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Happy Friday girls!

Move over Anthro..i have a new favorite in town.

I am really excited to introduce you to Ruche…..the online based boutique

based in southern Cali that carries trendy, in-style, but with a vintage feel clothing and accessories.



I am {loving} the new summer look.  All i know is that i want to sit in

a vintage car in the woods picnicing with friends.

I’m totally available for the next photo shoot Ruche…i’ll grab my bikini

and my vintage cruiser and head to cali!


I guess Ruche should probably leave the modeling to the professionals.

No worries….no hurt feelings. I would much rather drool over these photos…..



The lovely Mai who owns Ruche is giving away this “anchor home” bag…perfect for

toting around for the summer.

Ruche is also giving a way a pair of sunglasses…so you can cruise around town in style.

click {here} to take you straight there.

 The details: All you have to do is visit Ruche and check out the accessories page to find

your favorite pair of sunglasses then come back and leave a comment letting me know

which ones you love.

Winner gets the Anchor tote and her favorite pair of sunglasses.

giveaway closes midnight on  Monday June 7th.



  1. Fun stuff. Gypsy sunglasses are stellar…

  2. Love that website-the prices are great too! My favorite sunglasses are the flamingos.

  3. Love gypsy!!! Those sunglasses are a great price! =-)

  4. Love the Nadia glasses – and the prices! Even if I don’t win this beach inspired giveaway, I’m shopping there! Thanks Kasey for another great site to peruse when I should be cleaning, cooking, etc, etc!

  5. Swan lake. Cool giveaway!

  6. that is sublime——–
    the swan lake pair & oh, if I have a little bebe girl in august the crochet hair clip is a must!!!!!!!

  7. I love the Garden and Swan. Can’t decide that is always my problem when shopping. I love the hats too. I have always had a fondness for hats. Great site!

  8. Love the Gypsy ones! Too cute!

  9. I absolutely adore Ruche! It is my budget friendly version of Anthro. I am always so excited to see the lookbooks for each new season, they are gorgeous and just genius! My fave sunglasses on the site right now are the Swan Lake pair. LOVE!

  10. Oh my, what great stuff! I love the swan lake and the gypsy style glasses, so cute! Please count me in for the giveaway! I live in CA, so I NEED them. (hint, hint, fingers crossed etc….)
    Have a great weekend.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  11. Allison S. says:

    I love the Dylan glasses, but alas, they are sold out…because they’re Fabulous! The Garden glasses look very funky and fun though.

  12. Oh my Lordie!!!! My daughter and I have just fell in love with this shop. She loved the rompers but I loved the shoes and dresses. I am not one for sunglasses but they are cute too. If you pick me my daughter will think I’m a rockstar….just saying….:)

  13. I LOVE the Dylan glasses! What a great site!

  14. Cheyenne says:

    The gypsy glasses! Love ’em! Love the photos!

  15. I love the Nadia sunglasses and I’ll take one of everything !!!!!

  16. Those A. J. Morgan’s were made just for me…I just know it!!!

  17. Ashley Bronson says:

    I LOVE the Nadia glasses! So cute!

  18. What a wonderful shop!!! I LOVE the Flamingo sunglasses and the tote is adorable!!! Thanks for introducing the shop to us ~ xxoo, Dawn

  19. Andrea Engbarth says:

    Loooooove the Dylan tortoise shell glasses… and everything else too!
    I look forward to reading your blog every day, it is the perfect read with
    a lemon drop martini 🙂 Thanks! Andrea

  20. LOVE the A.J Morgan’s Woman’s Garden sunglasses… I love the Dylan ones, but it looks like they are soldout! What a wonderful giveaway, and what a wonderful shop… thank you for sharing with us!!

  21. I love the Swan Lake sunglasses. And the bag is so pretty!
    Thanks for the chance.

  22. Oh my Oh my….I love it all!!
    I love the Nadia Sunglasses!
    So cute:)
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!

  23. Oooooh, thanks for the heads up. I need my cooler blogging connections to keep me in the loop. 🙂
    This makes me think of Anthro meets the Crew.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Definetly AJ Morgans sunglass! Thanks for sharing I love the clothes and the prices!

  25. Definitely the ‘Flamingo’ sunglasses! My Grandma Nancy used to have a pair just like those!

  26. wow! i am loving the anchor bag and the aj morgan “garden” sunglasses. i can picture myself now – glass of lemonade in tow (or a cup’o lola b sangria) – gardening in a lovely vintage inspired rouche dress. what a lovely site and what amazing prices! can’t wait to indulge.

  27. The Rendezvous glasses are calling my name. That is so funny that your post was for Ruche. I just checked out there site a couple of days ago through your blog. So many cute things. I can see why you have a new love. I’m loving the bag! You know you have to keep me in style Kasey! I hope I win!

  28. So so pretty…I found a great dress I am going to order for a wedding. I love the “Flamingo” sunglasses.

  29. Weird! I’m doing some on-line shopping and
    popped back over here to find the name of this shop, again.
    I’d left a comment yesterday and it’s not here : (
    So, I’ll just comment, again….
    Love all these looks and the fact that this
    shop seems very reasonably-priced.
    Just took my teenager to Anthro today.
    Between the two of us, may need to get a job
    for this addictive habit! {Not so-affordable.}
    So, glad to find RUCHE.
    xx Suzanne
    PS: The Swan Lakes are the ones singing to ME!

  30. Thank you for sharing such a reasonably priced website! I love anthro but I can absolutely only afford clearance clearance clearance items! Ruche is such a treat. I am so thrilled that I may be able to afford a fun new dress for summer that is vintage inspired!

    I love the Dylan glasses and it looks like others did too since they are so out. My second choice would be the Gypsy glasses. For that price I can afford to take a risk on something out of the norm. I be back to browse Ruche again when I have more time. Thanks!

  31. Hello, what a great site! Even greater are the prices. I would have to pick the flamingo sunglasses and now I’m going back to see what else they have!

  32. Love the sides of the Flamingo’s! or the Nadia, great glasses.
    Thanks for showing them!

  33. The Swan Lake sunglasses are my favorite, hands down. Now off to explore more of those beautiful clothes!


  34. Lindsay Scacco says:

    How could a ballerina ever resist Swan Lake sunglasses!? Fantastic new site! Thanks for sharing!

  35. have never been to their site before…wow..i LOVE their bags!! petal to the metal grey and the black rose ( out of stock) very very fun

  36. I love the Rendezvous glasses! They bring back memories. I used to have a similar pair, but I gave them to a young girl I met on a mission trip to Costa Rica.

  37. valerie says:

    love Ruche! I love the flamingo sunglasses and the nadia too….

  38. Ooooo..fun giveaway! LOVE the Nadia sunglasses!

  39. Rachel D says:

    I love the Flamingo sunglasses. What a great site!

  40. I love Rushe! Their website is just beautiful, I always adore both the photos and the merch! I am loving the Rendezvous sunglasses. Those are just perfect for Summer and with the tote…perfection! I’ll keep y fingers X’ed. Thank you!
    Paris Atelier

  41. I’m always a sucker for tortoise shell…so, A.J. Morgan Women’s Dylan sunglasses are my pic. What a fun shop!

  42. sara noland says:

    I love it Kasey!!!! I love the tote perfect for my beach days in so cal this summer and love the A.J. Morgan Women’s Nadia sunglasses so retro for summer too!!! A great comparison to Anthro!

  43. I’d get the A.J. Morgan Women’s Garden sunglasses they are so cute!! And let’s be honest, their prices are better then Anthro and WAY cuter!!

  44. I love the Gypsy sunglasses, the little vintage flowers are so cute! Thanks for the sweet giveaway! Suzie

  45. that tote is so cute, we are going to Nantucket this summer would be perfect! the flamingo glasses are my fave 🙂

  46. I liked the ones that are sold out Dylan but my next fave are swan lake
    Wonderful web site..

  47. I LOVE these: http://www.shopruche.com/aj-morgan-womens-nadia-sunglasses-p-2524.html

    The details on the side are lovely.

  48. I love the Garden Sunglasses!! Oohh lala!!

  49. Love the Gypsy sunglasses – very, very fun for the summer! Love your blog and check in each day when I get home from work – thanks for sharing!

  50. melinda says:

    I love this website !! The prices are great but almost everything I want is sold out !! ( especially xl’s ) Please restock quickly !! The A.J. Morgan Dylan sunglasses are super cool. I think I would use the nautical tote as part of a vignette in my living room. Duel purpose.

  51. I think the garden sunglasses are darling! There are also about a dozen pair of shoes that I want to order!! Thanks for the fun give away and the link to a fabulous shop!

  52. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome shop with us!! Adorable stuff!! All of the sunglasses are so cute, but my favorite is the Flamingo sunglasses.

  53. Oh! Great giveaway. I love me some Ruche and so awesome of them to do the tote bag. I love it! If I were to win I would pick the nadia sunglasses! Thanks girl!

  54. wow if i win i would chose the A.J. Morgan Women’s Flamingo sunglasses. thanks for this opportunity !

  55. the A.J. Morgan Women’s Flamingo sunglasses are really sweet! Would like to have a pair of those in either, black, tortoise, or white, if they had the additional colors! Thanks for thte review… love the sea blue tote also that you reviewed….

    cathy b
    projecthope7 at gmail dot com
    @projecthope7 twitter

  56. Dylan.. Yeh Dylan… Oh…… they are all cute

  57. What a lovely find! Everything is just adorable!

    I love the flamingo glasses!

  58. I like the nadia

    actually I love the whole place

    don’t suppose your going down under with the giveaway ;-))


  59. I love this bag and the Swan Lake glasses! What a cute shop. I can’t wait to look around at all the goodies.

  60. Erin Underwood says:

    love A.J. Morgan Women’s Swan Lake sunglasses 🙂
    Ruche has some pretty awesome stuff- great giveaway!

  61. These are the ones I love! A.J. Morgan Women’s Swan Lake sunglasses

  62. I have to say they are all lovely, but I love the Swan Lake Sunglasses.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  63. Such funny names for sunglasses 🙂 but those nadia sunglasses are adorable 🙂

  64. i love ruche! i’d be extra sassy in the A.J. Morgan Gypsy sunglasses… love them! xx

  65. Gorgeous little place you’ve introduced us too! Those A.J.Morgan Rendezvous sunglasses are mighty sexy, and so is the price! Actually the prices throughout the site are dreamy! I think I need to go shopping now. 🙂

    Thanks so much for this fantastic giveaway.


  66. I love the Swan Lake sunglasses, and I seriously love your blog!!!

  67. Love the Gypsy!!!

  68. The Gypsy sunglasses are adorable!

  69. I love the gypsy glasses, so cool!

  70. I love the site – thanks for sharing! I love the A.J. Morgan Women’s Garden sunglasses!!

  71. Loving these….A.J. Morgan Women’s Swan Lake sunglasses!

  72. What a great website!! I love the Flamingo design~
    Your blog is so lovely!

  73. So glad you did a post on Ruche, I’ve looked at the website many times but it’s been a while and now I was reminded to look again. I like the swan lake sunglasses best.

  74. Okay…….

    Gypsy…be mine. Love the shape, the floral, so cute and unique! Cute shades…but the swimming suits are IT!!! ALMOST makes me want to walk around all half naked in front of people that have no business seeing my cellulite, cottage cheesy self!!

  75. Wow! Love the Ruche website….the stuff is adorable!

    I love the Swan Lake sunglasses best 🙂

  76. Sandy Young says:

    Love the Swan Lake sunglasses and your posts. Thanks!

  77. Oh my goodness!!! I’m in LOVE with their stuff!!!!!!!!!!
    How in the WORLD am I suppose to choose my favorite pair….I have 3 faves…and it will be tough to choose if I have to pick a pair out 🙂
    My 3 faves are:
    AJ Morgan’s – Rendezvous, Swan Lake & Flamingo 🙂
    Sure hope I get the challenge of having to pick between these 3…that would be sooooo FUN!!! 🙂

  78. I love the belts and that adorbs headband. Beth introduced me to this site a few months ago.

  79. Love the site and the A.J. Morgan Women’s Dylan sunglasses. Too bad they are sold out 🙁

  80. Sandra K says:

    The AJ Morgan flamingo sunglasses! Thanks!

  81. Jennifer S. says:

    I love the gypsy sunglasses, and adore the bag!

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