be who you want to be

Oh my…how i love that photo above.

I’ve had this dream of farm living…..real farm living….like with a barn….and maybe a chicken…or two.

Lots and lots of land for the kids to roam….like they did last night with friends.

I dream of it.

Will it ever happen……i doubt it. I would miss my neighbors to much…i really would.

My kids wander from house to house ALL day long.

But on a farm…they could wander the fields. My friend said it would probably only last a week

that they would be happy wandering the fields before they would crave being back in the neighborhood.

My beloved farm…{this one} is still on the market and my Real Estate agent called to let me know

that they reduced it again.

seriously….my farm is at an all time low price.

But my lovely husband isn’t quite on board with me yet….and i have oodles of debt to get rid of from

when i had a shop. Darn that word called Debt.

I brought that on myself….and now i live with it.


It’s been a crazy week…..

here is a snippet of what has been going on….

dead battery in my car.lola went to her first book club.i have a sunburned back.clothes are still

unpacked from the kids suitcases.i’ve barely seen my husband since sunday night.

got my period the day he got home.nice.

i’m heading {here} on saturday to shop.

i asked a woman how far along she was. she was NOT pregnant.

i had an amazing photo shoot last night.

I never thought in a million years that people would like my photography.


I also have no plans on going forward with it in any way…because i really do not know what i’m doing…

and real photographers ..i’m sure…just look at some of my photos and laugh.

But i don’t care if they laugh….

I do it for fun.

I dabble in it…but what i love the most is the styling.

I brought my antique iron daybed and some little things out to a field at a farm….

and then we just played with it. She wanted some tasteful..yet pretty photos of her for her hubby.

As long as i like how they turn out…it’s all that matters.

well…of course i care if she likes them…but she wouldn’t have contacted me if she didn’t like my style.

I am me….you are you.

Like this one i did last night. I wish i could show you more….but she asked that i not post them.

She did give me permission to post a few….so i chose these. see….this is me.

A girl trying to pay off her debt….all the while loving some pretty photos….and dreaming

of farm living….while currently residing in a neighborhood…who has barely seen her husband in five days.

You are you..a product of what you make yourself….so be who you want to be.

Over and out.



  1. kasey ~ j’adore you and your incredibly lovely, talented, beautiful self! {and I want a farm too!}

  2. I love your photography style as well so you have my vote!

  3. Alisha Rivas says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It always makes me smile 🙂
    I think the photos are great!

  4. ditto on the farm!!
    LOVE the photos…i thought it was you!
    i wondered , did that kasey train fin how to capture sun flare? darn that woman!
    LOVE the photos

    ps…we got a new plan on verizon & doubled my minutes b/c i was going way over AND i get to add friends/family that are non verizon. so…you & i can now chat for free
    only dont call me yet
    i haven’t set it up yet
    & i’m way over

    peace out

  5. Tiffany says:

    Kasey – I digg how you keeps is realz…debt, laundry, menses and all. Do you.

  6. Um, can I please have a pair of those ruffled heels?? I love them!
    I also really appreciate your “snippet of what’s going on.” Sounds just like some of the days I’ve had lately! (danged periods…)

  7. Tiffany says:

    Argh, typo – I digg how you keep it realz! debt, laundry, menses & all. Do you.

  8. Oh I too dream of farm living !!! I am a SAHM, ( I saw thats how you write it now.) Is it coded cuz we are guilty of it ?? I am 48 and have a son 19 in college and a son 10. I was an apparel buyer before kids and then managed a dry cleaner before the last child. I was fortunate to be able to stay home, my hubs is a golf pro at a local course. Country Club business was much different back then and now with a son in college I need to find a job!! Easier said than done. I try and explain to the hubs that starting out at the bottom of the totem pole somewhere making minimum wage doesn’t make sense since I will be paying almost half of that for daycare for my 10 year old. Hubs thinks the ten year old can stay by himself. Hello DCFS ??? The hubs works 6 days a week 10 to 12 hour days 9 months of the year. ( He walleye and crappie fishes any spare minute he has.) Soooo how do I work?? I have started a redecorating business but I live in a small town and there aren’t alot of people out there that are obsessed with their home as I am. I usually help friends and that is pro bono. Back to the farm living ——- I want so many things a pool, french doors in my kitchen a new master bath and a farm for sale down the road. I need to win the lotto !! I guess we just love what we have, not what we don’t have. In the mean time anyone hiring in my area where I can choose my hours give me a holler !!

  9. those shoes..that bed and the farm too..heaven!
    yeah pretty much perfect pics too.

  10. my husband says that you and I are a lot alike…
    i hope you aren’t offended…
    i was thrilled.
    guess who got hers on Sunday too?
    and was just looking at country homes on mls?
    because we just might have to sell our house to get rid of some debt?
    but i hope we don’t really have to sell…because my kids would miss the neighbourhood…
    and i might have to play superhero in the corn fields.

  11. i also wanted to tell you that your photos are fabulous…
    and that you should feel like you could take it seriously. professionally speaking.
    my go-to photographer is self-taught
    and she is super successful.
    she makes her own hours and gets to spend time with her kids and does something she LOVES.
    i’m insanely jealous of her actually.

  12. Oh, no! I think that I’m living on your farm! chickens and puppies and boys and wildflowers and all. It IS wonderful – especially if your a hermit and don’t resent neighbors; so, maybe you’re in the right place. My boys miss the little cottage that we moved from in town. They say that this house is unlucky because they have to ride the school bus and they miss the pavement for chalk and bike riding. However, they run wild and free and there are so many things that we can do now that we’re not in town. It’s six of one, half dozen of the other. But, Kasey, – the closest place to buy shoes of any worth is an hour away!

  13. Kasey– maybe with all of your other talents ” Therapist ” could be on the list — cuz I just saved myself $100 venting on your blog !! so sorry !!! love your pics too !!

  14. i <3 your blog. simple as that.

  15. i love your photos and i never laugh at them 🙂 your heart is in them and they are beauty-full!!!

  16. Love your style kasey…I’m always inspired by it.
    Did little Lola get her letter in the post?


  17. Great photos! Really. And I really want photos like that for my hubby. I enjoy reading your blog, cause you are you.

  18. Your photos are always so beautiful. I have a dream about a farm too, but its just a dream for me.
    have a great week!

  19. Absolutely LOVE this post, Kasey! It was just what I needed to cheer my ragged heart today and give me courage to press on with joy. 🙂 Thank you, thank you. And I adore your photos. Absolutely adore them. 🙂

  20. *love* that flare! you are getting so good!
    wish you lived closer. on your farm. next to my farm.
    (and for the record, my kids rarely run through the fields – mostly they just complain that they are *booorreddd*…)

  21. “You are you..a product of what you make yourself….so be who you want to be”. I just copied this quote from you into a notebook….wow I needed your “wisdom” today!
    Thank you.

  22. I love your photography, it makes me want to go take more pics!
    Have a great summer day !

  23. Funny you should post this. Just yesterday I told a friend how hard it is for kids who live on a farm or in the country to have friends to play with on a daily basis. We live in the country on family land and in order for my kids to have a friend over we have to go pick them up or their parents drop them off. I guess it isn’t as bad during the school year since we are so busy, but during the summer it can get very boring. Just thought I would share from my own experience. I guess everything has its good and bad.

  24. Love that barn…love this post…so honest and totally relatable{is that a word?}. And, just for the record, you can count me as someone who LOVES your photography and your style! Hope you get to see your hubby soon;)

  25. I think your pics are great as well…and i’ve been looking for an iron daybed for MONTHS…lOVE yours!!

  26. I love the bed, I want one so bad. And I love her shoes! I am a shoe addict who has not really shopped for shoes lately. And purses, I love purses. I digress. I love who you are Kasey and wish we could sit and talk someday (especially since you are tight with my other girls). Hey, it could be a weekend in NYC if we could get Simone over here.

  27. I am with Gina… this quote is perfect:” You are you..a product of what you make yourself….so be who you want to be.”

    the photos are lovely… I am sure you will pay off that four letter word in no time with your talent!

  28. Love these images!! Love the shoes!!

  29. Kasey, you need to come over to my place for a beer

    with those shoes

    great post

    great photos & processing

    I’m taking an old vintage thing on a shoot me this weekend now 🙂

    it’s so much fun, last one I did chair in ocean



  30. p.s.

    I am looking at real estate (that’s a blogland secret lol!)

    farms are on the list

  31. Love the photo’s you took and let us peek at. I spent most of my life trying to get away from a farm and I would now go back in a heartbeat ~ funny how things go sometimes. Those shoes are to die for ~ just saying….

  32. yep you on the chair in the ocean would be rockin 🙂

  33. I love the idea of farm life but not the work hee heee… i would need a gardener unless i got a goat to help eat all the grass and weeds. and I think I can pretty much say that after 4 kids cleaning up after all the cute little animals day in and day out would drive me to drink a mojito at noon… but I sure would love a photo shoot at a farm in ruffled heels on a fabulous bed!

  34. loving those photos…and why does your week seem so similiar in some areas…well because you just made me feel normal!!! Thank you…
    love, love, love those photos…and love, love, LOVE those shoes because I’ve got ’em too:)

  35. And by the way…what a great, great idea…photos for the hubby?!

  36. I so get you lady. So get you. I sold my shops in oregon (three of them), i bought the house in the country with five acres surrounded by thousands, i loved my new life…for a few months. then i freaked out, bought another building, opened up a cafe…oh yeah, that one cost me a bundle. fast forward 9 years later. i have a sweet little house in the country, my little etsy shop is sprouting wings and taking off. it will happen for you, just in it’s own time and way.
    you are an amazing photographer and one day you will have your farm and people will pay you to visit it and have their photos taken. oh, yes.they.will!

  37. I love reading your blog. You make me laugh out loud. Alot. You have quite the flair for writing! Love the pics as usual, the bed is fantastic and those shoes are to die for! Where oh where do I get some?!

  38. I was once a dreamer of the farm life. Now Im blessed to live it. Not an old farm but a new one. Growing all the time. 2 Horses and barn. Wildflowers and a puppy.. It’s fun. The kids love it here and we feel a bit more grounded.
    I love this post… A LOT…
    Nice photos. All of them..
    Have not seen my husband for 4 days either but hey somebodys gotta pay for this barn…

  39. Well, it’s obvious that there are a lot of us
    who think you are pretty swell.
    I love your photography.
    I think you could make a living
    or supplement one with your photography.
    Imagine that your client and her
    husband will love the result of this
    photo shoot!
    Keep on keeping on…..
    that debt will disappear.
    Big cyber hugs!
    xx Suzanne

  40. Hi, I enjoy your blog so much!
    Your pictures are so beautiful and I think they are just wonderful!
    Take Care


  41. Hello…love the honesty in this post; not that normally your posts aren’t honest, I have been following for a while. Hello it’s me. So I can relate, my husband just tore off for another frantic day at work, we have been like ships in the night all week. I think your photos are beautiful, I hope your friend is delighted. As you say – you are you and she is she so, altogether it’s all good. I love the idea of the kids being able to trail around in fields. I live in a farmhouse but it’s on a fairly busy road and we don’t have neighbours so much, more like acres and acres of peas or celery or potatoes! So that was the trade-off. We loved the house but the location meant no real community as we are ‘out in the sticks’. Hmmm. There’s always something huh? So even your dream house – might have a downside! Lou x

  42. that photo is sooo pretty! i wouldn’t mind living on a small farm but i’d have to have a farm boy to fetch things and what not. you take absolutely lovely photos, no more crazy talk… own it! 🙂 xx

  43. Gorgeous photos girl!! I hope to see you on Saturday at that French Hens thing, it sounds like a fun morning out.
    And I love what Amy in the comment above me said, OWN it.. you have vision..that is for sure.

    Those heels are FABULOUS, as are the photos.
    So soft and romantic, I think her husband is going to dig them.
    You are very talented, and obviously have a passion for pretty things.
    Keep it up.

  45. I So LOVE your blog!!! Because it makes me laugh out loud…I love that farm too! Where is it located? XOXO Rhonda

  46. Please don’t doubt yourself or your talent! I love your photographs, so do soooo many other’s – that’s why we keep coming back over and over. Your writing is great, too!
    My BIL is a pro. photographer, and I KNOW he would be envious of you because of your ability to express yourself in your work, and because of your creativity. He’s stuck doing boring studio shoots, wedding photos like his dad (who started the studio) did before him, tons of school portraits, stuff he really doesn’t love – but work that pays the bills. He would probably tell you to keep doing what you’re doing, and to keep doing it because you love it! That’s the best part. You can make your own rules right now, while you pay off your mountain of debt.
    Heidi – Heart and Home
    PS. I looooove those ruffly shoes!!

  47. Lovin’ your ideas AND your images. That shot is gorgeous! ~Lili

  48. hey Kasey, i have been getting ready to open up a shop again…i previously had an online shop but had to close it down to travel (live in hotels after losing our home)…anywho… i already am in debt up to my eyeballs….the purpose of me starting a shop was to help pay down debt… i would be oh so appreciative for any advice that you could pass along. I unfortunately learn from mistakes…TOO MUCH…. any tips on what to do and or what not to do…with owning a shop?

    thnks soooo much!

  49. Be who you want to be – how tempting that sounds.
    If only….

  50. These are gorgeous! I did a boudoir session for a friend for her husband. I so rocked it, but was so sad I couldn’t share it with anyone.

  51. those are beautiful shots kasey. love the light in them!!!

  52. Ohhh man! I hate that word Debt as well! Bummer…I would love to see you get that lovely farm one day! Keep up the great picture taking….You ARE a great photographer! I just LOVE looking at your pics. These were fun that you did for your friend…her shoes are hot rockin’! Hope you get to see your hubby this weekend 😉 LOL

  53. love the photos.
    love the farm.

  54. those shoes- if anyone hasn’t mentioned it- are Madden Girl by Steve Madden /Women’s ‘Pettra’ Ruffled Peep Toe Pumps

    I got my two pair (black and the gray like the photo) at TJ Maxx and they are THE most comfortable shoes in the world!!!!!! Sexy too!

    Overstock has them for 49.00

  55. I had those dreams at your age too…we even moved half way across the country in search of ‘that dream farm’…it didn’t happen. I learned to ‘grow where I’m planted’…yep…and my kids whom are now age 20,18,16,14 like being in a neighborhood near a city with cafe’s and cool clubs to go too. So, it is best we never ended up on that farm.

  56. I love this post . . . about being yourself . . . about wishing for a farm but knowing you may never get one . . . about having a shop you love but ending up with debt . . . about living with all the imperfections . . . you are a kindred spirit.

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