girl travels globe

I’m not really a world traveller…but deep down sometimes i dream i am.

You know the kind….like the show…’man travels globe’…..except the difference is…he get’s paid

to travel the globe scouting out new finds for Anthro.

I’ve dreamed that i was “girl travels world’….only to wake up in a deep sweat…

breathing really hard because my dream turns into a nightmare…

somehow kasey the world traveller accidentally crossed over from china into north korea only 

to end up in some sort of prison camp…then be interviewed by lisa ling.


kasey the world traveller…..couldn’t find anyone to watch her children so she could scoot

over to Sweden for a buying trip…and had to bring her children who all came down

with the stomach flu on the plane…….a plane that has no bathroom.

For some reason my mind races like that…and i really do not remember the last time

i had a good nights sleep.

Anyhoo….how the heck did i get on that whole rampage.

I am not a world traveller…at least i don’t get paid for it yet.

What i am..though…is a very good family vacationer.

Is that a word? vacationer

The definition for vacationer: person who travels with family and is not paid or

compensated for it..but must also still cook and wash childrens hair….occasionally wiping

a tush or two….and just possibly ask his or did said person end up coming home

feeling more tired then when he or she left.

Okay….now  you learned a new word. Now where was i? Oh…still right here.

On my agenda  is to pack up my bags…my children…my lover…

a few pairs of shoes…and maybe….just MAYBE…my passport.

{bryan will freak out knowing i called him my lover…but oh well…}

I have not even mentioned to you where i might be headed….because i was excited …

and wanted you to guess.

Here are the facts:

* It will be over a 9 hour flight.

*This will be our first family vacation in which we are not going home to visit family.

*The children & i will be there for a total of just under THREE weeks.

*The lover will only be there for one week.

*The destination is 3,850 miles from Japan.

* I might run into George Clooney.

* I might run into Paul Walker.

* I might not run into anyone but my lover.

*I might not run at all.

*I have been there before.

So….do you think you want to guess where we are headed? If so…you are up for a little prize.

Winner with the MOST accurate description will win a $150 target gift card.

Think of ALL the shoes you could buy with that….or you could stock up on kraft mac n cheese.

{most accurate in terms of city…place…country…capital}

One guess PER person please.

Tweet about this and be entered to win a package of goodies from where i am headed

& a $25 target gift card;-)

If there are more than a number of you with the MOST accurate description….then i will

have random number generator choose a winner.

I will be blogging while on the road….and maybe..just maybe with a glass of wine in hand.

I’m not promising anything though.

Comments close at midnight Sunday the 18th….and i’ll see you all on Monday!



  1. Had to do my research……I am thinking Hawaii…on either the islands of Oahu or Maui…maybe visiting Honolulu or Waikiki beach. So one of those places or maybe you’ll step foot on all of them 🙂

    I have been dreaming of Hawaii lately since I’ve been watching LOST on Netflix with my lover (aka hubby) and older children. I even went online to find my hubby some possible jobs on the island…then discovered how EXPENSIVE it is to live there. ha ha!

    You are a very blessed lady! Have an absolutely awesome time! Wow three weeks of beauty!! 😉

  2. Anaheim California

  3. Italy- Lake Como? bueno.

  4. Hawaii … not sure where tho and the passport throws me unless your going to Japan or China also.

  5. i’d wager that you’re flying into honolulu, but that you’re not staying on oahu.

  6. I think it must be Lake Como in Italy!!!!!

  7. Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii

  8. Patricia says:

    My guess is Italy, specifically Lake Coumo and if it’s right you will love it. Went 16 years ago still think about it and obsess about all the stuff I didn’t buy and should have.

  9. Luck Duck!! Hawaii is it?

  10. Little do you know you may also run into Pierce Brosnan like I did when I was there- my guess is KAUAI! I also tweeted!

  11. my guess is laos….don’t ask me why….just hope i’m right

  12. Well, hard to say but I am guessing Mary ‘Ole England. No George Clooney but plenty of Anthro trends there and I know it is a good 9 hour flight .

  13. I’m guessing Makena beach, or big beach in Maui Hawaii…? Have fun!

  14. ok, i’m going with Hawaii, I’ll say Maui if I need to be more specific. the distance seems to be about right from japan and the flight time from chicago! have fun!! susan ps. i think the MAYBE on the passport was to throw us off a bit, i was thinking Englad maybe 🙂

  15. Melanie says:

    Definitely Italia! The most romantic place on earth!!! Lake Como perhaps?

  16. I would have to say Maui-First stop will be in Honolulu-where you will stay at for a few nights- then you will take a small plane ride over to Maui where you will check into the Four Seasons resort- they will provide you with cold towels upon arrival and a bottle of spring water. You will indulge in the lap of luxury, you will see many faces and they will know that you and your family are very important, but they will not be able to place where they know you from -TV, Music industry, Designer ? Have a wonderful trip wherever you go -I went there 16 years ago and loved IT !!!! I love your blog it makes me laugh all the time!!!

  17. Brie Havrilla says:

    I would have to say Hawaii. Oahu to be exact, where they are currently filming Decendants and it is rumored that George Clooney has fallen in love with the place and would like to buy a property there. He was also joined by his current girlfriend Elisabetta.

  18. I first wanted to say to say that I started reading your blog about a week before summer started, and I have not been able to stop reading it. I am finishing up my last year in college and love photography/blogging. Your blogging inspires me to be creative with words and to live life fully!

    Here goes my guess…
    I remember back when you wrote about how you had no jet lag from a particular trip 🙂 You said in this place you could find eggs on everything and you had some of the most delectable macrons packaged oh so perfectly… In this place, it did not matter if you were fashionably late. This place you got to enjoy little spritz of perfume just because you could, and it was ok to rent a taxi. The courtyards will full of blooming exquisite flowers that made your eyes dazzle for days. This is a place, from reading your blog, seems to have captured your heart. It is a place that you can just soak in the beauty. My guess, and I am going to be bold with my prediction, is Paris. I say this because…

    1. You have been there before, and you’d need your passport
    2. I don’t see you running anytime soon around there because you will want to soak up every moment as if it was your first time
    3. You didn’t have jet lag the first time you went, so maybe you wouldn’t have it the next time!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  19. i think you are going to hawaii in the good ol USofA and Kawaii (the exact island)…??? but i called all the hotels there and they had no reservations under your name or your husbands…hmmmm i’ll keep calling around… HA HA HA HA LOL….PS i did not call hotels….(just wanted to clear that up… that would be wierd of me …)

  20. laglio, italy. {near lake como}
    no, i did not look at previous answers I just store a lot of info in my head.
    {I remember reading somewhere in a magazine about george’s villa there.}

    have fun,

  21. Have fun on your trip
    Im not a tweeter –
    Milan- Italy – Lake como Hotel

  22. Well – I am going to go with Hawaii. I know both of the celebs mentioned have been there quite a bit in the last few years. I know you don’t need a passport for this but the other things add up. Wherever you are going – have a great time!!

  23. I also tweeted – “nwgeorgiagirl”.

  24. theresa says:

    oh my…avignon…france…..:)

  25. Lake Como, Italy

  26. Allison S. says:

    If you are spending three weeks in Italy, then I am seriously, painfully jealous! I’ve heard that George has a home there around Lake Como, but I’ve never heard of Paul having a connection there. And I think Paul lives in Hawaii….hmm…..can I guess both and double my chances? Is that against the rules? 😉

  27. Allison S. says:

    Okay, I forgot about the distance from Japan that you mentioned, so it has to be Hawaii…Honolulu maybe?

  28. Hmmm… Paris, France! Ahh at least that’s where I want to go 🙂

  29. I ran across your blog because someone told me you live in the same town as me! I am fairly new here and thought it would be nice to read someone else’s blog who lives here. Anyways 3,850 miles from Japan is Miles, TX, but that is not a 9 hour flight from here. Unless you get delayed a lot and that would stink. So that is all I have.

  30. i have no idea where you are going as i stink at geography and am too lazy to try to go figure it out. but the length of your stay made me say “what!” out loud… you are sooooooooooooo lucky!!! xx

  31. mysweetgirlsx2 says:

    I am going to go with Italy because u said passport but wherever it is how AWESOME for u to go on vacation for 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!

  32. Heather Richter says:


  33. tina herrera says:

    maui hawaii….been reading your blog for a month or two none, its beautiful & funny.

  34. santa barbara, california

  35. Got to be Italy…Clooney has a home on Lake Como – give him a hug for me if you see him (like that’s gonna happen). Have fun. I’m saving like crazy to return to Italy…what a glorious country.

  36. Must be Lake Como, Italy. If it is, very jealous! Hell, I’m jealous of anyone who goes on a vacation now!

  37. I’m going with Oahu, Hawaii. George Clooney is currently filming The Descendants there… I think. And Paul Walker has a daughter that lives in Hawaii. And according to a flight map it is roughly 3850 miles from Tokyo.

  38. Sarah H says:

    LOVE your new website! I have been following your blog since last October and have found it the perfect companion to my daily cup of coffee. My guess is Kauai, HI. George was just there for filming (he might still be) and there is a Paul Walker on the island, although it might not be THE Paul Walker. It’s over a nine hour flight from Chi Town and exactly 3850 miles from Japan! Have fun!

  39. hawaii! have a wonderful time!

  40. frances says:


  41. Well, George filmed the Descendents at the Nuuanu house in Oahu before moving on to Kauai. Hopefully, you’ll be nearby!

    Have a blast! xox

  42. You are going to Hawaii and the capital is Honolulu. You will prbably be rubbing shoulders in with George in Kauai, the northern part to be more specific. You go girl. I am sooooooooooooooo jealous.!!

  43. Cristie says:

    So I’m guessing Hawaii…Honolulu. Beach time, exploring, honolulu zoo?, snorkeling. And in case my guess is correct (and I’m WAY too excited for you!) I checked trip advisor, and the #1 rated restaurant is Roy’s Waikiki Beach. Have a pina colada for me! And who needs George? Have a blast with your kids and husband!!! 3 weeks! WOW! I hope you have a blast!

  44. queensland australia ?

  45. You must be lucky enough to be going to Kauai, HI…. to narrow it down maybe Princeville?? very nice! 🙂
    I believe Geo could be on site…… Have a great time!

  46. Oh Kasey, you little devil you.

    My first thought was Italy because George Clooney lives there and you would need your passport.

    BUT I am going to say Hawaii because you said you MIGHT need a passport, GC is filming there, & PW has a daughter there.

    That’s my guess. Three weeks! Boy are you lucky. Have a great time. Can’t wait to read all about it.

    I tweeted too:)

  47. You are in Honolulu, Hawaii!!! You said…”just maybe” I will grab my passport, so I don’t know if you need it there. And george clooney was in Milan for a court apprearance and paul walker has a daughter that lives with her mom there. So fingers crossed-i won??? Have fun and enjoy the sun wherever you are!!! I know its not here in Cali because its super hot with a capitol HOT and your tweet says sunny and gorgeous NOt blazing. Ok im done…..

  48. Lake Como, Italy.

  49. You are going to Kauai, Hawaii. You will be staying in a beach house in Princeville with your three kiddos for two whole weeks. Bryan will come and visit you during your long stay. You got a slamming deal on your plane tickets which is why I’m not seeing you at this present time….so sad. 🙁 Have a fabulous trip!!! I’m so jealous. Miss you.

  50. my guess….Lake Como, Italy. Have a great time 🙂

  51. I’m going with Italy for sure. Possibly a spa town outside of Milan. Like Lake Como. Lombardy region. But then again, you just had a European adventure. And somewhere in the US might be a little more family friendly and better for the budget. And if you go by distance, it would definitely be Hawaii. So, Maui is my final answer.

  52. My guess is is Kauai, Hawaii and the capital is Honolulu! Hopefully you are staying in Princeville, which is where I just stayed last September and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You have to try the shaved ice mixed with ice cream…its the best thing ever made…OOooooo, and do the paddle board…SOOOooo fun! 3 weeks in Kauai?!!!! You are a lucky girl!

    xoxo, Meredith

    p.s…I am still cracking up about your dream!!

  53. lindsey f says:

    perhaps sydney, australia? have a good time regardless!

  54. FIrst thought was Paris seeing how you always want to go. but i will try for hawaii, oahu waikikee beach area

  55. gosh, 3 weeks……..i am guessing Paradise. (Hawaii, China, or Italy, all
    are the same for 3 weeks……. Paradise.) right!?
    and target is paradise for me if i can’t go to those heavenly places!
    enjoy. enjoy.

  56. Hmmm, I’m going to go ahead and guess Italy – maybe Venice? Have a wonderful time!

  57. Hi Kasey,
    I have no idea, any of the above guesses sound good and wonderful to me. But thanks for reminding me to go pick up my husband’s passport from the safe deposit, cause he’s on his way to Europe for business, without me of course, traveling again while I hold down the fort which is getting a bit, ahem, old, shall I just be frank and admit it?!! I’m the one who always dreamed of traveling the world, he’s the one who’s been to Japan and China and Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan, and all over the United States and Mexico, and now he’s off to explore Europe, boo hoo poor little me – NO FAIR!!! 🙂

    Wherever you wind up I know you will have a terrific time.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  58. Oh girlie…so beyond excited for you. I’m pretty sure you are going to Kauai, Hawaii. Not sure where you are staying. I’ve heard great things about the Princeville area. I can’t believe you will be gone 3 weeks. I would never want to come home. As a matter of fact….they’d probaby have to drag my fat a** (yes fat… macadamia nuts, kalua pork, and coconut will do that to ya) off that island. Hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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