it’s raining cotton candy..

Disclaimer: i am starting with day two and going backwards because i pushed the

wrong button and uploaded my photos backwards. As long as you don’t care..i don’t care.

I promise not to let it happen again.

pinky promise.


I am a huge believer in keeping with a schedule during the summer…ya know….

like mondays are for playing….and tuesdays are for crafting.

Then the first day of summer arrived….

and i woke up feeling scared.

I’m just being honest here….because as much as i love my children and would lay down

my life for them in a heart beat…..

the thought of spending three months…day in and day out…scares me a bit.

Today is day two….and so far so good….except we woke up to rain….and i have my neighbor girl

which makes it four children in a tiny house with a mom who refuses to open a bottle of wine till

five o’clock.

{i just looked at the clock and it’s already 4….so hot diggety dog}

What’s a girl to do.

Today i let the children decide our day.


Nothing makes my children happier then gross pizza and spending gobs of money on

tokens in order to come home with a few plastic rings.

I am also looking at Fin’s hair and i think there is something wrong. hmmmm…

it looks like maybe someone might have gotten into the scissors before i got them out

for crafting.

Note to self: get rid of craft tuesdays.

Lola on the other hand spent her $20 worth of tokens on this awesome ring…

luckily i had my little latte and my iphone so i could search google for

better ways to spend a rainy day with four children.

I realize i might be the “wierd” mom with her camera taking photos of her children….

but really……i bring the camera for you my friends.

It’s because of my love for you that i can capture photos like this:

see what i mean.

I love chuck e cheese.

Now….rewind the day here and let’s get back to day one.

So….day one at the Buick compound  went over really well.

Very little fighting…..and NOT a whole lot of saying..I am bored……only because i had a sitter for

them all day….that’s why.

just kidding.

My sitter cancelled so i had to step in and take care of my own children.

Can you imagine?

me……moi……taking care of my own children for the day?

Well i did….and we started our very first day of summer vacation at Ikea…..

where they offer one whole hour of childcare for FREE so that i could meet with a friend for coffee.

It was blissful.

The kicker was…..i left ikea without buying anything. nothing. zilch. nada.

I did buy the kids ice cream on the way out…but that was it.

I really believe in the philosophy that to keep kids happy is to let them have whatever they want.

It sure helps with the whole arguing thing. Really….it does.

I’ll let you guys try it out first though…and let me know if it works.

I did buy Lola her first pair of converse shoes…she really wanted some and when we went to

Target to look at them….the only one’s that were on sale were  grey with skulls.

Most girls would walk right on by grey shoes with skulls….but not my kid….

my kid wanted them.

They were clearenced….{i wonder why}….but how could i pass up $8 converse.

So…we bought them and then added pink laces to girl them up.



After playing in the backyard for a while…we headed to the pool.

I made sure to have a good view of my kids….




that doesn’t look like my kids now does it.

Really…not my fault…it’s my camera fault again.

bad camera.

Once the eye candy moved out of the way….i was able to focus on the children.

So important.

Life guards are very important…don’t you think…..

they let us moms read our books and chit chat in our tankinis while they

watch our kids swimming.

So very important.





Our day ended with a baseball game. We have lots of those…about twice a week. Do you see

all those bracelets on Mason’s wrist?  yup….my son wears plastic bands around his

wrist just like his mom did back in the 80’s.

I knew the 80’s would come back around.

I just looked outside and it’s still raining…but looky here…it’s now five o’clock!

A couple of you left comments regarding how to start your own book club so i thought i would

just touch on it real quick. My friend and i like to read and thought it would be a great way to

not only expand our circle of friends but to have a night a month to get together and socialize.

We picked a set night {ours is the first thursday of the month} then sent out

evite invitations to about 13 girls. Because of schedules, only around 5-8 girls make it each time.

The girl that is going to host the following month gets to choose the book. It’s a fun way

to get to meet new people when you invite girls that you don’t normally hang out with.

I say go for it and pick a book that you want to read ….think of 10 or 12  girls..some you know really

well and some you don’t and send out the evites.

My mother in law still gets together every week with her group that’s been going strong for

over 25 years. They started out as a Bridge group {card playing game} but now

they call themselves the bridge-less group because no one is interested in playing cards

anymore but they still want to meet for breakfast or lunch every week.

cool beans.

Oh…and the winner of the Ruche bag and sunglasses is Amy at easy does us . {email me}


  1. You are too funny! Where do you live to have a pool like that? Amazing! I am jealous 🙂

  2. Hmmm…what’s better? Eye candy or Cotton Candy?

    • Too funny! I’m not much for skulls myself but love that Lola wants to be different. And you can’t even see that she had that huge gash on her pretty little face. Like it was never there.

      Life guard is nice. But what the heck is coming out of his um……behind?

      Here’s to 5 o’clock, cheers!

  3. I don’t know how I got under Melissa, but eye candy, always eye candy!

  4. LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL! OOooh you crack me up!!! I am happy now. You made me laugh.
    Have a wonderful day cuz you made my day.

  5. LOVING your blog… it’s my morning chuckle with my cup of coffee!!! Must say, the best thing to walk out of Ikea with, is the icecream… nothing is better than that creamy custard goodness!

  6. Kasey, I actually SHUDDERED when I recognized where Fin was!
    We went there a few years ago for old times sake. YIKES!
    Although, I have to say that the cheese they use on their pizza isn’t bad.
    {When you’ve said that, you’ve said it ALL.}

    Hope it is the first of MANY great summer days!!!

    xx Suzanne

  7. My almost 11 year old niece would snatch up those sneakers in a heart-beat! They are cool and girly now with the pink laces. The 80’s coming back around scare me ~ I am waiting for big bangs and acid wash jeans…. Your book club is the same as ours ~ although we haven’t picked a book for so long I cannot remember! We aare meeting for supper tomorrow night for our summer break get together so we will have to start things back up in Sept. Happy Tuesday Kasey ~ and do not feel bad about the rain ~ we are starting to build an ark here as it has been raining for over a week and counting….

  8. Oh Kasey….how I would die of fun and laughter to spend a summer with kiddos with you…every thought you had…YEP!!…I was laughing so hard at this I think my husband just called me crazy…anyway and I got in trouble for not noticing my dog was on the table…well she is little but I was too busy reading you know…I loved this and so fun…thank you for the best laughs all day:)

  9. kristin says:!!! mind if i send my children over…4 more won’t hurt will it?!?! i do believe i’m going to lose it by the end of the summer…i need a beer! :0)
    keep the eye candy coming…{swoon}…have never been a big fan of cotton candy…{thank goodness!} :0)

  10. I think those are some killer Converse, actually. A little Emo Punk style with a twist of pink never hurt anyone, right?

    Happy summer at the pool…such a nice view…


  11. I’m a new follower and just wanted to say that I love your blog! Love your style and this post is TOO funny! Thanks for a nice laugh at the end of a long day w/all three of my kids out school! 🙂

  12. Yeah, the whole Chuck E Cheese thing skeeves me too. Nice eye candy though.


  13. Beth Cregan says:

    Love the picture of the lifesaver!!! Seriously you should do stand up comedy! You capture little snippets of your everyday and remind us all to pay attention to it all- the fun and the boring details ( and lovely bottoms passing by!!) You are fast becoming my fav. blog

  14. Now I know why my husband doesn’t like cotton candy!

  15. Oh that was awesome! You’ve said everything that the rest of us aren’t brave enough to say. Have a fun summer!

  16. I so needed to laugh today and that pic of the woman with the cotton candy did the trick.



  17. You are the best.
    Hands down. Than you for keeping it real day after day
    for us!
    I love cotton candy photo, laughing so hard my side

  18. That poor woman eating the cotton candy…but I have to admit, it made me laugh too. Hope she’s not a loyal reader, Kasey. 😉

    You’re lucky that you haven’t had too many “I’m bored”s yet. The Princess says it about 1 minute after she walks in the door from playing. Sigh.

  19. you think not opening wine til 5pm is bad? I got an adult, late 30’s onset wine allergy come upon me a couple of years ago…this is not NOT good when it’s the school hols

    think yourself lucky lady


  20. My friend Alice pointed to a little tow-headed boy tonight at the Elementary school’s Spring Concert and said, “He pushed Hana (her 1st grader) down today.” If lil’ birdie Hana had had an Incredible Hulk foot ring like your little Lola…maybe she could have shown that boy a thing or two.

    : )

    Julie M.

  21. Abigail says:

    I loved this post, not the cotton candy so much though:-)

  22. Jennifer B. says:

    Chucky Cheese is the worst is it not? You are so brave, and i can’t believe you took your camera.
    Thank you for making my morning.

  23. hi there,
    I’m slightly scared by summer too. I have four. That number includes 2 (yep! 2) teenage daughters and 2 elementary school boys. Everyone says young boys are worse than older boys and that teenage girls are worse than little girls, well, shoot!! I did the whole thing backwards and now i’m stuck with all 4 of them at their worst at the same darn time. O.K, so maybe i’m a little more than slightly scared.
    I’m a Pina Colada girl, there’s fruit in them so maybe I can start at noon. What do you think?
    Have a wonderful summer, it’ll go by wayyyyyyy to fast.
    cari b.

  24. Tomorrow is our official first full day of summer with all of us home. my oldest has been loving being home without everyone for 3 days. It all changes tomorrow. Here’s to 5 o’clock wine on the deck each day and bare feet!!!

  25. I don’t know quit how I found you but I think I’m in love.
    Your blog is wonderful.

  26. Thanks for the laugh:-)

  27. Cooool sneaks!

  28. Two days into summer vacation and you’ve done more than we do in a week! I’ve got to find an Ikea; the Chuck E Cheese, I’ll skip:) Oh, and my girls, like skulls & Converse, too!

  29. you crack me up! i sent you an email! xx

  30. If my kids could go to CC every day they would be in heaven! I forbid it, I even lie and say they are closed for renovations sometimes. I’m sure we will end up their a few times this summer spending money on those plastic spiders…..The pool sounds a bit more fun 🙂 Your a good mom!!!

  31. melinda says:

    Your blog makes me cackle out loud !!! Our first day of summer vacation ended up with my son having the flu or whatever it was his classmate had that the janitor was cleaning up when I went to pick him up from school ! So now I know it can’t get any worse !!! Love Lola’s tennys. Time for mommy medicine. (vino, it’s 5 0clock somewhere)

  32. sounds like a lovely start. Ellie has been out for a couple weeks now. I have been determined to make this the best summer, I am exhausted already:/

  33. OMG I laughed really hard at the chuck-e-cheese picture. haha I can’t tell you how many times I have secretly taken pictures of people and thought “I am for sure going to hell for this”

  34. Love your blog from all the way over here in Australia. Grateful for the fact we don’t have CC, if for no other reason than to avoid being secretly photographed picking at kids food by a stranger for a condescending giggle! One thing to make jokes at our own expense but something a bit off about creepy photos of other women having a less than glamorous moment. I get the humour, just a bit low.

    • I have to agree, well said! Was also disappointed to see this on a blog I usually like… The only reason I see to post something mean like that is to make oneself feel better. It only shows a lack of class, taste, and self-respect from the critic’s side 🙁 Also not a great example for your readers on what it means to be a Christian, as I know you’ve mentioned that fact a couple times…

  35. That post was hilarious – I was right there with you all the way down to the mall! (Except I’m in Sydney and it’s not summer and we’ve not got holidays – boo hoo!)

  36. Oh my gosh I have never laughed so hard with a post! You are brillant, you bring me in the story. Too funny. Great photos and we love chuckie cheese too! Have a wonderful day! ~lulu

  37. freakin chuck e cheese
    but good girl to bring your camera
    makes everything better
    I just took a picture of an asshole on a slide at the park…he was about 40 and trying to get his kid to go down the slide…

    oh..and do you even remember me???? remember????? laura???? piece of cake?????
    just sayin….

  38. Jennifer says:

    LOL =I thought it was a piece of HAM! I really did. Cool pool! Looks like the game Candy Land. So another happy moment has been spent visiting you.. merci’ stop by again if you please…Jennifer jennsthreegraces backwards or forwards!

  39. My girl has the grey converse with the skull. No pink laces though, she won’t go near pink. She says she’s allergic. My book club has been meeting for 14 years or so. It’s really an excuse to get out. Half the time I don’t even know what book we were supposed to have read. 🙂 By the way, you are too funny. I love reading your blog!


  40. Patricia says:

    That was fun, thanks for the laugh, I needed it. BTW you should move to Canada, school isn’t out until the end of June!!

  41. what a funny post. The cotton candy is hysterical. A reminder to always eat like a lady!!! (I often don’t, so it’s a real reminder!!!)

  42. I love the comment about eye candy or cotton candy….to funny!

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