it’s been really hot

 The count down has begun and i know for some of you summer has already started.

Fin’s last day of pre-k is thursday….and i wonder if i will cry or laugh…..

cry just because he will no longer be in preschool….and laugh because kindergarten

is the exact same amount of time is preschool….2.5 hours.

Mason and Lola still have till June 4th …and trust me…i’m savoring every single day left.

It’s been in the 90’s the last few days also….and the windows open just weren’t doing

it over here….we had to crank on the a/c.

You see…heat and humidity don’t get along very well with me…..

and my hair seems to have a mind of it’s own. I normally buy bumble and bumble’s de-frizz

and after i washed my hair the other night…i went in the cabinet to grab the very expensive

bottle of it to lather over my ‘should have been born in the 60’s’ hair and noticed it had

been dumped out and filled with water instead.

I will NOT spank the said five year old that did it.

So….today i have frizzy nappy hair and all i think i need is a bottle of Sun-In and

my tube of spf 2 coppertone OIL and sit out back with my tin foil wrapped face.

nuff said.

Then on Sunday morning……this guy opened his mouth to talk to me and i noticed a loose tooth.

then by the end of the day it was gone.

The other two kids didn’t lose the first one till close to first grade.

My boy is getting big……so i asked him if we should change his diaper

and does he want to nurse again.

He looked at me weird.

Then i forgot…i never nursed my kids.

We also made it to the French market again on Sunday….it’s our calling to do so from up above…

you know…..when you are told to go forth and eat french crepe’s every sunday at the

farmers market….then you better listen.

Lola chowed hers down faster then you can say ‘she put on a pink skirt’.


The big news was…..

this wall clock fell off the wall in the middle of the night.

We have plaster walls…..and i guess the nail got tired of holding it.

It came crashing down at about 4 in the morning making everyone in the family

start screaming that we were being attacked.

Mason even yelled……grab your swords!

{i think he’s been playing to many video games}

Luckily…..only a cloche and cake stand were injured in the fall….

all those little antique glass bottles survived.



and on to other exciting news…..

my Mason does not like to be photographed…he just doesn’t.

But he wanted me to show you what he could do….

he’s such a show off i tell ya.

So….without further ado….

i introduce you to Sir Mason and the magic balloon!

the end.



  1. Hysterical! Never seen that one done before. Can’t wait to show my boys.

  2. Your boys are adorable!! And Lola is sooo pretty in the pink skirt. I want one like that me too…. They’re growing very fast as your photos show. You must be a proud mom xxx

  3. lovin lola’s frilly skirt….look at her making all these fashion statements
    all i can say is
    thank goodness you DO take that camera with you everywhere you go
    i mean what other mom chronicles balloon nose blowing ?
    that’s why we all love your blog

  4. Talent I tell you, pure talent! He is going places with that skill. Sad thing is boys and their talents get even more bizarre as they get older. Take it from experience.

    And how can you be mad as such a sweet toothless angelic face like that?

  5. That HEAT makes everyone do funny things! Even blow balloons up with your snoz!
    Those crepes would be calling me, too ~ oh, yeah! And you just HAVE to listen, right?!
    Especially if you could float on over there in a darling pink skirt : )
    Enjoy these last days before the school bell rings for the summer. I sure am!
    xx P&H

  6. I’ll comment when I stop laughing……………………

    Okay, I’m good! Very, very impressive, Mason!!! You’re hardly even showing any strain!

    The clock falling off the wall explains your life perfectly. Your last post was so deep – I keep thinking about it.

    I think that I need to check out that anti-frizz stuff that you use. Does it really work???

    Well, Love, Katy Noelle

  7. ahahahah thank you mason for my chuckle today!

  8. love that skirt on her…oh and those crepes are so good…I think I can still remember how good they are:)
    blowing up a balloon with his nose…oh my goodness…the best that you can get that on film!!!…

    we had pictures fall off the wall two nights ago…scared the holy moly out of me! I can’t imagine how loud that clock was especially with lots underneath it…

    sending smiles your way and hope you have a great day today!

  9. Oh I feel for you on the humidity and hair not getting along. I always know the humidity is coming when the little hairs around my face start to curl up and make me look downright Shirley Temple-ish.

  10. Christie McGetrick says:

    Already too hot here for May – if it’s starts in the 90’s this early the rest of the summer does not look promising for anything but humidity!!!

  11. Sweet…now let’s see a picture of you trying that, Kasey! : ) Just don’t do it when you have a cold….now, that would be gross.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Please tell the weather to cool it…I’m heading into Minnesota today!

  12. It’s been getting really warm in North Texas, too. I usually sit out on the back porch to eat breakfast…but today it was just too hot and I didn’t want to lose my appetite!

    Your children are adorable….and your son, hilarious. What will kids think of next? Cracks me up…


  13. We have 90s and humidity here, too…I think we skipped spring & went straight to summer! Instead of fighting with “the frizz”, I’m paying good money tomorrow for curls again {aka a perm}. Love all the adorable photos of your kiddos! Two more days and my girls will be home for the summer…time to borrow that peach sangria recipe;)

  14. Oh Kasey!!!! You life! What a daily adventure!! 🙂

    Do you think you might have ghosts?! (Clock just happens to fall off the wall… ) JUST KIDDING!
    I don’t really believe in ghosts anyway… 🙂

    I almost died when I read that your hair stuff had “mysteriously” been replaced with H2O…
    Ghosts again?????? 🙂

    Sweetie, I’m with you about the heat/humidity. My typically easy-going demeanor is SHOT in hot weather…
    and that’s not good since here in Florida that’s about 90% of the year!! 🙂

    Loved the post — take care, girlie!!!

    Fellow A/C lover,

  15. Hilarious! Hey that is hard to do, I’ve tried it!!

  16. Um. I love your blog. And when I say love, I mean LOVE. Love love. Love. Just thought you should know.

  17. Your adventures always make me laugh. Thanks for the comic relief!


  18. I think mason looks so much like you…what a handsome boy…and talented too…sorta. I love the look on fin’s face when he is looking at Lola eating the crepe…so funny.


  19. You need to move to MD kindergarten is all day here… Your photos capture your life perfectly!!! So cute, did Lola share her crepe with Fin? he looked like he was waiting for a bite!! LOL
    I can’t believe Mason didn’t pass out blowing up that balloon. Hilarious,

  20. Rockin awesome Mason!!!!

  21. you had me on the floor with the swords, we had a similar thing going on here recently involving a possum..

    you are funny, one of my readers put me on to you & I am enjoying the ride….thanks ;-))


  22. I love crepes and pink in the same day let alone the same sentence!

    🙂 Laura

  23. Love this post! Love all your posts….thank you for the laughs early this morning. My son’s last day of preschool is today and I am sad and happy at the same time. I just wish they could stay little just a bit longer. xo

  24. This post is so sweet! I know exactly how you feel about cherishing those last days of school.. It’s not that we don’t want them hope, it’s just… they will be home – lol! Summer goes by so fast though – and my little man is starting a 3 day 5 yr. old Pre-K next year – so I know I will be crying like a baby when it’s time to start again. I will miss him being home! How ironic 🙂 I enjoy your posts – your photos are amazing! Have a good day! ~ Megan @ Life Together blog

  25. boys! too funny. maybe you should book him on leno.

  26. Wow, you must be so proud of that boy, lol! Love Lola’s skirt too cute! My son would think the same exact thing of being attacked, yes, too much in the video game department!

  27. What a great post! I can relate to your feelings on Fin’s last day of Pre-K. Today is Li’l Bugs last day and then off to kindergarten next year…where did the time go and how did they get so big already?! Our babies are growing up! Those French crepes` look yummy!! My hubby bought a crepe` pan for Mothers day and has been making crepes` every weekend…so good!! I had to laugh about Mason and the swords…that sounds just like something my boys would say…yes, they play way too much video games! lol Mason also is quite talented with the balloon…don’t you just love seeing their talents…Mister Inquisitive does arm “farts” and loves to share with everyone…ah, how blessed we are! 😉

    Hugs to you,

  28. I just have to say…Spencer has that same green shirt and I think he is wearing it in every one of his photos for the last 2 years.

  29. I love Fin’s face in the picture of Lola scarfing the crepe…he looks amazed and maybe a bit scared! LOL Very much like a boy, that Mason, doesn’t like to be photographed and the one time he does he’s blowing up a balloon with his nose! AWESOME!!!

  30. Beth Cregan says:

    I have only just discovered your blog and I just love it. Your writing makes me laugh out loud and reminds me a little of one of my fave American writers Annie Lammot. xx

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