going into week three..

 I have new motto for you this morning.


The family that DOES NOT travel together………stays together.

Some of you go with the Pray together….or the Eat together….but not me.

I’m going with the DOES NOT TRAVEL TOGETHER.

{even though we will ALL be traveling together middle of July….more about that soon…}

Let me tell you…..i missed my mason & lola very very much.

Fin missed them even more.

But everyone is home now and i’m calm….peaceful….ready for the week.

After four days….bryan left fin and i to fly down and spend 3 days with his parents and kids.

My house was calm all week…..i got much needed projects done around the house…

i spent oodles and oodles of one on one time with the boy who needs it most now.

Only to realize that Fin does NOT need all that much one on one.

Seriously….it has to do with being the youngest of three.

He craves attention…..but not necessarily one on one.

He loves to be around his siblings…he loves to play.

Even though we kept very very busy…..

he missed his brother and sister.

In one week…Fin went to the pool 4 times with me…once with a  friend.

We went to see Toy Story {i bawled at the end….sobbed ….}

Fin had his very first dinner date with Wren {mommies came along though}

His very first sleepover



We had a huge storm come thru here on Friday evening….

it was crazy….lots and lots of branches fell and some areas still do not have electricity.

I swear our home was struck by lightning….because our power blinked on then off…

and now my oven does not work.

I had this grand plan of MAKING something for Bryan…..you know…it was fathers day.

I had all the ingredients to make either a key lime pie…or a cobbler.

Then i realized the damn oven was broken.

So i asked Fin what we should make daddy for dessert.

Smart boy said…….how bout root beer floats.

Root Beer Floats.


I wanted to thank all of you girls who have so sweet comments you have been leaving….

you make my day by reading them all.

Today i am planning on spray painting a broken chandie that i have in my basement for Lola’s party….

i’m thinking aqua. It’s my new color of choice at the moment.

My mom found a top hat for me…and is mailing it out today.

I think i might have to dress up as well for lola’s party…..as the mad hatter.

Note to self: this is lola’s party….not mine.

check check

double check

over and out

{P.s.} For those of you that wanted the invite info..i ordered lola’s invites from this fab Etsy shop {HERE}.

{p.p.s.} does anyone have any good ideas for party favors? I don’t want to spend a ton but i also want

something that goes with the theme…but not cheesy.

{p.p.s.s.} in my teeny tiny bit of time when i was alone i watched the movie 500 days of summer….

some of my favorite artists were on the score….and Zoe’s clothes were amazing. Rent it!

{p.p.} i’m really done talking now…….really.




  1. love that you’re spray painting the chand. aqua! I think it will look awesome… it as well has been my color of choice lately. Also, LOVED 500 Days of Summer… as for favors… how about for party favors, covering chocolate bars (with your own wrapping, that says, “Eat Me”) to play on the whole “Drink Me” potion? or candy bags (like brown paper sacks filled with yummies) that says “Eat Me” um, you can even figure out a way to attach a deck of cards for fun to play along with the queen of hearts. Love this party idea… and definitely going to have to throw one of these parties one day soon.

  2. happy to hear everyone made it home safely! I am also happy to hear you are recharged and ready for another week of summer break! It is our first day today and while I wish it were sunny, we are going to find fun things to do regardless.
    Have a marvelous week mon amie,

    ps. the salted caramel turned out delish but too runny for the macarons – perfect for ice cream but I need to perfect it before it goes between those fabulous little meringues!

  3. Maureen says:

    Love your post. Went to see Toy Story 3 for father’s day with the family. Kids, not so little anymore, 18, 16, and 14. The 18 year old boy leaves for college in August, so imagine the bawling I did. So did the hubby with the 16 year old daughter oh so sensitively hissing…”Dad is crying…he is so weird!!!” Love your party idea.

  4. Erin LeBlanc says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see pictures of Lola’s party!!! I think once you get started with party favor ideas, you could go crazy coming up with tons of great ideas. I was thinking about a heart necklace, but not on a chain, maybe with a black & white poka dot ribbon instead and in a clear cello bag, just using the red, black & white theme…and like the other comment said about playing cards, use a of card maybe as the hang tag.
    Give us lots of pictures Kasey!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time for Fin. We went to see TS3 this weekend as well, I cried too! : ) Hmm, I am trying to think about favors…small decks of cards, toy flamingos, white rabbits, a copy of the book, cookies that say Eat Me or even smaller and bigger on either side of the top of the cookie. You could put them in polka dot bags, bags with caterpillars on them, cats, etc. I wondered about plastic clocks too like the pocket watch that the rabbit carried. Of course don’t forget you need to have white roses…painted red! ; ) You could spray paint them! This website offers some great party games and ideas for this theme: http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net/mad-tea-party-ideas.html

    Have a wonderful time!

  6. I’m so excited to see the final product for Lola’s Party…as always, I’m sure you’ll amaze me. Isn’t it interesting how having a break from your kiddos makes you crave being with them! Glad you’re all safe and sound at home again. 🙂

  7. Beautiful family! and by the way…love love love that movie!!!!!

  8. http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net/mad-tea-party-ideas.html

    Great invites!! My daughter wanted a party after we saw the movie. I found this site, lots of fun ideas. I especially like the croquet game with stuffed hedgehogs. Have fun!!

  9. Haha. You had me at the first paragraph. We have long said that this family can only be on vacation for four days. Four not five is our limit then it just gets ugly. I like to think we are close but not five days in a car or hotel close. Yes, three is fabulous four is fine and five is frightening.
    Great pics and story.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer vacay.

  10. THOSE invites are too cute 🙂

  11. Kasey Kasey!
    Not possible!
    Your children…OH how adorable!
    Now…I am going to attempt to leave a link to Vanessa’s Mad Hatter Tea Party!


    I sure hope this link works!
    She’s actually in the process of planning this years Mad Hatter party!
    It will happen in 8 days I think!
    I am telling you!
    When I pop over and visit Vanessa…in her magical world….I stare and study her world just like I do yours!
    I just love all the AMAZING and FASCINATING women out in blog-world!
    Hope you get lots of yummy ideas from Vanessa!

  12. Kasey!
    Here’s the link to 2008 Mad Hatter Party over at Vanessa’s!


    Oh it is just all soooo cute! xo

  13. Hello 🙂 My name is Megan, and I ADORE your blog. Really. I’m a sucker for pretty pictures and good writers…. hence the love for your blog!~ Anyways, a little favor idea…. how bout cutsie teacups filled with candies? I’m sure you could find plenty of unique mismatched teacups at a local thrift shop, and you could even spray paint them fun colors. An idea anyways ! The party sounds fantastic, I hope it all goes well 🙂

  14. Okay Kasey!
    Last one!
    Take a look at this adorable PUP Party!
    So sweet!


  15. Oh my gosh, I cried during Toy Story 3 too! LOL Rootbeer floats are perfect for a father’s day, and I’m sorry about your oven. I just had nearly two weeks with out a dishwasher and I realized for the first time in my life, I could never have made it as a Pioneer. Ever.

  16. Sandra Finn says:

    What a beautiful family you have.

  17. I will watch the movie!!! Thanks for the suggestion….I had a link for party favors, I’m going to check and write you xx

  18. Mad Hatter! Love it 🙂 How about you go junkin at the thrift store with Lola and get a bunch of vintage (or cheap) tea cups. Then all the girls can make tea cup candles 🙂 Pretty inexpensive, slightly messy, and totally crafty!! I bet all her gal pals would love it!

    Cant wait to see the “chandie project”….lol. It sounds like a reality show!


  19. Oopsie – almost forgot I wanted to give you the etsy shop that I got my “eat me” & “drink me” tags and picks. They are so adorable! I used the big drink me tag on my huge drink dispensers and the eat me picks on cupcakes. They were so cute!

    Here is the link to Pink Cherry Mama’s Etsy shop:

    Have fun!

  20. i hope everyone had a fantastic time.
    such sweet photos of little fin

    cek wanted an alice party too but i’m so intimidated by your level of dedication & creativity i fear i have too high expectations set for myself now!
    love the invites

    & whats up wiht the kelly moore add & b/h? do tell…

  21. Oh your pictures are just amazing!!!! I cannot wait to see how this turned out…upcoming from me is a girl’s baby shower…I think you would have much better ideas than me…but I ordered these votive candles from etsy and got a wood charm I spray painted with chalkboard paint and tied it around the votive with twine…and super cheap favor considering she was having buy 2 sets get one free…

    anyway…you are so funny…and I am sure Lola’s party will be one cute, fun, and perfect!

    By the way…loved, loved Zoe’s outfits too….
    and Fin’s idea of root beer floats!!! Perfect…I could have used that one to score major points with the hubby yesterday! Darn!

  22. Chrissy says:

    At my daughter’s last party I wrote on the invites – “Bring a book, Take home a book. No other gifts please.” It was so great to get BOOKS for our summer reading and not a bunch of plastic stuff. And all the girls got to pick a chapter book (and a stick of sugar crystal candy) as they walked out the door. Books are the best party favors … it’s not wasting your money on plastic stuff that will just end up broken.

    (What an amazing birthday party Lola will be having!! Can’t wait to see the details and what you ended up doing. Such a creative and fun idea!!)

  23. Kasey ~ Great pictures of your beautiful family!
    For yummies how about using cookie cutters of the card suits
    and make cut-out tea sandwiches (pb&j, cream cheese, etc.)….
    You know, hearts, diamonds, aces and clover.
    There are a ton of cookie cutters sold on-line like this.
    For party favors, you can’t go wrong with the tea cup idea
    that everyone is suggesting. When my daughter had a tea
    party for her 11th b-day, I found cups at Homegoods for $2.99
    each, including the saucer! Even little demitasse size would
    be great. You could fill them with those tiny pastel meltaway
    mints shaped like little hershey’s kisses.
    Good luck with all of the details!
    xx Suzanne

  24. I absolutely LOVED the clothes in 500 days of Summer!! I couldn’t agree more. The music was awesome too, I just wished it ended differntly. Oh well. Good luck on the party! Sounds like fun. 🙂

    ps. .love your blog

  25. Oh such a cute family.. And the hubbys in “pink”or is that my computer??? LOVE THAT…
    I love these pictures of fin. Love the blonde hair. He reminds me of my son when he was a bit younger. He has the nickname fin…Because he is scanda hoovian.. Yes he to has the blonde hair…
    LOVE the invites for Lola party… Sounds like fun. Wish I had a great idea for the party. I love the tea cup idea.. Maybe fill them with treats and cover with pink platic wrap and a big bow….
    Happy 8th Birthday to Lola…

  26. I’m second’ing the “family that DOES NOT TRAVEL TOGETHER”.. It makes reunion so much sweeter.
    I had a mamogram nightmare today…in the end.. all was well. When I got home my 14 year old daughter needed to be bathed. She had knee surgery last week and still needs help with basic care…I cried while I washed her hair.. hadn’t done that in probably 6- 8 years..moral of the story… appreciate your family every day…don’t let the tiny stuff get to you.. it’s all tiny stuff.. thank you god..

  27. Love the picture of Bryan and the kids. Get a chocolate bar and change the wrapper to EAT ME. Send it home with the kids. I’ve seen it done, they were cute and yummy!

  28. I bawled in Toy Story as well – sigh! I heart those toy…

  29. omgoodness, i’ve been to that park hundreds of times & never tire of it or the feeding the ducks via that old restaurant patio!! Love it & so fun to see it in your lovely photos! Your chandelier in the works sounds great! x lara

  30. love tha aqua chandy idea..that is my fave accent color right now.
    all of the ideas^^ sound fabulous for lola’s partay!!
    what will lola wear??
    i am ready for the after partay pic posts ha ha!!

  31. Patricia says:

    My daughter’s favourite movie is 500 days of Summer. We are in the process of moving and I have promised her that in her new room she can have one wall of chalkboard like in the movie.

  32. Are your root beer floats gone… cause I sure would love one… it’s blazing hot here! I just may need to dash to the store for the ingred.
    can’t wait to see the chandi… great color pick… i’ll think about a party fav.

  33. Etsy has GREAT ideas for favors. Do an Alchemy request for favor ideas with the themes and let others do the thinking and pitching. I got tons of ideas for a shower I am throwing.
    Can’t wait to see your chandi as I have one I need to paint as well and am not sure what color yet. Have fun!

  34. Your post put a big smile on my face. My youngest of three is needing mom time but will still miss his brothers, it’s cute! Was talking to my Father n Law, he was telling me about the crazy storm. I love visiting when that happens, I know strange, but living in Ca my whole life…well, I can’t explain 🙂
    Enjoy your week!

  35. Kasey so glad your family is back together safe and sound. I can’t wait to see all you do for Lola’s b-day party…it will be so fun! Those pictures of Fin are so cute…they grow up so fast! My daughter went and saw Toy Story and loved it and now we all need to go see it. Have a wonderful week!!


  36. Love your blog…. and give yourself more credit, your photography is amazing!!! Probably amazing because it is a hobby and not a job to you… you can see the passion in your photography through your photos. Any-whooo…. You have those little bottles in the one picture (with the cork top) that you could fill with jelly beans and an “eat me” tag as a very simple non-complicated favor…. although, all of the favors mentioned above seem incredible also! Have fun with your planning, and keep taking those photos!

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