What we are wearing today…

I had mason snap this photo of us as we are heading out the door this morning.

A long time ago i used to do a little series called fashion friday. It’s been at least a year and a half

since i’ve stood on my roof or dragged my antique iron bed out in the snow.

This is so much easier and i have to thank my friend Paula for giving the inspiration to start it again.

Not the fashion friday part…..but just the what we are wearing part…..because i’m going to have

Lola join in when she wants. I did not dress her today….she just really loves this pink skirt from

Old Navy that her grandma bought her….oh…and the lovely skull converse. Her shirt is from Target.

My dress is from J.Crew, jeans from Target…purse from Target…shoes from Nordstroms.



  1. Love the yellow shoes!!!

  2. You two are so cute! Have a good weekend!


  3. Love, love, LOVE me some yellow heels! I have a pair that I LOVE to wear…during the fall and winter I eagerly await the summer months so I can wear them again…they make me :~)

    Looking forward to more Fashion Friday’s!

  4. Susan b. says:

    Love it !!

  5. that pic made me smile. u both look perfect for a friday together. wonder if crew still has that dress. hmm.

  6. Kasey ~ What a lovely idea!
    Especially the fact that you will
    let Lola pick out her OWN Fashion Friday
    I can see that you’ve taught her well:
    good fashion sense can lead you to
    create great outfits with components
    from anywhere!
    My teenager was a Tom-boy for years.
    Jeans and t’s ~ yup.
    Now the artsy side of her is wanting
    to use her clothes as a canvas ~ a way
    to express herself, and I’m so excited!
    From Target to Etsy, Anthro to thrift,
    she’s putting it all together.
    Looking forward to next Friday…
    xx Suzanne

  7. Sweet! It’s still getting pretty chilly out here in Wa.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. Fridays just became a bit more fabulous with this fashionista mom/dot duo!

  9. Well aren’t the two of you sassy ladies looking exceptionally chic today! I have the same dress from JCrew and like the idea of wearing it with jeans…that is if it wasn’t 98 degrees here with 500% humidity, ugh.
    Happy weekend to you and your cute peeps.

  10. Jennifer B. says:

    I’m headed to Nordi’s tomorrow to see if I can find those cute peep toes.
    Love the look.

  11. I like this idea! Maybe it’ll give me some good ideas for what to wear together. Love the gray & yellow. Two of my favorite colors right now!


  12. Seriously! My N. J. wore that same skirt today for her last day at school. It is a good one! (Your shoes are beautiful!)
    Have a wonderful weekend! – A.

  13. cute, cute! happy weekend!


  14. ya’ll are too cute
    bet you wish i didn’t say “ya’ll” all the time too huh?

  15. cute, cute, cute!

  16. 2 great looks!!!
    loved that old navy skirt, too….my daughter is now to tall for it but we both kept trying to figure out how to make it work for us….looks great on your gal

  17. You two are so cute! Yay for Fashion Friday!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  18. I wore the same dress yesterday in navy. Love it!!

  19. First things first…those yellow shoes made me weak in the knees…I love yellow…and second…I loved when you did your fashion posts…hoping they are back for good…have a lovely weekend!

    xo rebecca

  20. I always loved your fashion days… now I love what are you wearing… such a fun idea and of course you both are as cute and stylish as they come!!! Love the pop of color with the dress and jeans…. love dresses and jeans!!!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  21. Y’all look cute and I think this is a great idea.

  22. um fashion friday for me = any different combo of flip flops jeans + white tee

    diggin’ the shoes

  23. Momma & daughter…both stylin’ girls:)

  24. Love the shoes! I am guessing Target doesn’t sell tall enough jeans for me, but I like them too! Adorable girls!

  25. Oh yes, I miss Fashion Fridays! So glad to see you resurrecting them…(at least, kind of resurrecting them). You two look adorable.

  26. You dress like I do…I love to wear dresses with jeans…and I like to wear long ruffled skirts under tank dresses too…with long vintage necklaces…the only difference…you have heels on. Nope, not me…I wear birks, crocks, flip flops or flats. But I am older than you:) You look adorable. I love Lola’s french bangs.

  27. You two are so fashionable! Love the outfits! Your yellow shoes are awesome. I am with the commenter above, you usually only catch me in flip flops or flats even though I go crazy over cute heels at stores. One of these days…

  28. Love this! And look forward to more of the two of you fashionistas. My daughter has the wave shirt and she’s wearing it out this summer. Says she’s getting in the mood for our beach vacation (at the end of July).

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