we are praying and dreaming of a farm house, we desperately want our kids to be close to nature and to tear it up and learn about it daily! Great pics!

  38. Is that a bike seat behind “Mr Not so many clothes” or was he happy to see you????
    Oh and Im wondering if he looked up and saw you taking a quick photo and said “HEY LADY.” What would you have done 🙂

  39. Kinda makes you wonder if this will be one of those weird things they remember forever. I know I’ll never forget when my Girl Scout troop encountered a naked man walking along the beach. LOL

  40. Oh wow! I’m trying to imagine the reactions of my five kids, lol! Phrases like “disturrrbing”, “dear dear dear”, and “wrongness” come to mind!

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