hello my name is kasey

I don’t know about you…..but when someone approaches me and asks what i do…..

i sort of get that blank stare…..i swallow twice {or three times for that matter}…

and clear my throat.

Do i say…..i’m a mom BUT i used to have shop…..or do i say…..

i work INSIDE my home.


do i say….i dabble in photography but my passion is cleaning toilets. 

No more of this i tell ya!

Hello my name is kasey……and i like to write.

I was in the market for some calling cards…..you know the kind…..

us girls who are moms….but don’t really want to hand out the “mommy cards”

because i really am not looking for play dates.

As i was perusing thru etsy and blogs a few weeks ago i came across someone who

had done a card very similar to the one i just did.

I found some cute polka dot tape that i applied across the front of the card .

I love polka dots….

and ….

now i have cute cards that i can put in my little calling card holder.


You can make cards like this also…..so easy.

I have printshop which has a business card template {i got printshop at costco for around $30}

and you can design your own.

I used plain card stock….nothing fancy….and the polka dot tape is from Michael’s.

The best part is…i can change what i love each month….maybe next month i’ll add

cleaning toilets…..polka dots.

        {p.s. i would love to give proper credit to the blog where i got this idea, so if you know it…please email me}  




  1. I so enjoy visiting your blog:) The cards and card holder are really cute.
    Kasey, you ARE a writer. Your ‘Girls in France’ posts are some of the best writing I’ve ever read! It felt like I was right there too. I’m hoping you’ll publish your adventures in a book one day.
    Carry on doing what you love. The little ones will be grown up in a blink of an eye and you’ll look back and be so glad you where there and present thru their childhood.

  2. What a fun idea! I have definitely had those deer-in-the-headlights moments when people ask me what I do. My mind starts racing because I have a hard time narrowing everything I do down to one simple answer. 🙂

  3. I love this idea {and polka dots, too}! I think I just might have to make some of my own cards:) Have a wonderful week, Kasey -who-likes-to-write!

  4. these are fabulous – just. like. you.
    have a marvelous holiday monday!

  5. Good for you – they are so cute! When my kids were small I was an at home mom and people would often ask me the same question – my answer?
    “What do I do when?”

  6. I always try to say something like….I’m not a stay-at-home-mom, because I’m never home. I’m not a housewife, because I’m not married to my house. I’m not a homemaker, because I’ve never built a house….Yes, I went to college…Yes I graduated from college…with TWO degrees…and YES I bought maternity clothes with my college graduation money…and yes I love being a wife and mom…and NO I’m not a Stedford wife…and yes I yell at my kids…and no my house is not clean…and I really don’t know what I do all day long, BUT it’s not watching soaps (or HGTV) and eating bon bons!…but it might have something to do with blogging and facebook???

  7. Love this idea! My kids are grown now and I still am not sure what I do. But, today, I’m celebrating 30 years of it and it’s been grand!

  8. I absolutely hate that question. I get nervous just knowing that question is going to be asked.

    And women have “mommy cards”? Seriously?

  9. They turned out great. has me thinking what i would put on the back of mine…. i’ll ponder that while i drink my latte.

  10. So cool, I totally love them.


  11. I LOVE this idea. I am a stay at home mom too but I love a lot of different things just like you do. Baking, cooking, photography (which I am no good at), coffee, coke a cola……I think I need some cards too.

    Have a great Monday.

  12. All I can say is…..love. them.


    (ps…just making sure I haven’t fallen off your radar…haven’t heard from you in a while….ahem….(insert crocodile tears here.) LOL!)

  13. Too cute, Kasey! 🙂

  14. Perfection! And, you are spot-on about how to reply to that annoying
    little question of WHAT DO YOU DO? I’m the most uncomfortable
    with that at gatherings for Mr. P’s work where the majority of the
    women attending work OUTSIDE the home…..and really, MOST of
    them know that I do INSIDE work….so, not sure why they are asking,
    except that maybe they are a bit uncomfortable, too. We should ALL
    have Kasey cards listing what we ARE, not what we DO and then we
    could eliminate the awkward conversations for GOOD! xx P&H

  15. total cuteness
    of course i like all the same things as you
    well….the ‘thought’ of france
    you like letters
    as in text or typeface
    or letters
    as in the written ones
    cuz if its letters
    as in the written ones
    i’m wondering why i’ve never recieved one from you
    but letters….now that i believe

  16. ...love Maegan says:

    that’s fantastic …I’m just thinking about doing the same thing as I “do” so many things as well. Great job!

  17. I recently dubbed myself a “craft-at-home-mom”. Not sure how to answer that question either sometimes. I’m a stay at home mom, but so much more than that! And the SAHM title doesn’t get near the credit it deserves these days anyway. SAHMs are superheroes. But also am a professional crafter, working from home… it’s hard to explain to people isn’t it?

    Cute calling cards!

  18. I love your calling cards. I used to have some…I guess its time to get some more. I have one question for you that has been on my mind for quite some time. If you don’t cook, do you eat sandwiches every night or are we talking take-out every night. Just wondering.

  19. So…where’d you get the holder?? Adorable!

  20. G’Day~I enjoy every visit with you. I would like to answer with I am ME! Does what I do define Me as a person? I would rather be asked what are my interests? ~Cheers Kim

  21. Hello my name is Louise! Even though I have a paid job I still hesitate when people ask me that question. What do I do??? Umm alot of stuff! Much easier to answer the question what do I like? Now that’s a nicer list as you have demonstrated. But I love your cards, they look very cool. Louise x

  22. Very Cute!! love the idea!! also love your card holder too.

  23. What a cute idea! So simple with the polka dot tape and still looking so sophisticated! I’ve never seen anything like that, who do you give them? I’d love to make something like that as well.

  24. Michelle Palmer says:

    Very sweet… and PERFECT! 🙂

  25. OHHH so cute!

  26. This is so great I could scream! I often struggle with the same thing when people ask what do you do! I am a decorator but that has stopped because of the economy so I stand there with a dumb look on my face. I so will be doing this because I am more than Megan who also cleans toilets and picks up dog poop in the yard, lol! Love your idea and can’t wait to steal it after I am doing better. I had surgery and waiting for the path report. Thank God for the internet and my blogging friends!

  27. I always try to say something like….I’m not a stay-at-home-mom, because I’m never home. I’m not a housewife, because I’m not married to my house. I’m not a homemaker, because I’ve never built a house….Yes, I went to college…Yes I graduated from college…with TWO degrees…and YES I bought maternity clothes with my college graduation money…and yes I love being a wife and mom…and NO I’m not a Stedford wife…and yes I yell at my kids…and no my house is not clean…and I really don’t know what I do all day long, BUT it’s not watching soaps (or HGTV) and eating bon bons!…but it might have something to do with blogging and facebook???~Kiera

  28. 🙂 So cute. Love it when Im not alone. It’s funny that a “mom” ever has to expalin what she does. She does it all. She wears a lot of hats, makes a lot of peoples lives better and if shes lucky, “well she takes the time to write” or in my case the time to “read what You write”…..
    Thanks for the beautiful sangria recipe … Made it this weekend for my best girl friend and we had a wonderful time…

  29. When asked what I do, my answer varies but mostly I laugh and say “a little bit of everything” which ultimately is why I love this card so very, very much. It captures all the many things we do. Thank you so much for sharing.

  30. Just at this moment, I want to be you! =]

  31. Adorable! I love it!

  32. Oh Kasey this is just perfect. Don’t you get sick of fumbling for words to say when someone asks that dreaded question – “What do you do????’
    Have a great day

  33. Yes, you are a writer…an awesome writer…..and a pretty good friend too! Looking forward to catching up with you this week….just trying not to remember you won’t be at Farm Chicks, wahhhhh!

  34. These are sweet Kasey ~ love the idea. I love lilacs too ~ they are in full bloom here and I have a big bouquet of them in the kitchen now. You are a great writer ~ there is never a post I do not read ~ you are on my must read list for sure!

  35. Love your cards! I think I will have to have some of my own!

  36. sooo funny! I am so copying you…

    the other day I found myself saying ‘just a mum’ yet again…errrm yeah just a mum with a camera and a cottage

    see ya


  37. I love your cards! And good for you! You’re a writer and inspiration to so many of us who follow your blog. You’re so much more than ‘just this’ or ‘just that’ and I often wonder what the people who ask that question would answer for themselves! : )

  38. Really cute!

  39. I looooove this idea—-so darn cute.
    Aren’t you clever?

  40. Ahhh these cards are adorable! Great idea. Go you!

  41. Love your calling card holder. How incredibly cute.

  42. I love it!!! What a cute idea! I get the same feeling when asked as well!

  43. What a great idea, I love that polka dot ribbon, I will have to go and check our Michaels out. Thanks for sharing. Florence

  44. so very cute kasey… you are too adorable.

  45. What a brilliant idea! You are v clever :O)

    B x

  46. I have often wondered, and once even blogged about the same thing. When someone meets you and asks ‘what do you do’ how it can be an uncomfortable momment. No one wants to be defined by their ‘job’. This is why I am in love with your idea – instead of saying what you do, say something about who you are as a person. I love to write.

    On a naive note perhaps, other than being adorable – what are the cards for exactly?

  47. hello! those are so cute, i love the idea of listing all those things!! your card holder is sweet too! i was thinking about polka dots bath towels…..wonder if the hubby will go for that? hope you enjoyyour weekend and thanks for the vist! xo susan

  48. what a cute idea. just love it.

  49. So cute Kasey…you forgot to add Brenna to that card!:)

  50. what a great idea. i love that card!!!! fits you so well.

  51. What a fantastic idea! I think I am going to make me some cards right now!

  52. Shannon Hermann says:

    I love these! I’ve been meaning to make calling cards myself for quite a while!

  53. Fabulous cards for a fabulous girl!


  54. cute cute cute! Love the idea.

  55. I THINK THAT IS A WONDEROUS IDEA! Kudos to you for makin them!

    so simple yet so amazing a concept!

    thnks for sharing, shell gypsylemonade.blogspot.com

  56. I love it! I just may need to do some mommy works cards for myself. I am always reluctant to say I do anything – but I do everything! 🙂

    I also added your link to my little blog. I read you a while back and loved it, just found you again!

  57. I love, love, love these!!! They are perfect…and I’m a polka-dot fan so much!!! You are one fabulous writer {among all the others you listed} and that’s what you should say!!

  58. Sweet!

    : )

    Julie M.

  59. So much nicer than the usual ‘business’ type of calling card. I love the idea – and your list!

  60. I love love love this calling card. That is the best thing I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Oh thank you for sharing this. I sometimes feel like I should say, “Hi, my name is Pam and I am a slug” What do I say? This is perfect. Thanks for the idea.
    Pam Slug

  62. I love this idea! I’m glad to know there are other women out there who have no clue what to say when really….there is so much that makes them up. I remember feeling fed-up with this question several years ago…and once when I met someone for the first time after this and they said “so what do you do?”…only minutes into meeting them…I simiply said “well, I do a lot of things! Oh, did you mean as a job?” I just hate that when you meet someone and tell them your job first…they start defining you by it. I think I was in-between jobs at the time, so of course…to them….I did nothing. Oh brother!

    Way to be honest and simply say, “this is who I am, take it or leave it.”


  63. Ummm… HELLO adorable business card case!!! Wherever did you find that little gem? I’ve been so MIA from your blog and others lately… finally have a moment to breathe and I’m catching up on your posts!

  64. If I would just read the comments before I comment myself, I would see that the holder came from Sage Creek. A local boutique you have in St. Charles, right? Jealous!

  65. When someone asks what my sister does, she say ” I lead a private life now….”

  66. LOVE LOVE LOVE this design idea!


  68. jennifer says:

    Kasey – this is perfect – I am such a believer in self-esteem and liking what you do – and telling others about it because that is how you connect! This is wonderful and I love your’s ,your polka dots and guess what – some people love to clean toilets….eehh hemmm NOT me , but I’m sure there’s someone out there. The card holder – I wish I had one – a polka dot one – with a big black button, hugs and hope you’ll come visit me, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  69. aaaahhhhh…the absolute joy of cleaning toilets! it is such a wonderful idea to hand out these cards to remind ourselves that we are in fact separate people; separate from our little ones. No matter how fun they are 24/7 (HA!), it’s still so important to remember our hobbies & things that we love. thanks for the reminder!

    p.s. the source that you were looking for is dandeedesigns.blogspot.com/ (she is truly one of the most talented people i know & i’m so glad that you found her blog!)

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