Red rover……

Good morning girls…..

it rained here most of the weekend…but i was able to catch some photos of the

kids before the rain hit. We were at a friends house for dinner…and i swear…

they have the best back yard EVER!

I really need to take photos of their home….

it’s over 100 years old..and totally charming.

They were asked to be on the home tour….how fun!

I think my backyard is big…but there’s is double the size of mine.

Tons of room for the kids to run….which is exactly what they did.

Red rover…red rover…send Fin right over!

Since it rained most of the weekend…we caught up on our movie watching.

I took the kids to see “oceans”…which was really good….then we hopped into

“diary of a wimpy kid”.

So now all Fin says is….”hey Brice….cute butt”.

He says it to everyone…anyone….all the time.

I really like it when he says it to me…considering i haven’t been exercising since i

returned from my trip almost 2 weeks ago.

It’s almost pool season!

What am i thinking….back to the grind today girls…back to the grind.

In other news….our cockatiel layed a few eggs.


She doesn’t even have a mate….but i guess she was in the …

must have eggs mood.

I had to google…..

“how can birds have eggs….and are they viable”

apparently not…. i mean…yes…they can have eggs…but there will be no babies.
The eggs are very pretty…sort of a pale pink.

I love birds…

but damn…they are messy. I hate the mess….especially sweeping up bird seed every day.
I’ve tried giving the bird away…but every time i try…Lola freaks out.
my hair stylist talked me out of getting bangs…
but she talked Lola into getting some.
We are off today for some bangs….
pics to come.


  1. Laura @ 52 FLEA says:

    Wonderful pics of great looking kids! Bangs in winter but let them grow in summer…humidity makes em curl!

  2. Paddywack Designs says:

    Ha, I had a Cockatiel named Mr. Darcy until she started laying eggs and realized she was a Mrs.

    Try to take the eggs out as soon as you can because she might just sit and sit on them and it's really quite sad.

  3. Julie Harward says:

    Sucxh fun pictures of your kids…and yes they do lay eggs so do canaries and chickens without their boyfriend around! LOL I didn't know you were home, welcome back…back to the real life huh! And I still think you'd be cute in bangs! Have a good week and come say hi πŸ˜€

  4. Your kids really are amazingly cute! I love your youngest sons white hair.
    Good call on the bangs. Every time I get mine cut I feel like I'm 6 again(not in a good way).

    It's been fun seeing your pics from Paris. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Geezees Custom Canvas Art says:

    Awesome photos, your kids are so beautiful!

  6. Fabulous pics, the kids are darling and so precious.

  7. Marci @ All Things Wonderful says:

    I love these photos! Beautiful!

  8. Theresa @ 612Riverside says:

    I was just explaining red rover to my youngest this past week, they don't get to play it in school anymore… I guess it's too dangerous πŸ™ I told him the next time the yard was full of friends we'd try it. Your kids are beautiful, and it looks like they had a great time. Theresa

  9. BellaRosa says:

    You have such beautiful children, I miss seeing mine playing and having fun like that, mine are now 19 & 14, my stars where did the time go…although on road trips I still hear….mom…shes breathing on me πŸ™‚ sometimes as big as they are…they're still your lil kids πŸ™‚ Have a beautiful week! Besos, Rose

  10. I'm fond of your kids.They're so cute. Love the picture where all the three play together. Childhood is a great thing!

    Hugs, Zaira

  11. Simply Mel says:

    I'm totally lovin' Lola's locks!

  12. …still cant get over how much our boys look alike…mr c and i are sneaking away to vegas this weekend and he asked if i was going to bring my suit for the pool….i'm still laughing!

    have a lovely monday!

  13. Oh how I used to love playing Red Rover with my brother & all my cousins! Good old fashioned fun:) I just love the photos of your kiddos and friends playing… priceless:)

  14. Beautiful photos of your kids! I used to love to play Red Rover when I was a kid – so much fun!

    Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  15. Love the pictures!! What a fun game- brings back fun childhood memories. Thanks for sharing these. πŸ™‚

  16. Lisa loraine says:

    Get a second opinion on getting bangs. I think bangs would compliment your face shape. I was always afraid to get them and one day( Jan 1st of last yr) , I took a magazine picture of bangs I loved and cut them my self… I love them.(yes did go to get them touched up by a proffessional later) Ive gotten countless compliments and been told they made me look younger .. bonus.

    And lola, well she is cute as a button, she will look absolutely adorable with bangs. how much cuter can that chid get???

  17. that lost shot is my most fave shots of yours EVER>
    go directly
    to canvas dot com or whatever
    & order one

  18. I love those pictures…LOVE them!!! We had a weekend of not too much either…inside stuff from the rain

    and that backyard looks amazingly big and beautiful!

  19. The Little Red Shop says:


    Have a beautiful week, Kasey, birdseed and all!

    : )

    Julie M.

  20. what a beautiful photo! Your childrens are the expression of joy!

  21. Burlap Luxe says:

    Adorable kids…The toe head reminds me of my sisters toeheaded hair color and soon went dark she took after the light side, why was I not a blonde!!!

    well we can't have it all.
    Come visit my French nest!


  22. Liz Bradley says:

    The hubby just gave me the go ahead to get a pair of birds. Is it a total mistake? I have thought of the mess as well, and thought oh well, what's a little more?

  23. Jessica Haley says:

    Hey, girlie. Your France photos are lovely. No bangs for you, huh? For the longest time I had whispy pointless bangs, but a few months back I got the real-deal full bangs: long, in my eyes. I like it–I feel edgy *snicker*

    I know I need to get back to you about the sponsorship stuff. I will–relaunching a biz is hard. Seriously, how do women with small children ever do this?! So jealous of your travels!

  24. Preppy Mama says:

    Great pics. Can't wait to see Lola with bangs!!

  25. You're going to love looking back on these photos when the kids are gone…priceless.

    Bangs? I'm not brave enough for bangs…plus I have a short-medium forehead and I don't think they'd look that good…but I know Lola will look fabulous. She always does. πŸ™‚


  26. hometown girl says:

    nothing better than being a carefree kid! xo susan

  27. What wonderful photos, and what gorgeous kids! Just found your blog, and love it! Now a follower. K xx

  28. oh, red rover! that was my favorite game growing up! such sweet pictures.

  29. Such adorable kids!

    We were given a macaw a few years ago. Scooter was about 16 and assumed to be a male – well, after a couple of months with us Scootsie started laying eggs and hasn't stopped since! I lost track last year when the count was over 110 – the vet says she's crazy happy, haha. She does make a big mess though.


  30. Wow! You can really see the resemblance in your kids in that first picture. Your oldest and your daughter look like twins in that shot. They are all gorgeous!

  31. Susie from Bienvenue says:

    Our bird laid eggs once but they never hatched even with having a mate. Speaking of our bird…the wind blew her cage over and when it hit the patio…she flew away. I wish I coudl say how bad I feel..I do…but I dont miss the mess. xoxox Susie

  32. short courses says:

    They look so sweet and adorable. They are full of innocence.

  33. Miss Sew & So says:


    Melissa x

    Miss Sew & So

  34. i used to love that game. great shots kasey.

  35. truly blessed says:

    kasey, those shots of the kids are amazing! i love them sooo much. you really need to frame them in that order. awesome shots, girl.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Ahhh to run to play to laugh – with such ease – the joys of childhood! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

    Pure Glee!

  37. Photo Freak says:


  38. freaking adorable goodness!

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