flashback 1991


I looked into my mirror and for some reason it threw me back to 1991…even though this door

is from 1920.

I think it’s the jean shorts and tank top that dragged me back….because it certainly isn’t the weight.

What is it about jean shorts that make one think that it’s really okay to wear them after

one hits the ripe age of 35.

Not okay people…not okay.


I looked in the mirror…double checking my look was okay for the evening. Jeans were on…

a little on the tight side….just the way they were supposed to be…and my off the shoulders crimped top

was the perfect choice for the concert we were headed to.

I peeked at the clock and noticed that i was running a little late..so i grabbed my cherry chapstick

and headed out the door.

{katie perry would be so proud}

I hopped in my Toyota Paseo…rolled down the windows and headed over to pick up Junie.

Junie was my Korean best friend….totally smart….really cute…and really skinny.

I loved being her best friend.

I have not confirmed whether or not she loved being mine.

For some reason….and i know this for a fact….i can give you statistics if you want….really smart kids tend to have very naive parents.

I think it’s due to the fact that once you start getting straight A’s and are enrolled in honors classes..

the parents of said children think what a wonderful job they’ve  done and sort of take a step back on

the whole parenting thing.

{note to self: always keep an eye on my over achiever children}

After i picked Junie up…we stopped at the gas station to re-fuel on our marlborro lights….

our drug of choice….except that they were out of lights…so we went for the reds instead.

We grabbed our goods and hopped back in the car and headed south on I-5.

I was an LA girl….born and raised….valley loving smog breathing girl.

I loved smog…i loved cigarettes…i loved my Alberto vo5…and especially my sun-in.

We pulled up to the concert right on time….we were there to see Toad the wet Sprocket…

lucky us though….because Gin Blossoms were opening.

I hadn’t heard of Gin Blossoms till that night…but the song ‘Hey Jealousy’..soon became a fav.

Junie and i hit the floor and it wasn’t long till the mosh started…seemed like everyone wanted

to get as close as possible to the Gin boys.

We lit up our Reds…..we were cool like that…..and smoked a few all the while moving with the lyrics.

All the sudden i was feeling a little light headed….and i know i swayed back n forth for a few seconds before

almost passing out if it were not for Junie grabbing me to hold me up.

I love smart girls.

People for sure thought i was smoking some dope.

Not me…i was smoking some REDS.

I’m cool like that.

We finished rocking out to the Blossoms…and waited for the headliner to appear….Toad the wet sprocket.

Oh yeah….you know it….Toad was hot…

Walk on the ocean is all i wanted to hear that night.

“we spotted the ocean…at the head of the trail….”

Toad started singing…then Junie and i got into our groove swaying back and forth…

we were cool like that…..we might have even opened up our lighters and raised them.

I happened to look down at my swatch watch at that point and noticed it was quarter to twelve.

Oh shit….

curfew for me was midnight…..

curfew for Junie was something to the effect of….oh hell….the girl did not have a curfew because

she was a straight A student. Those kids could stroll in the door at 8 in the morning and get served

breakfast in bed.

sickening i tell you.

Not in my house…i had to be in my room by midnight….not just walking in the door….

that’s cuz dad was a cop.

Cop’s kids don’t have the easy breezy life of straight A students……


but cop’s kids have something the A students don’t normally have.

Street smarts…..oh yeah….that is a given for sure.

It was at that point that i dragged Junie off the mosh pit of a dance floor to find a pay phone.

We found one around the corner…and i dialed home.


My dad answers the phone…..a little bit groggy…and not one bit happy to be answering the phone

at midnight. “Hello” ….he answers.

I speak up……”oh..hey dad…i’ve got it….it’s for me”.

he then says….”who the hell is calling at midnight”

so i say….”dad…it’s  Junie…she just needs to tell me something….in private dad.”

so he says….”don’t talk long alright…it’s midnight you know”…..

and i say…”okay dad”.



Junie is standing by….listening to the whole thing just in case i need her to get on

and prove she is really on the phone.

I hang up the phone and know i have a good thirty minutes to get my butt home in case he decides to

maybe…just maybe come in and check on me.

I didn’t really have a plan for that one though.

{there is no way now that one could pull this off due to the evolution of caller I.D.}

I dropped Junie off at her home….noticing the lights were all off in her home…her parents nicely tucked in bed..

not thinking twice that she was went downtown with her bad influence friend at a concert and smoking cigarettes.

I won’t call Junie’s parents and tell them that she is the one that introduced me to underground Rages..

no…….i won’t….

because i can’t really remember if i was the one that introduced her…or vica versa.

whatever…that’s not the point…..the point is…and still is….she was the book smart skinny girl.

I was the street smart girl rocking the over processed highlights.

Junie ended up at Berkeley….graduating cum laude….i think. I’m not for sure…since i really didn’t graduate from

college. I had street smarts ….remember.

Junie was still living in Berkeley when Bryan and I moved to the Bay area back in 1998….not only was she my

maid of honor in my wedding…but she was in the delivery room when i had Mason.

I have no clue where Junie is these days…last time i saw her was in New York when i was there back in 2004….

but you never know…i might just run into her one day…maybe in a mosh pit….smoking some Reds….but the truth is…

it won’t be while i’m wearing jean shorts.







  1. loved, loved this flashback post…I love how you wrote it like I was right there seeing it all….
    those memories are sooo great…
    and I died laughing a the swatch watch

  2. by the way…I love how you pulled that one off with your curfew…smart…yes, I say and pretty hilarious:)

  3. Patricia says:

    Great story- I wish I had thought of the “calling home pretending to be on other extension” trick- would have saved me loads of groundings! I was a Parliament gal back in the day……and if I looked like that in jean shorts, I’d still be rocking them. But I don’t. So I don’t. 🙂

  4. Okay, so now you have me completely freaked out about my “over-achiever daughter”, Kasey! Should I go through her purse and car when she’s not looking? 😉 (JUST KIDDING! — well, sort of ….)

    Honey, in 1991 I had a baby and had already been married for 7 years. Thanks, pal — feelin’ nice and old now. 😉

    Loved your story — been there, done that… could’ve written the instruction manual. 😉


  5. Very funny story, did your dad wake up or did you get in okay? Funny how we recall stories from “back in the day.”
    Have a great day.

  6. HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  7. Colette says:

    Seriously, this is like I am right there with you. And the call to your dad???!!! CLASSIC.

  8. Thanks for starting my morning off right. Laughing at this post.
    I wish i would have known about the phone thing…to funny.

  9. I needed a friend like you. By the way, I think you look GREAT in those shorts.

  10. What a great story! Made me feel like I was there, too. Haha!

    And your telephone scheme?! Awesome!

    I had a curfew of 9:00, unless my dad wasn’t too tired, then it was 10:00 on weekends, but that was only when I was really really lucky. Even when I was 18. It was because I had a trouble maker ex boyfriend and they wanted to be sure I made it home, so my dad would sleep on the couch till I got there.

    I left my trouble maker ex and got with a new boyfriend (now husband!) the next day. I didn’t have intentions of it going this way, it just did. My parents gave me a new curfew- I could be home whenever I wanted! Shit, it was that easy!? I just had to leave the loser and I was off the hook? Gee, if they had told me that was the case, I would have left him long before I did!

    My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years now and I’ve been trying to think of a story to tell on the blog. I might have to tell a curfew story.

  11. You absolutely could pass for a teenager in that photo – lucky, lucky!!! I live in Vermont, now, but, in 1991 I was graduating from CSU Northridge. I grew up in Pasadena – you just took me back a bit. Great post! Super friend!

    Love, katy Noelle

  12. bravo my friend – the first of many I am sure. you truly have a talent – can’t wait to read the next one~
    love you.

  13. Wow…a great story…takes me back to yesteryear! Thanks for sharing the memories:) And I’ll remember the tip about the jean shorts;)

  14. Fun story! 🙂 I really love your photo, too!

  15. that is the funniest story- your photograph is wonderful.

  16. Okay…

    1. I LOVE THIS!
    2. Your Wonderland party is OUT. OF. CONTROL!!!! So stunning. Great job!

  17. I love this story… although I am a few years behind you this could have been my story. And I was even listening to the Gin Blossoms and Toad the Wet Sprocket while pulling off similar feats… still two of my favorite bands. In fact, Gin Blossoms will be making their appearance in my own blog today!

  18. love it, Valley girl!!!! Reds – that is hard core……..you go girl!

    Toad the Wet Sprocket. Something still about that song: Walk on the Ocean still makes me stop in my tracks and takes me immediately back to high school. Crazy how songs can do that. Fun concert! Smart girl. I’ve always said that street smarts are *better* than book smarts. Oh, thats because I hate school. And I’ve met some completely STUPID-at-life people who’ve graduated top of their class from Hah-vahd law and Stahn-fahd. Junie doesn’t sound like the latter. Afterall, she chose YOU as her friend 😉

  19. melinda says:

    Seriously you need to write a column for a paper and or a magazine. Call Oprah or Gail and sell yourself girl to work for their magazine. ( or any other) Damn you are good !! I was right there with you when I was reading this. Sooo funny! My friends and I have the same story but in the late 70″s — cigs , curfew ,concerts and like I said the 70’s. Haaaa !

  20. Girl, jean shorts are ageless…around the house anyway!! You have to have some comfy stuff to throw on and pretend you can still pull it off. Good story – wish I had thought of that phone trick, very creative! My best one was when I finally had my license and got to take my Dad’s car to go out to a party. He said, in no uncertain terms, that the car was to be home by midnight…or else! So, at midnight I drove the car into our carport…jumped out and got into my friend’s car (who had followed me) and went back to the party. Hey, he just said the car had to be home – not me! 🙂

  21. LOL!!
    Oh, the horrid stories I could tell about my flashbacks and Marlboro lights….

  22. Ah look her up! That makes me kinda sad. Bet she’s love to hear from you.

    Nothing wrong with denim shorts over 35 if you have the legs and from that photo, you still have the legs! xx

  23. Oh you brought me right back with you. I wish I had learned that phone technique!! I remember the first time I saw the Gin Blossoms, had no clue who they were!! LOve this post!

  24. seriously, this is the best thing I have read all day.

  25. I would have to say that my bestie in highschool was the street smart girl and I was the naive “follow the rules” girl. My friend would have totally pulled that telephone trick as I stood by scared out of my wits that we’d be busted.

    Awesome, hilarious story…Remembering those days is what keeps a person young and alive!

  26. Thank God for caller id now. My boys would totally try that one….you have enlightened me…

    Loved this post!

  27. Too funny how you pulled off the curfew!

  28. Great story! 1991 doesn’t seem that long ago. I got married in 1991 and we just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. Where in the world has the time gone?

  29. Loved your circa 1991 story ~ makes me smile with good memories!

  30. BusyMom says:

    Have a friend that used that same trick… thanks for the story!! makes me smile to think of the fun things i did back in 1991 ;o)

  31. that was a fun read kasey. the good old days. sometimes i am amazed i am still alive.

  32. very fun story to read!

  33. Kasey ~ THIS is what I’ve been waiting on … the first chapter of your book. Now keep them coming…I’m hooked!

  34. your blog is my absolute favourite ( and I follow a ton of them!) – I LOVED this story. Thank you for making my day. About the jeans shorts though!! ………. I remember reading that a girl over 20 should never wear shorts so I dutifully lived by the rule until last week. We’re sweltering here in Holland right now so I blew caution to the wind ( and so called etiquette) – and picked up a pair in H&M. I feel like a different person – those shorts have restored my joie de vivre. My message is simply, ” Ignore the rules occasionally – life is short – live some of it in shorts – and smile!!!”

  35. adrienne says:

    I LOVE your stories!!! You should write a book, in all your spare time of course!

  36. Tiffany says:

    baby got back… i kid, i kid.

  37. Flashback 1991….takes me back to those fun summer days! Thanks for making me feel young and childless, atleast for a little while. 😉

  38. Great story…I, too, am a cop’s kid. I was the oldest and a little more cautious than my bothers and sisters. I think after 9 kids my parents just got tired…the “little” kids got away with more that I ever thought of trying!
    Best wishes,

  39. How I remember my swatch watch!! Great flashback moment .

  40. Very amusing, I felt like I was right there with you sneaking out of my parents home. You are a very good story teller. Great way to pull one over on dad, impressed, cop too. I do like the mirror in the bathroom.

  41. Sue Wagner says:

    You my dear are quite the story teller, you brought back alot of memories, except I was there 10+ years earlier than you! Thanks for sharing your story, Sue

  42. Dear Kasey,
    I read this post the other night before going to sleep… and boy did it wake me up! This was by far one of the best blog posts I have ever read! And man that was a clever way to trick your Daddy! hehe

  43. I’ve been a lurker for awhile and have never left a comment. 🙂 But today I had to chime in… I loved the story! Loved the flashback to the era….so true! 🙂 and yep, I smoked those reds… ha ha

  44. which color is it? I can’t read the print! 🙂

  45. You may not know this, but you can use commas, periods, exclamation and question marks, and even hyphens instead of ellipses. You should maybe try it out if you’re going to be putting out a piece of writing you expect others to enjoy. But anyways, congratulations on giving up jean shorts.

  46. dude. memories, memories, memories. i loved my gap jean shorts with all my heart.
    my daughters dad is a cop and you are lucky cuz he would’ve never fallen for that.
    her curfew is 12 too and none of her friends have one.
    hopefully she’ll be happy about those street smarts someday, not so much right now.:D

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