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Happy weekend girls!

For the first time in as long as i can remember ….i had a whole 24 hours to myself.

Heck….i don’t think i’ve EVER had 24 hours to myself since i’ve had babies.

alone… children ….no husband

Bryan flew out to Florida yesterday to spend the weekend with his family then he will bring

the kids home sunday just in time so that we can all take him to dinner for Fathers day.

My little apple dumpling has been in  bible camp then one of my best friends took him home

yesterday and kept him for the afternoon and he had his very first sleepover with his bestie.

The first thing i did was hit my fav store….T.J. Maxx…where i needed  wanted to get some new

shoes for the soiree i was headed to.

You see….i was invited to a party that was held at a local {swanky} riding club.

A few weeks ago i recieved an email from one of my readers …..

Debra who happens to also own a wonderful

garden shop in Geneva called Scentimental Gardens.

Anyhoo….she emailed me and asked if i wanted to come to a little get together she was hosting

and meet Eddie Ross.

The Eddie Ross….the stylist who used to work at Martha Stewart and House Beautiful.


You see…i needed new shoes….

and i found some.



The problem was choosing which pair to get……

so i got both.


Then i had to put my outfit together……

a big THANK YOU to Anthro for helping a girl out in a time of need.

I was able to invite a few of my girlfriends with me.

I like to say….what happens at the riding club…stays at the riding club.

okay…was that totally cheesy…..sorry.

Us girls had a blast meeting Eddie and his partner Jaithan {who i just adored}.

They invited me to come see them on the next time i head to the East Coast….

they’ll take me to the best flea markets….and show me the town.

Alright…..not really.

I invited myself…..

{then there was some awkward silence}





Sorry for the not so great photo…..

but i didn’t want you to think i made the whole thing up.

See….i really did need some new shoes.



The evening was fabulous….

and i know Eddie is taken..but look at him smiling with my arm wrapped around him.

I don’t think he smiles for just anyone.

Then i came home to a bed all to myself.

Now i need to go and get my little blond boy….hug and kiss him all over….

and thank my friend for taking him a whole 24 hours.

p.s. those yellow polka dot shoes are from T.J Maxx…and the pink rosette ones are

from DSW.



  1. No pictures of your feet? So which did you wear? I’m guessing the yellow ones.

    Say hi to Eddie next time you guys get together!

  2. well good thing i was over at kims so i could see that you posted “25 minutes ago”…which was before the email i sent

    no problemo

    love the hair kasey girl, love the hair!
    & your ensemble is divine

    have fun with little man today

  3. ooooh. i need new shoes. i wanted to go shoe shopping so badly today. and camisole shopping. and just…shopping. pretty much had my heart set on it. but then i looked at the bank account and faced reality. so i will just lust after your new shoes for now. they’re lovely, by the way. and what a good time you must have had! that sounds like fun. 🙂

  4. love it, sounds like a fun time! I love the cami

  5. Fabulous outfit! I love the clip in your hair! I’m sure Eddie wouldn’t mind if you showed up one day at his house, I mean you seem so close! I would love to meet him one day!

  6. Love the flowery ones! And yes…TJ Maxx and Anthro are always there when you need them.

  7. Love your shoes and your outfit!! Awesome post, lucky girl!!

  8. Love, love the shoes! Looks like you enjoyed those 24 hours “to yourself” in a really great way:)

  9. Such cute shoes. And the skirt. And that cardi. You’re just adorable as always!

    Eddie Ross…sigh. You lucky girl. Super cool that you got to go to such a soiree!

    Hope Fin had a blast at his sleepover!

    Happy weekend!

  10. Woah! You match! Actually, you and Eddie and your girlfriends all match! Is yellow the thing to wear to the country club, nowadays?

  11. Ah, no! I should have, also, said that you look gorgeous. Totally adorable!

  12. Glad you had such a fabulous time…I don’t know what I would do with 24 hours all to myself….sleep maybe? Ha! You looked amazing! But those pink shoes? To. die. for!

  13. ugh! now i really wish i was there! love the shoes – and the whole ensemble. you look devine, my friend.

  14. Adorable outfit…..what would we do without Anthro?? And…you know how I love shoes. xo Cindy

  15. So cute!! You — I mean! Eddie is cute too, but you really look fabulous!

    Have a great weekend.


  16. I am heading straight to T.J right now!

  17. christina says:

    This must be fashion Friday!
    What a wonderful ensemble you have going here, hope you don’t mind that I am going to
    copy you.
    I love those polka dot peep toes.
    Thanks for the inspirtation, and Eddie is adorable in that green jacket.

  18. I was thinking the same thing Paige said… love your hair with the clip! Now can i borrow your whole outfit! LOVE it… jealous over your riding club outing!!
    have a great weekend,

  19. Love the yellow with white polka dots. darling. glad you had fun!

  20. what a fun night! I wish I could have gone with you~ I hope you enjoyed that last ciggie – we will just have to get ourselves back over there to get another pack!
    have a delightful weekend my friend,

  21. Those yellow shoes are SO dang cute….

    I need to make a trip to TJ……He knows how to do me right. It’s Friday and I think I need a new pair of shoes for the market tomorrow.

    Eddie can rock a bowtie like none other…I love that! I wish Tanner would sport the bowtie…

  22. Kasey!
    I love the outfit, the shoes, the whole shebang!!
    I need those pale pink shoes. Need, not want.

  23. I love ruffles too! I love that first pair of shoes. 🙂

  24. love the skirt

    and the shoes

    and the hair clip


  25. you know I think I would look like an idiot with a hairclip but you kinda inspiring me to think **** it I’m nearly 40 who care if I look like an idiot 😉

  26. well that looks like a fun evening. any time you can get dressed up and go out is a fun evening. you looked cute!!

  27. Melanie Silsbee says:

    Your friends are adorable, andyou all coordinated right out of a magazine.
    swooning over the whole outfit.

  28. what a fun evening! love your outfit and both pairs of shoes are fab! : )

  29. Kasey you look so beautiful! I love your hair and the clip. What a great time you had and to top it off…24 hrs by yourself…divine.


  30. Kasey…it’s a shame you didn’t make it to my event this past may…maybe in October? your hair clip is adorable – and the outfit is great…..especially the skirt.

  31. love both pairs of shoes! …and the outfit 🙂

  32. you look amazing….what a classy group of women!!

  33. Sounds like a 24 hrs well spent! The soirée sounds nice and all, but the coming home to a quiet house sounds divine!!

  34. Love the anthro outfit! You look beautiful…your hair is getting so long. I’m glad you had a wonderful 24 hours alone.

  35. Cute as a button outfit…

    The ruffle blush shoes are icing on the cake!

  36. Seriously awesome, wonderful, dreamy, perfect summer shoes. I LOOOOOVE new shoes!! But the 24 hours alone is even better!!

  37. Girl you know you had to get both of those pair of very cute and comfortable looking shoes. I love your outfit I know ya’ll had so much fun. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  38. Heading to T.J. Maxx first thing tomorrow.
    You look Fabulous!

  39. your outfit is so very pretty- you look lovely.

  40. Oh you and your outfit look beautiful!!! I bet it was one fabulous night and oh those shoes!!! I just love them:)

  41. I saw that skirt at Anthro yesterday and want it- so cute! What brand are those adorable pink ruffle shoes?

  42. How fun is that? LOVE your outfit! Those yellow polka-dot shoes are some of the cutest I have ever seen! Wish I could shop with you! : )

  43. I LOVE your outfit. That skirt is now on my wish list at Anthro. And I love your friend’s Anchors Aweigh dress – also from Anthro!

  44. You looked adorable!

  45. I saw that skirt the other week at Anthro in white & fell in love. You just reminded me that I was planning to make it. Thanks!

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