sweetness calls for frosting

This is going to be simple today….as in…how to turn a simple day into a day of JOY.

If you’ve been reading here for a while..then you might remember this post when

i wrote about my sweet neighbor girl. You see….i help watch this girl a few days a week.

My friend {and neighbor} across the street also helps out by watching her on alternate days.

There are always going to be ups and downs.

Some days are great…some not so great…..but we treat her like family.

I won’t go into details….but this little girl is treated like my second daughter….and i swear…

she fit’s right in…..she gets structure like my other three….and really….is just part of our crowd.

This morning she walked into our home and sang out..that… it was her birthday.

Oh shit.

Either i totally forgot……or i was in la la land and ……

okay…..i forgot.

I did.

Every mom has the right to forget her pseudo-child’s birthday.

I think after birthing three children that it is NORMAL to forget things every once in a while.

So…i had a total of 2.5 hours to get a small birthday party together…..and a really SMALL {under $40}

budget to work with.

All i needed were some cupcakes…..some friends….and some creativity.

I rolled out some white butcher paper across my farm table……..

and used these cupcake scrapbook papers as place-mats.

I bought the cupcakes at a local cupcake shop here in town called The Latest Crave.

 I normally buy my cupcakes at Costco…but i didn’t really need 24 of them today.

I sprinkled purple sparkling sugar on the plates around the cupcakes…..

and drew an oval at the top of each place setting…then wrote each child’s name .

White balloons with pink ribbon completed the party.

I love how this  photo above says it all….. It really was a simple party with some of the neighbor kids

and one of her girlfriends coming over for a cupcake to celebrate her birthday.

My heart is full today. It’s like handing a $100 bill to a struggling stranger when they least expect it.

My neighbor girl did not come over this morning expecting anything…

but she left my house this evening feeling loved.

Sometimes it takes someone to do one SMALL thing to make someone feel so BIG.



  1. hands down. you win the award.
    what a beautiful yet simple party to make someone feel loved.

  2. What a wonderful thing to do Kasey and she will remember this birthday forever!

  3. You are amazing. That is so sweet and her face did just say it all. Kudos to you for having enough room in your heart to love another child.

  4. Kasey, This was such a sweet post. It looks like you really made her day! I don’t think you give yourself enough credit as a momor a psuedo mom. You take time out of your busy life to fill another’s life with happiness. You deserve a big hand of applause right now. PS those cupcakes look so good!

  5. Kasey you ROCK.

  6. What a great thing you did for that little girl! I believe this impromptu party is something she will always remember.

  7. That was just the sweetest thing to do, she’s such a lucky little girl to have you in her life.


  8. Beth Cregan says:

    Don’t you find that these impromptu celebrations often turn out so perfectly. The cupcakes, the place mats, the balloons… When you give from the space deep down in your heart, you help change the world. And you inspire others to want to feel that connection too. And so the giving continues… Great story. Love your home. xx

  9. I absolutely concur.
    It’s the small, heartfelt things in life.
    I bet she always remembers how
    very special she felt on this
    particular birthday.
    xx Suzanne

  10. Very sweet! What a special day. Those cupcakes look yummmmy!

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. You are so sweet. This post warms my heart. 🙂 I’m glad she enjoyed her birthday. And kudos to you for making it happen.

  12. You’re the best. So glad she got to feel special! You made everything look lovely and not at all unplanned.


  13. Okay, now I have to go to bed with a lump in my throat! This was priceless.

  14. so beautiful and that is priceless…i love that look on her face…just where you can see how special that was to her:) cute, cute decor for her too ~ I bet she will remember every last detail:)

  15. Donna was spot on with her comment.
    If we all just did something nice for someone once in a blue moon it would be a better world..
    Thanks for making it a better world…

  16. so sweet, love how you pulled it together on the fly, perfection, and best part, that little girl probably felt like a million bucks. awesome!

    btw – LOVE the paint color on your wall (last photo), i must know what it is!!! 🙂

    • The color is called Shale Blue (dining room).
      The color in the living room is Faded Silk.
      Both are Ralph Lauren paints.
      I’m glad you like;-)

  17. I think that this clearly demonstrates why you are my chicago bestie.
    You are the best,
    (although now I am TOTALLY craving one of those cupcakes. or a salted caramel macaron…)

  18. you are truly a goddess of pure goodness!

  19. adorable fun.
    love the feel of the white balloons.

  20. It’s moments like that in our lives that are the most precious! xxoo 🙂

  21. How precious! The party looks like a perfect success! Precious pictures, I love the pizazz of the last picture!

  22. Wow – nice work. It looks beautiful and that last picture is beautiful.

  23. PS – do you like how I used “beautiful” twice in one sentence in the last post?? Oops… 🙂

  24. Glad to see you were able to get a bunch of balloons for the ceiling after all! 😉

  25. Oh Kasey!
    I do believe!
    I do believe that precious little giddy grin on that sweet things face says it ALL!
    ANd FIN was looking VERY proud of his MOMMY for pooooooofing that MAGIC together at the very last second!
    Looks like something out of a magazine!
    And that sweetpea will NEVER forget it!

  26. I think this is so touching…and the little party so sweet. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to help other people’s kids and sometimes when people want to help out your own kids it comes out the wrong way. But this gesture was just spot on by the looks of things. Lou x

  27. So very thoughtful of you Kasey, yep… I wish you were my neighbor 🙂

  28. How sweet! This turned out perfectly. I love the balloons and the photos look like they are out of a magazine. What would we do without cupcake shops?! Yeesh, I know they’ve saved me more than once.

  29. Kasey you are my hero! Always so sweet and thoughtful.
    Your neighbor is one lucky girl!

  30. You’re amazing, Kasey! Sometimes it’s the little kindnesses in life that end up being the most important things in life. p.s. you are the goddess of party-throwing, hands-down!!!!

  31. That was so thoughtful and I am sure you made memories that will last a life time!

  32. that was so sweet of all of you. her face in the last photo – precious!! you can just see how special she feels. you should feel good. i bet she had sweet dreams after her special day. xo!

  33. So sweet — you are awesome!


  34. Kasey, ok – we know you are a kind pperson…we just “know” but the birthday party confirmed it! and the fact that you have a helium tank somewhere hidden in your home…you must, … balloons don’t just float- confirms it. I do,… er ….I might need it for , um oh all sorts of things. anyway…what the hell, get a bag or 2 of play sand and make your own beach…your lil guy will LOVE it and you can have cocktails at the beach! enjoy the Sunshine! Monica

  35. when i pulled up reader today & realized this is like your third post since i posted one
    i thought to myself, how the heck does she get it all done
    yesterday was a little frazzling for moi
    & sure nuf you are throwing together an inpromptu party
    &making brianna feel totally loved
    even if i’ll never keep up with your rapid blog posting status-i’m glad you call me your friend
    i am so very proud to call YOU my friend

  36. oh & peekaboo
    do i see a colorful pillow in the background?

  37. Lets talk about that cupcake! That looked delicious! 🙂

  38. Yeah for you, Kasey! What a fantastic gesture! That sweet little neighbor girl will remember you long after she grows up. And you will have “paid it forward”. God bless!

  39. Simple, sweet, …and spectacular!! You did good, my friend:) The smile on her face says it all!

  40. Probably one of the most memorable birthdays she’ll ever have. Simple kindness. Bravo for you caring enough to make is so special.

  41. Your kindness and making her feel so special will be with her forever… Hugs to you for nurturing this sweet little girl.
    We all could be better at that,

  42. How amazing! I am sure she will remember this day forever. I totally applaud all that you do for this little girl. It breaks my heart to see children who don’t come from “ideal” circumstances and have to struggle for everything, including a small piece of happiness that most children take for granted. You are a dear!

    ON another subject, I noticed that you were in need of ideas for an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Here is a link to some fabulous supplies that you could use to put your ideas to work; http://www.tweetyjill.com/productcart/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=4

  43. Thats what its all about! What a sweet party 🙂 I like that oversized green shirt that your son is wearing. My Kate looks like she is swimming in hers too~ Enjoy your day!!

  44. That smile – kinda embarassed but happy too- like I fit right in here- is worth a lot more than $40 will ever be. You might be surprised in 30 years to find out how that made her feel 🙂 Good work, Momma.

  45. Miss Kasey,
    You changed that precious little girls life if not for a moment! You did a good deed,Miss Kasey!
    I grew up not having had a birthday party ever!-till I turned fifty! My oldest cousin(I call her my aunt) surprised me with a home made b-day cake when I came home from school . I was eight years old then and still to this day I treasure that moment -the day I had my own b-day cake.

    p.s. what is the paint color of your dining room(?)

  46. RainingPearls says:

    Oh, Kasey you have a heart of GOLD. This post made my day, I can only imagine how special she felt. You are too good… She must feel so loved today 🙂

  47. What a great and simple little party! Just something special all for her. How awesome! I love that you did that. The cupcake papers, names on the paper, and the balloons were just perfect! Love it all. So sweet. Such precious pictures of the moments!

  48. OK, can I just tell you, this is the sweetest thing! So creative, so thoughtful & so pretty! I love your blog, I love all your posts about France. Your posts crack me up. You are in my top 5 creative & cute & funny blogs to check everyday! Thanks for sharing the back story, makes me want to pay it forward! She will probably never forget her celebration with you guys!

  49. rocking…simple usually the best

    she’ll remember that forever

    nice one 😉

  50. wow – this shows you that with little…much can be accomplished…i think you got some major rubies in your crown today…i’m thinking you made some awesome memories for that little girl…and filled her day with love!

  51. Two words…..

    Wonder Woman!!!!!

  52. Totally gorgeous Kasey and here dear sweet face says it all….xv

  53. so lovingly thoughtful of you and you are right..those simple tings mean so much!!!
    what a quick and elegant soire!!

  54. how fun and beautiful!

  55. This post left me feeling all warm inside! The smile on the birthday girl’s face is priceless!!!

  56. Lovely. So very lovely.

  57. Sooo sweet! I’m glad you were able to do something for her at the hour…I bet she felt soooo special! 🙂 I love, love, LOVE the Hotel Paris room…everything about it…the lamp, the chandy, the table, the sign, even the balloons! Love it ALL!!! 🙂

  58. Such cuteness.. the children, the cupcakes & your pretty home! I am always out in downtown Geneva (I’m in Yorkville) so I’ll have to try that cupcake shoppe! Sometimes simple is just the best & you’ve shown it can be done so sweet.
    x lara

  59. That is so sweet. It does my your heart full when you do something so sweet for someone. I loved this story. I also want a cupcake now. You always do that to me.

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  61. So nice to make a little girls day and everything is beautiful. She can’t help but feel special. Love the colors and the abundance of balloons!

  62. So sweet! Love the idea of the scrapbook paper as adorable placements!
    Love the picture of you and Eddie, your outfit is very cute! I wish I could have made it.

  63. You make my heart smile!

  64. I just started reading your blog this evening – so far I love your blog and I think I really like you. The party was perfect – simpler is better most of the time. You made a little girl feel she is loved and special. The cupcakes were perfect as well. I also love the shoes you got from DSW in the post above this one – I’m going to keep reading now – I may leave more comments …

    take care,

  65. Patricia says:

    I saw the party photo on Twitter and thought it looked really pretty. But then I read the above post. I’m actually teary now. What a lovely thing to do for a child and you are right- the picture of her says it all.

  66. So very precious! Cupcakes definitely make any day better. 🙂

    Stopping over from Frugal Friday.


  67. I’m filled too. Such a touching little thing, and you did it so sweetly classy.

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