down the hole….

My mind is a little distracted these days……..but in a


even bryan is excited about what i have in mind for this….hard to believe Alice…..

i mean Lola….is turning 8.

I am going to throw this crazy idea of a tea party out back…under a tent {which i already own}…

lots and lots of mismatched chairs….around a bunch of mismatched tables.

Organized chaos.

Speaking of bryan {not that we were}….but it was a little wierd waking up this morning with fin next to me..

and no daddy to make breakfast for or bring coffee in bed to.

Fin and i just layed in bed snuggling…as today was the only morning i woke up

with him in bed next to me. Every night as i put him to bed…..he would say to me…

maybe tonight i will come up and sleep with you.

He never came.

Last night he finally did.

deep sigh…double gulp

The crew gets in tonight and we can not wait.

tick tock tick tock

Enjoy your day!





  1. That looks like it’s going to be such a fun party!

    Must. Post. Pics.


  2. can’t wait to see how it turns out~

  3. What fun to have young ones! My youngest grad. from HS this year.
    Kind of strange but I’m liken it!

  4. I can’t wait to see your photos of the party! Don’t forget to get some of you!
    Have fun with your crew when they return~

  5. sounds like fun and i cannot wait to see photos!!!
    happy early birthday to lola!

  6. darling idea, fantastic invite… can’t wait to see the party!!

  7. Cute! Happy Father’s Day, Kasey. Lola’s bday spectacular sounds…..wonderful!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. I used to love the creative canvas of a children’s
    birthday party! From Buzz Lightyear to Harry Potter,
    a rainbow party to an angel party…..
    One year we had a party based on Lili and the Purple
    Plastic Purse…..All wonderful times!
    Now that my youngest is eleven, it is paintball and
    hot-tub and video games…..
    So, enjoy the cuddles with Fin ~
    and the creative b-day parties for Lola.
    Well, just enjoy it ALL!
    xx Suzanne

  9. Hope the tea party is wonderful! do you have a fun variety of colored places and tecups/mugs/glasses? Also a cute mix of outdoor kid friendly vinyl table cloths?

  10. Can’t wait to see the pictures of this one. What a great idea!

  11. Oh how wonderful that will be!!! I cannot wait to see:)

  12. So creative… can’t wait to see photos from the party!

  13. what a fun party to throw!!! I can’t wait to have some children of my own!

  14. oooh boy this sounds so fun.. organized chaos.. a trifle of mismatched chairs.. can’t wait to see the pix. the invite is cute as heck too. ~lara xx

  15. Loove the invitation!!!! Lola is a lucky girl, what a fantastic idea to throw such a party!! I see lot of fun under the tent. Hope you will share some images of darling Lola at the party xx

  16. Love the invite! I can only imagine how cool the photos are going to be! You are party Mummy extraordinaire… Lou x

  17. That sounds great Kasey! Every year A Fanciful Twist has an annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party blog hop and I always want to participate. I have it all dreamed up:) Can’t wait to see pics!!!

  18. what an awesome idea kasey. i can’t wait to see the pictures. it’s going to be amazing.

  19. Hi Kacey!

    I adore your blog and just wanted to pop in and post today! My daughter is turning 8 in August and we are having an Alice In Wonderland Tea…under the tents in the backyard as well. I have been busy planning, creating and shopping for suprises–such fun! I am looking forward to seeing your photos.

    I hope Lola has a wonderful time at her party!

    Debra & Morgan
    Baton Rouge, LA

  20. Hey!
    I had an Alice party for my 9-year-old in March this year. I was able to find little ceramic teacup pots from Michael’s (Canada) and included a packet of seeds for each of the girls. Michael’s also had neat little Alice paint books at that time too. But the teacup pots were great, they were my best find by far.

    Good luck! I’m anxious to see the photos of the party. I LOVE the invites you managed to find on Etsy. Fantastic.

    Kim 🙂

  21. OMGoodenss Kasey!
    I do believe I am about to cuss as I write this comment!
    Hope you don’t mind!
    But I have got to say….
    That has GOT to be the most incredible invite EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m going to send my invitation obsessed sister over here to have a peek!
    She will stare and stare at it taking in every detail!!!!!!!!
    Soooooo old-timey!
    Now about that party!!!!
    What a fab theme!
    And…I do think you need to pop over to a blog that I ADORE reading!
    A sweet sweet magical soul throws a Mad Hatter party every year!
    YOU will simply not believe how magical her Mad Hatter world is!
    I will email you the link!!!!
    Happy Day Sweet Girl!
    Oh…my brother’s wife is preg with twins….and boy is going to be named Fin! ;o)

  22. I love the invite, can’t wait to see pics from the party!

  23. Love love love the invite. I love the whole idea. I can not wait to see how it turns out!!

  24. How did I miss this? What a fun and lovely idea!

  25. I would give anything to see you as the Mad Hatter ~ over-the-top fantastic!

    Lola is one very lucky girl … 🙂

  26. That invitation is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We just did an Alice birthday tea party for my friend’s daughter, and we made the prettiest garland, with vintage playing cards and ribbon scraps. Also, we handmade little aprons for each little guest. It was precious. Hope you have the greatest time!

  27. Kasey! How FUN! I want to come! Cannot wait to see it all put together! 🙂

  28. so cute!!! can’t wait to see all the amazing details!!!!

  29. Oh my gosh! I’ve TOTALLY been planning Gracie’s 7th bday party in July as Alice and wonderland! I have everything gathered together BUT the invites and was stumped. You rock! That invitation is genious. Yep, it’s been since I’ve stopped by. Sorry for abandoning our blogging relationship. To be honest, I’ve pretty much given up the whole hobby for the time being. I’m thinking once I get my life back I’ll be back in blogger mode. Who knows?

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