Happy Monday girls!

We left Chicago saturday afternoon to arrive in gorgeous Kauai late late late saturday night.

I had some really tired children but all in all….they traveled like little professionals.

Nine hours is a very long flight i might add…..especially for the boys…who had

to endure watching ‘The Last Song’ …and ‘The Time Travelers Wife’ on the plane.

Lola and i were happy campers though.


here we are in Princeville….on the island of Kauai.

Home of where George Clooney just finished filming a movie…

and home of where Paul Walker likes to surf.


I promise you our little white bodies will NOT be white for long.

We are staying in a 3 bedroom condo…not far from the beach. It was raining when we

woke up yesterday…so we drove over to Poipu…which is on the other side of the island

and is known for having very sunny days. We spent all day there…and the kids

learned to snorkel around. We also found some tide pools on old lava rock..

so the kids had a blast collecting little tiny crabs…

don’t worry PETA….we let them go before we headed back.

This morning we just woke up..and it is gorgeous here on our side…

so we will explore all we can.


Can you believe i only packed a carry on for my just under three weeks here? I brought 2 pairs

of flip flops and my grey converse.

I left my Teva’s at home…and my jogging bra.

I did at last minute pack a huge suitcase full of food…things like my Fin’s favorite

instant oatmeal…and lots of boxes of mac n cheese…some cereal….

i also packed up oodles of tubes of sunscreen..

things that i wouldn’t normally be able to carry on…but are very expensive to buy here.

Bryan {lover} gave me a gold star for being such a smart girl….and told me he’s taking

me out for a special date later this week….since we did not celebrate our 12 years

of wedded bliss last week. Did i just say 12 years.


Bryan and i got engaged over here 13 years ago….

so we have much celebrating to do.

Don’t worry…i heard your mouth fall open…..i won’t give you details..okay…

other than we have some date nights planned.

More on that to come.

We are so excited to be able to spend so much time here….with lots of exploring….

so i better hop off this computer before bryan throws it out the window.

p.s. i will get the names of you girls that named Princeville as the destination..and have the winner

picked by my next post.

p.p.s. If you have ever been here…and know of some not to miss places..i would love to hear.

Till we meet again….




  1. SOOO FUN!!!!!!! those pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! I love all of the pictures of you all…enjoy your time ~ and date nights…Happy Anniversary…and as much as I love your posts…I’d keep them short too…because that place is just too pretty to miss anything:)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I’m forever jealous!

  4. Oh I am so jealous!! One of my best friends is there right now too. never been but hope to soon. Blessings for a wonderful vacation!!

  5. Happy anniversary! I hope you all have a wonderful time in paradise. 🙂

  6. JOY! Congrats to the love birds.

  7. Love Hawaii! I got married on Paipu beach on Maui- not to be confused with Poipu – on Kauai. Hope you guys have a blast and enjoy your vacation. Looking forward to more photos.

  8. Ahhhh, dreamy. Enjoy!!!

  9. Aloha and welcome back to the islands! My husband and I live on O’ahu, but dream about moving to N. Shore Kauai…one day, I’m sure! ‘Till then, we island-hop every break (we are teachers)! Our favorite places on Kauai include Waimea Canyon (be cautioned if anyone tends to be carsick on windy roads), hanging out in Hanalei, walking around the town of Kapaa (there’s a great new mexican food restaurant there- “Verde”…very casual), and just sitting back and enjoying the N. Shore beaches! If you have any questions for which I may be of assistance, just shoot ’em on over!

    p.s.: Did you all feel the earthquake yesterday??!

  10. Oh Kauai….I too got engaged to my hubby in Kauai 3 years ago in May. It is a beautiful island. It does rain alot, but usually in the late evening and early morning (that way everything stays lush and green!).

    Poipu is lovely (our friends live near there). Actually, the whole south shore is amazing (very sunny!) You gotta hit up the quaint little town of Old Koloa. There are restored plantation houses with little shops (and a pizza place, shaved ice….)

    And the picture of the Kilauea Lighthouse….!! You MUST take the tour. It is the neatest building and they have wildlife all around (there are birds that make their nests on the side of the mountains in the ocean coves). Its gorgeous. Also, while you are in Kilauea get some ice cream at Kilauea Video and Ice cream – Macadamia is my fav 🙂

    Im so jealous. We wont be back until next May, and I am counting down the days and hours 🙂

    Happy Anniversary lovebirds!!


    ps – I love Hanalei too – Bubba’s burgers and the Fish Market!

  11. Oh my…. absolutely dreamy! One day I hope to be there! 🙂 Beautiful! Can’t wait to more photos and updates 🙂

  12. Brilliant! My family went to Kauai when I was young, too. Memories of happiness have just flooded my mind – sugar cane, snorkeling at poi pu,scaring the bejeepers out of my mom when I tapped her leg to point at a fish when we were snorkeling at poi pu (I’m sure that she had 2 ft of air between her and the water(, volcano like valley (can’t quite remember that too well), that mambo spider in the wet cave (heebie jeebies for years!!!), luau, white sand, north island, slow easy going pace. I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  13. Have a wonderful time and celebrate 12 years each and every day you’re there!

  14. Enjoy, it’s beautiful there…If you see a girl named Mary at the Farmers Market – say HI! Have a fabulous trip! xxoo 🙂

  15. Have a wonderful time!!

  16. *sigh* Those photos are breathtaking! I am so jealous! Have a fabulous time. And I agree with your husband, you are a smart packer. Enjoy your time together.

  17. Lovely pics! Enjoy your vaca!


  18. YAY!!! I guessed right. Why does it make me happy that YOU are there. I guess living vicariously. Anytime anyone mentions Hawaii now it feels personal…like it’s mine or something. Ha…anyway so glad you brought your laptop. I’ll be just sittin’ here waiting for your next post on MY Hawaii:)

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! GORGEOUS! Have a fab vacation!

  20. Oh, you are soooo lucky! Someday I’ll get to Hawaii…but for now, I’ll just drool over your photos & the tales you tell:) Now, go & enjoy!!

  21. Oh I forgot…Happy Happy Anniversary to you & your hubby:)

  22. The in-laws used to live there and we spent a month every year in Haena just a few miles north of you…must see the “end of the road” and take your hiking shoes ….that is where they filmed “The thorn birds” the love scene was filmed on the beach…great trails along the coastline. We used to drive up there every day and snorkel.

    Have to have a bubba burger in Hanalei and do the night life there, small but authentic. Their home was next to Pierce Bronsons not far before the end of the road, oh the kids will love the caves up there…again right before the “end of the road”. If you feel like a nice long drive to the other side, leave early and see Waimea canyon, worth the drive and then on the way back you can go to a hotel in Poipu and sunbathe….you are on the rainy side so save that one for a rainy day, but this month should be pretty good. Oh ask the locals to tell you how to get to Lumahai beach (where South Pacific was filmed) it is close to Princeville, it is a great little walk down to a private beach and very fun for the kids with the trail and not many people there. Always becareful of the surf up there though, lots of rip tides on the north side. I love that lighthouse, we used to trek out there and go to a natural waterslide, but they closed it down after too many people got hurt. There is a small museum in Lihue that sells DVD’s from Iniki hurricane, very interesting. Have a blast!

  23. sigh the lighthouse….

    hoping to visit myself one day soom

    E N J O Y


  24. I stayed in Princeville over 30 years ago, a whole lifetime ago. I know it’s changed so much. Still so beautiful, and you will have a lovely, amazing wonderful time. I am very, very envious!! By the end of three weeks you will not want to come back to the mainland!!
    Heidi- Heart and Home

  25. You lucky girl! I guessed Hawaii but not Princeville. Have a great time!

  26. One place you have to check out is Roy’s in Poipu. That was our favorite restuarant. I love that they offer half portions so you can try all sorts of delicious food. Enjoy paradise!

  27. oh…and remember, if you have forgotten anything from home, there is a Walmart on the island.

  28. So jealous….you and Bryan make such an adorable couple. Have fun…love you!

  29. So THAT’S what he looks like. I haven’t been a reader for very long so I hadn’t seen a photo till now! You guys are so cute! And 12 years- wow! That’s great!

    Joe keeps talking about Hawaii. I keep telling him “but EVERYBODY goes to Hawaii”. I think I want to be everybody now. Lovely photos, can’t wait to see more.

    Have fun with your almost 3 weeks! That’s awesome!

  30. Christie McGetrick says:

    Have a wonderful three weeks – sounds like a dream vacation. Never been to Hawaii – but would love to go.

  31. Hello, Kasey! You are visiting one of my most favorite places on the whole planet! Make sure you get up to Hanalei, where Puff the Magic Dragon lives. And on your way, stop at the lookout up above the pretty valley where the taro paddies are… It is a beautiful glimpse back to what it looked like so, many, many years ago.

    Look past the touristy stuff and you will see so much of the romance of old Hawaii on Kauai. It captured my heart forever. Blow a kiss to the island for me!

  32. Hi! Dropped by from a beach cottage and already loving your blog! I LOVE Kauai! Went there last year for my honeymoon and our friends are honeymooning there as we speak! Make sure you check out hideaway beach, you can find it probably walking distance from where you are staying. Great snorkeling, but its very steep walk down! Can’t wait to check out the other posts!

  33. gorgeous photos kasey. have a wonderful trip.

  34. Yup, totally jealous!! You need to tell us all how you kept your kids from losing it on a 9 hour flight. Have a safe and wonderful trip!!

  35. Just clicked over from A Beach Cottage and love your site. I couldn’t help but read through your posts on your trip to France. I also am a mother of three and could definitely use a girls’ trip to France!!! What a great time you must have had.

  36. The place looks fabulous! And I love the kids’ surfer dude poses… very cute. And Paul Walker…. mmmmm….

  37. Oh wow, definitely the Shrimp Station by the base of Waimea Canyon. The best Coconut Shrimp on the planet! I second Hideaway Beach, our condo was right above it last year and it was amazeballs. Found you through A Beach Cottage.

  38. Oh it is beautiful there. I know that ya’ll are having a ball you get to travel to so many wonderful places. Have fun and be safe.

  39. Kasey, how exciting! I am so happy you took the time out to share with us, your fabulous! You are a very smart Lady save those $$$$$ for important things not food……………I hear it can be very costly to eat out.

    Hawaii is the Bomb! Enjoy your date night out………………………..~Cheers Kim

  40. ohhh sooo jealous you are in kauai!!! it is hands down my favorite hawaiian island, esp. b/c we honeymooned there!! i have a very similar pic of the lighthouse too hehe!!

  41. Fabulous spot for a family vacation
    have fun

  42. I read nothing
    I cant
    too jealous
    the pictures were enough
    the setting
    your family
    all of it

    I have always wanted to go where you are right now….

  43. Last post, promise. Can I have permission to post a few presh photos when I blog about this?

    If you reply no, I’ll take em off asap.

  44. Krista B. says:

    Good interview, Kasey! OMG, how cute does Fin look as a beach boy!? And, yes, as everyone has commented, I love your shoe ‘collection’ as well! Woo-hoo!!!

  45. Boy, you have really gotten around this year! Have a great time and try not to get sunburned like I did 30 years ago on my Honeymoon! Excited about the Anthro giveaway you and Sarah have going on.

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