This is what i got for mothers day….


It’s a turtle from Anthropologie  the pond.

My kids even named him for me…..but i changed it.

Now he’s named…….


or i might name him….


or what about……







  1. Hey, you got something! I got nothing, zilch, zero, zip, nada. The two oldest did call, they live out of town. The 16 yr old barely managed to utter a greeting when I yelled to him to get his butt over here and give me a hug damn it! Ah, the love between mother and child.

  2. HA!!!!!!!

    i knew you were up to something fishy with that last comment
    i mean up to something turtley
    silly girl
    hope you’re feeling better

  3. Oh Kasey…you make me laugh…he/she is kinda cute though…hope you are feeling better!

  4. Beauty….and TURTLES…. are definitely in the eye of the beholders, in this case your three CUTIES, which are the gifts that will keep on giving…..{and maybe giving gift cards???} forever! xx P&H

  5. Kasey,

    Hilarious! I am of the opinion that every Mother’s Day gift should be the fiscal equivalent of the pounds gained during pregnancy. 15 pounds gained…a $15 gift, but who just gains 15 pounds???It’s more like …50 pounds…$50 Oh, and if you’ve had more than one child the pounds and dollars should be combined for a whopping grand Mother’s Day prize!

    The last time I gave someone a turtle they let it escape??? Hmmm….

  6. Oh, come on! Amphibians are cuddly, right?

  7. mary (truly blessed) says:

    how about simply….i am a mom.
    girl, you crack me up!
    my kids remembered mother’s day when they heard something about it on t.v. sunday morning about an hour and a half after i woke up. happy mother’s day to me and you. 🙂

  8. You crack me up…but I think he’s kinda cute.

  9. Ha ha ha–sounds a lot like my house!

  10. Nice.

    I would name him Mertel the turtle.

  11. I think a pet will be good for you. Maybe you can name him Jean-Pierre…

  12. I like the 1st name. Seriously, a turtle?? LOL Hey it is better than mine. My son made me a plant at preschool. My husband bought…..NADA! Happy Mother’s Day Kasey!

  13. LOL…you are hilarious!!! He’s kinda cute though…Jean-Pierre would be fitting since he is so cute! (Nice suggestion Kimberly!)

  14. LOL…that’s what we get for having children!! xv

  15. Looks like something I would get for Mother’s day! Turtles can sneak away quickly when kids are at school — I’m just saying — it could happen! Hope you’re feeling better!

  16. you never fail to make me laugh!!!!!

  17. Thanks for making me smile this am…I needed it! I vote for name #3. 🙂

  18. Best gift ever…that would be you giving me the giggles on an ordinary Tuesday moning…not the turtle;) What were they thinking!?

  19. Therese Long says:

    That’s a great gift!

  20. LOL!
    We used to have one of those. His name was Nothing.

  21. That does beat the headless doll I received from my two year old one year. Her very favourite thing! Bless our children!
    Do you think they might like to look after it for you?

  22. Did it come with a gift receipt so that you can exchange it? ;)….
    Lots of laughs on this one…hysterical.

    Xo Rebecca

  23. That is funny…..!! And not far from a lot of fun gifts that I have received in the past from my kids…this will be a fun memory for you – much later on! haha….Have a great day! 🙂

  24. Laughing…hard.

  25. LMAO!! My son “found” a turtle too! We had him for years! He got so big everyone was afraid of him but me! The acquarium had to get bigger and bigger to house him! I became the sole caretaker of the turtle named “Franklin”. I won’t out what I would have liked to have called him. We finally him away to a younger more zealous caretaker. We were afraid to let him go into the wild for fear he wouldn’t be able to fend for himself!! lol

    I feel your pain!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  26. Too cute!!! Great image of your thisisnotwhatiakedforgetmeagiftcardintead!!

  27. Oh my gosh, I just about peed my pants laughing 🙂

  28. …I think you should name him ~ Mr. Spanx!
    as in ~ spanx alot!!! HA!!
    btw…does he snap?!!!
    if so, you could make some snapping good soup….
    aaaaahhhhh ~ just kidding:)
    xo, Rosemary

  29. LOL…thats the strangest gift I’ve seen in blogland so far..very cute and funny! Come say hi 😀

  30. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love the NAMES! “And her children will rise up and call her blessed” (or give her a turtle – so close)!

  31. Hhahahhahhhahhaaa.

    I sorry.

    That’s funny though.

  32. OMG! That is too funny!

  33. This is hysterical. Great sense of humor you have there!

  34. lol!

  35. Well, all I can think to say is: their hearts were in the right place. And maybe he could just “sneak” back out to the pond when no one is looking.

  36. A least he’s cute. Are you sure he’s not hiding a gift card under that shell?

  37. That’s too funny! My sister wants one of those tiny little turtles, maybe you should “lose” it to her house!

  38. ha! what a lovely gift.

  39. funnystuffthatyouluckymamayou;)

  40. youaretoofunnygirl!!!ilaughedoutloudtooloudheehee

  41. Too cute …

  42. Have you researched the life span of a turtle? Yep- they live a very very long time and this is why LuLu did not get one 🙂

  43. Girl, my son (now 16 yrs old) was given two turtles by my dad when he was 5. Yes you read that right, 5! One is STILL alive. I wish every day for that turtle to die. No really, I wish that Caden would let him go outside. He is nasty! He has lived in 3 states and been on vacation to Texas. Yes, we took him to Texas. I sure hope that you don’t get stuck with a turtle! It will live a long long life!

  44. We got our kids two little turtles a few years ago… they are REALLY cute and fun to watch! But, be careful touching them because they have salmonella. The kids fight over feeding them the snails we find in the garden!

    If your kids gave the turtle to YOU then they must really LOVE you lots 😉

  45. You make me laugh.out.loud.


  46. awesome. i love what kids choose to give as gifts. . . but i love what you’re naming him even more! too funny. thanks for the laugh!

  47. you continually make me laugh…love your posts!

  48. Sooooo funny. Laughing out loud x

  49. oh, and this will make you feel better:

  50. oh, and see post on my blog that will make you feel better. : )

  51. brilliant.
    so brilliant.
    congrats on the run…wish I could have joined you…because its usually just me and my ipod…i sooo need a running buddy…who likes cupcakes
    i hope you are feeling better:)

  52. You always make me smile with your words, your lighthearted funny way of looking at things.
    Kasey, yes I know this is just something that came from your life and your funny girl perspective.
    When I am stressed at work this is often where I come to get a breather and find a smile.
    Sorry to put all that pressure on you Miss Kasey…but it’s the truth and My Mamma always told me to tell that truth!!! {Smile}.
    Happy Day to you.
    Happy Belated Mamma’s Day to you.

  53. Melanie says:

    You are hilarious! I look forward to reading you’re blog all the time because I always crack up! Thanks as usual for putting on smile on my face in the middle of the day.

  54. Marlene says:

    I read your post every day and laugh out loud, however your Mother’s Day email had me laugh so hard (I think I let out a little pee). I let my blog-life be my little get away from the daily poop of life and sorta keep to myself about it when it comes to talking to the hub about it. I had to tell my husband because he left for Hong Kong for work and didnt get me a thing! We laughed together…you are delightful Kasey!

  55. How funny. We have a turtle just like that…we’ve had it for about a year now. At least I got awaffle maker and some stuff for my candy co.

  56. You are HILARIOUS!!! I love the names 🙂

  57. Awwww, the thought was there I guess?!

    B xxx

  58. um….. hahahahahahahahellyesthatwasfreakinhilarious.


  59. what a lovely pond turtle dude …
    he is sweet … a in turtle sort of way…

  60. He is so cute! : )

  61. Your sweet turtle names gave me a good chuckle!!
    How long does a turtle live?? weird question, huh? well, only wonderin’
    because I once received the gift of a peththatididnotsomuchasonceinquire about.
    He is a parrot – a very loved, pampered – parrot… and he will possibly
    live in the range of 30 years. That was one big risk taking gift giver!
    Hope your waddlebummammadayturtle becomes a joy to you too!

  62. Too funny!

  63. hahahafhagshfhahahaha! I just snorted!

  64. This totally reminds me of The Simpsons when Homer gave Marge a bowling ball for her birthday.

    Happy Mothers Day anyway!!

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