cobbler chick

I woke up saturday morning and knew it was going to be a great day…….

not just because i had an ENTIRE day to myself….but because i was headed to the 3 French Hens market.

Okay…..and because i knew that there was going to be peach cobbler there.

Did you know my middle name is cobbler?

That’s why i’m holding a size LARGE t-shirt above.

It’s not because of my Ta-Ta’s now is it… sir.

it’s the damn cobbler.

Anyhoo…..where was i…..oh…the day to myself. So…i got up early saturday morning

and headed south to a little town called Morris…which was about a one hour drive….to

go to this market i had read about and to meet the girls who run it.

It has the word French in it….how could i not.

3 french hens market.

{maybe they want to recruit me and make me a french hen}


I really wanted that burlap chair in the photo above….

but wouldn’t you know…..

the minute i stepped away {to get cobbler}…it sold.

that cute girl above is named Traci…she owns a shop called Whimsy. I liked her because she

gave me cold water to drink…..then she pointed me in the direction of the cobbler.

I really like Traci.

I don’t think Traci eats cobbler though…..but that’s okay because i had some for her.


I had to stop and photograph this little girl because she was working with her mom

in a booth where they make fairy wings and tutu’s.

It was so cute because i asked the little girl if i could take her photo…but then thought twice

and told her i better ask her mother first.

The girl said……ummm…no…it’s okay….you dont need to ask my mom…i’ll okay it with her later.

{don’t worry…i got her mom’s permission}

I’m not saying anything….but lola might be getting a tutu for her birthday.

She might not pose for me though…..but i can always go back and ask this girl to pose for me.

That girl above right is one of the other french hens…her name is Monica.

She owns a shop called Ruby Begonia.

I found something in Ruby Begonia that i think i really need.


it’s called a Potty Shed.

not a potting shed….but a potty shed.

It used to be an outhouse….but she decked it out and it’s now a mini potting shed…

but named it the potty shed.

I never knew i needed a potty shed….but i do now.

It might just be the perfect place for my chickens.

{not my children….}

well….maybe my children…..since i don’t have chickens yet.

I don’t know who that is.

actually…i do.

he wanted to arm wrestle me for the last piece of cobbler.

obviously i won.

I mean….i had to win…..i had to bring a piece home to the family.

The cobbler didn’t get very far…..because i had to have a bbq pork sandwich from a place that

had pink pig signs everywhere.

I don’t even eat pork.


i do now.



Then i ran into some friends…..

Traci and Tracey…..

{Traci is the uber photographer that did my family photos back in February}

i don’t know if Traci is still my friend though…because no sooner had i turned around..

than she snagged something i had my eye on so quick i barely had time to get my footing

and react.

Note to self: Don’t let friends distract you while shopping.

No worries though…..a piece of cobbler cured my sour mood.



So….that was my Saturday…..i had a blast.

 I found some treasures for Lola’s birthday party…..a few things for myself….

and dang if the last piece of cobbler didn’t make it home to the family.

Oh well.

The girls that run 3 french hens were so nice and just lovely….and the market was fabulous!

{if you live in the area…i know they set up once a month thru October}

Now…i think i might get up and go for a run in the morning.


i’m not promising anything.


  1. Jeanette Stone says:

    I need that t-shirt…I love it. Although I have had more cobbler than you…it would have to be an XL. So cute, so jealous. I would love to spend a Saturday morning walking around there, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Small world ~ we share the same middle name! Mine is peach cobbler – is yours more definitive? 🙂

  3. I had so much fun reading this post!
    I love the red door with the flower box and the beautiful chair! I wish I’d been there! I would have snatched it all up! I love the name of the market too so cute and what a great shirt you have there hehe!

  4. I just love your photography style. For the life of me I can’t edit my photos the way you do….but I just love them. Also I’m jealous that we don’t have flea markets like this in California. Maybe we do, and I’m just bad at finding them. What a fun Saturday!

  5. What a great day for you! We just don’t have anything like this in my area and I’m jealous-a good jealous-
    Enjoy your week!

  6. love that first picture of you looking all summery in your spectators spectaters? so cute
    i’m tellin ya , every time each of you midwest women posts about the fabulous shops & flea markets up there, i feel the urge to leave all this heat behind & move up north

  7. I saw you walking around!!! I was to nervous to come up and say Hello I read your blog.
    Dang it, now I wish I had.
    I Loved the market and found some great things.

  8. Kasey, Where did you get that cute sun dress ?

  9. What a great flea market! I should really make the trip down. It’s 3.5 hours from my house, but only and hour and 45 minutes from my parents! Hmm. Maybe if I could ever get a weekend off I could go. Weekend schedules really cramp my style.

    Glad you had a good time. And cobbler?! Oh geez…I love cobbler.

  10. Kasey – I was actually just looking at this flea market’s site over the weekend. I think it’s about a 2-3 hr. drive from my house. Would you recommend making the drive? From the pics you took, it looks lovely, but maybe you only took pics of the good stuff. 🙂 I was just curious on what your thoughts were. Glad you enjoyed your cobbler!!

  11. first of all – I SO want that dress! I love it.
    this is why we need to live closer – so we can do visit these markets together. this whole “half-way across the country thing” just isn’t working for me…
    have a marvelous week my friend – miss you!

  12. wow! how fun that must have been! i wish it were closer to me. i would love to spend a saturday perusing through a market like that. love the t-shirt too! i’ve posted a little giveaway on my blog post today along with a bloggy friend meet up (small burst) come by and take a peek. have a loveLee day!

  13. I want to go there!

  14. now that’s my idea of a perfect saturday! it looks like an amazing market and to think you can go once a month – I’m so jealous. fun finds, pork sandwiches and cobbler…. ahhhhhh.

  15. First of all, thank you, so much, for stopping by my little blog! I have to say, after popping over to visit yours, I had a few great giggles!! I, too, love cobbler 🙂 Not sure if you’ve been to the Kane County Flea Market, but they have this awesome coffee cake that is to DIE for. Must stay away from the coffee cake. I’ve been dying to get over to the French Hens Market and am hopeful an opportunity presents itself soon. I work retail, so weekend luxuries are few and far in between for me. I’ll definitely be back to your blog for some more giggles. Let’s keep in touch and maybe we’ll bump into each other at one of the fabulous markets! Regards, Sheila!

  16. You looked adorable! Love that dress and your aviators! Good to chat with you today, on week #4. Have a great week, see you a few….

  17. love your posts -big time- and being an australian gal living in ol’blighty i feel like i should know what *cobbler* is- i’m thinking its your food vice-of-choice!!
    melissa x

  18. Sounds like a sensational Saturday…a day well-spent! And now I’m off to find some cobbler; all of a sudden I’m hungry for it;)

  19. I waant to see the potty shed! I have feeling it’s going to be over the moon cute! Very jealous over your day to yourself shopping outing!!!

  20. I’m really not sure where you’re putting all that cobbler. In your purse? I think you look fabulous!!

    (Love that burlap chair too..sigh.)

  21. sounds like the perfect day alone! how fun that you got to meet up with tracey and traci! xo susan

  22. Sounds like sooo much fun…they had some really cute stuff…mmmm…the cobbler & BBQ sound amazing….but help me out…I think I lost track….How many pieces of cobbler did you have?!?! LOL I ditto Wendy…don’t know where you put that stuff…you look GREAT!!! 🙂

  23. I just read another blogger who made cobbler…..and now you. I think God is giving me a sign. I have peaches in my fridge….and by golly if I don’t make that cobbler tonight! I LOVE peach cobber! I may even like it more than you. How’s that sit with ya? ;0)


  24. Great necklaces! Looks a lot sunnier than it was at Elkhorn!

  25. Oh how I wish we had some shopping like that here…or maybe I just don’t know of them yet…
    that dress is wonderful on you….LOVE it!!!

    And peach cobbler…I’m almost ready to go pick some peaches here…as peach pie may be my favorite pie in the world!!!!!

    Loving that tutu by the way…I have 2 on order with my friend that makes them and hopefully I’ll be showing them for her soon:)

    So glad you had a great weekend…xo

  26. Kasey! What a lovely day you had!
    And, you got to see Tracey and Traci, too : )
    Yes, you DO have to watch that Traci,
    she’s a fast one at these sales! {Actually,
    I love Traci, she’s a doll ~ met her at Na-da
    and she’s the best ~ she DID snag a very
    nice ledge there, too…..!}
    Your pictures really captured the essence
    of the day….the people, the smiles, the goodies,
    the COBBLER! xx Suzanne

  27. I’ve never had the opportunity to go to a market like that, but it seems the type of place I would gladly lose track of time and love to twack around a bit. Thanks for sharing those awesome photos! And I love the name Whimsy for a shop

  28. So glad you came to the French Market! It was a great (tho hot!) day. If you visit again, please stop by and say “Hi”–I’m right on the front sidewalk. Your blog is so much fun and your photography is glorious!

  29. So nice that you ran into to Traci:) She is a sweety.

  30. Thanks for the post. We are heading down there tomorrow!

  31. HOLA! I attended that 3 French Hens show and am considering participating in it! FUN! Monica and Traci are both uber fabulous gals, as are their shops! I love your blog; I just found it today! Sweet birthday party you tossed! Kudos! Having 2 sons was God’s way of saving me a lot of money — and a lot of fun, unfortunately. 🙁 Hope to see you soon!

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