Lemons in your cake?…..

We had our backyard party yesterday……
and it started with our favorite mini lemon cakes with lemon whip cream.
I just want to touch on yesterdays post for a minute though…..
it was an April fools day joke.
I realize that people can be offended when it comes to how children are treated.
Mothers leave children in cars all the time….
and while it’s not the safest decision …
it’s been done.
Even if you are a mother that has never done it…
i’m sure you’ve had a small moment in time when you’ve at least thought about it.
I know how easy it is to pull up to the dry cleaners to
just run in and grab your clothes.
I’ve been there.
I also realize it’s not safe.
Gosh darn…i left my older two sitting outside Trader Joe’s with their frog last summer..
so i know all about being the scorned mother.
Anyway….i had fun photographing my darling neighbors hubby
in his shorts and casual CPS wear;-)
So far we are NOT a dog or cat family….

i mean…

just having three kids is enough for me right now.

We do have a bird…a {found} hermit crab..and a fish.

Our bird is a cockatiel named Violet…

and she’s a doll.

Once the weather warms up a bit…like it did this week…

we take her out back to a cage that i have on the wall of the carriage house.

Miss Violet enjoyed hanging with us for our backyard picnic yesterday.

I made Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches…..

the kids actually asked for seconds.

Then we got ready and colored eggs.

I bought about three dozen eggs….

hard boiled them..

mixed the colors…

only to find out i didn’t have vinegar.

That’s the key ingredient for coloring eggs.

Thank goodness my friend was on her way over and was able

to stop and grab some real quick.

I would have hated to round up the kids and head to the market.

{no…i wouldn’t have left them in the car to run in and get it}

Its going to be another 80 degree day today…

and we will spend it outside…all day long.

Seriously….they were up and outside at 7:30 this morning.

4 more days till i leave for France…..

and i’m trying to delight in my anticipation.
{to make lemon whip cream…just beat fresh whipping cream with 3 tablespoons lemon curd}


  1. The cps post was a riot! It should have been fairly obvious that it was an April Fools joke. The casual dress alone and then photoshop job where the letters, CPS, are different fonts and sizes. Great job!

  2. I know they had so much fun in the backyard at a party with their friends.

  3. Nicomi "Nix" Turner says:

    What gorgeous photos. Very vintage feel to them. Love that cage.

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