love at first sight…

Lola’s class had her butterfly release yesterday afternoon.

I was busy editing photos of the weekend when i looked at the clock and realized i had


This is normally how my day rolls.

Fin had peanut butter all over his face from lunch and i decided…

who cares!

I just hoped there were no kids with peanut allergies.

When we got there….i also noticed…fin did not have shoes either….

oh well.

I made it just in time…..and that’s what really matters.

Just in time to see Lola take out her butterfly to release it.

Then this boy got up…

his name is Isaac.

It was at this point that i decided i am all for


Hands down….sign us up!

i just need to call his mom and see if she’s okay with it.

Isaac even has a twin brother…an identical twin….and i think now i might even

be okay with a plural marriage.

If you see Lola…please don’t mention that we discussed this matter. Let’s just

keep it between us.

{and yes…Lola DOES have on the same sweatshirt from Saturday…

no…i have not done any laundry yet.}





  1. How adorable! Does the twin brother have the same stylin do? I’m liking the idea of a plural marriage. They must have different personalities and likes. And depending on her mood she could just tell one of them to go stand in the corner. A girl needs options.

  2. he is ADORABLE! I have 2 girls in the running for 1st girlfriend… he isn’t even 2!

  3. I’m quite positive we will bring ‘arranged marriages’ back to our little world when the crumb’s time comes! 🙂

  4. i love a red haired boy…and i’m all for arranged marriages too…mother knows best. mostly.


  5. Too funny! I had my youngest daughter’s future spouse picked out when she was in kindergarten:)

  6. You are just too funny….love that I am not the only one with launsry not done and kids not ready! Yay for butterflies, too.

  7. Too funny. Reminds me of the time my oldest daughter was in (afternoon) kindergarten. I misread the notice about the class trip and got a phone call from the teacher the day of wondering where she was, as the buses were about to leave and they were all waiting. Needless to say we weren’t dressed, had no lunch packed, etc.
    25 years later and she seems to have suffered no ill affects~except a tendency to be hyper organized : )

  8. What a cute little red-haired boy! I’m sure Lola will come around.

  9. You are so funny. I love reading your posts. I love how you keep it real.

  10. Yup! I let my kids go around with marshmallow smears all over their clothes for a good week, too! Wait! Maybe girls are neater.

  11. That is a great butterfly shot!

    He is a cutie.

    Good pickin’.

    Perhaps you should be a matchmaker.

  12. I haven’t done any laundry either. Well, I have done *just* enough so that everyone has something clean to wear tomorrow. Laundry! I curse it!

    Love the butterfly photos. So much fun! And yes, that boy is too cute.

  13. Mmm…red head….could be trouble! : p

    Super cuties!

    : )

    Julie M.

  14. So neat! I have never gotten to do that, I would love it! Great pictures! : )

  15. A crack up, as always! I’m digging the faux-hawk! Perfect for Lola!

  16. Oh that little red head. I understand. And I won’t tell.

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