I was asked not to long ago about who i go to for color……

i told her that i get it colored by Feria.

Oh….do you think i can get the number….is what my friend asked.

I told her i didn’t think SHE had a number….but i know the name on HER box…and it’s dark brown.


My friend’s mouth fell open and she said…. i can’t believe YOU color your own hair….

so i turned around and said to her….

I can’t believe YOU make boxed hamburger helper for YOUR  family.


i probably shouldn’t have said that…

because as soon as that came out of my mouth ..i remembered that sometimes i make it for my own family.

The kicker is… family loves it.


So..there you go…it’s all out in the open now.

I color my own hair….and i…on occasion…will make a boxed meal for my family.

Oh hell…..i make more boxed meals then i care to admit.


i like the cheap wine from Trader Joe’s… know the one…two buck chuck.

Since i came clean about some things….feel free to open up about yourselves…..but keep it clean okay…..

i don’t need to hear about how your uncle likes to grill hot dogs in his underwear….or how

you are still breastfeeding your 10 year old.


i have a feeling if you are still breastfeeding your 10 year old…then you probably aren’t here reading

my blog.

Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with breastfeeding your talking child that has a mouth full of teeth…

i’m just saying….if you are…then gosh darn…


Actually….you don’t have to come clean if you don’t want to…i was just being polite.

Anyhoo….where was i??


nowhere i guess.

I thought because so many of you asked about the mirrored door in my last post that i would give

you the skinny on it.


I just looked at your comments and realized ….

oh well….

i’m going to show it to you anyways.


I didn’t have a whole lot of time to peruse the flea market last saturday due to Lola’s party…

but i had a good hour to run in to my favorite spots.

Can you believe i walked right by it thinking the price tag was WRONG…but it was actually very very right.

I walked by it again…..and decided to just ask and see if what they had marked on it was correct…

because if it was indeed correct….

then i was going to high tail it out of there with it on my back.


I had been on the lookout for a full length mirror for the bedroom….

the funny thing is my friend said its to pretty to be hidden in my bedroom….

it should be in the living room.

I love my bedroom ……so i didn’t listen to her.

I hope she still loves me though.

Of course bryan thought we should mount the mirrored door to the ceiling…

and get a pole so that i could take up pole dancing lessons.


and i don’t know who’s child this is……

 i think it’s wrong for a five year old to come in and stand in front of my mirror….

even if he’s cute….and give me hand gestures that only a 16 year old would give.

He’s sooooo getting some hamburger helper tonight.

…..and yes….those are bibles….on my favorite Anthro catalog {which happened to be shot in Paris}…

because sometimes i do need a little bit of help from up above.

Over and out.

p.s.  I only paid $18 for that mirrored door.

p.p.s.  Lola and i are headed up to the land of 10,000 lakes this weekend…girls weekend away.

p.p.s.s  we are bringing our cruisers with us.

p.p.p.s  and our bikini’s

p.p.p.s.s  but i won’t be bringing my jean shorts




  1. I sort of hate you for only paying $18 for that door ;o
    have a great weekend!

  2. I love your mirrored door…now I wish I had taken the time to tell you that yesterday. Super, super busy with my daughter’s wedding in 16 days.

    P.S. Love this post!

    P.P.S. Love your blog!

    P.P.P.S. I think this may be my first comment on your blog.

    P.P.P.P.S. BUT I am a follower!

    P.P.P.P.P.S. I promise this is the last one…enjoy your girl’s weekend!

  3. My gray was popping out today so I colored also. Excellence, medium golden brown. I usually use medium maple brown but I felt adventurous and went golden. Ok, not so adventurous. Everything usually goes darker on me and a tad bit red in the sun. Does that happen to you? Might be because I have much more gray than you I’m sure. Have fun. Love the door and jealous it was only 18.

  4. $18 for that door? $18??!!!

    Enjoy your girls weekend!

  5. Kasey Kasey Kasey!
    Could your personality be any cuter?
    I don’t think so!
    Do enjoy your girl’s weekend!
    Lola is one lucky little gal to have such a HIP adorable mommy!
    Kisses to you both!

  6. OOOOOOH! Where in the land of 10,000 lakes are you visiting? You can come and visit me in Duluth along the beautiful north shore of Lake Superior!!!!

  7. I love mirrored door! Gorgeous! We have mirrors on a lot of our closet doors, too….but they are NO way close to the cute, vintage feel you have. It’s pretty much just “oh, that’s a mirror and it makes the room look larger”….not….”where’d you get that mirror!” Ha!

    Oh…and….who says there’s any shame in coloring your hair and hamburger helper? We all need a little help here and there….and sometimes we just need to help ourselves. ;0)

    Good weekend,


  8. I’m a Feria girl too…brown to be exact! I use two boxes to make sure I get coverage throughout! Thanks so much for sharing your funny life’s stories!

  9. I so love that mirrored door! And you only paid {gasp} $18 for it?! You must have the “midas touch”:)

  10. Welcome to the Feria Club, I’m the Proud President, BTW!! We girls do what we’ve got to do Right!!?? Completely Jealous of the door. I’ve been looking for a good one for a while and the Price….Ugh, more Jealous. Have a Fun Girls weekend with Lola B

  11. I LOVE that mirror, your hair color choice, AND the fact that you are going away with Lola this weekend. I totally NEED to get away with my Kacey for a girl’s weekend! Planning starts now! (and shopping for my jean shorts…i say why not! 🙂

  12. Seriously, 18 DOLLARS? I need for you to stop by and take me shopping…I can’t find any cool vintage-y shops here!

  13. First of all, you are way more talented than I even imagined because I tried to color my own hair for the first time ever last month…I am still finding brownish spots on my tiles!! I love that mirror and am green with envy that you only paid $18!! Have a wonderful girls weekend!!! oh, I sometimes crave those box meals and two buck chuck ROCKS! xoxo

  14. You cracked me up tonight reading this on your blog….just wait until tomorrow night, when you are here, in my backyard and drinking a yummy cocktail! Can’t wait to see you and Lola! Drive safe…

  15. WHen I color my hair it turns out horrible! Will you do mine. Just kidding. Have fun this weekend!

  16. $18! what a steal, it’s beautiful.
    will you post about MN when you get back? that’s where i live and it would be fun what you were up to here!

  17. Love the mirror and LOVE the picture of Finn. Does his hat match his shorts? You are too cute.

  18. I L.O.V.E. that mirror! I never seem to have that kind of luck –

  19. Oh,
    Wow! Great deal!
    Mmmm…aren’t mom jean shorts and pantyhose with sandals a must for MN…along with polo shirts and visors? Hmmm…sorry, no…I guess I just took a little trip back to 1985.

    Have a lovely weekend! I’m going camping….near Forks.. I heard that their may be hot guys in the woods….ah….wahoooooo…..

    : )

    Julie M.

  20. $18 whaaattt! I color my own hair too. Don’t ever tell anyone, but my hubby helps me.

  21. Just started reading your blog via abeachcottage blog and lurve it! Will definitely be adding this to my morning read. I just need the kiddies to sleep in, so I can fit all in! $18 door… I can only wish…

  22. I see the pic of your closet on Houzz ALL the time and was wondering when you would post more pics on your blog!??? thanks,

  23. Let me start by saying It’s my birthday and thats about as clean as I am coming. Im coming here in hopes of a funny dose of YOU for my gift and I got it. Thanks for that… Oh and I live in MN… Where in the land of 10,000 lakes are you going? I can see your blessing Jill with your funnies…. Cant wait to see if you land near me. and post some great photos….. It’s beautiful here today and should be again tomorrow. Hope you have fun and enjoy the land of 10,000 lakes.

  24. But I thought you looked sweet in the jean-shorts. I vote you Keep Them!

  25. you crack me up! You’re my read every morning with a cup of coffee… my entertainment!

  26. did you hear the screech of the brakes as my brain tried to come to a sudden stop? $18? Really? Life is not fair… Just kidding, it’s to die for and it will be fabulous wherever it ends up in your home.



  27. I absolutely looove that mirror! I for one didn’t ask where you got it in the last post… but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking… man I wish I could find something like that!

  28. I’m getting my hair colored for the first time this coming Tuesday. I needed to a while back. Put it on the todo list for May. I’m scared. I’m sure I’ll look so stunningly young come Tuesday afternoon. That, or I’ll be sobbing.

    What a steal!

    Have a fun weekend!

  29. I’m sitting here drooling over your door…and the hat boxes. Have a great weekend!

  30. Hehehe – I color, but I pay a professional. The last time I tried to do it myself, I bleached it white!!!! Have a great weekend!

    🙂 Laura

  31. Love that door! What a great buy!! I too color my own hair sometimes…Perfect 10 by Revlon…love it! Have a wonderful weekend with just the girls! I and my Drama Queen are headed out on a girls weekend next weekend…enjoy!!!

  32. $18. holy balls. that’s amazing.

    Miss you! xoxo

  33. $18 you have to be kidding!!!! I love that mirror by the way and your sense of humor always makes me laugh!!
    Enjoy your girls weekend with Lola!!

  34. oh god are you in that Anthro catalogue?


  35. I’m thinking sweetie with that door & that hair colour you are


    enjoy the weekend

    have a beer for those allergic to wine down under

  36. Shar Yates says:

    That was just a darling post. I really enjoyed every word. I recently found your blog via Sarah and absolutely adore it. And, that door, oh my, what an amazing find. Have a super great weekend with the girls.

    PS My standard poodle is named Lola. Well, her registered name is : Lola, she was a show girl!

  37. you are not as sorry as I am on the wine thing…a late onset allergic reaction so be very careful girly

    this came upon me a coupla years ago and from one who used to go to France for lunch from the Old Country for some plat du jour this was not the best thing to happen to a girl on the cusp of life

    …there is only so much Peroni or Stella a gal can drink

    oh and on the post…no worries on the timing, I am easy xx

  38. Just found you and now I must find a day to sit and read everything. It’s summer. I can do that (hopefully). I was trying to think of a confession… using Rao’s marinara and pretending its homemade, plunking just-purchased potted plants into flower beds as if I grew them to perfection. Oh, silly me, it’s that I have a recuperating chicken sitting next to me on a swivel office chair at this very minute.

  39. LOVE your new mirror and can’t believe what you paid for it! Enjoy your girly weekend.

  40. Yeah so….seriously 18.00? Seriously? That is a steal for sure.

    Feria’s been good to me too but she and I have had our differences on my grey streak. She feels its not necessary to color ALL of the streak…maybe just parts of it, and I’m just not down with that 🙂

  41. Your son is too cute! I don’t know what it is about mirrors…My two year old stands in front of our floor length mirror and really gives herself a show…Luckily that’s the only place where she happily picks her boogers.
    There’s no shame in using boxed meals every now and then…It’s better than running to McDonald’s!

    Oh, and that Anthro catalogue is my very fave also!

    Have a great weekend.

  42. I would sooooooooo be your friend if you lived next door to me! Hair color from a box and dinner from a box….you are my kind of girl!
    I love the mirrored door- lucky you.

  43. love Fin’s hat.
    have fun girls…so jealous…now i’m singing gin blossoms all beacause of YOU.
    i confess to having their CD and… The Bodyguard soundtrack. yikes.
    and i’d wear my high waisted jean shorts…with a jean vest.

  44. Nothing wrong with Feria! I’m thinking of going that route myself. Paying $100 every 3 months is getting old…..:).

    {thanks for being such a gifted writer!}

  46. Love the mirror and love your humor…I’m sure if we ever met…we would be fast friends!
    Fin is Uh-Dorable in that pic…sooo cute! 🙂
    Have fun on your getaway…and I like your jean shorts…super cute on you!

  47. i love your mirrored door- so very beautiful and I love how you have captured it in the photograph.

  48. Have a great girls weekend away! I can’t believe you got the door for that price….. seriously!!!!! You scored!

  49. Love the post. So refreshing to see someone being real (and with a great since of humor). Hey, I do boxed dinners (our little secret)! I kind of gathered from Jill’s post you were going to be her guest in MN. Have a great time, it’s a great state!


  50. It’s because you colour your own hair that you can afford to lash out $18 on a door – lol!!!!!
    I cut my own hair last week – saw a post on youtube and thought – it can’t be that hard, right? Let’s just say it didn’t turn out that great – sort of a long mullet (eek!) but so far no-one has noticed (or they are too polite to say anything!)
    Love your blog, I always have a chuckle. Thanks, lg

  51. Hahaha, “he’s soooooo getting some hamburger helper tonight”. You are too funny!

    People ask who my hair stylist is. I tell them I cut it myself. THEN they ask if I’ll cut THEIR hair. Heck no! Are you crazy?! The only reason I can cut my hair is because it’s a short choppy cut and if I eff it up it will be fine in 2 weeks!

    And MN- ooooh, how I love MN. Such a dear state, isn’t it?

    Let’s see, a confession. Hmmm. Oh shoot, I can’t tell the one I want to! Too embarrassing! I would blush for sure. So instead I will say that I listen to pop/”hip hop” music (sometimes) when I’m driving because it reminds me of when I go out dancing! Don’t tell my husband…he’d never forgive me!

  52. One time, not too long ago, I made this pie to take to a neighbor’s and used a store-bought crust. They raved so much about it, especially the crust, I couldn’t bear to say I didn’t make it. Now I’m known for that awesome crust. ha!

    btw, you, my friend, can write.

  53. i just stumbled upon your blog.. i don’t know how i actually got here but i’m glad i did! you are hilarious! i’m soooo following this blog! 🙂

  54. Well, you just ruined my perfectly happy Saturday and pretty much my entire life by telling me you got that danged mirror for $18. Hope you’re happy.

    ps- The “Lasagna” variety is the best. (And yes, “quotes” are necessary in this case…)

  55. That mirror was the deal of the century! Hey, it’s good to know that if I decide to fight this grey taking over my head that I can do it at home with good results. So glad you shared.

  56. Oh, gosh, Kasey, you’re brilliant!!! You’ve already confessed everything for me. I think, “well, phew!” quite often when I come here. i.e. I’m not the only one….

    Hey, I think that I’ve found your soap dishes long lost twin! She’ll be awful glad to hear, I’m sure!

    Love, katy

  57. Please. help. My 4yo won’t stop nursing. Do you know how hard it is to wean a kid who can argue with you???!!! And especially when he’s as cute as that little bugger using your fabulous mirror up there.

  58. You got a great deal! WOW! I love the mirror too.

  59. dark brown feria girl right here!!
    & $18 door?
    why do you midwesterners get all the good loot

    loved the wonderland party
    you are amazing
    caroline has been asking for the same thing
    but after seeing what you pulled together
    i am so NOT throwing a wonerland party without you

  60. I just found your blog and love it. That old door mirror is great. What an awesome deal you got on that for sure! Love your stack of vintage bibles. I have been recently looking for old leather bound books. Such great patina and texture to them. I am sure I will be back often.

  61. So jealous, that is an amazing price for that door, I would have done a double take too! Congrats on the steal!! Have a great time with Lola this weekend! : )

  62. You RAWK! I love your blog soooo much! (especially your fabulous pics….and hilarious sense of humor!) =)

  63. Hi Kasey… was so nice meeting you in person at the flea…….and that is a great full length mirror idea….I would really like one of those for the front of my armoire in my bedroom instead of a curtain front…hhhmmm….your new blog looks great!

    Anne Marie

  64. Hi there,
    I have just found your blog today, and am addicted this evening to reading it. You are so very funny! I love your style of writing and personality!
    Hope you don’t mind me putting a link on my blog to yours.
    I’ve only just started mine and still have lots to learn about it, but it you have a mo do check it out:
    Hope to see you there, otherwise see you here! 🙂

  65. OMG – u just made me spit out ben & Jerry’s – u are too funny. xx

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