the chipper chicken…

Do you remember in the movie ‘Father of the bride’…where George Banks is arguing

with Franc the wedding planner about the dinner menu for the wedding reception?

George is telling Franc how he really wants the chicken…the chipper chicken…which

in reality was the CHEAPER CHICKEN…not the CHIPPER CHICKEN.

This is how my awesome husband and i argue when we talk about throwing parties.

I don’t want the chipper chicken type of party….but in reality….it can be done.

We compromised.

We love to entertain…..


actually….i love to entertain…it’s in my blood. Bryan on the other hand hates how much i

stress out over throwing just one party.

I don’t blame him.

I love for everything to be perfect….the guests to have fun and everything to roll smoothly.

So…..we decided that this spring/summer…there would be no stressing.

We also decided to host parties that involve having the chipper chicken….it’s part of my

“reduce kasey’s debt” goal.

Well…..we did it this weekend and it was a blast.

We hosted a S’mores and Sangria party on Saturday night and invited some of

our close friends and their children.

Adults like S’mores too you know….

I was also soooo happy because my mom came into town on Saturday….

i picked her up at the airport and put her right to work cutting up fruit for the sangria.

Before all of our friends came over in the evening we had a wonderful dinner

of  Plank-Roasted salmon with white nectarine-serrano salsa…

and grilled panzanella salad with bell peppers.

{i will post the recipe’s later this week..}

Did you know that there is something A LOT better the Hershey’s chocolate

for s’mores?  Use the Hershey’s for the kids…..but for the adults…

use Ghiradelli caramel filled chocolate’s.

I swear….it’s the best!

I found the sweetest strawberry shaped marshmallows at home goods…






It was such a wonderful night…the weather was on the cooler side

perfect for a big roaring fire in the outside fire place.



I made white peach sangria for the adults….



I love how the guys all end up drinking beer.

It’s a guy thing.

I was waiting with my camera all night for just one guy to head

over and grab a glass of white peach sangria…


So….just to let you know….it can be done.

A simple get together without a whole lot of hassle.

My s’mores and sangria soiree..

was nicknamed…..

the chipper chicken party.





  1. This looks like a party or two we have thrown in our backyard…Boys and Beer, but at my house margaritas are the ladies drink of choice. But hey, I would love to try the sangrias…… Ill be waiting for the details….
    And I love the carmel Ghiradelli chocolate so will try that at our next bon fire ..
    Love the sangria glasses… are they vintage???

  2. I think your parties must be so much fun to attend! Lots of carefully thought out touches & so lovely.

  3. What I wouldn’t do for a glass of that peach sangria ~ nectar of the gods!

  4. I always stress over parties and want to throw them too, especially last minute for some reason. Its in my nature to entertain too 🙂 The chipper chicken looked lovely, s’mores a great idea!

  5. Ohhh, I LOVE this!!! We used to have smore parties all the time as kids and how I miss it. 🙂 I don’t have a fire pit, but I DO have a fire place!! Heyyyyy, that’s an idea! 🙂

  6. I LOVE Franc!!! Fun idea…I love smores and I think you might need to post the recipe for the drink as well…it looked so summery and yummy! 🙂

  7. How fun!! I’m so glad summer is here!! Almost here, I guess…it DID snow last week. Sangria sounds amazing! Wish I could come sip sangria with you someday! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂



  9. Sangrias & S’mores….a yummy combo.

  10. LOVE IT!!!!!!! It just so happens that I live in Hershey and don not eat Hershey candy 🙂

  11. Great simple party this was really a good idea.

  12. Sounds familiar! We love to throw parties, especially Halloween. My husband starts working on the light and music show for the back yard about a month in advance. The cords could wrap around the earth a couple of times and the equipment we fondly call “NASA”, and I swear this is the LAST party this big, but we do it again each year. I stress out over the details, too, but how can you not? I’d like to throw a fun late summer grill fest and a holiday cocktail party with a 50’s Madmen-esque feel…. Our next soiree is my parents 50th anniversary…..the dessert table will rock ala Amy Atlas style!

  13. Right up my alley!! And, loved that movie…Janell

  14. I love your ideas here…can’t wait to try the grown up version of s’mores…YUM! Come say hi 😀

  15. How fun!!! I love hosting parties, too. If I had a lot more money….I would host a party every week! The strawberry marshmallows are so fun…and that Sangria looks so refreshing. OOohhh….and the dinner sounds fabulous, too! Oh my….you’ll have to post recipes. I just love salmon. Canyou tell I really loved this post??

    Great job on your low-stress party!


  16. melinda says:

    too funny !! When I say party my husband says no. I also want the house clean the yard perfect and plenty of food and drinks. He thinks why clean when the house will just get trashed anyway. Men !!! Sooo I just do it all myself and everyone is happy !! I can’t give up the parties. Now I can think of smaller venues like the smores and sangrias.
    Great idea !!

  17. Can’t wait for the recipes 🙂 Looks like it turned out great!

  18. Soo like men! No wonder they”re from Mars!
    Love to have your Sangria recipe!

  19. Mmmm..I am eating chipper chicken…right now! I might just (will) have a fudge graham (s’more) Zone bar later…

    Your party looks lovely!

    : )

    Julie M.

  20. i love it kasey! what a fun idea! i might need to have a sangria and smores party! and i will be definately be trying that yummy chocolate! thanks for sharing!

  21. You are the best at throwing parties…hands down…
    I tell you what…my {handsome} hubby would be the first to grab a peach sangria….but please don’t tell him…he would only do it if no one was looking…if guys were there drinking beer he wouldn’t be caught dead…

    but between us…and the world reading this…his favorite is girly drinks…my parents give him #%*& all the time…he is the first to order daquiries…anything with coconut rum…etc..

    wow this is super long…hope you had a great time with your mom too:) sounds divine!

  22. Completely misspelled daiquiris and realized it after I posted…oops!

  23. Love it! You are so clever.

  24. A s’mores party…now why didn’t I think of that?! Sounds like a lot of fun and a great excuse to eat more chocolate:)

  25. I am still trying to figure out where the “chipper chicken” is at in your party. hahah
    Love it! and Ghiradelli caramel chocolate is my fave!!!!

  26. Lindsey says:

    Looks like you all had a lot of fun, what a great idea. Love me some Ghiradelli caramel chocolate, yum!

  27. You are right, we would ALL entertain more if we took the PERFECTION goal out of the equation and just inserted EASY, FUN, JOYOUS instead! Really, all of the kids are most interested in running around and the dessert and the grown ups like their beers, cocktail and easy banter. A good mantra as we head into those great summer nights for non-perfect gatherings! xx P&H

  28. i’m still recovering from a part-ay at our place yesterday…i too want things to be certain way…and it doesn’t seem to matter how much i prepare in advance…there is always a bit of a scramble. But I’m learning. And yesterday I made a fabulous cake, and gourmet burgers and then bought sides & salads at Whole Foods. I love the smores and the sangria. reminds me of Spain…not the smores…the sangria. the smores remind me of California. sigh. LOVE all your special touches. divine.

  29. I just love Father of the Bride! Especially Franc. Anyhoo…lovin’ the idea of making smores with Ghirardelli chocolates….gonna have to remember that one!

  30. Lovely, what a fun idea for a party. That group of guys look just like what we get at our parties, and there are always lots of empty beer bottles by the end of the night!
    The smores idea is genius, we do this on the beach, but at home at the fire pit is a great idea!
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  31. what a wonderful idea. i love smores and believe i could learn to love sangria also. but i do belive my husband would have grabbed the beer too. it is a guy thing.

  32. Sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most fun! It definitely relieves some of the stress anyway….. You have to post the recipe for your sangria ~ it sounds delish.

  33. What? No *kak* with that chipper chicken soiree?! I just love your sense of style and humor and of course your new fun easy breezy way of entertaining! ~Lili

  34. Sounds like a really fun evening to me! I have to laugh because the other week I was at a training and the trainer reminded me of Franc and now I really have Father of the Bride stuck in my mind!

  35. hmm, looking too good to me

    …once I lost that perfection thing I lurve entertaining…

    nice post


  36. I’m all for your chipper chicken gathering!! Your post has me thristy for a sangria at 8:24AM 🙂

  37. Yeah, s’mores!!! We have a pagan stone altar on which we offer burnt marshmallow offerings to the god of summer fun, too! (Don’t tell anyone that I’m a pastor’s wife, ‘k?! I, also, LOVE LOVE LOVE planked salmon! It sounds like a super fun time!

  38. Looks quite fabulous…ummm…my invite must have been lost in the mail, right?? ;o) Lovin’ those strawberry marshmallows. See, you can be fabulous without even trying…


  39. Love it! Will definitely be trying those caramel filled chocolates. OR you can be super lazy like me and use nutella, but that ain’t near as fun;). Love s’mores.

  40. You know what’s even BETTER than Hershey’s for smores?!! Reese’s peanut butter cup for smores! The most amazing thing you will EVER eat. Let the peanut butter cup sit by the fire on top of the graham and by the time you are done roasting your malo, your chocolate will be gooey!! SOOOOO GOOOD!

    xoxo, Meredith

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