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Hello monday! 

Today is our first official day of


But before i go into shock…i thought i would share with you the photos from book club.

Yes…i belong to a book club. I do read. I don’t read very often but being in this club

gets me to at least read ONE book a month.

Our little book club consists more about chatting and catching up with just a bit about

talking books. We should rename it Social club but then it might be harder to get the

husbands to give up a night to us when book club sounds so much more educational.

I hosted this last week….and i love nothing more than making everything look pretty for my girls.


Remember my chipper chicken post where i mentioned that we just didn’t need

to go all out for a party?  I didn’t this time either. All the flowers are from my backyard….

i used a spare linen curtain panel as the tablecloth {ikea} and threw some of my old books down

as eye candy….i mean…it is book club right….gotta have some books lying around.

The galvanized containers i picked up at Ikea a few months ago …i think they were

around $1 each….so i had bought about 6 or 7 of them for just the right occasion.

I brought out my mix and match plates from Anthro….and set everything up

on my potting bench. I found this potting bench at a flea market up in Wisconsin last

summer …and it has to be one of my favorite pieces out back.

 I found this vintage wallpaper at a yardsale for $1 and used it

as a table cloth on the potting bench.

I even made the blueberry tarte from scratch.


okay…you got me.

I did open the package and bake it….that should count for something.

I bought it at Trader Joe’s.

But i did make the whipped cream from scratch;-)

In the mixer i whipped one carton of heavy whipping cream with 3 tbsp

{more or less depending on your taste} of fresh lemon curd to make

Lemon whipped cream.

It tasted fabulous on the semi-homeade blueberry tarte.


apparently blueberry was the fruit of the evening…..

so i threw some in this bottle of chilled sparkling water for the pregnant

friend that was coming.

Fresh tomato’s from the farmers market along with some basil from the

herb garden and some mozzarella made for a nice tomato salad….

and of course….white peach sangria was the drink of choice.

I only had a few glasses of sangria….but i think i might have finished it off when

everyone left later that night.

We had read The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff and it was really good if you are looking

for a great historical fiction book. Next on the list is Saving CeCe Honeycut.

Today i think we are headed to Ikea….since i haven’t been there in at least a month..

and you know how i love a good Ikea run.

Did i just say run?


My friend is trying to talk me into another 5k…..and i think the words that

came out of my mouth were something like….SHOOT ME. Except it didn’t sound like shoot me to her.

Does anyone know what it feels like to run in humidity?

It’s not good.

Anyhoo……after Ikea…it’s back to the pool…….

 have i mentioned that we spend a lot of time at the pool? no…..

the kids are fish…..and could swim all day long. I think we even own

stock in coppertone because we go though a bottle a day.



  1. Just to add my 2 cents to the clamor of comments that you will receive ~ I LOVE this post! Everything about it.

    Love, Katy Noelle

  2. everything looks effortlessly beautiful!
    hello traci

  3. where did my comment go?
    shall i repeat?…………
    everything looks effortlessly beautiful my friend
    & hello traci

  4. what a fabulous garden party – you have completely inspired me to entertain outside – when the sun actually arrives that is…
    have a fabulous day at ikea and I am so envious that you are able to spend time at a pool. if only summer would visit us…

  5. so pretty, pretty, pretty!!! makes me wanna hop right over and live in your back yard! 😉

  6. Wow, Kasey, you sure do make a book club look good! Wish I was a part of it! : )

    Have fun at Ikea and swimming! Sounds like a good day to me!

  7. I’d really like to join your book club, Kasey. Just so I could hang out with you when you host. Fabulous set-up in your backyard – just beautiful!

  8. wow. what a beautiful party. i’m the only member of my book club! xx

  9. Hi Kasey – it does look pretty as a picture. For sure that outside entertaining just gives so much scope for prettiness. I love the blueberry water and the flowers in the bottle are so…simple. Lovely 🙂 Lou x

  10. Everything came together beautifully! You have some gorgeous flowers in your yard, wish I had better luck with pretty flowers. 🙂 Mmmmmm and everything sounds delish. You are the master of throwing gorgeous parties! 🙂


  11. I’ve always dreamt about being part to a book club, just like in the movie The Jane Austen Book club…..and the setting at your home was just perfect!! xx

  12. I have a book club, too. We do more drinking and less reading, so we call ourselves “the wine club with a reading problem”. I love my girls 🙂

  13. Everything looks fantastic Kasey! I’ve always wanted to join a book club.

    Oh and yes, I do know what it’s like to run in the humidity. Been training for a half marathon since January and the humidity in Houston is making training complete torture!!
    Happy Monday to you.

  14. Wow. You put together a lovely snack table.. love the potting bench.. perfect!! :)) I have those same ikea galvanized pots.. have fun at ikea – I am longing for a trip there myself.. even got a piggy bank filled & ready for the ikea fund. I am going to have to look for that blueberry tart at TJ’s now! Loved this post & I’m new to your blog.

  15. How gorgeous, this looks like a beautiful afternoon with your friends 🙂 (and a very tasty one too!). I’ve never heard of lemon whipped cream before, it sounds amazing, I’ll have to give it a try!

  16. Everything looked amazing, I love those butterfly pots you used for the silverware. Looks like a great evening with friends 🙂

  17. What a fun party! How did you get the book club started? I’ve always wanted to do that…but don’t know how to start it. Any ideas???

    By the way all your decorating looks fabulous. Your photos look like they came from an Anthro mag themselves. ;0)


  18. I love to read! And your book club “party” looks fabulous…you say you didn’t “go all out”, but it sure looks like it! I thought Saving CeCe Honeycutt was a good book; hope you enjoy it, too:)

  19. That’s great you are part of a book club, I haven’t picked up a good book in awhile now, maybe I should join a book club to get me back into reading as well!!! Lovely photos!

  20. You make entertaining look so simple. Your dining table and preparation table both look fantastic. I wish I could join your book club so I could come along to your next party – is Wales too far for you all to come once every couple of months?!

  21. The photos are amazing and what a great hostess you are! I am also in a book club and its more so a social club! Love it all.

  22. K – haven’t commented in a long time, but have read often! Love those touches of Ikea, TJ’s and Anthro – the perfect ‘ingredients’ to a fab party…..did I see those puff-pastry goat cheese/caramelized onion bites? mmmmm…..

    Big hugs my friend …. did I remember something about some macaroons? I’m just hoping the hottie mailman didn’t steal them. He has a flair for all things french…..


  23. kasey your table is perfect! right out of country living magazine! book club sounds like fun 🙂 have a great week! susan

  24. I wish I lived near by so I could attend your book club. It looked beautiful!

  25. What an inspiring post… I have thought about trying to start a book club with living out the country now. How many people do you have in the club and how often do you meet? How do you select the books to read?

    Sorry, about all the questions. The background to your evening looks amazing and I love that it is a modest expense. I really liked the brown paper across the table – reminded me of the scroll paper of sayd gone by…. thank you! HHL

  26. Love your blueberry water!! A very awesome idea. Your tablescape with all the gorgeous details has me so inspired. ~Lili

  27. Hi Kasey! I love how you set the stage for BOOK CLUB! Your bluestocking friends must have felt so special.
    I met Traci recently at the Na-da Petit Flea market and she looks like she is having fun at book club with you!
    GREAT idea with the potting bench ~ SO versatile!
    And I’m proud of you for JUST SAYING NO {or whatever it was you said!} to the 5K.
    I say, if it’s torture, why do it more than once??? You did it once ~ AMEN and cross it off the list!
    Happy beginning of summer and enjoy the pool!
    xx Suzanne

  28. Wow that looks amazing , wish I could come to your bookclub!

  29. blueberry water!!!!!!

  30. Kasey– You’re amazing! I can’t believe you can just *throw together* a shin-dig like that! I loved this post so much that I gave you a shout out on my blog! Come check it out! =)

  31. Everything looks so fresh and summery. I love the way you put it all together. What a great idea using wallpaper for your tablecloth. I would have loved to be a fly on your books to hear the interesting conversations you must have been having!

  32. Keep us posted on which books you read – I’m always looking for a good read! Enjoy your little ones over the summer – it will go fast and then you will be missing them when they have to go back! (My two are home now for the summer too!)

  33. Kasey everything looks absolutely adorable! It was great to see you at Kane…hope you found lots of goodies!

  34. I so wish I had your pizazz. The setting for your social, er, book club is just charming!

  35. Lovely party, my dear! I’m longing to go on a drive across the country to come spend an afternoon in your lovely yard again. Okay, I lied about wanting to drive across the country…but an afternoon in that pretty yard of yours would be nice. 😉

  36. Oh how I love that…just beautiful Kasey!!! Just beautiful…days spent at the pool are so nice! And I dream of an Ikea around here…dream of it!!!

  37. i love to read however i’m now averaging a book every 6 months…if i was in YOUR book club that would definitely change!
    thanks for the inspiration…so pretty…as always.
    so…when’s the next meetin’?

  38. I la-la-la laaaaaaave your posts!!!! Can I move in with you? Or, if you don’t want another person in your house, Could you just come decorate my house? Beautiful book club post!!!

  39. oh, what a nice evening it was. you definately have the magic touch. everything was so simple, yet perfect for the evening. now that you posted these photos i can copy your decorating touches. thanks for a wonderful evening kasey. oh, i definately need the sangria recipe – amazing. you blogged it right?

  40. I see Traci is in your book club. Lucky girl! Everything is so pretty…..I want to live near you and be your friend:)

  41. Loved hearing about your book club “social club” We call ours wine club. I am hosting in July or August – hmmmmm, I really should check on that. I will also be at Ikea this weekend so I’m seeing some of those galvanized ppirails in my future. We are reading The Roses that month so you can see where I’m taking your idea. 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration. Love your blog.

  42. I bet that was so much fun I love to read but I’m not in a book club you really know how to throw a beautiful party. I love the way you decorated it looks good it’s simple, elegant, and light how pretty.

  43. i want to be your neighbor. this looks so lovely, i love the idea of lemon curd mixed in the whipped cream- great idea.

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