what to do with your spare tire…

My kids eat chips. …

yes they do……and i’m okay with it.

I let them each pick out their own bag….that’s just the way i roll.

I won some major points this morning with them…..and now as i sit here and write this…

i believe the chips are all probably gone…..because stuff like that just doesn’t hang around

very long here in my house.

I only had one cheeto.

I swear.

Last night i was invited over with Lola & Fin to a friends home to hang out.

The kids just played out back while us moms hung out in her adorable screened in sun porch….

and ordered some food from Bien Trucha.

I love her style…..she loves old as much as i do and lives in a 150 year old home.

She’s not afraid of color.

I heart her old chippy chandie hanging down and if you can see the little bit of  yellow patterned

fabric in the window behind…..those are actually kitchen towels from Anthropologie that

she turned into a little window valance.

I’m totally stealing that idea.


so….today i woke up and decided it was time to head back to bootcamp.

My friend Sharon teaches this bootcamp class twice a week….and i’ve been going on and

off for about a year and a half. I think if i went on a regular basis…then i might have the body

that i so desperately want….but because i HATE to exercise….it’s taking longer then normal.

I brought my camera today…..and you’ll see why…

today was spare tire day.

We ran to a tire shop…and each of us had to get a tire and run back to the park with it.

We carried them….we jumped thru them…..we ran with them around our waist….

which someone yelled out…’is this a metaphore’….because {hopefully} we are getting rid of OUR spare tire.


I even fell once while we were running thru the tires…it was not pretty….and i really hate to get dirty.

but Dirty i was.

As much as i hate to excercise though….it’s an awesome class where you feel so good after.

{if you live in my area…and want to come…email me and i’ll give you the info}

Tonight mason and bryan are taking a kayaking class…they will learn to kayak

on our river here in town…….i am so proud of my boys.

I don’t know if i mentioned this yet but mason and lola get on a plane to florida this monday.


One whole week….to play at the beach….dig in the sand…boogie board….eat ice cream …

fish with their poppy off of his new boat.

This is a yearly treat for those two…..to be able to go down and spend some quality time

with the grandparents. One day fin will be able to go also ….but i’m not quite ready to let

him get on an airplane by himself…even though he’d be with the other two.

I told Fin when he turns 18…..then i would think about it…but until then….he’s stuck with me.

The flip side is….he gets








  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the kids with the chips! I think that is so great. Good job on the bootcamp and I’m very jealous of your evening, any idea what color of paint that bench is? 🙂 🙂

  2. thanks for saying hi 🙂 i heart your blog!!! see you soon! ox

  3. I need that bootcamp – really. I am going to spinning class tonight and while I know I will love the feeling as I walk outta that damn gym, I am currently dreading it.

  4. I wish someone offered a bootcamp near these parts… I need to get rid of my spare tire real bad!

    How wonderful for Fin to get a whole week of Momma Time all to himself!

    You are braver than I…I can’t bring myself to allow my children to fly by themselves, as much as my parents would love to have them. But flying from MD to CA, by themselves, nope, can’t do it!

    And I am totally stealing the anthro towel-turned-valance idea! Love it!! Thanks for another wonderful post!!

  5. What a cute post, I love how you are so real! 🙂 And…I also love that you share my hate of exercising. I have to MAKE myself do it. I loooove how I feel after and I love the results, yet I still have to talk myself into each day..weird.

  6. i’m with Lola…BBQ Lays are my fav…but i simply can’t keep them in the house or i would be going to boot camp EVERY day!
    i have an old bench that i’m going to paint and now it looks like its going to be blue because that one of your friends is gorgeous…

  7. I love that your two oldest are getting ME time with their grandparents!
    My son is flying out to Washington State with a friend to see my folks,
    later in the summer, a week ahead of me and my daughter. A direct
    flight, but they feel like such BIG guys, getting to do this SOLO!
    My daughter has done this twice with friends….and my parents treat
    them like royalty : ) Used to do the same with my grandparents ~
    great memories! xx Suzanne
    PS: Boot camp. Think I’d hate the doing, but LOVE the results.
    {I’m more of a yoga girl. } The tire thing seems BRUTAL!!!

  8. I love that bench so much and what a fabulous idea those kitchen towels for a valance…that would be great in my kitchen!!!! Anyway…boot camp…I’m so sick I get enjoyment out of that sort of stuff…I just have to go with the free running here though:)

  9. Mmm…I’m not a salty gal…but who can resist Cheetos! Yum! It sounds like your summer is off to a great start, Kasey!

    : )

    Julie M.

  10. I am totally in awe of you for doing this bootcamp. it must be said: you go girl. 🙂

  11. Kasey, you have won the best mom award hands down! My kids would think I was amazing if I let them each have their own bag of chips…they have always had to share. 😉 I just might have to do this and see if I get some extra mommy points. I love that turquoise chippy bench with the beautiful pillow! Your friend has great taste…just like you. Kuddos to you for taking on a class like that! I can see that would be a lot of work but a great pay off. I hope Mason and Lola have a great time in Florida…sounds like lots of fun! I am sure Fin will love getting to be the only child and a little spoiled while their gone…hey, if there are still any chips left he will get them all! lol


  12. Lucky little Fin…xv

  13. My girl LOVES chips too — so glad to see another Mom who allows chips in her house!! And oh my — would love to be able to go to that bootcamp — have a bit of a spare tire to get rid of myself! What fun for all three of your kiddos — the two going to Florida and the lucky little guy who gets to stay home with you!

  14. I want your friends pillow. I have a thing for paisley and I love those colors. Any idea where it came from?

    Boot camp! I applaud you. I can barely do yoga. And we won’t mention how long it’s been since I’ve done that.

  15. wow. killer work out. good girl.

  16. how did you run with a tire around your waist and take pictures at the same time? must’ve been a great workout 😉 i think i hate exercise even more than you do, but somehow that tire idea looks fun to me

  17. Boot camp looks tough, I would prob. only show up every once in awhile also. Love the photos of your friends house, so colorful. I bet you are looking forward to having only one baby home for a whole week!

  18. i don’t work out. period. end of story.

    how lucky for your little guy to have time with you…any big plans?

    and…what beach are you and your family headed to…i might take you up on your comment and come crash your vacay!

    cheers to almost friday!


  19. The boot camp class sounds great!!! Love the tires…. I hate to excerise too! Wish I lived closer.

  20. Oh wow, that class looks like it would just kick my butt!!! I think eating the chips would be more fun. 🙂

  21. you st charles women are incredible…all running around with tires?
    but why are you photographing & not running with the tire over your head? oh , thats right. you were already done.
    cute friend with cute back porch with cute anthro towels
    cute cute cute

  22. Hi neighbor! I cannot believe you guys carried tires and ran! You are so strong to do that! How do you feel today?

    You friend’s home is adorable. Love the peeks you included here too. See you around soon!

  23. yeah, we’ve got about 7 different bags of chips here right now. sometimes theres nothing better. you are good. bootcamp just isn’t for me. i’m a baby.

  24. So sweet! Great post. Thanks for the laughs! I love visiting your blog to see what you will say next! So real..~Lulu

  25. Hi Kasey…that bootcamp looks punishing but as you say – worth it in the end. Such a great feeling after – that’s nature’s way I guess to not give you the good endorphins until it’s all over! Love that coloured lamp…very sweet. Lou x

  26. Sitting on your friends screened in porch looks just like the place i would want to unwind after a summer day with the kiddos. We are a chip eating crew here…. i’ve been trying to sneak in the Sunchips to see if they notice 🙂
    Enjoy your sweet time with Fin I can’t wait to see what you two do, i know it’s going to be wonderful and hilarious!

  27. Sounds like the beginning of an awesome summer…except for the “spare tire” thing! And we {heart} chips, too:)

  28. You go girl, I could never do bootcamp!
    I’ll take some chips though.

  29. Susan b. says:

    Good morning!
    Bravo Kasey, I am a chips living momma myself.
    Thank you for showing us normal momss that you
    live a normal life

  30. Where did your friend get that beautiful pillow on the blue bench ?

  31. You are my daily dose of laughter. You are too, too funny…..and I thank-you for it.

  32. Your friend has great taste!

    I could definitely use your boot camp. I am also not a fan of exercise. Kind of depressing considering it’s a necessity in our 30’s. Ugh. I’ve been doing Tae-Bo recently for fun. It’s really not fun.

    Adrian’s grandparents wanted to take him camping 3 hours away this weekend. I’m not even ready for that, so I can’t even imagine putting him on a plane. That would be tough!

  33. I hate to exercise too. I am going to start walking on the treadmill again next week. It has been over a year since I have done it regularly. Maybe I can get rid of my 2 lb. winter weight gain.

    I love that you let the kids eat the chips. My son is 16 yrs. old and he eats Hot Pockets and Ramen Noodles. It is to late now to even try to make him eat real people food:)

  34. Deborah & the gang says:

    Pillow cases make beautiful little window coverings too!!! In several baths I’ve purchased a twin or full set…made a shower curtain from the flat using a liner as my guide, window whatever from the cases and accessories from what’s left over. Even a wrap to put on after showering…great for guest or yourself.

  35. Spare tire boot camp! That’s awesome!

    I hope they had fun kayaking. I sell canoes and kayak as a living, so I always love to hear about people trying it. That’s great. 🙂

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