my life in hawaii

Something fabulous happened this last thursday.

I was signed to write a new book deal.

My life in Hawaii.

kind of like the book…my life in france…except…i’m not in france…i’m in hawaii.

It’s not really a cook book life story either…unless you want to know how to boil elbow macaroni…

and then pour powdered cheese on.


this book is going to be all about my life here…surviving on wine…and macadamia nuts.


and kona coffee.

seriously…..if you really want to know about the rest of my life in hawaii…

it’s going to have to have some girls to help me out here.

Do you want to know who the girls are?

I will only tell you if you promise not to go crazy on me.


a deal is a deal.

okay…since you promised….i will tell you.

my babysitter arrived here…with her friend in tow.

That’s right….the babysitter.

babysitter: noun. person who watches children for a living…or person who watches

children in exchange for room and board in a tropical location.


Bryan and i had two GREAT date nights….and a trip out on a catamaran with the older

two kids while “the girls”….watched Fin.

The babysitter has a name…it’s Whitney.

Babysitter brought a friend…her name is Kristen.

and now bryan is headed home….

and i am here with the kids….and “the girls”.

The girls are only here till wedensday…but i feel SO OLD.

They are drinking bacardi and coke….i’m drinking wine.

They are getting ready to head out the door at 10 pm…i’m getting ready to hit the sack at 10pm.

They wear bikini’s….i wear a tankini.

They are ready to get a tattoo with some hawaiian meaning….

i’m ready to sit them down and tell them that it’s not such a great idea.

on the flip side though….

they have met all the “local” boys…who work at the “local” hotel pools….

so we spend each afternoon getting to know each of the hotels.

Did you know Colbie Callet is a local girl here.

yup….i’m in the know.

Did you know that Julia Roberts has a home right up the street….

uh huh….yes she does…and she has a little boy named Finn also.

I’ll let you know as soon as i hook up a play date between the two Fin’s.

I know you are wondering how the heck i scored a three week stint over here in the land of

avocado’s the size of small babies…..


my parents bought a place here…after spending years thinking about it.


sheesh….where was i…..

i must have a lot on my mind…and feel the need to get it all out.

Lover boy left today…..after 8 days here….we dropped him off at the airport this afternoon.

Now i’m stuck with bacardi wanting…girls.

Funny thing is….there is a condo full of 20 something boys living next door.

good thing Whitney’s friend is getting her masters degree in divinity.


I have a good girl here…who’s the bf to my babysitter…and talks to my kids about bible verses.

I might just pour myself a bacardi and coke.

be right back….


I’m not a bacardi and coke type of girl.

pour me another glass of pinot grigio….please.

hold up…..

okay…glass is poured…and kids tucked nicely in bed.

just so you know….

since i have been on vacation….i have gained 15 pounds.

I had to pay someone to zip up my dress today.

it wasn’t pretty.

Best part about gaining weight is my once non existent ta-ta’s….now seem to spill over the top

of my new dress.

That made for some interesting chit chat on my date.

Did i mention i had a $6 date last night.

First of all…no need to pay the babysitter.

Second…babysitter bought us a bottle of wine…so we packed up that bottle…and drove a few miles

to a sheeee sheeee hotel. The kind of hotel where they valet park your car.

Except our car was a Ford Focus.


I hopped out of the Ford Focus…..with my bottle of wine nicely packaged in a plastic bag

from the grocery store…and a few plastic glasses.

good thing i didn’t have my jean shorts on.



Bryan and i walked thru the SWANKY  decent hotel to sit and watch the sunset

from the beach.

As we were sitting on OUR log…another couple came walking by…and the man said…..

‘we’ve been coming here for 15 years…this is our log’…

to which bryan said….

‘have a seat….you are more then welcome to share it with us’….

and you know what….they did.

We watched the sunset together….all squashed upon this log.

Bryan whispered to me as we were sitting there…

‘do you think that’s his daughter’?…

to which i replied…..

um…i don’t think so.

Dad’s don’t bring a bottle of champagne to a secluded log in order to share it with their daughter.

At least my dad never did that.

Maybe yours did…and i am WAY.OUT.OF LINE.HERE.SUGGESTING.THAT.

So here we are….beginning of week two….

glass of pinot in hand….macaroni dinner made and eaten…..

hotel pools have been swam in…..

and let me tell you….i have swam in the ocean….in the deep end…

and i mean….DEEP END….as in…out in the ocean…where there are SHARKS…

and i lived to tell about it.

Speaking of sharks……..

i don’t know how this picture got here….it must be the wine.


actually…it must be the bacardi and coke.


p.s. if you are mandies mumblings…email me…you just won an Anthro gift card.




  1. Did they have their names carved in the log?

    Happy 2nd week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Now all I want is to go to Hawaii! Wonderful story and love the pictures too.

  3. Those photos of your family on the beach are gorgeous! It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Jealous!


  4. love, love, love the pictures…oh so pretty and you look fabulous…and what a wonderful idea with Whitney and her friend…I’m sure they are having a blast too:)

  5. Sounds like so much fun. Enjoy!

  6. Very fun to read! I would love to go back to Hawaii. I’ve only been there once. Time is running out! Great photos too.

  7. This is unbelievable. Your pictures are beautiful! Three weeks there sounds like heaven…enjoy!

  8. Isn’t family who buys homes in wonderful places great? Okay, someone in my family needs to get a place in Hawaii now. I’m ready to go. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time.

  9. Wow, what a wonder there! Everything looks so quiet and restful!

    Miss you guys here too!

  10. I hate you right now. Just so ya know! You are up there with all my other friends who have parents who have homes they can stay in for free in exotic locales….boooo you:(

    Looks like a wonderful time. Your babysitters are adorable. I’d keep my eyes peeled for trouble, especially with a house full of boys nearby.

  11. such a great post, enjoy the rest of your trip, great fam pics on the beach!

  12. Kasey you look amazing!! Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time!

  13. You guys are so cute. Loving your updates!

  14. You lucky girl you. Glad you’re enjoying yourself and thanks for always making us laugh! 🙂
    Happy Monday.

  15. kristin says:

    *smile*….absolutely *loved* this post!! man do i feel old also…years since i indulged in bacardi and coke!! your new dress is divine…at least your weight gain went somewhere useful…mine not so much…that dress would have pooled around my waist…sigh…

  16. So good to hear from you, if even on your blog….when you put down that glass of pinot grigio for a moment, give me a call this week, I didn’t want to disturb you last week when lover boy was there!


  17. Soooo fun! Love the family pics…you all are soooo cute…and that dress! LOVE IT!!!
    Funny how the pic of hot surfer dude made it in there…Hmmm…interesting?!?! 😉
    Well…have fun and Hang 10!

  18. Mmm, I love this post. 🙂 The pictures are fabulous, of course, but it’s your rambling commentary that cracks me up and makes me grin. 🙂

  19. Aha….love it! Everything! You have such a great looking family and you are so very funny.. Seriously….I look forward to reading your blog. It is so down to earth and hilarious! :D. I never know when to take you seriously or not! I have a friend like that who drives me nuts….and she thinks I’m “blonde”… ha ha!!

    The “log couple” sounds funny. It sorta reminds of a couple we met who invited themselves to sit next to us at a small packed out pizza restaurant. My husband says “Um…we’re on a date” and I said “Honey….it’s ok…they can join us”. (not wanting to sound snobbish and push them away). Later on as we’re getting to know them while enjoying our pizza…the husband comes out and says they are Christian polygamist! Yeah… should have seen my face. Oh and this guy said it while my husband had gotten up to get a drink refill…. I asked him as I glanced over at his wife “where is your other wife?”… he says “in venezuela”… Oh my!! My husband gets back to the table and I fill him in about the recent news of our new friends. My husband gives the man the most nastiest look and no joke almost punched him out. My husband didn’t like the way he was looking at me. ha ha!! He then grabs my hand and says “honey…we gotta go….oh nice meeting you all” We dart out of there as fast as lightning…..laughing all the way out… Oh my!! ha ha

    Anyway….Sounds like you are in heaven there and to have babysitters while you go out with your honey…… that rocks!!

    Chris xoxo

  20. LOVE all of these pictures and I am immediately starting to save for a Hawaii vacation!!!!! And I will be on the hunt as well for a dress like yours! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! You all are making such amazing memories!!!!!!

  21. OHMYGOODNESS! Yippee! Thanks so much Kasey!

    Let me know what you need from me!

  22. I have been thinking about you so much!! Just wondering—what IS vacation? How do you DO it with a big family? I am so Happy for Kasey! What a beautiful family she has… all of those things I am thinking daily! 🙂 You look amazing and friend, I love the way you write. You make me happy!

  23. i didn’t think it was possible for fin to get any blonder… but he did! hawaii has a way of making that happen!
    great pictures and stories!

  24. mindy t says:

    You are too funny! Thanks for always making me smile!

  25. Love reading your posts about hawaii! My husband and I are heading to Hawaii (for the first time) in September- I could not be more excited! Enjoy your trip

  26. i want to be you this week.

  27. What a great post! Have been reading your blog for a while (never left a comment, shame on me!), but this post… it brings a huge smile to my face this early morning! You all look amazingly happy there! Hawaii is on my list now!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay, have another pinot grigio for me & have fun!
    Bisous from Versailles, Chantal
    P.S. Your dress is just gorgeous! But…how to keep it white on a sandy beach… now that would be my major worry 😉

  28. Just found your blog. You are a great writer, so funny. Same here with the ta-ta’s . I gained a few pounds as well. Thing is hubby always said he didn’t like big ta-ta’s but now…. Did he lie to me then or now? Anyway iloveyourblog and have fun in Hawaii.

  29. You are cracking me up!!
    Jealous I tell you I am so jealous
    So glad you are having fun! I think the pic of all of you walking ont he beach needs to be your Christmas card!!

  30. Oh Kasey, I am your new stalker:) Maybe I am your only stalker but never the less, I adore you! Love the way you tell a story. It is like a lullabye….so sweet and flowing. You are adorable.

    I just got back from vaca in SF, Yosemite, & Lake Tahoe but I didn’t get on the scale this morning. I do not want to know how much I gained while away. Hearing that you have gained (why can’t I gain in my ta ta’s) weight, I won’t be getting on them in the morning either.

    Have fun. You look beautiful.

  31. what beautiful photos!! I am so enjoying reading about your adventures!! xxoo 🙂

  32. I’m with you on the wine- must have been a few too many Bacardi + fill in the blank drinks in my youth. I Puke. Glad you guys are having fun…and it looks like the babysitters are having fun too ( Hey- I would have been willing to babysit in Hawaii- thanks for asking.) See ya when you get home….

  33. Kasey your writing Rocks !!!! I love that your children got to go and see Hawaii, they are priceless

  34. Oh wow…you are living the “high life” in Hawaii!! It all sounds so wonderful…and the tropical sun seems to agree with you & your family…great photos:)

  35. completely and 100% jealous:)

  36. so….i love the dress…and all of the photos…and the commentary is pretty funny…
    so glad you are posting on your getaway!

    ps…is lola still in on the pen pal gig…havent heard from her {although i know we’ve all been uber busy this summer}…just though i would ask.

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