One morning..

ย I woke up yesterday morning to an overcast sky…dreary again….but as

i lay in bed listening to bryans breath going in and out in a steady flow i could

hear the little patter of feet coming up the stairs. Actually….they are not so little anymore….

more like thump…thump…thump.

Fin peeked his head in the door with his hair all jostled…his tattered blue blanket

which he named tickly due to the fact that it’s so worn it has

little tiny threads that tickle his arm. He had it wrapped around his shoulders like a scarf.

I let him crawl in bed and snuggle under my arms…all the while thinking…he doesn’t

do this much anymore.

He asked for his back tickled….something all my children love….even myself….

but for some reason… back is the one that never gets touched.

I laid there taking all this in….laying beside my five year old with my face in his head.

I whispered to him……please don’t ever leave.

Isn’t it amazing how you can have one of those moments…that it stops your heart right

in it’s track so that you can hardly breath.

His hair smelled like strawberry shampoo….his soft jammies rubbed against my skin…

his heart beating against me…

and he just snuggledย into me with my body wrapped around him.

I don’t get these moments very often.


  1. so precious! i loved this!

  2. awwww. i love sweet moments like that. enjoy them. i even had one of them last night. we went out to eat for karlie’s 20th birthday. when we got home she plopped on my lap in the chair and we talked and laughed. i wanted her to stay forever. even though she was making my legs numb.

  3. =]

  4. mary (truly blessed) says:

    those mornings are what make all the other mornings worth it.โ™ฅ

  5. Oh Kasey, I remember them well. Drink them in, the moments go fast!

  6. I know how you feel!!!!! MY “baby” is eight and I love when we snuggle!!!! Makes me want another baby but I had my tubes tied and hubby is absolutely not wanting more kids!!!! LOL!!!! Oh well I can DREAM!!!!!!

  7. Such a tender post Kasey. Love it.

  8. love those sweet moments! snuggling with my baby is so very sweet!

  9. the little deer says:


  10. Just beautiful, Kasey. I remember when my son Matt was little and everyday I walked him to school holding his hand. I said to him “promise me you will always hold Mommy’s hand” and he did promise. That promise didn’t last too long the older he got – but those times are sweet memories for me. He’s 29 now and willing to him my hand more now than he was in his teen years. Enjoy each moment with your kids, the years fly by! xxoo ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. great moment Kasey…thank you for sharing it.
    my little guy peeked through the door this morning at 6 am…and i was grateful it wasn’t 4 am.
    then i couldn’t stop kissing his cheeks.
    and I wondered when I would no longer be kissing his cheeks and i hoped it would be never.

  12. jacki J. says:

    So very sweet Kasey. Sounds like a moment to keep hold of for time to come.

  13. I said the same thing to my 5 year old daughter last night! We snuggled in bed and read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss and I said lets do this forever! She said, “Mom, thats too long!” Ok, I said but how bout for a long time and she said, “Ok”

    I don’t want it to end either! I can just see his hair and his blanket!

  14. I love those moments Kasey. I always tell my daughter that I’m going to follow her everywhere…college, after she gets married, etc. How I wish they’d stay little forever.

  15. SO sweet! I love this… I love the sleepy baby eyes and the messy hair… that is always gets me!

  16. Such a sweet post Kasey. Moments like that are my favorite times of my day. They grow up and change so fast. Enjoy your day. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I bet it’s hard for a mother to let their children go….It’s up to children, when they’ve grown up and have their own lives-to think of parents and make them suffer the little possible… I’m sure your children won’t forget those moments too. xx

  18. OH I love those moments to! Have a beautiful day! ~lulu

  19. I am there. And just posted on my blog the other day about how I am starting to freak out at the idea of kindergarten….only 4 months away. I asked my son to stay 5 forever the other day. They grow up way too fast. Love this post!

  20. Oh I miss those days, my oldest baby is going to be 16 in a few weeks and luckily he is still willing to give me hugs and maybe an occasional kiss on the cheek every now and then. I hope you get more of those special moments with Fin… Have a great day!!

  21. What a lovely pic! Lilacs are one of my favourite flowers!

  22. lisa ann says:

    Love the divine in moments like that… very sweet!

  23. Once in a while, a teenage girlie will come and lean on me on the couch…and let me play with her hair. “Itch my back, Momma.” Those moments go so fast. I remember when the girls were small and I was teachng full-time and exhausted and wished they were older and a friend of mine with older kids said- Oh, don’t wish it away. It goes too fast. She was right!

  24. oh how beautiful this was to read!!! Love this and your beautiful picture too:) I love those sort of moments…last night {since Bobby is traveling} I always let them snuggle with me a bit before bed…and my oldest held my hand as she fell asleep…it was one of my favorite moments of the week:)

    Love that shared this:)

  25. oh kasey, i love it when you’re all mushy & sentimental!
    what a beautiful post
    i love all the little details…but i’m sure you already knew that

    the image of the lilacs, GORGEOUS!
    i dont’ have lilacs. will you bring me some?

  26. That is just precious….and so very true. I am going to go snuggle my kiddos now.

  27. Don’t you wish you could just stop time right there ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. What a sweet & tender moment between mama & child:) My two girls don’t snuggle with me as often as they used to, either, so when they “crawl” in my arms, I just want to freeze time! Nothing beats a good snuggle:)

  29. you have to see the backup plan with jenn lopez. (shes not always my fav) but this movie was great.

    the dude in the park says it the best….

    child rearing is awful awful..awful…some more awful…and then a beautiful moment…and then a bunch more awful….and a beautiful moment!

    soooo true

  30. Kasey my 7 yr old still comes in every morning to snuggle (but really he just wants me to get out of bed with him at 630Am. I keep telling him he can come in anytime because I will miss it when he no longer snuggles with me or kisses me or acknowledges me. I know those days will be here soon as I am sure you see with you oldest. Oh I am having a giveaway today and none of my followers have come to visit (this means You) so your chance of winning is really good! Have a great day!

  31. Kasey
    THank you Soo much for this reminder! My oldest is 3 and has been doing this alot lately but instead of drinking it in I have been annoyed… So thank you for once again reminding me to just enjoy it. She is going to stop doing this one of these days and then I will miss those snuggle time(:

    blessings, b

  32. awwww only the best kind of memories that you are making!

  33. I read somewhere that you don’t know when it is the last time with a child. All those things they do all the time, then one by one they stop. The tuck in, the story, the kiss goodnight, etc. One day you realize it is gone. Sad.

  34. So beautiful!

    Hold on tightly, sweet mama!


  35. I LOVE every stage but it is sad when you can no longer hold the whole of them in your arms. My baby boy is 11 and almost 5’4″ so the holding all of him stage sailed a few years ago. That said, he still likes being tucked in and I will nuzzle his neck and take in his little boy smell {even though he’s tall, he is still all boy and not mature yet} and his silky hair and tell HIM that I love him and tell God that I’m grateful for this wonderful gift that I will never ever take for granted.
    Lovely post and images, Kasey! xx P&H

  36. I absolutely love those moments! Enjoy them while we can.

  37. I love this Kasey. They grow up faster than we realize.

  38. love those moments! i find myself more and more trying to remember all the little details of these sweet moments! hope all is well! susan

  39. They are the mommie moments that stay in your heart forever…you will not forget them, and they atart all over with grand children! What a blessing! Come say hi ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. Oh gosh, that’s just beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. You better enjoy and cherish those moments. My son just turned 16 and they don’t hardly want to hug their moms anymore:(

  42. so precious. I love those moments.

  43. *Sighs* My little man is only two and still seems like it goes too fast. Tear jerker for you to check out if you wish ~ Karen Kingsbury’s children’s book “Let Me Hold you Longer” *Sniffles*

  44. Sorry I missed your call today! Loved this post – enjoy your baby and those snuggly mornings with your baby. See, I do comment!!!

  45. My children are older than fin but they still manage to crawl into my bed for an occasional snuggle. . I have trouble focusing on the moment and think of all I need to do. Now I try to say to myself “Juuuuust breathe”.. It allows me the time to enjoy the moment. They grow to fast and the strawberry shampoo gives way to AXE shampoo… It’s nice to but I loved strawberry.

  46. Precious!! I love those moments! I love how you captured the smells and thoughts all together.

  47. Those are wonderful moments that, unfortunatley seem to be few and far between. So glad you got one today!

  48. Ah yes, those wonderful moments. My boys are now 4 and 6. The time is passing so quickly… I love the soft skin on the backs of their necks, the perfect spot for a kiss.

  49. I do this to a two year old and can’t imagine him EVER being five.
    I felt like I was IN your moment.

  50. Soooo sweet!

  51. completely perfectly worded ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Ahhh, I know exactly what you mean. If only they would cuddle more…

  53. Oh I remember those moments so well…I miss them…so much. It all goes by too fast. I asked mine to never leave, they said they wouldn’t, and now they are…and not in the happy way that it should happen. Hold on to those moments…cherish them… Before you know it, they’ll be gone…and you won’t be ready.

  54. : )

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