Train like a girl….

Hello Monday!

I have three words for you this morning……


Even though i felt like i wanted to lay in the dirt and die. I’m not going to lie…..

but i had not been feeling well since friday….and Bryan had been out of town for

three days….and didn’t get home till late friday night… i was not sure whether or

not i would even show up for the RUN/WALK/DIE saturday morning.

The thing is…i made a commitment….

to not only myself…but to my friend Shannon {uber running partner}

that we would do this first 5k together.

I woke up early saturday morning and showed up like planned at 730 to

meet my friends.


L-R {Sharon…Nancy…Shannon…moi}

Sharon…the girl on the very left….she’s my boot camp instructor….she’s also one of my best friends…

funny story….

she lived on the same street as me when i lived in colorado.


This is right before the run…..

i’m really nervous and actually asked Shannon if i could go home.

Shannon said NO.

I’m not talking to Shannon anymore.

Sharon {boot camp instructor} asked me if she could take my camera with her

so that she could take photos of us at the finish line.

It was obvious that i had NO plans on finishing in less then 22 minutes like she did.

So i said okay.

I’m such a nice friend.

Shannon decided at the end of our race to sprint toward the finish line….

i think it was because of the camera.

Not me…..i’m like a turtle…slow and steady.


we did it.

We didn’t walk….we didn’t stop…..we ran the entire time.

We did the race/walk/die in under 32 minutes.

There was only ONE snot rocket….but shannon swears she was just spitting.

There were no depends worn.

I didn’t have to worry about shorts…because it was FREEZING.

I doubt i’ll do another race….maybe it’s because i went home…

climbed in bed…..

and on Mothers day went to the doctor to find out i have a sinus infection.

I’m proud of myself …and proud of my friend shannon….

because it was only a little over a week ago that we decided to run this race…

and only had one week to train….

with a goal of not walking once in the race.

Train like a girl.

{winner of garden giveaway is: Brenna LaPray  who stated that she doesn’t need the mixed drink book. hmmm.

so….i drew another name….and Rebeccah {a life on decatur} gets it. If she doesn’t…i’m keeping it;-)

I’ll have last but not least winners on my next post.}


  1. Yeah! Congrats!! I hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections really stink!

  2. Good For YOU!!!! Love your T-shirt!!!! Feel better!

  3. I hope you feel better…so glad you did this for you!!! Happy Mother’s day…{one day belated}

  4. i am proud of you. that is a wonderful accomplishment. karlie and i did one last summer, but we walked it. it was a fast walk though. hope you’re feeling better soon.

  5. Shannon Hermann says:

    Should we do another one???

  6. I am proud of you for running the race. I don’t know if I could have done it and YOU were sick too.

    Great job. Hope you feel better.

  7. you so rock! I am so proud of you – now the next time we are in france we can go running through the gardens at Luxembourg!
    have a fabulous week mon amie,

  8. wonders never cease!!!
    i am so proud of you my friend!
    hope you’re feeling better too sweetie
    22minutes?whatever 🙂

  9. Wow! I’m so impressed (and glad) that you did it (and didn’t die). I thought you would (make it just fine) but, phew! I really hope that you feel better quickly!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  10. YAY Kasey!! Great job. That’s a huge accomplishment my friend, you should be very proud of yourself. 🙂

  11. jacki J. says:

    You did it! Great job. Your a trooper. Can’t believe you did it sick! Hope your recovery is quick. See you..

  12. congrats!!!
    hope you feel better soon!

  13. ….life on Decatur!…that’s me!! Yay!!…really? Great start to my Monday…thank you!!! Saturday morning I was thinking about you and cheering you on from phoenix…so happy to hear that it went so well…almost inspired me enough to put my runners back on and give it a go! Almost. You inspire me in so many ways…thank you! Have a lovely Monday and I’ll email you my addy in case that book is really headed my way.

    Xo rebecca

  14. Chris McGetrick says:

    Great Job on finishing your first big run – now on to a 10 K.

    You can do it.

  15. Good for you!! You make us all proud:) And I hope you’re feeling better today…

  16. Way to go Kasey!!!! You look adorable. So proud of you 🙂

  17. A huge congratulations…..and you look pretty adorable in your “T”.
    WAY TO GO!!! xOxO

  18. Woo hoo…you did it!!!!! Awesome job my little running friend! Hope that nasty head cold of yours is gone now!!!

    Hugs ~

    🙂 T

  19. You go girl, I am proud of you. Running is not my thing, I do like to walk, but run no. It is so nice to have a good friend to support us and keep us going. Florence

  20. Congratulations, that’s awesome! I hope you feel better soon!

  21. Hey Rock Star
    So, um, did you NOT run with an ipod?
    I’d die in ten seconds if I had to work out without music!!
    You are AWE-SOME!

  22. HEY, you DID it!!! And you were a tortoise, which is what I’d hoped you’d be……no need for heroics, just finish the darn thing and say you DID it!!! Like you, I don’t feel the need to repeat the torture, once was enough. Cross it off the bucket list. WAY to GO and Congratulations! xx P&H {PS: Hope your meds have kicked in as sinus infections are the WORST.}

  23. I am so proud of you!!!! That is just awesome…you did it…now you can do anything!!! Come say hi 😀

  24. This is a fantastic accomplishment, you should be so proud!

    Be warned though, these things can be addictive. Dang endorphins! 😉

    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Jolly well done!!!!!!!! See you at Summer Boot Camp. I can’t get past 4………


  26. Kasey that is awesome!! Good for you!

  27. Congratulations!! That’s such a great accomplishment and finish time! I’m sorry you felt so lousy but you should be incredibly proud of yourself and I hope you do try another 5K sometime – when you’re feeling better and it’s a little warmer! Congrats again!!

  28. Yeah Kasey….great result. Train like a girl…Win like a girl, xv.

  29. Strong work ladies!!! Congratulations…I’m inspired to train for my first 5K…we’ll see if I do it…gotta get me some good runnin’ shoes! 🙂 I can’t believe you ran with a sinus infection…I would DIE!!!

  30. Chrissy says:

    Awesome job you guys!!! My best friend was also running a 5K for the first time down in Richmond on Saturday … it must have been a good day for women to try something new! I’ll do one … some day …

    ** And with a sinus infection??? You are TOUGH!!!! **

  31. Congratulations lady!

    I’m so impressed, I can’t even run to the end of my drive ;O)

    Good for you,

    B x

  32. Congrats!!! It was cold and no one said there would be hills….so double congrats that you did it and you were sick! Hope your feeling better today 🙂

  33. Congratulations, I am Very Impressed. All while you were Sick, Super Woman is what you are. Hope you are on the Road to Recovery this week too. XO Jamie

  34. woo hoo for you!!!!! So exciting to see the pics!!!!! My 10K is Memorial day and I am ready!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about your next running event! Hope you are feeling better.

  35. Wow, way to go! Not something I plan to do, glad there are women like you to do it for me! And you were sick on top of it, yuck!

  36. YEAH!
    YEAH for Kasey!
    I know you felt so accomplished!
    And I know your hubby was like WOW…I am married to one hot mama running a RACE!!!! ;o)
    Wish what I was trying to accomplish only lasted 32 minutes
    (which by the way…is a fabulous TIME!)
    What I am attempting to accomplish last 10 whole days!
    My hub and I challenged ourselves to do THE MASTER CLEANSE!
    It’s a DETOX!
    You drink this lemonade concoction for a minimum of 10 days!
    And you are suppose to feel and look and think great afterwards!
    We are on our second day!
    I almost ate a niblet of Doogan’s dry dog food when I fed him just a bit ago!
    Wish me luck!
    Maybe you will be able to congratulate me in 9 more days! (and counting…every freakin minute!)
    Congrats Kasey!
    Were your adorable children there to cheer you on at the finish line?
    They will never forget their WAY COOL MOM running a RACE! ;o)

  37. Lindsey says:

    Way to go girl! 32 minutes!? You only trained for a week! That’s awesome. You totally rock! Hope the sinus infection clears up soon. 🙂

  38. YAY for you! I want to eventually run a 5k, but I feel like running is the worst thing you can do to your body 🙂 I admire those who power through the pain though!


  39. Congrats!!! that is an awesome accomplishment. I hope you are feeling better!!

  40. Yay! So glad you did!

  41. That should say glad you did it and I forgot to say that I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  42. Hey…..I could of sold the mixed drink book!!! 🙂

  43. WAY TO GO…. You did it… And even under “cold” and Sinus Cold conditions…. You need that drink book more than any of us…
    Excuse me while I run to the fridge for a glass of wine…

  44. Yay, yay and Yaaaaaay! Well done, girl. It feels good, doesn’t it?! You, sweet Frenchie girl, rock.


  46. Way to go Kasey- I hope you feel better soon!

  47. That is awesome, well done you must feel really chuffed and very proud! So when’s the next one?

  48. Go Kasey! Good for you! You did it!

  49. Yeah! congrats. I am an awful long distance runner and yes anything over a mile is long distance.

  50. Woo hoo! Kudos to you!

  51. I so swear that if you ever come back to France and make it to my neck of the woods I shall ply you with enough champagne after your 5k that you will feel fine – or put it all down to the hangover the next day. I shall also remember to reign in my snot rockets. I’m still doubled up in laughter at the name.

    Love your Anthropologie turtle by the way 😉

  52. LOVE your tshirt, where can i find one?
    great job!

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