It’s not about me today….

In honor of Earth day, i promise to….

*unplug my tanning bed for the day

*not waste energy by not cooking dinner….again

* i will cancel the cleaning ladies for today, i can probably clean the toilets myself….

*i will not run the bubbles when i take a jacuzzi tub tonight…..

*i will have my children wear the same clothes that they did yesterday…..{saving some more water}

*i will wear the same clothes as well…..

*my hubby just said he won’t come home tonight…..{that should save something????}

*i won’t go thru the drive-thru starbucks today, i will get my arse out of the car and walk myself in….

*instead of buying flowers, i will pick them out of my neighbors yard…..

*i won’t waste more water by running my dishwasher again….i will just wash the dishes by hand…

what will you do today???



  1. I plan on NOT cooking today!

  2. Katy Noelle says:

    Did I say you were a bad girl in Paris??? I've changed my mind! You are very good.

    Okay, I was dreaming french words in my sleep last night. They were "Les Adventures du Lola B et ses amies, en Paris!" (a boulangerie?) – I TOLD you it was in my sleep but I REALLY came up with a title this time!

    Ready? Wait for it!


    Oh, hahahaha! (did someone come up with that?) Ahem. sorry!

    Love, Katy

  3. Privet and Holly says:

    GREAT ideas….all! Just sent my daughter off to school with a green ribbon in her hair…she thought is was cool….the kids are really into Earth Day. I'm jetting off today on an adventure and probably not doing much for the carbon footprint….but a girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do. ENJOY the day! xx P&H

  4. Unfortunately, all these things are not enough to save the earth, we have already ruined all the possible….And Mother Nature is rebelling. But maybe something can still be done… xxx

  5. Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Happy Earth Day!

  6. NicNacManiac says:

    Oh my gosh…you crack me up….at the same time…all of those items on your list really make sense and have me rethinking keeping the tanning bed always at the ready!
    Happy Earth Day xOxO

  7. the cinnamon post says:

    i will wear a pretty GREEN sweater with sparkly buttons and a satin ribbon belt that I got at the GAP at least 6 years ago…that I haven't sent to the dump.

  8. No cooking…no laundry:) Happy Earth Day!

  9. La Dolfina says:

    I'm going to hug a tree!!
    I love this post… you are really witty 🙂

  10. La Dolfina says:

    Please stop by my blog is you get a minute and enter my giveaway!

  11. Morning T says:

    You're just too dang cute Kasey…I'm bringing my daughter to work today. No, nothing to do with Earth Day I know. 🙂

  12. Love it, I will add these to my list of things to do for Earth day!

  13. Great ideas, but I'll have to get a jacuzzi tub before I can not turn on the bubbles! For Earth Day I'm going to turn off lights, tv, etc., when I leave the room. Oh, and unplug the unused cell phone chargers I have in almost every room!

    P.S. I've heard that using an HE dishwasher uses less water than hand washing!

  14. Happy Earth Day! Great post, you are so funny. I guess I just won't do a darned thing around here.

  15. I can not GET OVER how bad you CRACK me the HECK up!!!!!
    LOVE YOUR WRITING…you know I do!
    You are FAB!
    Don't tell anyone I just commented on your blog.
    I'm suppose to be taking a bloggy break!
    Been in a PICKLE! ;o)
    So shhhhh!
    Don't tell!
    But I haven't been able to resist reading ALL about your trip to France.
    And I STILL wanna see the lucky bag that got to be tossed over your shoulder in FRANCE!
    I just know it was from Anthropologie…and to die for…I just know it was! xo

  16. Ahem – may I bring your attentiont to the fact that it has been scientifically proven that diswashers (if they are modern and new as I presume yours to be) are more energy efficient and less wasteful of water than washing dishes!

    That was my bit for Earth day – saving YOU yet more time and the Earth at the same time 😉

    I will also make sure I turn out the lights when I go to bed!

    I sleep better on clean sheets and a good conscience. hehehe

  17. Dreamy Whites says:

    Okay You are seriously too funny, Thanks for the good laugh!!!
    My kids wanted to know if I was just laughing or crying…
    You're the best!
    I need to enter your giveaway.
    Please write a book!
    We need a book! So we can have you right at our fingertips.
    Take Care,

  18. Julie Harward says:

    I saw you Teresa! LOL So, are you home or stranded in Paris? I like all your fun ideas…I will go for a small walk, enjoying and being grateful for this beautiful earth that Heavenly Father created for us! Come say hi and see my part of this beautiful earth 😀

  19. BellaRosa says:

    I'm not supposed to be visiting blogs today…I actually have work to do, but your post caught my eye and then I had to read it, because it would have been a waste of a perfectly good visit and then when I reading it, I was laughing, so I had to comment…Great post…thank you for the morning SMILE, besos,Rose

  20. monikaki says:

    I agree with Maria from Dreamy whites…you must write this book…I think it's in the air…
    Brava, baci, Monica

  21. Christina says:

    This is the first time I have left a comment and I just wanted to say you are really funny. I love your sense of humor. Ya oughta be in the movies kid.
    Thanks for the laughs

  22. à la parisienne says:

    You are hilarious!!! Thank you for being so real.
    What won't I do today…How about not shop at Walmart. You know the electricity that Walmarts across the globe consume every minute is enough to make us all feel better about ourselves.

  23. Cracking up! My favorite…

    *instead of buying flowers, i will pick them out of my neighbors yard…..

    I actually traded in my Super Big Gulp for a homemade green smoothie. Feeling pretty darn at one with the earth about now.

  24. Heading to the library for my free bottle of white vinegar, making all my trips at once, thinking about ordering pizza for dinner since I have 3 of my guys leaving for backpacking trips in the morning and lots to pack tonight. Otherwise, turning off lights, taking care of my farmer's market veggie plants and I purging a ton of stuff to garage sale or donate very soon!

  25. Preppy Mama says:

    You have a drive thru Starbucks?
    Can you tell where my head is??

  26. I am going to Paris in June and would love to know what lens or lenses you brought…can't decide.

  27. sheer whimsy says:

    LOVE this list! happy earth day, today and everyday!

  28. Shopgirl says:

    LMAO… laughing, my, arse, off…

    You are so funny!
    Thanks for the laugh

  29. Again…Hilarious…I love that you're so Earth Friendly! LOL

  30. Jobs retail says:

    Those are wonderful things to do to celebrate earth day. LOL…

  31. Too funny!

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