time stopper….

 I’m not quite sure where to start.

I feel as if i am on a roller coaster right now….you know the feeling….

where you are sitting helpless all the while strapped in your seat watching

everything just go by…..or fly by.

And all you can do is sit there.

The kids have 2 weeks of school left….just two….

with a summer that is already packed full of goodness.

Where did this year go and how do i stop the clock?

I’m in a funk. ….and without getting personal….we are going thru some trying times

over here.

Alrighty then….now that i got that off my chest…{and i don’t even have a chest}

…….i thought i’d show you some

photos taken from a shoot the other day.

I was hired by the smiles of some of my friends to take some photos of the

kids for Fathers day….and of course i brought Lola along with me.

Can you believe i did not have to even pay her this time!

She even threw her whole outfit together.

Lola might be a raggedy jeans and shirt on the outside but deep down

she’s an anthro girl who will one day be travelling the globe looking for their new line

and getting momma all hooked up with the discounts.

{i mean really….we can’t all aspire to be the next doctor..right}

Lola was doing her own thing here…….

and i’m just glad it’s an abandoned track.



My mom came back into town {again} on friday…..

my dad flew in last night…so we have one packed day.

First on the list…..is going back to the French market….and Denisa’s crepe’s.

I also got my herb garden all planted yesterday……

and my back yard all fussied up because i’m hosting a little

pre-party before a bunch of us girls head out Thursday night for

Sex and the City.

Watch out Carrie Bradshaw…….mom of three wearing spanx is headed your way.




I just had to throw in a few of the photos of my friends children….

how could i not.

Have i told you that this little girl is the next contender for Fin’s heart?

I told her….as long as you can give a good back tickle….you’re in.


  1. Your style and photos are amazing! Obviously, you’re rubbing off on your daughter. Tell he she can come to my house anytime and pick me out an outfit! hehehe- I have two boys…. Sorry you’re stressed, unfortunately it seems like it hits all at once, and you’re just the spectator on the side, watching it all unfold. Sit outside, get some sun on your face, and enjoy some tea or coffee. Refuel. You can do it. hugs-

  2. i love it!!!
    not the part about trying times but the part about the cute clock pic on lolas head….love it & all the rest

    you owe me a call
    this time make it on your stressful day
    & on my not so stressful day


  3. Love those photos . you are a true artist !

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! Your party sounds like it’s going to be so fun!!
    I scrolled down to get caught up and i’m completely in love with the puppy…. oh my gosh i wouldn’t be able to resist that face!

  5. Great photo shoot, Kasey. Lola looks fabulous in her outfit!

  6. Great pictures and I am super jealous about your Sex in the City pre-party Thursday night. If I lived a little closer I would have to crash it and tag along!
    Hope things get better over there 🙂

  7. Your pictures are all wonderful. They capture so much of the children’s personalities. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  8. Gorgeous pictures you sure have an eye! have fun with the girls and don’t let the funk drive you down! You will come out of if with your head up high!

  9. Is your daughter interested in sewing? She could get started on the Anthro stuff right now ~ she certainly has the style!

  10. Ahhh I love these photos. Lola is such a pretty girl. Your friend’s kids are cute too. Sending you some hugs and strength for whatever you’re going through right now.

  11. perfection.
    your photos blow me away.

    hoping whatever you need to ease up does soon enough.


  12. I hear ya……been there….when I get into a funk. I believe your evolving…growing. Embrace it, even though its hard. Listen closely to what God is whispering. Enjoy your parents and your party……

    Your photos are great!!

    Have a great day!!

    🙂 Jackie

  13. Beautiful pictures! LOVE the lighting, wish you could send a few pic taking tips my way!!!

    Have a great summer with those adorable kiddos of yours!


  14. Hope you are enjoying having your parents visit. Let’s talk tomorrow? I will give you a call in the morning. There is still time to book a ticket to Farm Chicks….{hint, hint}…perhaps a little getaway might make it all better???


  15. Great pics Kasey! Sorry you’re going through a rough time.

    Maybe your suggestion of Sex “in” the city is helpful…. or you could even go see Sex AND the city. LOL, sorry – I have to giggle each time I see it called Sex IN the City – like it is giving the sex a venue rather than Sex AND the City. Not teasing, just trying to make you smile 🙂

  16. adore the boots. hope things lighten up for you soon. listen to Shania Twain’s ‘Up’ song. always squashes my funk

  17. Unfortunately I’m right there with ya……let’s hope it gets better soon, k?
    Love your pics….:)

  18. Oh girl, these photos are so darling… and I’m so sorry you’ve been going through a tough time! It’s so hard to blog when life is just stinking all around, huh?

    Hang in there… you are a sweetheart, and we are all here for you in blogland! 🙂

  19. Perhaps you should think about being a pro-photographer…because your photos are Fabulous!! So sorry to hear things have been a bit tough lately. Sending lots of hugs and wishing you a “funk-less” week:)

  20. What a great location for a photo shoot. And I love the pics of the kids. Great job!

    P.S. Sorry about whatever you are going through.

  21. that last pic is a keeper…

  22. hugs…hugs… more hugs…
    love to see Lola in the dress. Super cute photos..

  23. Your photos are fab! The kids look so cute – you really have a wonderful eye. : )

  24. Your pictures are awesome…..and the funk will pass! All times are hard times right now. Hang in there

  25. I’m sorry things are upset for you now! But I can tell you’re gonna be fine! What beautiful photos and you rare so very good. Enjoy your children, they do grow up so fast!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  26. Wonderful and sweet! Very creative!

    I am only a street across-my arms go closer than blogland friend.

  27. you & me both…maybe there’s something in the air??

    great shots, as ever

    keep your blogging chin up


  28. Gorgeous.

  29. i hope that roller coaster has more ups than downs dear Kasey…
    i know about trying times…
    oh yes…
    and I hope they pass soon.
    absolutely gorgeous pictures…
    and stylin’…
    as usual.
    lucky, lucky friends.
    especially those who are coming over on Thursday night!

  30. Love, love, love those pictures…you are so great at this!!!
    I am sorry you are in a rut…kinda lately been feeling the same too…hope your day is better each and every day and a great Thursday ahead for you…

  31. Hi Kasey! Girl, I have been in a funk too. That is the exact word that I told my friend. I guess the move, the weather, the new city & state, it all just caught up with me. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Mom of 3 in spanx is a-ok! It is NOT normal to be JSP’s size. TOO skinny:)

    Have a great week.

  32. You are not alone…..time is flying by. And that Lola can come live with me if she’d like. Great pictures Kasey:)

  33. Kasey! My eyes PRICKED in recognition, I LAUGHED and I SMILED…..all in the few minutes that I scrolled through this lovely post. Don’t even know where to begin. First, the TIME….my jeans and t’s gal finally met HER inner Anthro, just this year ~ she’s 15! I smile when I see Lola because my little sparrow had short hair at that age, too….now it’s long and flowing and she’s loving the same things that I do….is an artist…..and I often pinch myself and wonder HOW DID I GET HERE {like the song}?! She wanted to go to the Na-Da Farm sale with me, but I couldn’t take her out of school because FINALS are coming up….I have a CHILD who is old enough for FINALS!!! Your photos are just incredible and such a fabulous record of this journey that we take with these precious souls for what really amounts to such a SHORT time.
    Have a WONDERFUL time with your parents ~ sounds like you have so many fun things planned! xx P&H
    PS: If Anne Marie has another petit flea market in the fall, you should come! I might even make the drive, again!

  34. Christie McGetrick says:

    Great Photos – Sorry you are going through some issues – Hope things will be resolved as well.

    Have fun at Sex in the City – my group of women is headed out as well this weekend.

  35. Jennifer says:

    Breathe, keep crating the art that is a wonderful part of your world – it is so much of you and I love it – the softness, the humor, the crispsness, the tones. Girlfriends can heal a lot and it’s just vital for us to get together. I wish you 15 minutes a day of something just for you! With Love, Jennifer jennsthreegraces blogspot

  36. Your photos are beautiful as always! My eldest is done with school this week and camp doesn’t start until July!! Panic!!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your parents! Enjoy! xo

  37. beautiful photos. hope things are okay for you. hang in there! xo!

  38. those are awesome shots kasey. love the ampersand with the brother and sister. great idea. hope all is well. i am thinking of you.

  39. Kasey, sorry we missed you at the Nada Farm event. You really should try some stateside macarons. I’d be happy to make some for your next event! (PatisserieAmelie.com)
    Lovely photos you have here!!!

  40. Hey Darling how are you !! Hope all isf ine with ya! Love Love your photos and the kids are soo adorable!!

  41. Oh yeah, I fully expect to see Lola gracing my 2018 copies of the Anthro catalog!
    Sending good thoughts your way for your funk. I understand.

    Enjoy the movie! Should be great!


  42. I’m catching up here…love how the photos turned out – you really have a great eye!

    Hope all is well now…


  43. i am lovin those pictures! and i love the “&”! i need to get me one of those! i am sorry to hear that you are going through a hard time! i hope whatever it is gets better real soon!

  44. Such wonderful photos. And a hugely enjoyable post to read, as always. I’m sortakindamaybe pulling out of my funk. I’ve been retreating, perhaps you’ve noticed by my lack of online presence. Hope you pull through yours swiftly and that you guys get to some smooth sailing over there. Thinking about you.

  45. Love your pictures! And I can only dream that one of my daughters grows up to be a buyer for Anthropologie! Or a building contractor – that would come in handy for us right now too since we just bought a really old house as-is. 🙂

  46. Sad to hear you’ve had some “trying times” lately… hope all is doing well now (since I’m so behind in reading)!

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