I might move here

We have had some very busy days here in Kauai.

Day two started off with a hike down a hill…past a waterfall…and ending up at a

place called Queens bath.

We all thought we could do the hike in our flip flops…..


actually….all we had were our flip flops….so no choice but to hike down the ravine..

in the mud….

two miles each way….

up hill…

in the snow.

Alright….so i might have exaggerated a teeeeeeny tiiiiny bit.

There is no snow here….but there is a lot of red mud..especially after it rains.

We survived though….and that little place called Walmart came in real handy

when i had to go buy cheap beach shoes…so that we could do some more

out.of.our.element. hiking.

Luckily….no one fell on our hike down in the mud….but we came across a great waterfall…

and the end result was unbelievable.

Queens bath is this large pool of ocean water carved into a lava shelf with an inlet

from the ocean that seawater flows into.

I’m not going to lie…i was a little nervous with the kids…

thinking that they would be swept out to sea…

but luckily Bryan is A LITTLE LOT more adventurous than i am.

If it was just me….we would all be sitting on a little beach with NO ONE swimming in the


I mean really….do you realize how many people get attacked by sharks?

hundreds…..thousands maybe.

{bryan made me check …and there have only been 14 here in the last 25 years}

damn….i guess i will have to go swimming more.

day three had us feeling like we needed to take advantage of some scenery from

high up in the hills. We started the morning off early….

and since we are five hours earlier here then in chicago…we have not had a problem

with sleeping in.

We drove over to Waimea….for the drive up the canyon.

Bryan was feeling like papa smurf on the drive up.

How much longer dad….are we there yet dad….dad..i need to pee…honey..i need to take a photo.

Once we got back down….we headed into the sweet old town of Hanapepe.

There was only one place to eat…and if you like stricktly vegetarian…then this is the place for you.

The desserts were amazing….but i was in the mood for something with pork…

i was feeling hawaiian and all.

Every day we are trying new beaches. Our favorites so far is Po’ipu beach park…

because they have a calm little bay for snorkelling and a small island that houses some

endangered monk seals. Our other favorite is right next to us…Hanalei Bay…because of great sand..

nice waves for boogy boarding…and this is where mason will be taking his surfing lesson

next week. I’m still trying to talk lola into it.

Lola said she will THINK about it.

which means…..i doubt it.

Have you ever had shave ice?

If you have not…then don’t read this when i tell you…


We had ours with a scoop of macadamia nut ice cream underneath the flavored shave ice.

Of course…no one wanted to share…so we all had to get our own.





 tomorrow we are waking up early….and hopping on a catamaran boat for a snorkel and sail

up the Na Pali coast. We are just taking the big kids….leaving the white haired boy behind.

It’s a good thing…because….white haired boy doesn’t fear much these days…and i could

see him tossing himself off the side of the boat the minute he saw a sea turtle.

p.s. i will show you my new fav WALMART shorts soon.

p.s.s. i will also introduce you to my new best friend soon.

p.p.s.s. there is a Coffee Bean very close by….{if you live in cali..you know this place} i heart it more than starbucks.

p.p Fin has definately Pee’d more than his fair share in the bushes at the beach.

p.p.s. over and out…i’ll be back soon.


  1. Oh Kasey!
    You guys are in HEAVEN!
    Don’t EVEN tell me the kiddos got to swim in that QUEEN’s Bath!!!!
    The perfect swimming hole!
    I can just SEE you all slipping and sliding on that trail in your flip flops!
    And yeah!
    So HAPPY to hear that you went to WALMART!
    Although there is not ONE THING ORDINARY about going to Walmart in HAWAII!!!!!!!! ;o)
    Can’t wait to see those Walmart shorts!
    Enjoy your time in paradise!
    And I was LOVIn’ the shaved ice!
    It’s sooooo my favorite!
    Have a SUNNY day Kasey!

  2. The photos are gorgeous and Queens bath looks like an awesome place!! (heck the whole island looks like a fab place!) Love.Coffee.Bean!! xxoo 🙂

  3. Amazing. Yep I know Coffee Bean…and shaved ice. We have a popular lil shaved ice stand down the street from the kids High School…a teen hangout of course! Yummy.

    Where do you leave Fin when you go on the boat trip without him???

  4. The colour of the water in the third photo is absolutely AMAZING I’m in awe! Sooo beautiful! That should be hangin in the museum of Kuaui!

  5. Made me smile again…not just because your holiday sounds just divine…love how the kids look so relaxed and your hub has grown a little beard! My hub does that on holiday – refuses to shave having been released from the corporate machine! Your point on not being as adventurous – soooo know what you mean. I have to force myself to just ‘let it go’…and of course they have the most amazing time because their Daddy takes them to dangerous places – like out to sea!
    Lou x

  6. Your photos are gorgeous – the island looks stunning. I wish I was there – maybe one day! Would it be wrong or clever of me to spend next month’s mortgage payment on lottery tickets?! Keep the photos coming – it looks like a great family holiday.
    ~Sam x

  7. I absolutely love your photos and your writing style. Looks like an amazing vacation!!!!

  8. so glad your precious family is having a wonderful time.
    you wouldn’t leave the windy city now , would you?

    love that scruffy bryan is enjoying the family photo ops!!

  9. Enjoy your time in paradise!! I visited that island during one of my summer stays in Hawaii — it definitely left an impression on me! I wish I could remember the name of the hotel… whatever it was, it was lovely! Soak it all in, Kasey! 🙂

  10. Coffee Bean is here in Korea as well… LOVE it!

  11. Funny, we took
    our kids to Hawaii
    in 2005 and the
    thing they remember
    the most: the shave
    ice! Looks like fun,
    xx Suzanne

  12. You are bringing back so many great memories for me. My husband and I went to Kauai last fall and did lots of the same things you are doing. We even stopped at that shave ice truck. Yum! We only stayed a week and I could have stayed so much longer. If you have time, do the innertube float through the irrigation canals. It’s not exciting, but very cool and kid friendly. We also really enjoyed the zip line excursion through Princeville Ranch. Not so little kid friendly, but something you and your husband would love. Just saying!


  13. I loved Kauai… I went when i was 5 months pregnant.. and right after they had they terrible tropical storm.. all the waterfalls were brown with muddy water, but i would go back again under the same circumstance.. it was so beautiful! We stayed mostly at the beach… I <3 Kauai! Great Vacation choice! Looks like everyone is having a great time!

  14. you always make my day.
    you did it again today.
    can i just say your kids have terrific hair? not just the color and cut, but cool texture. cute family. you are blessed. 🙂

  15. Oh you are bringing me back. We had the shaved ice too. So good…didn’t get the ice cream underneath. That’s just pure genius. I could live there too. Been trying to figure that one out.

  16. all I can say is thank goodness for computers and cell phones, otherwise I would be missing you horribly!
    we are so coming along next year…

  17. I’m Loving the pictures!!
    I’m not even going to say “enjoy yourself” b/c you’re doing it anyways! heehee : ) OK…..I’ll say have fun!!

  18. What a DREAM vacation!
    You have SUCH a beautiful family!

  19. Ohhh what a great trip kasey! Looks amazing. And coffee bean? I die!

  20. OMG! I’ve fallen in love with your blog. Heard about it through Sarah (abeachcottage) and now you’re at the top of the list of my favorites! Enjoy your vacation with your beautiful family.

  21. oh my goodness this is amazing…your pictures are amazing…I am so happy you are sharing all this while you are there…your family is just beautiful in these pictures
    can’t wait to see your shorts and a catamaran boat…I’m sure that will be wonderful!
    It is definitely a slice of heave there:)

  22. Hey I’m all for peeing in bushes.

    Let’s see these Wal-mart shorts!!!

    And mmmmm….shaved ice. My BFF is most certainly the lady at our shaved ice stand in town. Mary the shaved ice lady. She knows my fave is lemon-lime. 🙂

  23. Wow! So jealous! What awesome photos!

  24. Wow-wee-wow….what an AMAZING place!!

  25. Looks like you are all having an amazing time! Your photo’s are so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your family vacation and adventures with us all.


  26. come out from behind the camera. 🙂

  27. I’m moving with you!

  28. Kasey, it looks like you are having a wonderful vacation. Your photos are beautiful. I am wanting to hop on a plane right now.

  29. ahhhh…hanapepe…poipu beach…gosh, you are sure taking me down memory lane!

    m ^..^

  30. I’d like to move there too…

  31. Oh your whole family looks like they are having a blast in Hawaii!!

  32. It looks so lovely. Reading about all your adventures and seeing your photos makes me wish that I had taken more while we were sailing on Lake Tahoe. We are headed home tomorrow and I will be glad to see my bed but I have had a great vacation too. I can’t wait to read more about your trip. We are heading to Hawaii next summer so I will take some pointers from you:) Enjoy!

  33. Ok I’m cracking up about Queen’s Bath because my fam and I did the same exact thing, (walking in our flops) and we were slipping and sliding the whole way down. My not-so-adventurous mom did the splits at least twice! The pools are AMAZING, right?!! Also, was I right about the shaved ice, or what?!! I still can’t figure out why they don’t sell shaved ice year round in my neck of the woods!! Glad you are having a blast!


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