a mini vacation..


in case you’ve been wondering where i’ve been….it hasn’t been at home.

Fin and i decided to make ourselves at home somewhere else….

like Anthropologie to be exact. 

Their air conditioning works better than ours at home.

The floors are clean and swept. The dishes are all stacked up real nice.

There are really soft pillows all over the place. The bathroom is really clean with no pee all over the seat.

They have mirrors all over that make me look thin….and the lighting brings out my auburn highlights.

They have really pretty music playing ALL DAY LONG.

No one is yelling. Everyone smiles.

The girls that work there really like Fin and let him lounge on the sofa.

{his manners are really good there by the way…he even takes his shoes while on the sofa}


I just wanted to let you know where i was in case bryan got on and tried to do a guest post

or say something really silly like…

has anyone seen my wife..she’s not making me dinner


all she’s doing is handing out her “calling cards”  and telling everyone how much she likes ruffles.


p.s. feel free to come by for a visit…i’d love to show you around.



  1. Okay…mr c saw fins picture and thought it was Landon ( so I almost got busted for being at anthro when I’m not supposed to be) and he said he was his dopplegaanger for sure…you know, his identical unrelated twin…our anthro is hiring….I thought about applying….


  2. I would love a mini vaca like yours.
    Did you order some catering as well?

  3. Abigail says:

    I need a vacation as well!! Do you think they have room for us (family of four)?
    I love how Fin takes off his shoes, it shows the manners you have instilled in him;-)

  4. It’s like the happiest place on earth!


  5. Michelle says:

    i like your style. you always make me smile!


  6. thanks for this – i needed a good chuckle today! wish i had an anthro store nearby – i might do the same! enjoy your new digs!

  7. thanks, i needed a good laugh! Always guaranteed that each time I stop by here…

  8. What a great vacation! Going to mine is like a vacation too…cause it takes an hour to get to. But there are beautiful fountains outside that shoot in the air with lights and music. I need to go for a summer holiday! thanks for the idea. ox

  9. Anthro should pay Fin to sit on their couch…
    he’s cuter than any throw pillow.
    i’m sold.

  10. Has that store given you benefits by now? That sweet little boy, bless his heart. How ever did you train him. Mine are like animals in Anthro!!

  11. I’d move in there in a heartbeat, yes sir-ree!
    I love how cozy and uninhibited Fin looks in such a girl-y place!
    You really do feel like you’ve been to another world when exiting Anthro.
    Think I’ll book a flight in the next day or two…..
    We have a gorgeous, big, NEW one in town! No passport required. Yippee!
    xx Suzanne

  12. I take my vacations to Target (it’s far closer for me) but your choice is a better one. Good call on that!

  13. I can’t think of a better mini vaca – well done! You are one lucky duck having kiddos who are old enough to accompany you into Anthro. Anthro should hire Fin for its magazine shoots!

  14. you don’t even know how much I would like to stop by 😉

    when we come on holiday to the states in october I am going to set up camp in Anthro

  15. my hubby keeps asking me when they are going to put in a big screen television to go with the comfy couch.
    So you say silly girl why are you bringing your hubby to Anthropologie? He trusts me not in that wonderful store. $$$$$

  16. You always make me laugh! Fin is too cute!

  17. I don’t know this store… we don’t have it here. What does it carry? Your picture shows clothes and yet you mention dishes and toilets. Haha. Is it a big store or do you find it in malls? So curious…

  18. Great destination Kasey…..xv

  19. Wishing there was an Anthro near my house! Your little guy looks so at home there!


  20. he’s so cute! what a great vaca…you are right:)

  21. I’ll be right over!!!

  22. I love the way your write. I have only been following your blog for a few months and it makes me smile every time I come by for a visit:)

  23. I wish my nearest Anthro wasn’t in NYC! Sadly, I think my husband is glad it’s a six hour drive. I’d definitely visit you there!

  24. Vicki K says:

    Ha! That’s what I think about the library…it’s cooler…and quiet…and clean…and nobody asks you to do anything…and you won’t run out of books or magazines for a really long time…

  25. You crack me up:) Wish I had an Anthro near me…much “cooler” than my house!

  26. like disney for big girls!

  27. Ok I could have done without the air-conditioning comment……us pooor folks in the Pacific N.W. have been without warmth for sometime…I even heard we are the only city in the country that hasn’t hit 75 degrees yet…that includes Anchorage! We do have an Anthro in UVillage here in Seattle so all is not too bad!

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