I’m busy writing the next installment of Girls in Paris for you….
i’m knee keep in photo editing and for some reason…
my mind keeps wandering back to Macrons and Jean-Pierre.
I also put my freshly laundered pants on this morning and for
some reason….i think they shrunk.
Damn you baguette’s and cheese!
{note to self: must get manicure!}
So…..i thought we could have some fun.
It’s a …..
Name the trip contest!

The finalist will receive this Eiffel Tower necklace with a sparrow on the chain.
The name of this necklace is called: Fly me to Paris;-)
Winner will also recieve the pretty french ring above…
{hand not included..}

Also included in the package is this card pack called
Adventures on Foot : Paris.
It comes with everything you need to know
about walking the city of Paris.
Each card has a detailed map on one side and must have information
on the back.
Even if you are not heading to Paris anytime soon…
it’s a fun read.

I picked up a bunch of French soap at a market outside of St. Remy.
I’ll bundle a few up for you …
you decide whether to use them or look at them;-)

Last but not least….
I’ve been getting lots of emails on what camera
and what photo editing software i use.
I have a Canon 50d.
I also use Photoshop CS3.
I love the actions by Florabella.
Winner will also get one set of actions for Photoshop

And if you want….
only if you want….
I will include a signed photo of

The rules:
One entry per person.
Use your creativity to come up with a name that best represents my trip to France…
or don’t…it’s up to you.
Or just comment…..those of you that are not up for the task;-)
Blog or tweet about this…and I will throw your name in for a separate package that
includes the french ring and a walk in Paris pack.
Contest ends 4/23.{midnight}
If you haven’t read the first two stories yet…scroll down and read.
May the best title win!
{ or may the best comment win }
{comments closed}


  1. christa jean says:

    It's that time of the afternoon when i need an energy boost…
    Don't laugh, but here are my names however lame they may be.

    "French Flirtations"


    "We Frolicked French Streets"


    "When In France, Do As Lola Does"


  2. Lola aime Paris
    (Lola loves Paris)

    Teryl aime Paris too and your pictures make me die to go back! I was last there in 1992!

  3. peggy aplSEEDS says:

    how about "oh là là, Lola!"

  4. Jill La Fleur says:

    Just discovered your blog and love it! So charming and right up my alley. I have to say, the contest idea is so sweet…just love your writing style and photos and look forward to continuing to follow your blog.
    Okay, so the simple idea I came up with for you is
    Paris…La Vie En Rose
    I've always been drawn to Paris myself (yes, La Fleur is my real name!) and would love to live there someday for even a very short while. Okay, I would take just a vacation..who are we kidding!
    La Vie En Rose always struck me as a great way to see/live life…it essentially means "life in pink" (or living/seeing life through rose colored glasses). Sounds like a nice way to live each day!

    Hope you make it back again soon!
    Oh, I also like
    Paris..à la prochaine! (Until we meet again!)

  5. carol in ca says:

    how about:
    le fait de faire trébucher autour de Paris? (tripping around Paris)

  6. Okay…how about…'SECRETS OF A GIRL IN PARIS….'…that's all i got!

  7. I already submitted a couple suggestions, but this one came to me while I was at the kitchen sink, so it must be brilliant; "2010, a Paris Odessey." Like I said, brilliant, non? I seriouly want to win, so I'm still keeping my thinking cap on!

  8. Okay so…

    I really, REALLY, really…
    desperately want to win this giveaway. And because I'm totally shameless, I'll use this opportunity to say that I've never, ever won anything before.


    This would be a magical first for me– kinda like your Jean-Pierre.

    Um.. hows about

    "Cigies and Snails and Smokin' Hot Males"

    Ended up painting my home your "faded silk" and I'm in love with it. Thanks for your endless inspiration. Luvs!

  9. Mary Jane says:

    Delicious JOY! your gifts are Delicious Joy! your blog is Delicious Joy! your trip was Delicious Joy! Thanks for sharing with us all!

  10. My wonderful husband has no urge what-so-ever to see Paris. I have been troubled by this, feeling that someday if I were to make it across the pond, It would be taking my love kicking and groaning. That was until I read your post and immediately made pact with my very best girlfriend that we would one day share an innocent kiss between friends at the top of the Sacre-Cour. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    imagine my delight and surprise as i happened upon your blog for the first time!
    imagine my delight and surprise in finding that there is another woman out there who is as fond of the eifel tower as i!!
    you see, the eifel tower symbolizes something very vital in my life…dreams.
    happy dreams. perfect dreams.
    so no matter what my life may hold at the time, way deep down in the corner of my heart, i still have the eifel tower and my dreams!
    i have started a small collection of eifel tower "treasures" to keep the dreams alive. what would we be without our dreams?
    whether or not i ever get to paris to behold the tower with my very own eyes remains uncertain…
    but one this is certain.
    reading your story is like living my dream. it's perfect.
    so my entry for the title is-
    "a pocketful of paris."

  12. I have to apologize for not being up to the task of naming your trip. I can barely come up with my kids names, today! But, I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures and hope that one day I, too, am able to adventure like this!

  13. ode to madeleine peyroux : call it:
    j'ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris..
    translation (I have two loves, my country and paris.)
    listen here:

    oooooohhhh I want that ring baddddd

  14. Blissful Blisters 🙂

  15. Oh what a fun and exciting trip. I'm not very creative but what about: Belles and Beaux. I know. Lame. I'd still love the chance to win. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  16. First off, I am sooo jealous of your trip! I dream of going to Paris some day and looking at your gorgeous photos has just increased my longing. And this giveaway is so great! Such pretty things 🙂

    As far as a name all I can think of is "Paris in the Springtime"…it's simple but chic (at least I think so :))…And the song "I Love Paris" from Ella Fitzgerald talks about loving Paris in the Springtime so I thought it could be the theme song 🙂

  17. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    Remember in 101 Dalmations when Cruella screeches out: "Oh, it's too easy…"
    Yeah, doesn't apply here but I need that ring. Need it.

    I am scrolling through the comments and I don't see it.

    So here it is: Ménage à trois. The literal translation is "A household of three". Get your minds out of the gutter people.

  18. Girl's Echante In The City of Paris.How is this for a title.Thank-you 4 sharing your stories.They always put a smile on my face.Looking forward to the next chapter.have a great weekend!!

  19. loveographer says:

    beautiful images! I love all that you are bringing us from Paris! esp the cute boys 🙂

  20. thinking up names or titles is a tough one!
    looks like there are already a lot of great suggestions though!

  21. Tres Jolie…that's it….because Paris…the people…everything…Tres Jolie!

    I love everything about Paris…my first trip abroad at 17 and love anything to remind me of being young and in Paris!

  22. ooh la la,
    I loved reading about Paris. Very fun blog. Great give aways, especially the photo. Thanks,

  23. Ma Voyuer Voyage

    I also did a Tweet so put me in twice!

  24. Kim Hansen says:

    I am freaking out! I have been consumed for two days trying to think of something! I am a photographer and want those actions:)

    I think it should be "My French Fairytale" But written in French? Hmmm. Simple but cute!

  25. I am so jealous of your adventure in Paris. What a dream come true for you! I'm not so creative with titles, but dreaming in Paris sounds good, however you say that in French. I would adore the necklace and dream of Paris as long as I was wearing it. Thanks for the chance to win. Marla

  26. I just bragged about you and your giveaway on my blog. Marla

  27. I commented awhile ago, but I don't see it here. Sorry if you get this twice.

    Here is the best name my tired, uncreative brain could come up with: Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Paris Style!

    I love the way you blog and I adore your photos! Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Jenny K. says:

    i am LOVING your pics from the paris trip…. eye candy! i am going to call your trip "Cougarville". 😉

    Jenny @

  29. How about:
    American Girl, Interrupted.


  30. Home Sweet Seattle says:

    Reading all of these great possible titles has given me writer's block (title block!!). Love reading your updates… love the photos… love the vespa guy!!! He looks as tasty as the macrons. Can I beg you for a photo of a chocolate croissant????

  31. truly blessed says:

    oh my goodness, girl you crack me up!
    okay, name that trip…

    an affair to remember?

    trois filles à Paris ainsi que Jean-Pierre
    (maybe a tad too long?)

    les filles et leurs caméras à Paris. (okay, that's long too).

    how about…
    what happens in paris stays in paris? 😉

    glad your back. loving all of your photos.


  32. Andrea - Faded Plains says:

    Others have left some great names…hmmm…how 'bout My French Chronicles.

  33. Sinderella Studio Designs says:

    my title for your trip:
    OOOOOOOOooohhhh la la my moment"s"!

    Great insights!

  34. fairmaiden says:

    *Days in Paris with French Ciggies*

  35. Jen and Chris says:

    I think you should just call it "A Love Affair"

    The giveaways are gorgeous!

  36. It's difficult to think on the spot — but I've been out of town, and upon my return I am seeing this post just minutes before it ends!!! … hmmm …

    … what about …
    "La Vie Promise"

    … or …
    "voyage de Paris: la nourriture, l'amusement, et les amis dans les chaussures fabuleuses"

    Regardless, I LOVE reading about your adventures (Paris or America) and think this is a FAB give-away!!!


  37. Jaune Printemps-not sure why this name-but it sounds pretty to me in French

    It seems like you had a wonderful time.

  38. Hm… what about Flight of Fancy?

    though I'm sure there are alot of better names above me.

    please enter me anyway…

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  39. I am going to Paris in June with two girl friends and am loving your photos and commentary.

    I am currently at a loss for a trip title but thinking I will need to come up with one for mine as well…dbl drats as I can't think of anything clever at the moment and I am not sure more time will help.

  40. Laura King says:

    I feel so happy when I read your blog.
    I admire your creativity and photography!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your amazing goodies!
    I don't speak French, so I can't think of a catchy title with French words but her is my try,
    Simply Paris.
    You did so much, but all in all it was Paris!

  41. What a beautiful website!

  42. What a lovely gesture! I’d love to win these beauties! I also have a great love for Paris…anything French for that matter! 😉 I used to help a friend out years ago who had this little bar hidden deep in centre town of Paris…it was a magical time!

    The name I thought to call your trip to Paris is:” Her name is Lola…” you know from that Barry Manilow song?

    Keep those stories and lovely photo’s comming please?

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