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well……i can’t believe my big kids are now at the beach.

We were up early and headed to the airport so that mason & lola could fly out for

their annual trip to Florida.

I did not cry.

I wanted to….but i knew if i did that lola would burst into tears.

Then can you imagine if she said….mom..i don’t want to go!

Not that she would ever say that in a million years because for one…

there are NO RULES while in Florida.

Kids are allowed to stay up till midnight.

They can swim all day long and NOT eat one SINGLE BITE OF A VEGETABLE.

No one has to flush the toilet or remind them to.

So…no….i wasn’t afraid at all of Lola backing out of her trip.


this boy on the other hand is just a wee bit sad today.

It’s funny how much younger siblings really do count on the older ones for playmates.

Even though boobs and i…..

damn…i really need to stop calling him boobs….he might get a complex…

are going to have a fabulous week together…it’s just going to be a bit more quiet and

really….truth be known….i really do rely a lot on mason & lola.

truths out.

shoot me if you must.

Not that i don’t love to play with my kids……i just don’t play with them all the time.


now that i think about it….

its pretty rare.

But not this week girls…because this week he has some fun things lined up.


* vacation bible school every morning starting tomorrow

{i heart vacation bible school}

* play-dates with some friends

*a bug hunt

* Fin’s first ever sleepover at a friends house

* a sleepover in Lola’s room

{don’t tell her though}

*a picnic

*ice cream for dinner

* a date with mom & dad

I can’t wait to come back and tell you where i’m headed thursday night…i might even

need a new dress to wear to this fun little shin dig i was invited to.

Anyhoo …….

i think i might just go and pop a wine cooler right now.

Summer vacation has started.


p.s… i read the book ‘The short second life of Bree Tanner’…which is part of the twilight saga..

in which i think i raced thru all 174 pages in under an hour…not that i am one of those twilight

freaks….not at all….and i don’t play the whole team edward/jacob thing…so silly really…

nope…not me. I don’t even have my tickets yet to Eclipse.

See…you didn’t have to be worried.

My friends have tickets though…and they might just be saving me one….

that’s all i’m saying.

p.s.s. …the book was good… case you didn’t want all that other info.



  1. My girls argue constantly…and yet, they are constant companions & playmates, too! Hope Fin has so much fun with you {& all his other activities} that he doesn’t have time to miss his older sibs:)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the newest Twilight saga book. I’ve been struggling with whether or not I want to read it. Enjoy your little break!

  3. Cute, cute CUTE photo!

  4. Sweet photos.
    Can’t wait to see your new dress and hear about your *thing* thursday night.
    Enjoy your night!

  5. Oooh, what are you going to wear Thursday? What fun!!!! It sounds like Fin is in for a fantastic week (and the older kiddos too, of course).

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. oh how I hope you enjoy your time with Fin is great….and such beautiful pictures and love, love, love them in black and white…he is adorable!!!!

  7. Oh, I am sure you two will have a wonderful time together you are always so creative! Thanks for that tidbit about the book. I saw it at Target and did a double take wondering if it was any good. I am crazy about those books…secret obsession.

  8. those photos are priceless. especially the first one. so sweet. have a wonderful week with fin!!

  9. What a sweet, wistful picture of Fin….
    It IS amazing how much the youngers look up
    to the olders….and miss them!
    BUT, sounds like he’ll be busy.
    And, YOU, too!
    Wonder where you’re going Thursday???
    xx Suzanne

  10. Your pictures had me tearing up!!! here’s to summer and wine coolers!!
    and ice cream for dinner = the best!!!

  11. yes, the book was great! And I am a diehard fan… team Edward if you were wondering. But THAT has to do more with Robert than anything else. Oh, and I have tickets already for the midnight showing. I am proud of it!!

    SOunds like you have a great week planned… have fun 🙂

  12. I was going to ask you when you posted on your bookclub whether you have read the Twilight series yet…..I see you have !! It has gone thru our bookclub like wild-fire……bring on Eclipse….. only here in little old Perth (Australia) we have to wait until 1st July to go along and watch 🙁 ……tickets are booked (will have to endure the screaming teenagers on opening night – oh well)..sweet dreams!

  13. Hi Kasey – I know exactly what you mean – makes me wonder how families who have only children do it. I know of course they do and it’s all lovely and fine, but if they are used to siblings then it’s a wrench when they go away. Ice cream for dinner? Sounds perfect…Lou x

  14. Love your pics! Sounds like a fun week… I have been thinking of reading that one myself – don’t want it to mess with the main story line though – you know, for us non-team edward people out there 🙂 Hope you have a great time this week with your little man. He will never forget this special time he gets to spend with you guys!

  15. Have fun with your little guy!

  16. Hey lady! Hope you have fun with Fin this week! And I read “Short Life” last week. Liked it. Made some things about Eclipse make more sense. Looking forward to the movie…not that I have tickets yet or anything…I mean who would want to see it on IMAX anyway? With my sister and a bud. At midnight on the 30th. Nope. Don’t know anything about that. 😉

  17. sounds like a quiet week, which is nice once in awhile 🙂 i’m curious about the book, i didn’t realize there was another? have to look into it! i haven’t read since i devoured the all four books last summer (well nothing i finished anyway!)

  18. So precious here, oh the hugs. Ugh.

  19. Amazing that you captured these moments…

  20. precious baby boy

  21. I am that mom too that didn’t want to play all day long but I had an only child so I didn’t have a backup:) (still didn’t do it though) Sounds like you had a fun week planned. I have been out of town for 10 days and I am catching up on my blog reading. Sorry for the late comments.

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